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Season 1

1. A Hard Day's Night - Meredith Grey and her fellow interns begin work at Seattle Grace Hospital. She's shocked to discover that her one-night stand is one of her attendings. George is the first intern to perform surgery, as well as screw up. Cristina is competitive. Alex is annoying. Bailey hates everyone.
2. The First Cut is the Deepest - Meredith tries to keep Derek, Izzie, and George from getting too close. She also babysits a penis and tries to save a baby. Burke is jealous of Derek. Cristina is sick of giving good news.
3. Winning a Battle, Losing a War - Izzie and Cristina deal with a patient whose organs they want to donate. George finds himself the object of affection of one of Webber's friends. Meredith is sick of Alex and doesn't want to be around Derek.
4. No Man's Land - George doesn't like that living with women has emasculated him. Cristina tends to Ellis' scrub nurse. Alex tries to humiliate Izzie, but it backfires.
5. Shake Your Groove Thing - Meredith fears a mistake made during surgery could get her kicked out of the internship program. Izzie's boyfriend visits and Izzie plans a party for him. Burke and Cristina get closer.
6. If Tomorrow Never Comes - The interns take care of a woman with a huge tumor. Bailey doesn't apprectiate how Meredith and Derek's relationship affects her. Izzie thinks George should ask Meredith out.
7. The Self-Destruct Button - George suspects that an anesthesiologist is working while drunk. Cristina is sick. Izzie and George find out about Meredith and Derek.
8. Save Me - Alex tries to come up with an alternative treatment for a Jewish girl. Cristina's pregnancy clouds her judgment concerning a patient. Meredith wants to know more about Derek. A patient thinks he's psychic and Izzie is affected the most.
9. Who's Zoomin' Who? - There's a syphilis outbreak at the hospital. Izzie and Cristina break the rules and perform a secret autopsy. Webber has a tumor. Burke treats an old friend. Meredith learns that Derek hasn't been completely honest with her.

