"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"
Written by Stacy McKee; directed by Peter Horton

Meredith does shots at the Emerald City Bar (hereafter known as the ECB) and voices over about thinking like a surgeon and not letting emotions get in the way. Joe the bartender (Steven W. Bailey) recognizes Meredith, who was last in the bar when she got together with Derek. Joe guesses that she’s getting trouble from either her boyfriend or her boss. Of course, it’s both. And he’s married (see “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”). Joe gives her a free drink as she voices over that sometimes cuts don’t heal. Back at the hospital, Addison compliments Derek’s hair and he asks her why she’s in Seattle. She asks him the same question, noting that he picked up and left everything he had back in New York. Addison mentions Meredith and Derek warns her that she’s on thin ice. She wonders if he specifically chose someone who was the opposite of her. Derek tells her that if she came to try to win him back, she can forget about it. Addison reveals that she’s there because Webber called her to work on a case. Derek isn’t too happy that Webber didn’t say anything to him about Addison coming. In the locker room, Izzie examines Alex’s eye, which is now black thanks to George (see “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”). Alex says that he would have fought back but didn’t want to injure his hands because he plans to be a plastic surgeon.

George and Cristina head to the ECB and Joe leads everyone in a cheer, happy that George attacked Alex. Meredith suggests a game of “whose life sucks the most,” predicting that she’ll win because she always does. “Derek’s married,” she announces. “I’m pregnant,” Cristina counters. Joe suddenly grabs his head and collapses. “Okay, maybe Joe wins,” Cristina allows. Meredith and Cristina hurry over to tend to him, though Joe says he’s fine and Meredith is still stuck on Cristina’s news. Once everyone is over at the hospital, Meredith asks Cristina for more details. Cristina only alludes to the fact that she’s planning to get an abortion because pregnant interns don’t make it long enough to be surgeons. She also won’t tell Meredith who the father is. Nearby, George tells Izzie that Derek is married. Meredith changes the subject to Joe, and Derek arrives and tells the interns that Joe has an aneurysm and Derek will be performing a standstill operation to save him. He tries to get Meredith to help him with the case, but she tells him she’s drunk and walks off. The other interns stop Derek from going after him; Izzie even calls him a McBastard. Cristina takes the case, telling George and Izzie that she’s on Meredith’s side but won’t give up the chance to do a standstill operation. Derek catches up with Meredith, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. George arrives soon after and tells Meredith they’re going home.

Derek stops by Webber’s room and finds Addison there. After she leaves, Webber assures Derek that calling her in was a business decision and has nothing to do with Derek’s personal life. He announces that Burke will be the chief of surgery until Webber can work again, which is another blow to Derek. Derek thinks the decision is personal, especially after Webber asks him how long he’s been sleeping with Meredith. Cristina studies up on her surgical instruments and is joined by Burke, who wants to take her to dinner. She tells him she’s in the OR and thinking right now. In the locker room, George tells Izzie that he’s a pacifist, but Alex kept pushing him until he snapped. Izzie promises to take care of things if anything else happens, but George says he can take care of himself. Bailey arrives for assignments and tells Meredith she’s been specially requested for a case. Elsewhere, Burke finds out exactly what Webber does every day and is overwhelmed by all of his responsibilities. Derek finds Burke and congratulates him on subbing for Webber. Burke is amused that after Derek operated on Webber, he chose someone else to be his substitute, then hired Derek’s wife. Addison pops up and asks if her requested intern is coming. It’s Meredith, and Derek is worried (and Burke is amused) that his estranged wife and girlfriend will be working together.

