"From a Whisper to a Scream"
Written by Kip Koenig; directed by Julie Ann Robinson

Meredith Cristina voices over that doctors know everyone’s secrets, which are both important and dangerous. They have to keep secrets, “but not all secrets can be kept.” Derek does a crossword puzzle in bed with Meredith at her place, commenting that they’re still not having sex and wondering when they get to start knitting. “There will be no sex,” she declares. Cristina shows up and kicks Derek out of the room as Meredith learns that Cristina jogged over. “What if Derek robbed a bank?” Cristina asks, continuing the hypothetical by adding that Meredith is driving the getaway car. Then Derek gets caught, but no one knows Meredith was involved in the crime. Cristina wants to know if Meredith would turn herself in or just keep quiet and let Derek take the whole blame. Meredith asks whose idea it was to rob the bank. Cristina says it was Derek’s, but Meredith still helped. Meredith asks Cristina to tell her what’s really going on so she can help. Cristina decides it’s time to head to work. Meredith notes that she doesn’t jog. Cristina asks if George has said anything to Meredith, but Meredith doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Cristina replies that sometimes she jogs without Meredith. Downstairs, Cristina runs into George, who tells her that his father is having his valve-replacement surgery today. She assures him that everything will be fine, and George says he’s not worried anymore. Izzie appears and asks if Cristina and Meredith are having some secret best-friends conference, then apologizes, saying she’s cranky because she’s basically a candy striper now.

At the hospital, Webber looks on as Burke tries to calm Cristina, who’s panicking because George knows about Burke’s tremor. Burke notes that he did a 14-hour surgery with no tremors, but Cristina reminds him that she was with him the whole time, then points out that he’ll be operating on George’s father today. She’s sure George is going to say something, though Burke doesn’t think there’s anything to say now that his tremor seems to be gone. Cristina wants to come up with some sort of plan, but Burke just tells her she’s too intense. She shoots back that she’s been running all over the place trying to make sure their secret is kept secret. He tells her they’re a team, adding that he wouldn’t do any surgeries if he didn’t think he could. He asks her to trust him and not let George and Harold’s situation get her down. Cristina is paged to meet up with Bailey and the other interns, who are preparing to tend to victims injured when a driver drove through a farmer’s market. Bailey tells Izzie to go sit with Harold since he’s about to have surgery. Cristina quickly reminds Bailey that she’s supposed to perform the surgery with Burke, but Bailey notes that Cristina is needed in the ER and Izzie can take her place (not that Izzie’s allowed to do anything, of course). Cristina wonders where George is and Meredith says that the two of them switched shifts. Cristina tells Bailey that Burke specifically requested her for Harold’s surgery, so Bailey has to relent and tell her she can go if Burke calls for her.

The patients begin arriving, and Cristina joins Callie and Derek to tend to an older man named Mr. Dickerson who turns out to be the driver who caused the chaos. His wife denies that he was really in control of the car, saying that he couldn’t stop it. Mrs. Dickerson refuses to leave her husband and give the police a statement, so Bailey gives in and tells her the police will come talk to her later. As Burke and Meredith tend to someone together, Addison sees a young woman enter the ER covered in blood and approaches her. Meredith and Burke are unable to help their patient and have to pronounce him dead. Just then, Erica (see “17 Seconds”) arrives and greets Burke snidely. Addison reaches the young woman just as she collapses. A little while later, Alex tends to the woman’s cuts as she tells him, Mark, and Addison that she flew through a window. Mrs. Dickerson approaches, knowing the woman, Janelle, who sells vegetables at the market. Mrs. Dickerson says her husband is a good driver, then tells Janelle that she can tell her if she needs anything. Addison starts to leave Janelle with Mark and Alex, then returns when Janelle says she hopes Mr. Dickerson didn’t kill her baby. She notes that all the doctors there are hot and Addison agrees that they’re “man candy.” Janelle starts coughing up blood and Addison calls out orders, which Mark finds very attractive. Up in Harold’s room, Izzie meets George’s mom Louise (Debra Monk), who discusses George’s co-ed living arrangements with Harold. George leaves to take a page, which Izzie finds strange since he’s not even working today.

