"Don’t Stand So Close to Me"
Written by Carolina Paiz; directed by Seith Mann

Ellis is panicking over the news that Webber won’t be visiting her anymore; she thinks that means he’s going back to Adele. Meredith tries to tell her that Webber actually left her a long time ago. Ellis wonders if Webber left her because she has a daughter, since Webber always said he didn’t want children. “I should never have had a kid,” she says. At Seattle Grace, Webber, Bailey, Derek, Cristina, and Burke are all in Webber’s office, where they’ve just had a conversation about Burke keeping his tremor quiet (see “From a Whisper to a Scream”). Bailey wants to know what Burke and Cristina’s punishment will be, claiming that “there’s a need for justice here.” Webber reminds her that this is a hospital, not a court, and he hasn’t made a decision yet since no one was actually harmed. Bailey starts to argue with that, then stops herself. Webber tells Cristina to go back to work with Bailey, and when Bailey again tries to protest, Webber asks her if the situation has directly harmed her at all. After they leave, Webber tells Burke and Derek to figure out how to fix the tremor quickly. Derek notes that Burke doesn’t want his help, and Burke confirms this. Webber doesn’t care, since Burke’s hand is worth a lot to the hospital. Elsewhere, Harold tries to tell George how to take care of things in case something happens to him during surgery. Callie arrives and George ignores her.

Derek chastises Burke for not telling him about the tremor; he could have run tests and figured things out sooner. Burke doesn’t want surgery, since the first one caused enough damage. Derek is sure that he can operate and fix the tremor. Burke points out that he was confident the first time, but now he has the tremor. In the locker room, Izzie and Alex discuss Cristina’s possible punishment; Izzie wonders if she’ll join her as a glorified observer. Alex hopes that Cristina is severely punished, but Meredith reminds them that she made a mistake. George thinks it’s a little more serious than that, as Cristina was ready to let Burke operate on his father. Cristina enters and asks George to stop glaring at her. He, Izzie, and Alex leave without talking to her, but Meredith stays back to have an awkward conversation with Cristina about Burke. Cristina tells her they’re not talking, then asks Meredith to stop asking if she’s all right. Bailey pops in to tell Cristina not to be late for rounds or she’ll be looking for a new resident. As the interns head to rounds, Addison asks Bailey if she can speak to Meredith - Molly (see “The Name of the Game”) has been admitted for an emergency C-section. Meredith tells her that Molly isn’t her sister and Susan definitely isn’t her mother. She doesn’t even want to know what’s going on with them. Addison disagrees, and Susan appears, greeting Meredith.

Bailey and the other interns stop by Harold’s room, where Louise has put out breakfast for them (though Bailey won’t let them partake, so Ronny and Jerry eat instead). Erica arrives and asks which intern will be assisting her on Harold’s surgery. Alex thinks he has it all sewn up, since George is family and Izzie can’t assist. Bailey picks Cristina, to everyone’s surprise. Bailey and the remaining three head to their next stop as the interns complain about Cristina getting the case. Izzie thinks there’s a double standard at play, since Cristina was rewarded for doing something wrong. Bailey tells them to stop whining so they can see the patients she has in store for them. Their patients are Pete and Jake, adult conjoined twins joined at the torso. The interns have to agree that this case is better than Cristina’s. The twins are at Seattle Grace for separation surgery; they came in for it six months ago but Pete chickened out because of the risks. Alex notes that they chose a good time to come back, since Mark is there now. Derek is also working on the case, though of course he and Mark aren’t thrilled to be working together. George wonders why the twins changed their minds about the risks. The answer is Elena, Jake’s girlfriend. Elena says that she didn’t want Jake to have the surgery just for her, since Pete told her they could end up paralyzed or die. Derek notes that she’s right. Jake complains about being attached to someone every day and never having anything that’s just his. Pete tells Derek that he doesn’t want to be attached to someone who doesn’t want to be attached to him.

