"Losing My Religion"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Mark Tinker

Denny and Burke are still in surgery (see “Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response”), but both end well when Burke proves he has movement in his hand and Denny’s heart starts beating on its own. Alex looks up at the gallery to see Izzie’s reaction, but she’s kneeling below the window, crying happily. Derek heads to a nurses’ station, spotting Meredith still on the floor in her time-out. Addison and Webber discuss Camille’s options, none of which will do much as her cancer has already spread. As she goes to tell Camille’s parents what’s going on, Webber heads off to deal with the Denny situation. The interns gather in his office and each admits to cutting the LVAD wires (except Alex, who both dislikes Denny and was at Mercy West at the time of the incident). Webber knows the truth, since he’s not an idiot, but the others still won’t let Izzie take the fall. Webber announces that until the real culprit steps forward, the interns are all banned from surgeries. They will also all be assigned to take care of Camille and give her whatever she wants. George and Meredith consider this being let off easy, since they could have been fired, but Cristina hates being kept from what she wants to do. Izzie wants to turn herself in and Alex wants to turn her in as well, saying that he only lied to Burke for her because he wanted to participate in the transplant surgery. Cristina finally announces that they all need to stick together.

George doesn’t think giving Camille whatever she wants will be too difficult, but when the interns meet Claire and Natalie, they discover that she wants a prom. George and Alex have to meet with the girls to plan the whole thing while Meredith asks Cristina about Burke, whom she hasn’t seen yet. She then distracts Cristina from her problems by talking about Doc and how Finn thinks something’s going on with her and Derek. Meredith doesn’t want to put Doc down because she’ll feel like she’s giving up on him. Izzie sneaks in to see Denny, telling him he looks great, and he notes that she’s acting strangely because he proposed to her. She replies that she’s trying to give him an out; he proposed because he was dying but now he can take the proposal back. Denny doesn’t want to, but Izzie tells him that they should just date first. She babbles for a little until he tells her that for years he’s lived by his doctors’ choices, but now he gets to make his own decisions. His first choice is to choose Izzie. Instead of responding, Izzie runs out. At a nurses’ station, Webber tells Bailey that he wants to meet with the interns individually and try to break them. He asks if she has a dress for the prom, announcing that if he has to go, everyone has to go. Alex and George try very hard not to go crazy with Claire and Natalie, but they wind up complaining to Bailey about being unable to settle on a theme or colors. Bailey quickly solves the problem, then hands out prom-related assignments to the interns.

Callie finds George and Izzie inflating balloons together and notes that George never called her after he went off to help Izzie with Denny. She wants to know what happened, but George won’t tell her. He tries to make things up to her by asking her to prom, but she rejects his invitation. Meredith runs into Finn and invites him to prom, which he’s excited about attending. However, he has bad news - Doc’s cancer is spreading. Addison approaches Derek but tells him she doesn’t want to talk about her blowup earlier. She notes that he forgave her for sleeping with Mark, and she had no need to be jealous. Derek asks her to prom. Cristina stops by Burke’s room, noticing that he has a tremor in his hand. Webber’s first interrogation is of Alex, who uses a sports metaphor to tell him that the interns are a team and he’ll be loyal to them no matter what. Webber next tries to appeal to Cristina’s love of surgery to get her to talk, but she claims that she doesn’t have any answers for him. She also wants to know how Webber keeps his edge after being a surgeon for so long. Before, she would have had no problems telling Webber what happened, but now she’s loyal to the other interns. Cristina wants her edge back, and she’ll even tell Webber what he wants to hear if he’ll tell her how to get her edge back. He doesn’t want her to confess, and though he could give her the answers she wants, he won’t because he doesn’t want her to lose her humanity.

Izzie is the next to be interrogated, and she tells Webber that she’s always seen as the pretty girl. However, Denny doesn’t make her feel like the pretty girl - he makes her feel like herself. If she did cut the LVAD wire (and she’s not saying she did), she wouldn’t feel guilty, just happy. George’s interrogation is completely one-sided as Webber just waits for George to talk so much that he finally spills something. Instead, George babbles about how it’s possible to be with someone and not love her, as well as how it’s possible to love someone and not want to be with her. Meredith comes in last and Webber tells her he’s sure she wasn’t the one who cut the wires. Meredith ignores him, announcing that she knows Webber is the reason her parents split up, and it was because Ellis really loved Webber. Ellis left Thatcher for Webber, but Webber stayed with Adele because it was the right thing to do and because he knew Adele was the right person for him. It may have been the safe decision, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Meredith just wants to know if Webber ever regretted his decision. Afterwards, Meredith tells Derek that they need to make a decision about Finn. Meredith winds up making the decision to put him to sleep, and Derek says he’ll come because Doc is his dog.