Burke asks Erica if she would have done anything differently with his recently deceased patient. She replies that given the extent of his injuries, she would have given up sooner. She tells him she’s there for a consult and the two taunt each other a little. Elsewhere, Meredith asks Cristina if she can get in on Erica’s surgery. The two spot George talking to Erica, and Cristina quickly hands her patient off to Meredith. Webber and Callie join George and Erica, and Webber and Erica head off to see Harold. George reminds Callie that they broke up, but Callie just wants to make sure Harold is okay. She says she cares about George, but he doesn’t care since she slept with Mark. Addison and Meredith tend to Janelle, determining that she may need a chest tube. Alex is disappointed that he’s in charge of taking care of her cuts while Meredith gets to put in a chest tube. “This is not a good day for me. This is not a good day for me at all,” Janelle says. Addison assures her that the baby is okay and asks if they should call the father. Janelle tells her she doesn’t talk to him anymore, and he doesn’t even know she’s pregnant. Callie interrupts, wanting to talk to Meredith, but she’s busy and says she’ll talk when she’s done. Alex complains to Mark about having to tend to cuts, but Mark points out that he’s not a master plastic surgeon yet. “Welcome to plastics, Karev. Is it everything you’ve ever dreamed of?” Addison teases. Bailey arrives and tells Meredith they won’t be giving Janelle a chest tube after all - she has a piece of glass piercing her heart.

Meredith goes looking for Callie and instead encounters Derek. He tells her that Mr. Dickerson has a head injury but also spinal stenosis, which causes numbness in the feet and legs. Derek is surprised that with the advanced stage of the disease, Mr. Dickerson could even feel his feet well enough to drive. Burke arrives and agrees with the assessment. Derek asks him what’s going on with Cristina (which Burke plays dumb about), since she dropped by Meredith’s at 5 in the morning, and now she’s missing. Meredith says Cristina is fine and just working hard, and Burke says he doesn’t know of anything that’s wrong. After he leaves, Meredith begs Derek not to talk to Burke about Cristina right now. He lets her know that he’d appreciate some sex in return. Cristina looks on from the hallway as Erica speaks with Harold. Meredith arrives and Webber spots the two of them, chasing Meredith off. He tells Cristina that Harold has decided to have Erica do his surgery instead of Burke. Cristina and Burke meet in a stairwell to talk about the situation, which Burke thinks is going to work in their favor if it means Cristina calms down. Cristina points out that this means George told Webber about the tremor, and for all they know, Webber could want Erica to be the new head of cardiology. She wants to make sure their stories match, since Webber has something important to talk to Burke about. Burke says that’s not a good idea for him, and if Webber wants to talk to him, Burke will tell him the truth.

In Harold’s room, Izzie asks why he decided to switch surgeons. Harold tells her that it was George’s decision, but he didn’t say why he recommended the switch. Louise wonders if George and Burke had a falling-out, or if maybe there’s something going on between Erica and George. Harold says that Callie is the one who’s in love with George, and Louise wants to know if Izzie knows why they broke up. Izzie starts going off about Callie and her exhibitionism, then admits that she doesn’t know why they’re not together, especially since she thinks George likes and needs Callie. She mentions Meredith and George’s tryst, but his parents don’t know anything about it. Harold is proud that his sons are all studs. Izzie repeats that George and Erica aren’t involved, but Louise still doesn’t understand why George would want Erica instead of Burke for Harold’s surgery. Izzie tells her Erica is good but Burke is better. Harold asks her to find out why George picked Erica in that case. Izzie goes looking for George and finds Meredith in the locker room, where they talk about how weird Cristina and George are being. Callie bursts in and tells Meredith she wants to talk about panties (see “I Am a Tree”), then threatens to beat her up, grabbing her and shoving her up against a locker. She blasts Meredith for repaying her for her friendship and secret-keeping by telling George that she slept with Mark. (Izzie knows about it, too, which doesn’t make Callie feel any better.) Meredith reminds Callie that she said she slept with someone but never said it was Mark; Meredith learned that from George himself. She tells Callie to go let George know that she didn’t cheat on him. “Dude, she went all cage-fighter on you,” Izzie notes.