Outside the room, Alex, George, and Izzie argue over who should get the case. George thinks he can do well with the twins because he has two brothers and can feel their pain. “I would be great at watching this,” Izzie says. Bailey tells them they’re all on the case, then offers them up to Mark, who chooses Izzie to work with him. She thanks him for this, but he tells her he just chose her because she’s nice to look at. He then sends her to get him coffee and a muffin. She refuses, telling him he can give her back to Bailey if he wants. Webber and Derek study the twin’s x-rays as Webber goes on about how great the surgery will be for the hospital. Derek tells him he doesn’t think they should perform the surgery, since the risks are so great. Webber tells him the twins want the surgery, then notes that it isn’t like Derek to back down like this. Unless he has evidence that the surgery can’t be done, they’re moving forward. Elsewhere, Susan tells Meredith that Thatcher is visiting Lexie at Harvard (where she’s in medical school). Molly is 36 weeks along but Addison hasn’t been able to stop her contractions, so it looks like she’ll be delivering ahead of schedule. Meredith tries to leave, but Addison wants an intern with her and asks Meredith to ask Bailey to send another. Meredith volunteers herself and Addison accepts. Susan thinks it would be nice to have a familiar face in the OR, though Molly doesn’t know who Meredith is (Susan wanted to tell her but Thatcher didn’t). Addison tells Susan that she’ll be a grandmother in about half an hour.

In Harold’s room, Cristina and Erica go over the surgery with Harold and Louise. George pops in to go over some things he wanted Erica and Cristina to be aware of. Cristina tells him he needs to leave, but George doesn’t appreciate her talking to him like that. Ronny and Jerry tease George until he tells them to shut up. Erica kicks him out, but George says she can’t do that because he’s the one who hired her. Addison and Meredith perform Molly’s C-section, which goes well until the baby is out and Meredith has to tell Susan that she’s not breathing. Later, Meredith finds Addison as she’s scrubbing in for surgery on the baby. Addison chastises her for freezing up in the OR, then tells her to keep Susan and Molly apprised of the baby’s situation while she operates. The baby has jejunal atresia and could die; Addison doesn’t think she has time to give the mother and grandmother updates. Meredith tries hard to stick with Addison, who says that it was a mistake to let her in the OR with a family member anyway. Outside Harold’s room, Bailey blasts George for questioning Erica, who has substantially more knowledge about Harold’s procedure than George does. George points out that his father is the patient, and Bailey reminds him that when he’s in the room, he’s Harold’s son, not his doctor. She vows not to let the interns run wild anymore, ordering George to stay 50 feet away from his father at all times all day.

Burke asks Erica how the O’Malleys are and she tells him Cristina is a good assistant to have. Burke just says she’s “professional.” Later, Webber finds Burke in the lounge, where he’s looking into neurosurgeons who aren’t Derek to perform his surgery. Webber gets angry, telling Burke that he’s stayed calm but now he can’t take it anymore. He wants to retire, and he tried to pass the torch to Burke, but Burke “blew it out.” He’s also tired of the men at the hospital acting like boys, and he wants Burke to let Derek fix his hand already. Derek practices the separation surgery on plastic models as Izzie, Alex, George, Bailey, Webber, and Mark look on. Izzie can’t believe it takes 22 surgeries to completely separate the twins. Derek notes that after he resects a specific artery, they’ll have just two minutes to do the next step before the twins lose sensation in their nerves. Mark is sure that they can succeed. Derek breaks something on the models and notes that the real bodies will be even more fragile. He doesn’t think they should be performing the procedure since it’s elective and isn’t a life-or-death situation. Meredith tells Susan and Molly that Addison is operating to remove a blockage in the baby’s intestines. Molly breaks down, saying that she can’t handle this, and Susan tries to encourage her. Molly’s husband, Eric, is in Iraq, and she doesn’t want to tell him what’s going on; she also doesn’t want to name the baby yet since she’s not sure if the baby will survive. Susan tells her they’ll call Eric together, repeating that everything will be fine.