Izzie returns to Denny’s room, and though Bailey tries to kick her out, she manages to tell Denny that her answer to his proposal is yes. Izzie then leaves to get ready for prom, promising to return during visitors’ hours. “I tricked her into marrying me,” Denny jokes to Bailey. “How smart am I?” Cristina returns to Burke’s room and tells him about the prom, which he’s already been informed of by George. He tells Cristina that if she decides not to stay with him, he won’t carry a grudge about it. She asks if he’s going to tell Derek about his tremor, but he says he won’t yet. Meredith, Derek, and Addison gather at Finn’s office to put Doc to sleep, and Meredith and Derek decide to bury his body near the trailer. Addison gets paged back to the hospital just before the dog is put to sleep, and Derek and Meredith share a moment where their hands touch over the dog. Back at Seattle Grace, the prom has begun and Bailey tells Cristina she’s surprised she didn’t get out of going, since Burke is in the hospital. Derek and Finn run into each other and watch Meredith enter at the same time. Addison and Derek bond over bad prom memories, though Derek is obviously distracted by Meredith. Webber cuts in on Camille and Brian so he can share a dance with his niece, who asks Webber to be nice to her boyfriend because he loves her: “That’s something everyone should have once in their life. I’ve been loved. I have that.”

George finds Callie in a hallway and she finally confronts him over not responding when she told him she loved him. He grabs her and tells her he can’t say it yet because Callie would know he was just saying it because she said it. When he does say it, he wants to mean it. “I hate that I’m so into you,” Callie says before they start kissing. Derek dances with Addison but watches Meredith, who’s flirting with Finn. He tells her that after his wife died, he stopped making plans, but now that he’s with Meredith, he’s making plans again. Derek and Meredith make eye contact and both make excuses to get out of the room. They wind up in an exam room where Meredith tells Derek to stop looking at her because she’s with someone else and he’s married. Derek replies that he would love to stop looking at her but he goes crazy thinking about her being with Finn. They end up making out. Izzie runs into Alex and then goes to see Denny before heading to the prom. As Derek and Meredith’s clothes start to come off, Denny experiences pain and starts flatlining. Post-coitus, Meredith and Derek get redressed (though Meredith can’t find her underwear) and Derek asks, “What does this mean?” Callie accidentally finds them together and asks Meredith to come be with Izzie. Bailey tracks down Webber in the gallery and he talks about spending his entire career at Seattle Grace. Bailey informs him that Denny has died.

Meredith, George, Cristina, Callie, and Olivia all gather outside Denny’s room, where Izzie is lying in bed with her dead fiancé. She thinks he died of a stroke from a blood clot and laments the fact that he was alone when it happened. She blames herself because she was late getting there due to being unable to decide what to wear. The interns try to get her to leave, but only Alex succeeds by telling Izzie that Denny isn’t Denny anymore, then picking her up and holding her. Cristina goes back to Burke’s room, where he’s still experiencing a tremor, and takes his hand. Derek returns to the prom, and before he has to come up with an excuse for where he was, Bailey and Webber approach looking for the interns. Izzie, George, Alex, and Meredith head towards them, and Izzie announces to Webber that she cut the LVAD wire by herself. She thought she was a surgeon, but she’s not, so she’s quitting. As she heads out with the guys behind her, Addison, Derek, and Webber declare the night over and Addison and Webber leave with Bailey. This leaves Meredith with Derek and Finn, both of whom seem to want to drive her home.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Izzie: “I cut the LVAD wire.”
Meredith: “Actually, I cut the LVAD wire.”
George: “No. I did it. I’m the one who cut the wire.”
(He nudges Cristina)
Cristina: “Fine. I cut the LVAD wire.”
Alex: “I didn’t do anything. I’m totally innocent.”

“You know, there’s only been three careers I’ve ever wanted: ruler of my own planet, Wonder Woman, or a surgeon. And I don’t see any invisible planes or extra countries lying around.” - Cristina

Richard: “I’m going to the prom. If I have to go, everybody has to go.”
Bailey: “What? I'm a grown woman.”
Richard: “Everybody goes to the prom! Everybody!”

George: “Are you having a seizure?”
Alex: “Will that get me out of here? Fine, let’s go with seizure.”

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