George tracks Izzie down in a hallway and asks her how Harold is doing. She tells him that Callie is “passionate but hardcore.” He asks if Louise has driven Izzie crazy yet by offering to iron her scrubs. Izzie tells him his parents are fine, but they do want to know why Erica has taken over the operation from Burke. Cristina passes by and George encourages her to tell Izzie why Burke isn’t doing Harold’s surgery anymore. Cristina just says that Erica is a good surgeon and Harold will be fine under her care. George says that a lot of people have fathers in the hospital, and it matters to them who their doctors are. After Cristina leaves, Izzie tells George that it was hard for her and Burke to come back to the hospital after Denny’s death and the shooting, but they both waiting until they were ready. He tells her this is none of her business and he won’t talk to her about this. He adds that she doesn’t need to do anything about his parents, reminding her that she’s only allowed to observe anyway. Mark and Alex keep tending to Janelle, who wants to know when she’ll be undergoing surgery. They tell her that people can live perfectly fine for a long time with stuff in their bodies. She figures that if she can survive after being hit by a car, flying through a window, and having a piece of glass in her heart, it’s a sign that she should have her baby, even without a father. The two doctors and Addison discuss whether or not Janelle should tell the father she’s pregnant. Janelle responds by passing out, leading Addison to announce that she needs surgery immediately.

Derek and Bailey tell Mrs. Dickerson about her husband’s spinal stenosis, and she wonders he could have gotten it from the accident. Derek tells her that it actually probably caused the accident. Bailey asks if he had any symptoms, but Mrs. Dickerson doesn’t know about any. Derek tells her that Mr. Dickerson needs surgery on his head and chest. “We just wanted to go to the market,” she replies. Cristina watches Burke leave his meeting with Webber, then meets up with him to tell him that whatever happens, Webber can’t punish him because they never hurt any patients. He tells her that she was right - Webber does want Erica to replace him as head of cardiology. But it’s because Webber wants to retire and have Burke replace him as chief of surgery. The two head to the on-call room, where Cristina is excited about the situation because now George can’t say anything. She says she’ll work even harder to make sure no one will ever know about Burke’s tremor. Burke notes that he can’t be chief now, no matter how much he’s always wanted to; he’s been unethical and crossed the line. Cristina reminds him that they crossed the line together. “You dragged me across the line,” Burke replies, adding that she made them a team. She tells him she did what he needed her to do because he put everything on her about not being able to operate anymore. Cristina says that she’s scared every time they go into surgery together, she’s scared but she goes in anyway. He replies that he’s always scared, too, and now he has to worry about both of their careers. “We are a team,” Cristina says. “There is no team,” Burke replies. They agree they shouldn’t say any more.

George is paged to Harold’s room, where his parents tell him they’re appreciative of everything he’s done, especially after all the stress he’s been under, plus his situations with Meredith and Callie. (Izzie has to admit that she mentioned that because she thought the O’Malleys already knew.) The O’Malleys tell George that they’ve decided to reschedule Harold’s surgery for tomorrow so that Burke can do the procedure. George turns on Izzie, thinking that she talked his parents into this. He kicks her out, telling his parents that Izzie is on probation since “the last time she was allowed to interact with a patient, someone died.” Derek finds Burke and asks if he wants to scrub in on Mr. Dickerson’s surgery. Burke just says, “Shepherd,” and Derek asks him what’s going on. Alex interrupts, telling Burke that Addison requested him for Janelle’s surgery. Obviously Burke can’t do both Janelle and Mr. Dickerson’s operations at the same time, so Alex and Derek try to vie for his attention. Burke tells Derek to get Erica to help him while he does Janelle’s operation. He then tells Alex to make sure Cristina is his intern. Callie finds George in a stairwell and tells him that they were broken up when she slept with Mark. She slept with him to get over George, but it didn’t work. George just tells her he can’t do this right now. Mrs. Dickerson spots Bailey taking Janelle to surgery and starts apologizing to her. She wonders who she could have let this happen, admitting that she knew Mr. Dickerson was having problems with his feet; their daughter even took his keys away when she was in town. Mrs. Dickerson sided with her husband over her daughter so he wouldn’t feel betrayed. She knows he never meant to hurt anyone. Bailey tells her she knows, but Mrs. Dickerson still needs to tell the police.