Addison and Meredith’s patient, Julie, has TTTS, which means her twins are conjoined by placental blood vessels; one is getting more blood than the other and both are endangered. Addison will be able to separate the blood vessels in surgery the next day. In the hallway, Addison assures Meredith that she’s hard on anyone, even people who aren’t sleeping with her husband. Julie happens to overhear this comment. Webber summons George to be a “sponge” and report everything that’s going on in the hospital to him. “I’m an investigative sponge,” George agrees. Derek questions Burke’s decision to let Meredith work with Addison, but Burke doesn’t like having his judgment questioned. Despite not being happy with him, Derek invites him to help with Joe’s standstill surgery, which they discuss with him and Cristina while George watches. They explain to Joe that they’ll lower his body temperature, stop his heart for 45 minutes, and clip his aneurysm. Joe wants to know how much the operation costs, since he owns a bar and has no insurance. It’s going to be pretty expensive. Izzie and Alex fix their charts from the previous night and Izzie can’t believe that Alex doesn’t know his patients’ names after he’s been treating them for a week. Alex says that surgeons don’t have to know anything about their patients. Izzie points out that they’re humans and he should try to care.

Cristina tracks Burke down but he’s not happy with her since she doesn’t want to go to dinner and doesn’t want to talk. She admits that she doesn’t know what she wants. He kisses her and tells her to figure it out. They don’t realize that George has just spied them together. George heads to Webber’s room to give his sponge report, but he lies and says nothing’s going on. Alex chats with Joe, who teases him about being decked by George. A nurse stops by with a gift that the whole floor pitched in to get for Joe. Joe asks Alex to get him transferred to County Hospital since he can’t afford to have surgery at Seattle Grace. Alex is a regular and knows that if Joe can’t keep the ECB going, he’ll have to either sell it or shut it down. Alex offers to pay his tab, which will give Joe around a thousand dollars. “How about I pay, like, 60?” Alex suggests. Once again, George has been watching them. Meredith gives Julie an ultrasound as Julie asks what it takes for a woman to go after another woman’s husband. She explains that just a few weeks into her pregnancy, her husband left her for another woman. She thinks that Addison asked for Meredith to work with her; it’s the same thing Julie would have done. Meredith quickly skedaddles. Cristina throws up in Joe’s bathroom, then tells him not to tell anyone she’s pregnant. Burke arrives for an update and Joe seems to guess that he’s the baby’s father.

Meredith runs into George, who pretends he’s not up to anything, and notes the irony that she’s trying to show up Addison, who’s the victim in her relationship with Derek. George asks her if she can think of any reason why Cristina would be kissing Burke. Later, Meredith and Cristina wind up in an elevator together and Meredith confronts Cristina about warning her against sleeping with Derek while she was also sleeping with an attending. Cristina argues that their situations are different - Meredith and Derek are in a relationship but she and Burke are “Switzerland. It’s very neutral there. And they make very nice watches.” Meredith asks if Cristina has told Burke about the baby. Cristina doesn’t want to talk about it, but Meredith wonders why she confided in her in the first place. Meredith goes back to Julie’s room and performs another ultrasound as Julie talks about confronting her husband’s other woman. Burke approaches Bailey and asks her who Dr. McDreamy is. Bailey spots Derek talking to Addison and says, “Me. I’m Dr. McDreamy. I’m tall, handsome. I like to lean against things and ponder the difficulties of dating beautiful women. I’m trying to be a surgeon here!” As Burke approaches, Derek tells Addison that she had a lot of nerve to request Meredith to work with her. Addison teases that he recommends her, “just not for her surgical skills.” Meredith gets Addison to come see Julie but won’t talk to Derek.

George goes to see Webber again but only tells him that something’s going on with Joe. Addison decides that Julie needs to go to surgery sooner than planned because the twins’ hearts are starting to fail. Joe gives Alex instructions for the bar as he’s taken to surgery. Meanwhile, Webber tells George that it’s not their job to solve Joe’s financial problems. As Derek begins Joe’s surgery, Bailey finds George in the gallery looking for a loophole for Joe. Bailey reminisces about being the only female intern her year and knowing Joe better than anyone else. He was the first person to tell her she would make a good surgeon. Alex and Izzie watch from nearby and Alex teases Izzie for eating while doctors kill Joe and then bring him back. This happens to give George an idea. As Addison begins Julie’s surgery, Derek, Burke, and Cristina make Joe flatline and his 45 minutes begin. Derek asks Burke to share his story about Joe, but Burke tells him to go first. Derek talks about meeting a woman at the ECB the night before he started working at Seattle Grace; they were both drunk and someone took advantage of someone else, and it was his Seattle initiation. Burke admits that he doesn’t have a Joe story; he just wanted to hear Derek’s. As George talks to someone about paperwork, Meredith and Addison operate on Julie and Alex and Izzie talk about how Alex isn’t human.

