"Something to Talk About"
Written by Stacy McKee; directed by Adam Davidson

As Meredith heads to work, she voices over about communication being the first thing people really learn in life. In the locker room, Meredith and Derek are the main topic of conversation. Meredith’s voiceover continues that as we get older, even though we know more words, we find it harder to say what we need or figure out the right thing to say. Derek and Addison go to marriage counseling and announce what each wants in order to make the marriage work: Derek wants Addison to move to Seattle, and she wants him to stop talking to Meredith. Neither is happy about those requirements, and Addison is especially unhappy that Derek isn’t the same person he used to be. At the hospital, George tells Izzie and Cristina that they need to do something so Meredith stops feeling like everyone is talking about her. He notes that Cristina could be in the same position if people knew about her relationship with Burke. Izzie and Cristina tell him that they already have a plan to cheer Meredith up. Bailey and Meredith arrive for rounds and the other interns wonder if Meredith has flipped out, since she’s acting strangely. The group stops in to see their first patient, a woman named Kimberly who is in for heart surgery, and Alex joins them late. Burke asks Cristina a question about Kimberly’s surgery, and Cristina says that she doesn’t know the answer. Izzie doesn’t either, and though Meredith does, Izzie and Cristina quickly shut her up. Alex starts to answer, but Burke calls on George and gives him the case.

Outside the room, Bailey tells Alex that Burke is punishing him for being late for rounds, not for the elevator operation (see “Bring the Pain”). He won’t tell her why he was late, but she sends him to work with Derek anyway before blasting the women for embarrassing her in front of Burke. Cristina and Izzie tell Meredith that they’ve “borrowed” a case from psych, and if she wants in on it, she’ll risk her place in the program but get to be part of a huge medical mystery. Meredith is game, so the other two take her to meet Shane, a man who appears to be pregnant. He explains that his doctor kept telling him he was gaining weight with his pregnant wife, but he can prove that there’s more going on. A nurse enters, noting that the room is supposed to be empty, and Cristina and Izzie each say that the other is in charge of the patient. Cristina insults her and shoos her away. Unfortunately, Cristina and Izzie were so busy stealing Shane that they forgot to get his chart. Meredith goes to the psych office and flirts with Raj the psych intern while Cristina and Izzie steal the chart. Alex and Derek’s patient, Nicole, is in a wheelchair and is having problem with spasms. Derek wants to perform an operation to enlarge Nicole’s bladder and give her more control over her body, but her overprotective parents aren’t in favor of it. Derek assigns Alex to take Nicole around with him all day and convince her to opt for the surgery herself.

George and Burke examine Kimberly as she complains about everything and treats her husband, Alan, as a servant. Outside the room, George thanks Burke for picking him to assist. “You’re my guy, O’Malley,” Burke tells him. George wonders why Alan and Kimberly are together when they don’t make each other happy, like Cristina and Burke are. Burke is surprised that George knows about their relationship. Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie run into Derek, and Izzie and Cristina pull Meredith away so Derek can’t talk to her. Nicole asks Alex what he did to get stuck with her, since she’s sure he’s not just hanging out with her for fun. He tells her he was late for rounds but still won’t say why. They run into Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina, and Alex tries to pass Nicole off to Izzie. She says no way, adding that she’s still upset because she wasted her one night off on him and didn’t even get a goodnight kiss. She says he’s a shallow coward and she’s done trying to be his friend. The three female interns head to Shane’s room and meet his wife, Tina, who has provided their method of proving that he’s pregnant. As Shane takes a pregnancy test, Raj and Bailey arrive to see what’s going on. Cristina and Raj proceed to argue over whether Shane is a psych or surgical case, but Izzie gives them the answer when the pregnancy test comes out positive.

As Addison performs an ultrasound and someone takes pictures of Shane, Bailey tells Izzie and Cristina that she doesn’t condone them stealing patients, but she’s still proud of them. Cristina’s pager goes off but she takes a moment to take a photo with Shane and Izzie before leaving. Meredith is the only person who seems to be concerned that all the attention is making Shane uncomfortable. Cristina answers her page to discover that the nurse she insulted, Debbie, wants her to do a bunch of unpleasant things for patients. Derek talks to Nicole’s parents about the surgery he wants to perform, telling them it could help Nicole become more independent. Her father is becoming more convinced but her mother still doesn’t want her only child to be at risk. George takes Kimberly for tests, having to put up with her barking things at Alan the whole time. Alan tells George that it’s a miracle Kimberly is still alive because she’s been sick for so long. He adds that he sticks around because he promised to do so in his wedding vows. At lunch, Meredith and George learn that Cristina and Izzie are selling tickets to Shane’s operation. Meredith is disgusted and notes that they don’t even know what’s wrong with Shane yet. George says he didn’t need a pregnant guy, since he was Burke’s new go-to guy, but he ruined it when he mentioned his relationship with Cristina.