Season 2

10. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - Joe the bartender collapses but can't afford the surgery that will save him. Meredith has to work with Addison. Webber asks George to be his spy.
11. Enough is Enough (No More Tears) - A car accident reveals secrets about a family in the ER. Bailey makes George try to save a patient who's already dead. Another patient ate doll heads. Cristina and Meredith mope over their failed relationships.
12. Make Me Lose Control - Cristina faces a health crisis. Meredith's mother is admitted to Seattle Grace. Izzie doesn't like that Alex is a jerk to everyone but her. Addison wants to leave Seattle.
13. Deny, Deny, Deny - Cristina denies that she's sad about her miscarriage. Addison winds up sticking around to help one of Bailey's favorite patients. George is sick of looking after Ellis. Alex learns that his medical career may be in jeopardy.
14. Bring the Pain - George gets to prove himself by performing surgery in an elevator. Izzie is mad at Alex for being cold to her. Cristina has to be an impromptu porn star. Meredith and Derek try to convince a religious man to let his daughter have surgery.
15. Into You Like a Train - After a train wreck, one patient has to die so another can live. Cristina looks for a leg. Izzie and Addison treat a pregnant woman. Alex has a bad day.
16. Something to Talk About - Cristina and Izzie try to cheer Meredith up with a patient who thinks he's pregnant. Alex bonds with a patient in a wheelchair. Burke and Cristina debate going public with their relationship.
17. Let it Be - Friends of Derek and Addison's visit for a controversial surgery. George thinks a patient who survived a five-story fall should be more grateful to be alive. On a date, Cristina and Burke wind up working together. Webber wants Bailey to accept a fellowship, but she has other things on her mind.
18. Thanks for the Memories - Izzie and Burke perform Thanksgiving turkey surgery. George has to hunt a turkey with his brothers and father. Meredith and Derek take care of a patient who's been in a coma for 16 years. Cristina just wants a drink.
19. Much Too Much - The interns prepare to deliver quints. Meredith's most recent one-night stand has an embarrassing problem. Burke gives Cristina a key to his apartment. Alex and Derek's patient is annoying.
20. Owner of a Lonely Heart - The interns tend to the quints, who all have health problems except one. Izzie is furious with Alex and gets taught a lesson by Addison. Cristina is assigned to a woman who swallowed razor blades to get out of solitary confinement.
21. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - Izzie is full of holiday spirit, except where Alex is concerned. Burke and Cristina's young patient doesn't want a heart transplant. The interns help Alex study for his board exam. George's patient has an irritating family. Izzie thinks Derek's lack of holiday spirit may affect their patient.
22. Begin the Begin - George takes care of a teenaged hermaphrodite. Izzie develops a crush on a patient, and vice versa. Cristina hates that her work hours are being limited. Derek visits Ellis.
23. Tell Me Sweet Little Lies - Meredith and Cristina avoid talking to each other about their relationships. Alex gets the results from his board exam. George has a hard time discharging a patient who doesn't want to leave. Izzie and Alex's patient is a competitive eater whose career has to end prematurely.
24. Break on Through - The nurses strike and George joins them. Bailey's substitute resident gets on some of the interns' nerves. Meredith accidentally revives a patient who wasn't supposed to be revived. Izzie agrees to work with Addison again.
25. It's the End of the World - A patient accidentally shoots himself with a bazooka, and a quick-thinking paramedic is all that's keeping him alive. Bailey goes into labor, and on his way to the hospital, her husband is seriously injured in a car accident. Izzie seems to have forgiven Alex.
26. (As We Know It) - Meredith rethinks her impulsive decision, but it's too late. Derek continues to operate on Tucker. Addison runs out of ideas when Bailey refuses to deliver her baby.
27. Yesterday - The reason for Derek and Addison's separation arrives at Seattle Grace. George wants Meredith to think of him as more than a friend. Burke is disappointed when he learns a secret Cristina has been keeping from him.
28. What Have I Done to Deserve This? - George and Meredith are tense around each other. Alex is jealous of Izzie's flirtations with Denny. Bailey repays Addison for delivering her baby.
29. Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole - Derek and Meredith's patient is ready to die despite the possibility that Derek could save her. Cristina is disturbed at how close Burke and George are becoming. Izzie still likes Denny. Bailey makes Cristina take care of her baby.
30. Superstition - The Seattle Grace staff, especially Izzie, are nervous after a string of deaths. Cristina gives Burke an ultimatum to get George out of their apartment, but Burke uses it against her, with help from George. Addison tries to combat bad juju with cocoa.
31. The Name of the Game - Bailey worries that she won't be seen as the Nazi now that she's a mother. Meredith meets her sister and gets a new love interest. Webber teaches Cristina a lesson. Burke teaches Alex about beside manner.
32. Blues for Sister Someone - Burke treats his favorite musician, who wants his pacemaker removed so he can play the violin like he used to. Derek wants Izzie and George to make their patient have a seizure so she'll stop bugging him. Addison's patient wants her tubes tied without her husband finding out. Meredith and Finn get closer.
33. Damage Case - A surgical intern causes a car accident. Addison makes Alex look after a baby. Denny blows up at Izzie. Everyone is mad at everyone else.
34. 17 Seconds - There's a heart available for Denny, but he has to get worse before he can have it. Izzie decides to take care of that. Callie is a jerk to Meredith, then admits her feelings for George. Addison confronts Derek about his feelings for Meredith.
35. Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response - Burke needs surgery to repair an aneurysm, but Derek isn't sure he can perform it successfuly. Izzie refuses to back out of her plan for Denny. Webber's niece is admitted with a cancer relapse.
36. Losing My Religion - Webber punishes the interns by taking away surgeries until they tell him who really cut Denny's LVAD line. Meredith and Derek make a decision about Doc, then have a little reunion. The interns throw a prom for Webber's niece.