Izzie goes back to see Pete and Jake, and Alex wonders why she’s not still with Mark. Pete flinches over a needle, noting that he’s not good with pain, and Izzie reminds him that he’s about to undergo a very painful operation. Jake tells her that they’re not there just because they want to be - they have rules, such as Pete can’t talk when Jake is on a date with Elena. Pete says that he tries to keep quiet, but he doesn’t like the way Jake sometimes talks to Elena. Jake says it’s none of Pete’s business, but Pete disagrees. Elena speaks up that she likes that Pete stands up for her. Jake tells her not to talk to Pete at all. He continues that they have other rules for when he’s having sex with Elena, like no looking, no touching, and no talking (on Pete’s part, of course). “This is going to end badly,” Izzie predicts. Elena says she’s fine with whatever happened with Pete, and Jake accuses her of liking having Pete touch her. Elena tells him she loves him, but after he falls asleep, she and Pete talk, and she loves that, too. Jake tells her she has to choose between the two of them. She hesitates, showing that she obviously doesn’t love Jake as much as she claims to. Peter is thrilled, at least until Jake attacks him. Izzie, Alex, and George join Cristina for lunch in the old man’s room, talking about the twins and their love lives. As Meredith arrives, Alex notes that Cristina hasn’t been kicked out of the intern program yet. He wonders how she and Burke kept up their charade, lamenting that he was stuck running errands for Mark while Cristina got all the good surgeries. Izzie notes that Cristina gets to keep working because her patients all lived. Meredith tries to defend Cristina, who doesn’t want her to.

George stops by to see his father, but Callie is there, so he decides to leave. Harold tells George to be nice to Callie and stop picking fights. Harold wants to know what happened between them, but Callie and George both try to leave. Harold tells them both to stay, pointing on that George is fighting with everyone, but he’s really just angry with Harold. Harold didn’t take care of himself, and now George has to take care of him. George says he doesn’t mind, though Harold knows he’s not being truthful. In fact, he’s mad at himself; he doesn’t want to die and have to leave George in charge of the family. Ronny, Jerry, and Louise arrive, and George’s brothers remind him that “Georgie” isn’t supposed to be around Harold. George yells at them that his name is George, not Georgie. Stressed out from the fighting, Harold’s heart monitors go off. George determines that he’s not having a heart attack, just a problem with his blood pressure, and he and Callie quickly work to get things under control. Burke enters, having been paged by Callie, and George blasts Callie for not paging Erica instead. Burke prepares to give Harold an injection, then hands the syringe to George instead. As things calm down, Erica enters and kicks everyone out. Mark pages Izzie to get him more coffee, telling her that since she’s an intern, she needs to learn how to fetch, stay, and heel. She goes to get his coffee, telling him that if he thinks this means she respects him, he’s wrong - he’ll have to do something worth respecting for that to happen.

Derek practices on the models again, telling Bailey that he can’t do the surgery. She tells him that after Denny’s M&M (see “Oh, the Guilt”), she wasn’t sure she should be operating anymore; she knew people were talking about her and she started to question herself. When she was told she was no longer useful in the OR, she believe it. Derek reminds her that she wanted justice for Burke and Cristina’s actions. Bailey says that as a surgeon, she holds lives in her hands, and she can’t afford to be questioning herself under those circumstances. Derek tells her he told Burke he would fix his tremor. Bailey notes that he did - Burke is alive and not paralyzed. If he’d admitted to having a tremor, Derek would have been able to do something sooner. “You can do this,” she tells him. Harold gives Louise his wedding ring as he’s taken off for surgery. He asks if George will be there, but George isn’t allowed. Harold says he’ll be fine and Cristina seconds that. Once he’s gone, Louise asks George what she’ll do if her husband dies. As the twins are taking to the OR, one says that he’s changed his mind but the other says he didn’t. George asks to be excused so he can stay with Louise, and Bailey allows him. Jake asks the doctors to make sure Pete’s butt is larger than his when they’re separated. Meredith finds Addison still operating on the baby and asks what she should tell Molly. Addison isn’t sure and says to tell her and Susan that she’s doing the best she can.