Alex brings Nicole over and she gushes about how great it is to eat lunch with other people. She asks if the interns are the “cool kids” at Seattle Grace because everyone seems to be talking about them. Later, Meredith and Izzie look on as Shane gets a CT scan from a tech who mentions that all of the techs are taking bets as to what’s wrong with him. Whatever it is, it has teeth. After taking care of another patient with unpleasant problems, Cristina tells Burke that she thinks Bailey knows about them. Burke wants to do damage control by telling Webber about their relationship, but Cristina refuses. Kimberly complains about the way George is tending to her, but Alan stands up for him and says he’s just doing his job. Kimberly keeps complaining until Alan finally tells her to shut up. He yells at her about never shutting up until she eventually has a heart attack. A crowd gathers in Shane’s room again as Bailey determines that he has a teratoma rarely found in adult males. Meredith notices that Shane looks uncomfortable and tries to help him understand what’s going on. Tina remarks that they’re not used to so many people talking about them. Meredith replies that she knows what it’s like. Cristina pops in to find out what she missed but has to run right back out to answer another page. Meredith quietly tells Bailey that all of the attention is making Shane and Tina panic.

Derek and Addison meet up on a rooftop somewhere and she asks if he’s stopped talking to Meredith yet. Derek admits that he might not ever be ready to do that. In that case, Addison won’t be moving to Seattle. Burke finds Cristina and tells her that it’s more dangerous for Webber to hear about them through the grapevine than if they tell him themselves. He’s also not sure Cristina wants to admit that they’re in a relationship at all. Alex takes Nicole to Intern Alley and asks her why she doesn’t want the surgery; she says she’s fine the way she is. However, she’s surprised that he’s not going to try to talk her into having the operation. He tries to get in some studying and she asks him if that’s the reason he was late for rounds. He still won’t tell her. Nicole then asks if Izzie is Alex’s girlfriend, and if he wants her to be. Alex calls her “kid” and she gets fed up, threatening to go back to her room and saying that Izzie was right about him being a jerk. She adds that if she had the chance to kiss someone she liked, she wouldn’t hesitate. Alex counters that if he could have an operation to make him more independent, he’d do it and stop letting his mom make all his decisions for him. They good-naturedly trade some insults. Kimberly’s surgery starts off well but quickly goes downhill when her heart literally catches on fire. Burke and George are able to take care of the fire and get her stabilized, but afterwards, George is a little shaken.

Cristina tries to talk to Burke, who ignores her. She then heads off to answer another page and encounters Bailey, begging her to let her take part in Shane’s surgery instead of continuing to do what she’s been doing all day. Bailey has no idea what she’s talking about - Debbie’s the one who’s been paging Cristina to get her back for insulting her. In the gallery, Webber encourages Addison to stay in Seattle, promising to help her turn the hospital into one known for neonatology. Bailey catches Derek approaching Meredith and quickly sends him away because everyone around her is already making things hard for her. Nicole tells Alex that she does want the operation, but she’s worried about what being independent will mean for her. She’s never been kissed, and she’d like Alex to be her first. He tells her to wait until it’s right because a first kiss shouldn’t be cheated. Burke and George tell Alan that though Kimberly’s heart caught on fire, she’s going to be okay. He starts laughing hysterically and realizes that she’s never going to die, so he’ll just have to leave her to get some peace. Finally having had enough, Meredith kicks everyone out of Shane’s room, telling them that if they want someone to talk about, it should be her. At the end of her rant, Derek appears and Meredith asks him what he’s looking at.

Burke and George laugh about Alan’s reaction to Kimberly’s situation. Burke praises George for the way he handled things, and George apologizes for bringing up him and Cristina. “You’re still my guy,” Burke assures him. As Meredith accompanies Shane to surgery, he asks her to make sure that his teratoma isn’t shown off after it’s removed. She keeps her promise as she voices over that sometimes there are things you just have to talk about. Cristina tells Burke that she’s worked hard to get to where she is, and she doesn’t want anyone to make allowances for her. She still doesn’t want Webber to know about them. As Meredith voices over about not wanting to hear or stay silent about certain things, Nicole tells her parents that she’s getting the operation and taking control of her life. Cristina discovers that Burke has gone to Webber anyway. Back in therapy, Addison announces that she’s decided to move to Seattle. Derek assures her that Meredith won’t be an issue in their lives anymore. They talk about compromise and Meredith voices over that there are some things you keep to yourself. At the ECB, Izzie counts the money she and Cristina made, and when Meredith joins them and George, she says that they don’t seem to have anything else to talk about. Alex suddenly enters, grabs Izzie, kisses her, and heads back out.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Bailey: “Where’s Karev?”
Izzie: “Probably off somewhere not kissing somebody.”

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