Season 3

37. Time Has Come Today - Izzie won't get up. George and Derek are quarantined. Adele gives Webber an ultimatum. Addison gets some revenge on Meredith. Flashbacks!
38. I Am a Tree - Cristina meets Burke's parents. The interns try to get Bailey to reconsider Izzie, who's making lots of muffins. Addison gets drunk. Webber finds Callie's hideout. Meredith can't decide between Derek and Finn. Callie accidentally makes George jealous. Mark is back.
39. Sometimes a Fantasy - Derek and Finn interrupt each other's dates with Meredith. Cristina is sick of Burke's convalescence. Izzie tries to go back to the hospital. Addison wants Mark to leave, but he wants her to come back to New York with him. George wants Callie to move out of Meredith's house.
40. What I Am - Meredith has appendicitis and gets high on morphine. Izzie gets a surprise from Denny, via his father. Burke is cleared for surgery despite still having his tremor. Mark joins the Seattle Grace staff. Meredith finally chooses a guy.
41. Oh, the Guilt - Bailey's authority is called into question at the M&M regarding Denny's death. Izzie tries to decide what to do with her check. Cristina covers for Burke. Derek and Addison finalize their divorce, and he learns that her fling with Mark wasn't just a fling.
42. Let the Angels Commit - Izzie is allowed back in the hospital but can't do anything. Fortunately, her observations are still helpful. Thanks to Cristina, Bailey thinks Burke doubts her. Derek's sister visits and makes it clear that she hates Meredith. Alex questions his future specialty.
43. Where the Boys Are - The men go camping. Sydney wants Izzie to talk about her feelings. Addison and Callie team up, while Meredith works with Mark. Bailey bans Cristina from surgery until she explains why she erased Bailey's name from the OR board.
44. Staring at the Sun - George's father needs heart surgery and George wants Burke to perform, despite his knowledge of Burke's tremors. Alex tries to help Izzie move on. Bailey worries that she's neglecting her son. Webber decides to stop visiting Ellis so he can try to fix his marriage.
45. From a Whisper to a Scream - George gets Erica to replace Burke on his father's surgery, ultimately leading to a big revelation. Callie thinks Meredith told George that she slept with Mark. Meredith has suspicions about Burke but doesn't say anything to Derek.
46. Don't Stand So Close to Me - Derek and Mark have to work together to separate conjoined twins. George, Izzie, and Alex turn on Cristina. Meredith doesn't want to spend time with her stepmother and half sister.
47. Six Days, Part 1 - George's father's surgery day finally arrives. Izzie has to deposit her check before she can operate again. Meredith's father hangs out at the hospital. Alex gives up plastics.
48. Six Days, Part 2 - George's father's condition worsens. Bailey thinks Izzie gets too emotionally involved with her patients. Burke and Cristina start to reconcile. Meredith still snores.
49. Great Expectations - Bailey wants to open a free clinic. News of Webber's retirement spreads and Derek, Addison, Burke, and Mark all want to replace him. George likes sex, but Callie wants a break. Izzie doesn't think George is dealing with his grief. Cristina and Burke still aren't talking to each other.
50. Wishin' and Hopin' - Ellis is suddenly lucid. The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic opens but can't attract any patients. George and Callie are married, but he's worried they moved too fast. Cristina hasn't made up her mind about Burke's proposal yet. A patient with toxic blood endangers a number of doctors.
51. Walk on Water - The interns tend to the victims of a ferryboat disaster. Izzie tries to fly solo. Cristina keeps trying and failing to tell Meredith about her and Burke's engagement. Alex saves a Jane Doe but gets removed from her case. George finds it hard to keep things with Callie professional at work. Meredith's patient puts her in danger.
52. Drowning on Dry Land - Everyone wonders where Meredith is. Alex tries to help the victims' families find their loved ones. Izzie gets right back into surgery. George looks for his patient's son.
53. Some Kind of Miracle - Meredith sees dead people. Derek tries to save Ellis. Cristina takes Meredith's condition badly. Addison challenges Mark to go without sex for 60 days. Jane Doe has amnesia.
54. Scars and Souvenirs - The newest candidate to replace Webber is Cristina's old boyfriend. Derek takes care of an old friend. Alex realizes he's treating Jane more like a sister than a patient. George learns that Callie has been lying to him. Meredith spends time with her father and stepmother.
55. My Favorite Mistake - Izzie remembers the previous night, but George doesn't. The chief candidates are interviewed. George meets Callie's father. Cristina wants things with Burke to go back to the way they used to be. Derek thinks Mark is using Meredith.
56. Time After Time - The daughter Izzie gave up for adoption as a teenager needs a bone marrow transplant. Meredith pushes Susan away. Derek worries that his relationship with Meredith will hurt his chances to be chief. Cristina plays metaphorical chess with Colin.
57. Desire - Addison and Alex get extremely close. The chairman of the board has an embarrassing problem. Callie begs Izzie to stay away from George. Everyone eats lots of cake.
58. The Other Side of This Life - Addison visits friends in L.A. and gets herself a spin-off. Cristina and Burke's mothers visit to help plan their wedding. Ava needs surgery, but it could restore her memory. Susan's hiccups turn deadly.
59. Testing 1-2-3 - The interns' exam day arrives, but it's the same day as Susan's funeral. Alex is furious to learn that Ava has been lying to him. Joe and Walter want to adopt. Adele is pregnant. George is ready to transfer to Mercy West.
60. Didn't We Almost Have It All - Burke and Cristina's wedding day arrives, and it's the same day the interns get their test results back. Callie decides she wants a baby. Webber picks his chief of surgery and chief resident. Rebecca wants Alex to give her a reason to stay in Seattle.