In the twins’ OR, Mark tells Bailey that he wants Izzie to have a better view of the surgery instead of having to watch from the gallery. Bailey is fine with that, but Webber reminds them that Izzie doesn’t have any privileges. Bailey shoots back that Izzie messed up, but so did Cristina, and she’s operating right now. Without waiting for a response, she tells Izzie to come down from the gallery. Derek has trouble with a vessel, so Mark voices a suggestion, but Derek isn’t sure it’s a good idea. Webber tells them to make a decision already, asking Derek to determine whether or not they should keep going. Derek decides to continue the surgery. George watches his father’s surgery from the scrub room, where Burke joins him. George decides he can’t watch, so Burke watches for him, narrating the whole procedure. The twins’ surgery continues successfully and the doctors are able to determine that their nerves are functioning correctly. They’re separated for the first time and the surgeons continue. Derek wishes that they could solve every love triangle with a scalpel. Susan finds Meredith, who tells her that Addison is on her way to tell her about the baby (whom Molly has named Laura). Meredith says that she’ll need some recovery time, but she should be fine. Susan happily hugs Meredith and reminds Meredith that Laura is her niece. Meredith says that Susan and Molly are nice, but she doesn’t know them and they’re not her family.

As Cristina and Erica operate on Harold, Erica says that Cristina reminds her of herself as an intern - she’s “focused, intense, and cold” (in a good way). She thinks dating, friends, and family are all overrated. Something goes wrong and the doctors scramble to get things under control. Harold is bleeding and Erica wants to put him back on bypass, but Cristina thinks she can do a procedure on her own to help him. Erica allows her, and Burke sees from the scrub room, sure that Cristina will be successful because she’s doing a stitch she’s done with him. Everything goes well and Burke tells George he would have done everything Erica did. Bailey tells Webber that she thinks it looks like she’s being undermined when her interns see Cristina continue to work without being punished. Webber encourages her to take a step back and try to get some perspective. He wonders what Bailey would suggest as Cristina and Burke’s punishment - ending their careers? He notes that they made a bad judgment call and Bailey replies that that’s what happened with her and Denny. However, Cristina and Burke didn’t kill anyone. Webber says that Denny’s death wasn’t Bailey’s fault. Bailey notes that she was responsible for Izzie and Cristina, but she didn’t have control over them when they made their bad calls. Webber tells her she raised her interns like children, but some children make mistakes. However, Cristina showed strength by coming to see him and tell him what was going on with Burke. He thinks she turned out exactly like Bailey.

Elena visits Pete, telling him they’re alone for the first time. However, they don’t seem as happy to be together as they could be. As Meredith voices over that at the end of the day, we just want to be close to someone, Izzie and Alex wheel Jake into Pete’s room and they hold hands. Meredith voices over that we say we don’t care about each other, but that’s a lie. Meredith watches Molly, Susan, and Addison in the NICU with Laura, and Susan asks if Meredith wants to see the baby. She begs off and starts to leave, but stops when Susan says she and Molly could be her family if she wanted. In the locker room, Meredith tells the other interns that they need to let Cristina off the hook already. Cristina stuck by Izzie when she cut Denny’s LVAD and she helped Alex study for his boards. Meredith tries to remind George what Cristina did when everyone was calling him 007, but he points out that she was calling him that, too. Alex and Izzie apologize half-heartedly and leave. Cristina asks Meredith to mind her own business, but Meredith says that Cristina is her sister and the only family she has. Cristina just says she’s tired. George runs into Callie and they manage to have a conversation about Harold without fighting. “No matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping,” Meredith voices over. She and Cristina run into Derek and Burke, who are about to start figuring out what to do about the tremor. Cristina chooses to go with them. Meredith goes back to see Ellis, who goes on about Richard and Thatcher, then breaks down and cries. Meredith comforts her and Ellis has a moment of lucidity, recognizing her.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Webber: “You know, up until now, I have not yelled. I have not yelled because you were a guy in trouble, and I was supporting you. But now, I’m YELLING.”
Burke: “Chief….”
Webber: “I am yelling very loudly!”

“Don’t fetch angry.” - Mark to Izzie

Derek: “It’d be nice if every love triangle could be fixed with a scalpel.”
Mark: “If so, you’d have stabbed me with a ten-blade a long time ago.”

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