"The First Cut is the Deepest"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Peter Horton

Meredith hangs up a sign in the locker room looking for non-smoking Democratic roommates without pets. She voices over that “it’s all about lines,” especially the one that separates doctors from their patients. Meredith interviews a fellow intern and potential roommate but decides she’s not right because she’s too young. Later, Izzie wonders why Meredith is looking for roommates when she doesn’t really want any. Meredith says she just doesn’t want to live with any fellow interns because they already spend so much time together. George says that he needs a new place to live; his mother keeps ironing his scrubs. Cristina notices that Meredith has coffee and thinks she’s going to try to bribe Bailey with it. Izzie and George argue their merits as roommates - George can afford rent and Izzie cooks and cleans. Meredith says she wants two strangers she can ignore. Bailey gives the interns their assignments for the day and Meredith hands over her coffee, asking if she can assist her in the OR. Cristina, Izzie, and George speak up that they want the same treatment. Bailey tells them all that their job is to make her happy, but she’s not right now because her interns are whining. “No one holds a scalpel until I’m so happy I’m Mary freakin’ Poppins,” she declares before sending them all away.

In an elevator, Meredith encounters Derek, who mentions that there are ferryboats in Seattle, which he didn’t know despite having lived there for six weeks. He admits that he didn’t plan to like Seattle, since he’s from New York and is predisposed to dislike every other location, but the ferryboats are changing his mind. “I’m not going out with you,” Meredith replies. She adds that she’s drawing a line, but then gives in and kisses him. Later, Meredith is assigned to a patient who was found in the park after having been assaulted. Meredith notices that she’s wearing the same shoes Meredith wore to work. As they perform the woman’s surgery, Burke and Derek discuss how the patient, Alison, was able to avoid being raped by her attacker even though he most likely outweighed her. Burke pulls a piece of skin out of Alison and Meredith realizes that it’s the would-be rapist’s penis, which Alison bit off. After the surgery, Burke suggests that he and Derek get a drink later so he can find out why Derek left New York. Derek says it’s a short story - Webber made him a good offer. Elsewhere, George talks to Cristina about being on a code team and saving lives and being optimistic. She’s less than excited and he tells her he doesn’t like her. She’s more upset that she has a B.A. from Smith, a Ph.D. from Berkeley, and an M.D. from Stanford but is delivering test results.

Bailey assigns Alex to shadow Cristina for the day; he’s switched over from another resident. Cristina already hates him because she knows he’s the guy who called Meredith a nurse (see “A Hard Day’s Night”). George is paged to run a code while Izzie starts to stitch up a woman who doesn’t speak English. She has to go off to find someone who speaks Chinese. Meredith takes the penis (in a cooler) to Webber, who asks if Ellis is going back to working with the UN. Meredith says she’s taking some time off to write a book. The police aren’t going to be able to come get the penis for a little while, so Meredith has to hold on to it because of chain-of-custody rules. Meredith wonders what she’s supposed to do with a penis. Cristina gives good news to a patient and is uncomfortable with the patient’s family’s reaction. Meredith catches up with George and tells him what’s in the cooler. Alex and Cristina approach, Cristina complaining about being hugged by the family. Alex tells her it’s because she’s “the ovarian sister.” George tells them about the cooler and Cristina comments, “Talk about taking a bite out of crime.” Meredith is a little shaken up because she and Alison have the same shoes. George takes her to the nursery to cheer her up, and after he leaves for a code, Meredith notices that a baby is turning blue.

As Meredith checks out the baby, who now looks normal, another intern enters and blasts her for being there when she’s a surgical intern. They argue over the baby’s diagnosis and the other intern gets upset that Meredith is questioning her medical knowledge. Izzie asks Cristina to help her with her Chinese patient, but Cristina grew up in Beverly Hills and only speaks enough Chinese to order in a Chinese restaurant. Also, she’s Korean. Elsewhere, Burke questions Webber about why he asked Derek to leave his private practice and come to Seattle Grace. He’s mostly worried that Webber will one day ask Derek to take over as the chief of surgery, since Burke is sure that job is his. Webber isn’t happy about Burke bugging him. Cristina and Alex have a race to see who can give good news to their patients in the shortest amount of time. Meredith interviews more potential roommates but doesn’t like their answer to a question about favorite ‘80s bands. George has even less fun having to call a code. Derek finds Meredith and assures her that sooner or later, Alison’s would-be rapist will have to come to a hospital for medical attention. She’s upset that Alison has no family to come be with her. Meredith then tracks down Burke and tells him that there’s a baby who may have a heart murmur and she’d like him to check the baby out. Burke says he can’t without a peds consult. “I’m a busy man, Grey, and there are rules,” he says. “Look, it’s not like I’m the chief of something.”

