"Drowning on Dry Land"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Rob Corn

Meredith repeats some of her voiceover from “Walk on Water” as she tries to surface in the sound she was knocked into. “There’s more I have to say,” she voices over. “So much more. But I’ve disappeared.” At the hospital, Cristina handles a bunch of patients and asks if anyone has seen Meredith. Carly asks George if he’s found Chris; he hasn’t but tells her he has so she’ll have her surgery. Bailey asks what George is planning to do when Carly wakes up and realizes that Chris hasn’t been found after all. George is fine with being exposed as a liar as long as Carly is alive. Bailey tells him to keep looking for Chris. Webber and Burke prepare to take Jane to surgery, and Addison tells them she’ll monitor the baby while they’re operating. Alex approaches and tells Webber that there’s a mob scene in the clinic since there’s no information available to the victims’ families. Webber tells Alex that he needs to figure out a way to get information for them. After Webber leaves, Alex asks Addison how Jane is. She says they won’t know until they get her to surgery. She feels bad for Jane, being so injured and not having any family there. “If I went missing, would anyone even know I was gone?” Addison wonders. Izzie is still overwhelmed by Rick, who is now seizing. Vince begs her to try something else to help Rick, since obviously no one from Search and Rescue is coming to help. Izzie admits that she’s out of practice and has only been observing for weeks. Vince asks her to believe that Rick will make it and keep trying to help him. She asks for a cell phone.

Paramedics find Meredith’s businessman and Derek sees that he has Meredith’s jacket. The paramedics think that she helped the man and then moved on to help another patient. He spots Lisa and asks her where Meredith is, but Lisa doesn’t answer. Meanwhile, Meredith is no longer struggling to surface. As George continues looking for Chris, Alex heads back to the clinic and tells the crowd that he still doesn’t have any updates for them. Sydney tries to comfort him, hoping to get herself a hug in the process. Alex spots the camera the interns were using for their triage drills and gets an idea. Izzie calls Webber, who’s in the gallery watching Jane’s surgery, and frantically tells him about Rick and his head injury. He tells her she needs to drill burr holes in Rick’s skull, then heads off to look up the procedure in a book so he can talk her through it. Mark approaches and Webber asks him to stick around in case he needs him. Izzie asks one of Rick’s friends to find a drill; they think she’s crazy for wanting to drill holes in Rick’s head. George’s search for Chris leads him to Cristina, who’s suturing in the pit. Cristina hasn’t seen Chris and cares more about Meredith and the surgeries she’s missing than the lost child. Alex takes pictures of the victims to the clinic and asks their families to write the names of those they recognize on the photos. They can then get details on the patients’ conditions from Sydney. Alex heads off to check on Jane but is stopped by a couple of angry family members who don’t have pictures of their loved ones. Alex tries hard not to have to tell them that it could be because they didn’t survive. However, he does meet a man who’s looking for his pregnant wife.

Derek tries to get Lisa to show him where Meredith might have gone, since she still isn’t talking. She takes him to a dock and stares out at the water. Alex heads to Jane’s OR and announces that he’s found her husband, and that Jane’s real name is Casey. Addison is skeptical, since there could have been more than one pregnant woman on the ferryboat. She warns Alex not to give Casey’s husband any hope until Alex is absolutely sure Jane is Casey. Burke allows Alex to take a photo of Jane to take back to the husband. After Alex leaves, Addison and Burke agree that the current crop of interns is very headstrong and emotional. Burke goes off on a rant about them, obviously talking more about Cristina than anyone else. Suddenly Jane’s fetal heart monitor starts beeping because the baby isn’t getting enough blood. Burke quickly finishes up and things return to normal. Alex finds George in a stairwell, studying a map and trying to figure out where Chris could be hiding. Alex takes George to the morgue, where he takes more pictures while looking for pregnant women. Alex complains that he’s not good with people and should be allowed to just stick with patients (who are, of course, people). George is surprised that seeing all the dead bodies isn’t bothering Alex. “I’m working. Why would it?” Alex replies. George finds a woman fitting Casey’s description and Alex takes a picture of her. Back with Rick, Izzie nervously prepares for the drilling as Webber and Mark walk her through the procedure. She’s successful and Rick even opens his eyes. As a Coast Guard officer finds Lisa, Derek emerges from the sound with an unconscious Meredith.

Derek performs CPR on Meredith as they rush to the hospital in an ambulance. George visits Carly’s OR and tells Bailey that he’s looked everywhere for Chris but hasn’t found any sign of him. Bailey notes that when Carly wakes up, they’ll tell her that she’s not going to die, but she’s going to want to. George tells her he’ll keep looking. Izzie arrives at Seattle Grace with Rick and tells Webber of the improvisations she had to make and a couple of problems she encountered. Webber tells her that she saved a life, then sends her to the OR, telling her she’s off of probation. Izzie passes Cristina and tells her about the drilling. Cristina is more concerned with finding Meredith than the fact that Izzie is now a rock star and is off of probation. Alex passes out photos of the dead ferryboat victims, finally letting the sadness of the situation get to him. He shows Casey’s husband a picture of Jane, and at first it sounds like she’s his wife, but they don’t have the same eye color. Unfortunately for the husband, Casey is in the morgue. Bailey meets Derek and Meredith’s ambulance and quickly gets to work helping Derek. Burke finds Cristina after Jane’s surgery and she follows him, telling him that everyone’s back from the accident scene except Meredith. Burke still can’t believe she’s so obsessed with telling Meredith about their engagement before anyone else. “She’s my person,” Cristina reminds him, promising that it’s not about getting her approval. Meredith is the person Cristina would call to help her move the body if she killed someone. Burke thinks Cristina is comparing him to a corpse and leaves as Cristina’s pager goes off.

Izzie helps Mark operate on Rick, ignoring a page until a nurse tells her she should take it. Alex drops by to see Jane again and tells Addison that she’s still a Jane Doe. “If you went missing, I’d notice,” he tells Addison as his pager goes off. George studies the OR board and sees that there’s a boy fitting Chris’ description in surgery. In fact, he’s in Callie’s OR, and when she looks at Chris’ picture, she confirms that her patient is Chris. George wants to celebrate but his wife is working. Lisa reunites with her mother in the clinic as Derek and Bailey get to work on reviving and rewarming Meredith. Webber arrives and kicks Derek out. Burke finds Derek in the hallway and asks what he needs. Derek just asks him to go help Meredith. Addison joins the group and, after the initial shock of recognizing the patient, offers to help as well. Mark finds Derek in the hall and tries to silently comfort him. Addison spots them there together. The interns arrive and Cristina is stunned to hear that Meredith is in such bad shape. Izzie announces that Meredith will come through this, but George reminds her that people die. Izzie is the last person who needs that reminder and tells everyone that she believes in the good. She’s had a horrible year, but she still has to believe that everything will be all right. She also believes that Denny is always with her and that George made a mistake getting married, but because they’re best friends she can tell him that and they’ll still be okay. “I believe that believing we survive is what makes us survive,” she says. Despite the doctors’ efforts, Meredith flatlines, then appears to wake up with Dylan (last seen in “(As We Know It)”) and Denny (last seen in “Losing My Religion”) by her side. They confirm that she’s dead.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I can’t stay calm. Calm was over minutes ago.” - Izzie

“If I don’t find him, Bailey will…well, to start she’ll change her son’s middle name to Elvis or Tupperware or…I’m not kidding, anything will be better than George.” - George

“Callie O’Malley, I can’t kiss you right now ‘cause you’re scrubbed in, but tonight when you get home, I am going to….” - George

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