Season 4

61. A Change is Gonna Come - Everyone meets Lexie, including Meredith. Derek tells Cristina that Burke has resigned from Seattle Grace. Bailey doesn't want to talk to Webber about not choosing her as chief resident. Izzie takes care of a deer. Lexie helps George adjust to repeating his internship.
62. Love/Addiction - Jane returns to Seattle Grace and Cristina tries to avoid her. George wants to tell Callie that he's in love with Izzie. Meredith and Derek engage in S&M (but not that kind). Webber tries to delegate. Bailey has difficulty adjusting to life without being able to yell at interns.
63. Let the Truth Sting - Really Old Guy wakes up and tells Izzie that George isn't going to leave Callie. Rory Gilmore's grandpa is Alex's new intern, but of course Alex doesn't want him around. Cristina pretends to be sad so Meredith will give her a good surgery. This leaves Meredith to work in the ER with Lexie, which neither of them wants. Webber and Mark try to prove they can do new things by performing a radical surgery they have no experience with. Bailey suggests that she work with Callie.
64. The Heart of the Matter - Izzie plans for a high-noon showdown in the cafeteria with Callie, who claims to have forgiven George. Camille's cancer has returned but she doesn't want treatment. Cristina and Derek have a power struggle over Lexie. Norman and Meredith tell the wrong patient she's dying.
65. Haunt You Every Day - Rebecca visits Alex. Meredith brings Ellis' ashes to work with her. Erica returns to Seattle Grace and chooses Izzie over Cristina to assist her in a transplant. Norman has a stroke. Meredith goes trick-or-treating for the first time...for ears.
66. Kung Fu Fighting - Webber plans a gentlemen's evening, which confuses Derek and Mark. Meredith helps treat a skydiver whose near-death experience turns him into someone very different than hers did. Callie lets Mark torture George for her. Izzie and Cristina vie for Erica's attention. Alex and Lexie get closer.
67. Physical Attraction...Chemical Reaction - George and Izzie can't have good sex. Derek is tired of Webber treating him like a girlfriend. Callie delegates way too many responsibilities to Bailey. Mark has a crush on Erica.
68. Forever Young - Bailey reunites with an old high school classmate and learns that he doesn't see her much differently than he did before. Izzie overhears the latest hospital gossip - that she and George are through. Cristina tries to get some respect from Erica. Meredith tends to a drunk Thatcher. Callie realizes that she doesn't mind not being chief resident.
69. Crash Into Me, Part 1 - An ambulance crash sends paramedics to the ER, though a couple can't make it because they're stuck in an ambulance. Rebecca makes another visit and lets Lexie in on what's going on between her and Alex. Bailey and Cristina treat a white supremacist as Bailey struggles to keep her marriage together. Rose is still around for some reason.
70. Crash Into Me, Part 2 - Lexie and Meredith try to calmly save their patients. Bailey uses George as a messenger between her and an angry Tucker. Mark alerts everyone to Rebecca's presence in the gallery. Derek and Rose kiss, and then he finds out that Meredith doesn't want him to see other women.
71. Lay Your Hands On Me - Bailey's life gets even worse when Tuck is rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. George's mom pays a surprise visit and is stunned to hear what her son has been up to. A faith healer challenges some of the doctors' beliefs. Izzie decides to give up on cardio. Derek wants to build a house. Meredith finds out about Rose.

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