Izzie takes care of a drunk man who recognizes her from a magazine. Her Chinese patient tries to tell her something but Izzie, of course, can’t understand her. Meredith and Cristina hang out with the penis and hide from Alex, respectively, and Meredith admits that she kissed Derek. Cristina dubs him McDreamy. She notes that George mentioned that Meredith and Alison have the same shoes; Cristina thinks it’s strange that Meredith cares. Outside, a man staggers out of his car and collapses. After Bailey and Meredith give him a quick exam, they realize that he’s Alison’s rapist. Meredith and Cristina get to participate in the rapist’s surgery, which does not include reattaching the penis because it’s no longer viable. Meredith, Cristina, and Bailey are all fine with the rapist never being able to have sex again. Elsewhere, Webber tells Burke that they found the rapist, then asks if he really wants to know why Derek is in Seattle. Burke says he’s supposed to be Webber’s favorite, and he does more than anyone else in the hospital. Webber notes that Burke never goes the extra mile; he’s comfortable and arrogant, and that doesn’t impress Webber. If he wants to be the chief, he needs to earn it. Izzie finishes up with the Chinese woman and tells her she can’t understand her and has to take care of other patients.

Alex and Cristina hang out in Intern Alley, where they’re joined by Izzie, who’s tired of doing sutures. Meredith arrives and laments that she has to take the penis home because the police can’t send anyone to get it yet. George asks for a show of hands of how many of the others feel like they don’t know what they’re doing. (It’s unanimous.) He notes that they’re supposed to be learning, but he doesn’t feel like they are. Cristina says it’s like there’s a wall between the interns and the other doctors. Bailey chases everyone off and eats their food. Meredith goes back to the peds unit and talks with the parents of the baby she’s worried about. The peds intern catches them talking, but Meredith has already talked them into requesting more tests for the baby. A resident arrives and starts to go off at Meredith, but Burke shows up and gets the resident to back off. He then questions the intern’s assurance that the baby is fine and takes over the case with Meredith. Izzie spots her Chinese patient leaving and follows her outside, where she finds a girl who also needs medical attention. The girl explains that she was injured in a factory accident. Izzie tries to get her to come inside, but the girl is an illegal alien and refuses. Izzie relents and agrees to stitch her up outside in the rain.

Burke tells Meredith that the baby has a birth defect and needs surgery the next day. Meredith thanks him for backing her up, but he warns her never to cross the line like that again or he’ll make her residency year miserable. Izzie finishes stitching up the girl outside and gives her a way to contact her to get her stitches out. She also warns the girl not to tell anyone what happened or Izzie could lose her job. The girl promises to keep quiet. Burke asks Bailey if she thinks he’s too competent; she says he’s her boss, so of course she’s not going to tell him what she really thinks. Burke gives her 30 seconds, and she takes advantage of them to call him cocky, bossy, arrogant, pushy, and self-centered. He stops her before she can use up her whole time. In the locker room, George laments that he lost five patients today and feels like the angel of death. Cristina tells him that 95 percent of code patients can’t be revived, a statistic he wishes he’d known ahead of time. Meredith chats with the peds intern and they bond over being terrified all the time. Meredith visits Alison and Derek tells her that he can’t imagine being alone like her. He doesn’t think Meredith can imagine it either, since she has her mother. He’d like to kiss her more, but she wants to talk about how we get from an undamaged newborn to a lonely rape victim.

Alison codes and Derek takes her to surgery, which she might not ever wake up from. Later, he asks Burke to get a drink, but Burke doesn’t want to get too close to his competition. Meredith finally gets to sign over the penis. Burke performs surgery on the baby and invites Meredith to assist. Derek informs the rapist that the cops have his penis. Cristina gives another patient good news and makes sure Alex has to get the hug. Meredith voices over that at some point you have to make a decision and stop keeping boundaries between you and other people. She tells Izzie and George that they can move into her house, and they’re thrilled that she caved. (Cristina blames the babies.) Elsewhere, Derek is shocked when Alison wakes up. Meredith, in the same shoes Alison has, meets up with Derek and he talks about ferryboats again as she voices over about some lines being too dangerous to cross. She decides to take the stairs this time, and Derek teases that she has no self-control.

THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: Cat Stevens/Rod Stewart/Sheryl Crow

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Meredith: “I’m not going out with you.”
Derek: “Did I ask you to go out with me?” (pause) “Do you want to go out with me?”
Meredith: “I’m not dating you. And I’m definitely not sleeping with you again. You’re my boss.”
Derek: “I’m your boss’ boss.”
Meredith: “You’re my teacher. And my teacher’s teacher. And you’re my teacher.”
Derek: “I’m your sister, I’m your daughter….”

Cristina: “I hate you on principle.”
Alex: “And you’re the pushy overbearing kiss-a&^. I, uh, I hate you, too.”
Cristina: “Oh, should be fun then.”

Alex: “My head hurts.”
Cristina: “Maybe it’s a tumor.”
Alex: “Yeah, you wish I had a tumor.”
Cristina: “Look, I’d rip your face off if it meant I got to scrub in.”

Meredith: “I have to spend the night with a penis. Alex, don’t say it.”
Alex: “Ahh, it was too easy anyway.”

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