Cristina and Burke silently scrub in for surgery, then remove the piece of glass from Janelle’s heart. Cristina offers to do the sutures, but Burke won’t let her, even telling her to move to the other side of the table. Erica and Derek operate on Mr. Dickerson as Erica says that everyone at her hospital will be jealous that she got to work with the man who saved Burke after the shooting. Erica sees a tear in Mr. Dickerson’s aorta and has to enlarge his incision to get to it. She needs more help, so Meredith runs off to get Burke. She arrives as Burke announces that Janelle’s heart needs ten minutes to warm up before they take her off of bypass. Burke heads off with Meredith, telling Cristina to stay put. Instead, she asks Meredith how bad Mr. Dickerson’s situation is. Meredith is sure Burke can handle assisting Erica, but Cristina disagrees and goes after him. Meredith asks if Cristina thinks Burke can’t operate without her, then suddenly realizes what Cristina’s bank-robber hypothetical was about. Cristina swears her to secrecy and sends her back to the OR. She goes back to the OR and sees that Janelle’s heart is beating, so she’s ready to come off of bypass. However, Burke is now busy and can’t come back to do it. Meredith watches closely as Burke assists Erica and Derek, and she can’t bring herself to stop even when Derek tells her to pay attention. Derek seems to be getting that something’s not right.

Back in Janelle’s OR, Cristina panics over leaving the patient on bypass any longer, ordering a nurse to page someone who can come help them out. Burke returns, announcing that Mr. Dickerson will be okay, and Cristina chastises him for being gone so long. As they start to take Janelle off bypass, a stitch in her heart tears and blood squirts out. Burke quickly starts to get a handle on things, trying to ignore Cristina’s suggestions and announcing that Janelle needs to go back on bypass. Cristina proposes a stitch to suture the heart, but Burke tells her, “I don’t need you for this.” Bailey arrives and Burke tells her to scrub in, making it clear that Cristina isn’t needed anymore. She runs out, heading down the hall. Later, Burke heads to Webber’s office and tells him they need to talk. Webber knows - Cristina is already there. Webber winds up yelling at Burke in his office while Cristina watches from the hallway. Erica approaches her and tells her she’s lucky to be able to study under Burke (though she warns Cristina never to tell Burke she said that). Alex checks on Janelle and asks Addison if she thinks she’ll call the baby’s father. Addison doesn’t think so, but she appreciates hearing Alex’s opinion on the situation. She tells him he’s a decent guy and she hopes Mark doesn’t beat that out of him. Derek winds up in an elevator with Burke and tells him he wishes Burke had said something about his situation so Derek could have helped. Burke says he can’t do this right now. “I thought you were my friend,” Derek says. “I thought you were my surgeon,” Burke replies.

Cristina voices over that betrayal can sometimes be inevitable. Mrs. Dickerson tells the police what happened as Webber looks over the crowed OR board. Outside, George avoids Cristina but Meredith sits with her. “It was both our idea…to rob the bank,” Cristina admits. Meredith says she knows and Cristina did the right thing. Cristina doesn’t know where to go now. At home, Izzie and George discuss Harold’s surgery (which Erica will be performing), and George says that Izzie of all people knows what it’s like to have someone you love in the hospital. She tells him he doesn’t get to talk to her about Denny yet (but maybe tomorrow). In bed, Meredith tells Derek that she knew something was up with Burke but couldn’t say anything because Cristina’s her friend and asked her not to. Derek is upset that she could suspect or know something but not tell him. Meredith points out that Derek cleared Burke for surgery in the first place; how could he not know something was wrong? She says that Cristina is her best friend, and whether she did something right or wrong, she was there for Meredith when Derek wasn’t. Cristina voices over that we try to rebuild trust, but there are some wounds that are too deep to be repaired. “And when that happens, there’s nothing left to do but wait.” She goes to her and Burke’s apartment, and he looks at her for a few moments before closing the bedroom door in her face.


THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: Social Code/Starsailor

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “So how have you been, Preston? The last time I saw you, you stole my patient’s heart and then got shot. Karma rocks.” - Erica

Meredith: “What did you want to talk to me about?”
Callie: “Panties.”
Izzie: “Uh, Callie, whatcha up to?”
Callie: “I’m kicking Meredith’s a%$. I kept your secrets, I was discreet. I was a really good friend to you when I didn’t have to be. And now you go and do this?”
Meredith: “Do what?”
Izzie: “Callie, use your words!”
Callie: “Panties, Meredith. I’m talking about the McFreaking code of silence and the pair of panties I pulled off the bulletin board. Not to mention the adulterous McSex I witnessed. Remember that?”
Izzie: “I’m sorry, but she’s very little and you’re hurting her!”

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