Written by Sean Gerace; directed by Perry Lang

Dixon and Sydney stand by Emily’s coffin (see “Truth Takes Time”), Dixon lamenting taking a shot even though it wasn’t clean. He apologizes to Sydney, telling her that he’s asking to be reassigned. Elsewhere, Irina tells a distracted Sloane that their plan might not work out because the CIA may be able to figure out why they wanted the genetic database. Sloane is more interested in getting satellite footage of the shooting in Tuscany so he can find out who killed Emily. He’s not in the mood to think about Rambaldi. At the ops center, Sydney talks to Jack about getting ahead of Irina and Sloane, even though they have no leads on them. She isn’t happy with the length of Elsa’s (see “A Free Agent”) debrief, so Jack suggests that she talk to her more. She does so, but Elsa still isn’t very forthcoming and refuses to submit to regression therapy. Irina takes the database to Caplan, wanting him to single out a specific person. Caplan wants confirmation that his family is okay, so Irina calls Elsa and lets Caplan hear her, though she’s not able to hear him. At home, Sydney and Vaughn discuss Elsa, then the fact that Vaughn always brings his things over in a backpack. Sydney offers him a drawer. She looks through the Caplans’ phone records and sees that three calls were made from the same number four months apart on the same night of the week, all lasting one minute.

Sydney goes to see Elsa, telling her that the calls were all made to a reporter named Gregory Ivanov who might actually be a Russian agent. Sydney thinks that Caplan was working for the Russian SVR, their version of the CIA. She tells Elsa that an hour ago, Ivanov received a fax from an unnamed source that contained only the Russian word for endgame. Upset, Elsa admits that Ivanov is her handler. Seven years ago she was assigned to seduce and marry Caplan in order to get access to his work. The fax means that the cyanide capsule she implanted in his arm has been activated. Elsa wasn’t supposed to tell anyone this, but she’s committing treason because she loves Caplan and wants to get him back. At the ops center, Jack tells Sydney that he hasn’t decided whether Elsa should be considered a defector or tried for espionage. Sydney tells him that they can use a locating device to find Caplan. This will require getting help from a black market contract, and Jack doesn’t want Sydney to make a move like that based on Elsa’s word. Sydney tries to remind him that Irina and Elsa are different people (though their situations are very similar) and that finding Caplan could lead them to Sloane and Irina. Jack wants to confirm Elsa’s statement first, even if it means Caplan dies before they can reach him. Sydney visits Elsa (who’s in Irina’s old cell) and, as Jack watches on a monitor and requests solitary confinement for Elsa, uses a prerecorded message to communicate with her. She tells Elsa that she’s going to get Caplan herself and needs her to provide the locator codes through Morse code. Elsa does so.

Caplan tells Irina that he needs access to a supercomputer, then overpowers her and attempts to choke her. Sloane shoots him in the leg, telling him that he no longer cares if Caplan lives or dies. At home, Dixon tells Diane that he’s trying to get reassigned to another area where he can work as an analyst and they’ll all be safe. She tells him that he’s not responsible for what happened to Emily, but Dixon says that he wants the transfer for their whole family. Diane says that when he first told her the truth, she said she didn’t know him, but she’s always known who he is - a really nice guy. She promises that she’ll be with him no matter what he decides to do. Sloane calls Allison and asks if her “source” is still in place because he needs something from him. Jack has Sydney followed, so she heads to a drugstore and calls Vaughn. As she picks out an odd combination of purchases, she says something about using a slower roll in a camera and hanging a picture next to Vaughn’s coat rack. He realizes that she’s speaking in code. In the bathroom, Sydney makes herself a skirt out of wallpaper and puts on a wig. She then insinuates herself into a group of sorority girls by pretending to be part of their sorority; she’s able to leave with them without being noticed by the agent Jack has watching her. At the ops center, Vaughn and Weiss decipher Sydney’s message and realize that she’s going to Russia.

Jack tells Vaughn that he’s already figured it out and that the next time Sydney calls, Vaughn will tell him immediately. Vaughn didn’t want her to go off on her own, but he thinks they should give her some backup now. Jack thinks that Elsa could be working with Sloane and Sydney could be walking into a trap. In Russia, Sydney rides a mechanical bull in a bar for no apparent reason, then meets with the black market contact to get the locating device. Jack goes to Elsa’s cell and asks her what her cover story was with Caplan. She knows that he was married to Irina and tells him that everything he thinks he knows about her is wrong. He threatens to take her son away and is surprised by how upset that makes her. Sydney calls Weiss in order to reach Vaughn; she’s tracked Caplan to Spain and is on her way. Vaughn relays Jack’s worries to her, but she thinks that Jack is having too hard of a time separating Irina and Elsa. Vaughn tells her that he’ll meet her in Spain. After a make-out session with Allison, Will goes to take a shower. Allison takes the opportunity to replace something in his cell phone. While he’s at the ops center, she calls him and asks him to look up a recipe on a computer. This allows her to hack into the computer and bring up the surveillance feed from Tuscany.

Sydney and Vaughn meet up in Spain with just a few minutes left before the capsule releases cyanide into Caplan’s body. Vaughn compliments the way Sydney was able to get past Jack’s detection. Sloane watches the surveillance footage of Dixon shooting Emily and makes another phone call. Caplan suspects that Sark is going to kill him; Sark just tells him to keep working. Vaughn and Sydney head into the building where they’re staying and shoot a guard. Sark and Caplan hear the shot and Sark takes the disk out of the computer Caplan was working on. After Sark has taken off, Sydney and Vaughn find Caplan; Sydney starts to remove his capsule as Vaughn goes after Sark. Sydney fills Caplan in on Elsa, but he already knew - he works for the NSA. Vaughn follows Sark to the roof, then loses him. Sydney removes the capsule from an incredulous Caplan. Once they’re back in L.A., Caplan and Elsa happily reunite. Sydney tells Jack that they got a lead on Sloane and Irina. He replies that if she ever goes behind his back again, he’ll have her transferred. That night, Vaughn and Sydney double date with Dixon and Diane, who reveal that they’re not moving after all. As Marshall tells Jack that someone hacked into the footage from Tuscany, Diane and Dixon start to head home in separate cars. Diane doesn’t get very far before her car explodes, thanks to Allison.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Diane

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Weiss: “She gave you a drawer, huh?”
Vaughn: “It was a gesture of convenience.”
Weiss: “And, uh, what did you put in it?”
Vaughn: “Why do you care?”
Weiss: “What do you mean, why do I care? Do you know how spoiled you are? You know, a drawer! I wish I had a girlfriend to say, ‘Hey, do you want a drawer?’”
Vaughn: “I’ll give you a drawer at my place.”

“This is not a debate. And just because you’ve gotten comfortable with my daughter, doesn’t mean you should be comfortable with me.” - Jack to Vaughn

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