As Joe’s surgery continues, George goes back to Webber and tells him that Joe is technically dead and some research institution might be interested in his body. If they donate Joe’s body to science for the next 17 minutes, he can receive a privately funded grant that will cover the cost of his operation. Webber is surprised at George for ignoring his instructions. Derek has trouble getting to Joe’s aneurysm, but he finally is successful at retrieving it and the others start to warm Joe up. Later, Burke goes to see Webber, who tells him that he knows how much he’s enjoying subbing for him. Webber thinks he and Burke are very much alike in that they both put the job first. In the on-call room, Cristina gushes about the standstill operation, then asks Burke if he still has the dinner reservations. He tells her that it’s pretty clear that they’ve been fooling themselves to believe that they could keep having sex without there being any consequences. She realizes that he’s ending things so they can both stay focused on their careers. George returns to Webber and tells him he’s not going to give him any dirt about the other doctors because it doesn’t matter - the only thing that matters right now is that Joe can’t afford his life-saving operation. Webber tells him that he filed the paperwork to get him the grant, so Joe’s money situation should remain the same. “Yell at me again and I’ll snap you like a twig,” he warns.

Addison checks on Julie, who asks that Meredith be removed from her case because she reminds Julie of her husband’s other woman. She thinks Addison understands, since Meredith is sleeping with her husband, but Addison announces that Derek didn’t cheat on her - she cheated on him first. Meredith and Derek sit on the front porch of his trailer and he tells her about coming home and finding Addison in bed with his best friend, Mark (see “Yesterday”). “You were like coming up for fresh air,” he tells her. “It’s like I was drowning and you saved me. That’s all I know.” Meredith says that’s not enough. As Meredith voices over about how thinking like a surgeon too much makes it hard to stop, Burke hands out in the on-call room alone and Derek drinks unhappily. Izzie watches as Alex visits Joe, then praises George for helping Joe out. Cristina and Meredith have a drink at the ECB and Cristina says that she had to designate an emergency-contact person in case something goes wrong when she has her abortion. She’s chosen Meredith as her person, which touches Meredith. Cristina says that Burke dumped her, and Meredith puts her arm around Cristina, who doesn’t like being hugged. “Shut up. I’m your person,” Meredith says.


THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: Burt Bacharach

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Alex: “The dude punches like my sister.”
Izzie: “Oh! So by your definition, then you got beat up by a girl.”

Izzie: “Don’t you have a date with McDreamy?”
George: “More like McMarried.”
Izzie: “McWhat?”

Burke: “So I have a question to ask. I checked the schedule and I noticed that you and I are both off tonight. I made reservations. I have a favorite restaurant.”
Cristina: “None of those were questions.”

Joe: “You wanna freeze my body, drain my blood, and stop my heart?”
Derek: “And bring you back.”
Joe: “In under 45 minutes?”
Derek: “Right.”
Joe: “If you go over, is it free?”

Meredith: “Talking to yourself now?”
George: “Yes. No! Dam%$#, I’m a bad sponge. A leaky sponge. I’m gonna leak all the wrong secrets. I'm a bad liar; can’t even lie about talking to myself. You look nice today.”

Meredith: “I’m an evil mistress.”
George: “Well, still. You look nice.”

Bailey: “I was the only female intern my year. I didn’t know anybody and nobody knew me except Joe. He knew me.”
George: “Oh. So, you and Joe?”
Bailey: “All you people ever thing about is how to get into somebody’s pants. You nasty. That’s why you got syphilis.”

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