"Six Days, Part 1"
Written by Krista Vernoff; directed by Greg Yaitanes

Day one: Meredith and Derek are in her bed together, and he’s awake but she’s snoring. She wakes up to find him watching her and teases him. Downstairs, Izzie’s check falls off the fridge and George tells her that he shouldn’t be able to drop that much money on the floor. He wants her to deposit the check as soon as possible. She thinks he’s upset about his father’s surgery (which is the next day) and is taking it out on her. He complains that the check ruins his day every morning and asks her to deposit it as a favor to him. Izzie declines, telling him if he’s nice to her for the next seven minutes, she’ll give him a ride to work. “You don’t deserve $8.7 million,” he tells her. She agrees. As the interns follow Bailey for rounds at the hospital, they ask Cristina about Burke; she doesn’t know, even though he just had his surgery the day before (see “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”). Izzie thought Cristina and Burke made up, but Cristina tells her they’re just not talking. Cristina asks Meredith if she asked Derek about Burke, but Meredith doesn’t want to get in the middle of their fight, especially since things are going so well with her and Derek. Izzie suggests that Cristina suck it up and ask Burke himself how he is. Alex doesn’t think she has enough guts to do that. The interns stop by Harold’s room, which is full of family members. They’re thrilled to hear George present his father’s case. Bailey kicks the family out so they can talk about medical stuff, and Meredith explains to Harold and Louise that they won’t know how far Harold’s cancer has spread until he’s in surgery.

Outside Burke’s room, Cristina asks Derek if the tremors are gone, but Derek won’t tell her. Alex presents the case to everyone and Cristina tries to get someone to ask about Burke’s hand. Bailey finally calls her out and she shuts up. As the others leave, Burke speaks briefly with George about Harold’s surgery. The interns’ next patient is Heather, a teenager who has a genetic condition that causes her to remain bent over all the time. She’s not too pleased with her life and takes out her anger on everyone, including her mother, Mrs. Douglas. She’s been admitted for surgery to alleviate the pressure on her lungs and remove kidney stones. Callie wonders if Heather has ever had any kind of radical operation to treat the curvature of her spine. Heather says that she had a steel rod inserted in her spine but it just bent. Izzie tells her that removing her kidney stones will help her more than she thinks, but Heather doesn’t seem to care. Meredith next presents her own niece, Laura, in the NICU. Thatcher enters and explains that Susan and Molly can’t be there because they have the flu. Addison assures him that the baby is doing fine. He excuses himself but Meredith is already too distracted to continue, so Cristina takes over for her. Bailey assigns Meredith to stick with Harold, Cristina to work in the pit, Alex to work with Mark, and Izzie to prep Heather for surgery. She wants George to take the week off to spend time with his family. He asks her to be as straight with him as possible about his father’s condition.

Izzie asks Bailey if she can scrub in for Heather’s surgery, but Bailey refuses. She notes that Izzie’s psychiatrist hasn’t given her the okay yet, and Izzie admits that it’s because she hasn’t deposited her check. Bailey tells her she’s being unreasonable and her psychiatrist is obviously trying to make a point. As Meredith and Cristina wait to get labs, Cristina asks how Meredith is doing with her father hanging around the hospital. Meredith says she just wants Laura to get better and go home, and she wonders if that’s wrong. Cristina points out that it would only be wrong if Meredith didn’t want Laura to get better. Meredith is grateful for the input, and Cristina notes that if Meredith really wants to thank her, she can ask Derek about Burke’s hand. Meredith tells her to talk to her boyfriend herself. Cristina says that if she does, Burke wins. Meredith changes the subject back to her father, asking Cristina if she has one. Cristina says she has a stepfather; he’s nice and she sees him for Yom Kippur. At the nurses’ station, Mark bugs Alex about charts and Addison asks if he likes abusing interns. He tells her she doesn’t get to be on a high horse this week. After he leaves, Alex complains about Mark being a jerk, but Addison says he isn’t this week. Elsewhere, Callie talks to Bailey about Derek, wondering the best way to get him to do something. She needs him to consult on a patient who hasn’t requested one. Bailey tells her that Derek “thinks he’s busier and more important than anyone else,” so he’ll say no unless Callie stares him down. Bailey demonstrates, and at first Callie thinks she’s joking. She’s definitely not.

Izzie tends to Heather, who thinks she’s way too hot to be a doctor. She also thinks pretty people are really dumb, so she’s worried that Izzie will be performing her surgery. Izzie tells her she won’t be, going so far as to tell her why. “So much for my theory that life doesn’t suck for pretty people,” Heather says, apologizing to her. Izzie notes that Heather is in pain, then admits that sometimes she’s a jerk for no reason. Callie approaches Derek and tells her about Heather. He tells her he’s too busy to consult today, so she tries to stare him down. It works and he agrees to stop by the next day. Harold approaches Webber and Bailey at the nurses’ station, telling them that his oncologist said if his cancer has spread to other organs, he can’t have the surgery. Webber confirms this, explaining that the cancer would interfere with his ability to recover from the operation. If he can’t have the surgery, he won’t have more than a few months to live. Harold tells Webber he has to take the tumor out because he’s sure he’ll be able to survive this. He’s been married to Louise for 40 years and his family needs him; he won’t let them close him up and tell his family there’s nothing they can do. Webber tells him they’ll do whatever they can medically, but Harold makes him promise to take the tumor out no matter what. Bailey asks if she has to keep this confidential, and Webber confirms that she’s not allowed to tell George about the agreement.

Day two: Meredith and Derek are in bed together again, and she’s snoring again. She wakes up to find Derek watching her and wonders why he’s always awake before the alarm goes off. He finally admits that she snores, but he says he finds it charming (and amusing that someone so small can make such a loud noise). She doesn’t find it charming and tells him he has bad breath in the mornings. In the kitchen, George tells Izzie that he’s doing okay. She has a good feeling about Harold’s surgery and hasn’t even baked anything. At the fridge, she looks at the check. Mark arrives at the hospital to find Alex waiting for him with coffee, which Mark doesn’t appreciate because it’s not what he wanted. Addison tries to tell Mark to go easy on Alex, but Mark tells him to go back to Addison’s service because he’s obviously not ready for plastics if he can’t even get the right coffee. Addison tells Alex that if he wants, she has a great surgery for him to assist with today. Olivia stops by Burke’s room and asks how he’s doing; he sees through it and figures Cristina got her to come in. George comes in next and asks Burke if he knows that Cristina is “stalking [his] room.” Burke has been looking over Harold’s chart and tries to remind him that he has a 50 percent chance of surviving. Derek keeps his word to Callie and examines Heather, telling her that he knows of a procedure that could leave her with the ability to stand upright. It requires removing a portion of her spine and replacing it with a mesh cage. However, Callie has to tell Mrs. Douglas that some patients have suffered paralysis or even died. Heather agrees to the operation, telling her mother that death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Izzie finds Bailey in a CT room and begs again to be allowed to assist with Heather’s surgery. Bailey asks if she deposited the check, but Izzie says it’s her money and she should get to do what she wants with it. This isn’t good enough for Bailey. As George and Harold play cards, Harold announces that he’s sorry he ran over George’s childhood dog. He also had told George that the dog ran away because George was so sensitive as a kid that he wouldn’t have been able to handle the truth. George denies that he was that sensitive, but Harold says he meant it in a good way. George tells him to stop acting like he’s dying because he doesn’t think Harold is. Harold tells him not to let Callie get away since she gets him in a way his family never has. He’s also sorry that George grew up feeling like he was different from the rest of his family. George tells him to stop apologizing and saying goodbye; it’s not a good attitude for him to have when he’s about to undergo surgery. Harold notes that everyone dies eventually, and lying in the hospital has given him time to think about his life. He asks if George has anything to say, but he doesn’t. They go back to their card game and George jokingly calls him a dog murderer. Later, Harold is taken to surgery and Louise reminds him that if he dies, she’ll kill him. Thatcher approaches Meredith, who’s with them, and they share some awkward greetings. After he leaves, Louise asks if he’s Meredith’s ex-boyfriend. She replies that he’s her ex-father.

Webber and Bailey perform Harold’s surgery with Meredith assisting, and they don’t get very far before seeing how much the cancer has spread. Meredith thinks they’re going to close him up, but Webber and Bailey announce that they’re going to keep going because “the patient asked [them] to proceed.” Meredith asks if there’s a chance Harold will recover if they continue the surgery. Bailey says there’s a chance, then asks her to keep Harold’s request quiet. Addison visits Burke and tells him that Cristina is probably looking forward to having him back at home. Burke admits that he’s not sure how she feels since they’re giving each other the silent treatment. She doesn’t understand, so he asks her if she’s ever played Say Uncle. The person who speaks first loses power, so neither of them is going to speak and give up that power. “That’s pathetic,” Addison says, telling him that normal people apologize when they say something wrong. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” Burke protests, adding that Cristina seems to feel the same way about herself. Callie finds George pacing in a waiting room (his family is off eating) and tries to assure him that the surgery is going well even though it’s been going on a long time. She points out that someone would tell him if there were a complication. George denies that he’s scared, but she challenges him and stares him down. He’s surprised that it worked on Derek. They’re interrupted when Bailey and Meredith arrive to tell George how the surgery went. George passes the news on to his family that Harold isn’t going to look so great when they go see him in recovery. He can’t bring himself to go into the room, so Meredith tries to comfort him.

Day three: Meredith wakes up from another snoring fest and finds herself alone in bed - Derek has spent the night in George’s room, since George spent the night at the hospital. Derek claims that he changed rooms just after Meredith fell asleep, and Meredith wonders how Derek dealt with her snoring when they were together before she found out about Addison. From the doorway, Izzie tells Meredith that Derek usually sleeps on the couch, setting an alarm to wake him so he can go back to her bed before she wakes up. Derek says he didn’t want to hurt Meredith’s feelings. She beats him up with a pillow so he breathes on her. In the kitchen, Izzie finally takes the check off the fridge and takes it to a bank, where she tries to deposit it while sobbing. “I’m supposed to do something good,” she tells the man helping her. George visits Burke, who’s surprised that Harold’s surgery wasn’t halted. George tells him Harold is still sedated and intubated. Burke warns him to keep an eye on Harold’s kidneys because if they start to fail, that’s a sign the rest of his organs will follow suit. George asks after Burke’s hand and Burke asks him not tell Cristina what he says. “You two have a strange relationship,” George notes. In the NICU, Alex watches Meredith watching Thatcher as he talks to Laura. A nurse has paged Alex there to note that Laura has a distended abdomen. Alex quickly has Addison paged as he tries to assure Thatcher that the baby is okay.

Meredith approaches Derek at the nurses’ station and tells him her father is there with “his other family.” She suddenly asks where Derek sleeps when they spend the night at the trailer. He admits that he’ll spend the night on the hammock outside. Meredith tells him she has abandonment issues, so he’ll have to sleep with her all night from now on. He agrees. Izzie delivers a note from her psychiatrist to Bailey and tells her this means she gets to scrub in on Heather’s surgery. Bailey reminds her that she gets the final say-so, but Izzie replies that she deposited her check. The two find Mrs. Douglas yelling at someone over the phone in the waiting room and learn that her insurance hasn’t okayed Heather’s surgery because it’s too expensive. Bailey tells Izzie that there won’t be a surgery for her to scrub in on after all. Addison arrives at the NICU and sees on Laura’s x-rays that her bowel is perforated, so she needs surgery. Thatcher needs to sign the consent forms since they don’t have time to wait to contact Molly. Addison and Alex perform the surgery, and though there’s a complication, everything seems to go well. Addison notes that no one would think it was an accident if Meredith’s niece died under her watch. Webber finds Meredith watching from the gallery and encourages her to go give Thatcher an update. He tells her that Thatcher was a good man when he was married to Ellis; he might have a side to him that Meredith doesn’t know about. She doesn’t agree, noting that he never tried to get in touch with her. Webber encourages her to go talk to him and find out for sure.

Callie stops by Harold’s room, where George’s brothers tell her that George is obsessed with their father’s urine. He’s really just monitoring Harold’s kidney function, and he and Callie celebrate that it’s normal. He’s so happy he kisses her. Mark and Addison pass each other in the hall and she tells him she’s sorry he’s hurting. “You’re sorry I’m hurting or you’re sorry?” he asks. She heads to the NICU, where Alex is checking on Laura, and tells him that everyone needs human contact every once in a while. He’s sorry that Laura is going through this when she hasn’t even done anything to deserve it. Addison wonders if that’s why he wants to go into plastics - “people sign up for the pain they get.” She tells him that while her job can be difficult, it’s also nice to see babies get better and go on with their lives. Alex tells her he’s done with plastics and got Mark the wrong coffee on purpose because he was mean to Addison. They start to kiss but stop when they’re interrupted by a nurse. Izzie stops by Heather’s room and starts to offer to help her get to the bathroom, but Heather is angry again and says she can do it herself. Meredith watches Thatcher in the NICU again, but by the time he’s gone into the hallway, calling her name, she’s gone. At the end of the day, the doctors are all alone - George and Bailey separately thinking about Harold, Cristina and Burke thinking about each other in his room, Alex and Addison thinking about each other in separate elevators, Mark at his desk, Webber and Bailey worried about Harold, Izzie approaching Callie in a stairwell, and Meredith still snoring.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: George: “I just dropped $8.7 million on the floor.”
Izzie: “And?”
George: “I shouldn’t be able to drop $8.7 million on the floor!”

Callie: “You know Shepherd well, right?”
Bailey: “Lots of hair, too many women. Likes elevators and long walks on the beach.”

Callie: “She’s bent over at 90 degrees, which clearly sucks.”
Derek: “‘Clearly sucks.’ Is that your professional assessment?”

Louise: “Tell me what I want to hear.”
Harold: “If I die, you’ll kill me.”
Louise: “He’s a quick study.”

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