"Walk on Water"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Rob Corn

In the bathtub, Meredith voices over about disappearances in medicine. “Life is full of vanishing acts,” she voices over as she lets herself sink down under the water. “If something that we didn’t know we had disappears, do we miss it?” Derek enters and pulls her out of the water, but she tells him she was just taking a bath. He thinks she’s upset over her mother’s temporary lucidity and the heart surgery she’ll have the next day (see “Wishin’ and Hopin’”). Derek asks if Meredith wants him to talk to Webber about giving her the day off. She asks him to stop trying to rescue her, since she’s a surgeon and can rescue people just fine on her own. He tells her that “this is the happily-ever-after part,” in which the guys are always there to say the right things and the girls love it. Meredith tells him to go to work and he replies, “I am your knight in shining…whatever.” As he leaves, Meredith tells Izzie she didn’t try to drown herself. Izzie replies that she ate everything out of the fridge last night (including the butter), so she’s not judging anyone. “You ever feel like you were just disappearing?” Meredith asks. “All the time,” Izzie says. Meredith wonders why she can’t be that happily-ever-after person, and Izzie admits that she’s not sure what she believes in anymore. On the stairs at the hospital, Burke assures Cristina that he won’t tell anyone about their engagement. She wants to tell her friends first and definitely doesn’t want him to tell Derek until she’s told Meredith. She promises to tell people today.

Derek gets into an elevator with Webber and Addison, where he quickly realizes that something is different about Webber’s hair. Mark and Burke join them and notice the difference as well. Webber admits that he dyed his hair because men with gray hair are noticed less than men without gray hair (noticed by women, of course). Addison snaps at the guys to leave Webber alone since he’s no longer with his wife, but the other guys don’t know what it’s like to be alone. As Bailey gets ready for a triage exercise in the clinic, Callie babbles about being married to a coworker, especially once who’s technically her employee. Bailey tells her she doesn’t want to hear about her and George’s personal lives. Sydney (last seen in “Where the Boys Are”) arrives to help out and mentions that she thinks Bailey opened the clinic so she’ll be noticed when the time comes for Webber to pick a chief resident. She thinks Bailey is pretending not to know what she’s talking about, but the idea really hadn’t crossed Bailey’s mind. After sharing an awkward look with her mother, Meredith meets up with Cristina in the locker room. Cristina starts to tell Meredith about her engagement a couple of times but quickly realizes that Meredith isn’t in the mood for good news. Alex complains that the triage exercise is a waste of time since he could be assisting Mark in surgery. Izzie tells George that if he wants to move out of the hotel and back into Meredith’s house, his room is still available. George says she thinks she needs to save him, and it would be sweet if she weren’t so condescending. Meredith still wonders why Cristina is so happy.

In the clinic, Izzie diagnoses a patient as Bailey listens. Callie calls time and Sydney, the “patient,” announces that Izzie has killed her by not heading off sepsis. Izzie doesn’t care and tells Alex, who’s up next, that he won’t be able to do much worse since Izzie has already killed Sydney. Bailey tells the interns that triage is something important that they need to know how to do. Callie adds that they’ll be tested on it when they take their surgical exams. George snaps a picture of her with the camera he’s supposed to be using to record the drill. Callie pulls him aside and reminds them that they’re working and right now she’s his boss. He tells her she’s a sexy boss, but it’s really not the right time for him to be flirting. Webber arrives to announce that there’s been a mass casualty and he needs to send a team of doctors into the field to help out. Cristina thinks this is part of their triage exercise, but it’s not a drill. Webber also doesn’t have any details about what the crisis is. As the interns start getting ready to head to the field, Cristina tells Meredith that she has news to share with her. Meredith asks if she’s pregnant again, hoping she’s not because she doesn’t want Cristina to be a witch again. Bailey gathers up the interns and they prepare to head out, still not sure where they’re going. They’re sharing a ride to the scene with some others and there’s only enough room for five people, so Bailey tells Cristina to stay behind with Webber and take care of patients who are brought in. Cristina is disheartened and decides not to tell Meredith her news right now.

Bailey quizzes the interns in the ambulance and Alex notes that they’ll put green tags on non-emergent patients, yellow tags on people who can receive delayed care, and red tags on the most critical. Bailey warns everyone to stay out of the way of Search and Rescue and try to stay calm. When they arrive at the scene of the crisis, they’re overwhelmed - there’s been a ferryboat accident and there’s a lot of destruction. Bailey sends everyone out to do what they can, unable to hold their hands anymore. George learns that the ferryboat was clipped by a container ship, then sees how many people have been killed. Meredith tends to a woman, then spots a little girl (who’ll we’ll later learn is named Lisa) nearby who’s alone. Meredith starts to go look for Lisa’s mother but Lisa doesn’t want her to leave. Back at the hospital, Derek tells Burke that he doesn’t understand how a ferryboat could get into an accident; he says that the second you take one for granted, it gets slammed by a container ship. Burke reschedules a surgery, knowing that he’ll be needed to help out with the accident victims. Derek confides to Burke that something’s going on with Meredith but she won’t tell him; “it’s like living with a ghost.” Since his friend is confiding in him, Burke decides to return the favor by announcing that he and Cristina are engaged. Derek notes that she and Meredith are different from other women since Cristina wanted Burke to wait to make the announcement until Meredith knew. Mark overhears the conversation and Burke and Derek quickly change the topic to the accident.

Callie tries to help Sydney with clinic patients but Sydney claims not to need help. Callie says she’ll just go get herself a nice emergency surgery instead. Izzie is approached by a man named Vince whose friend is trapped under a car. Izzie tells him he needs help from someone with Search and Rescue, but they’re backed up and Vince’s friend can’t wait. Izzie decides she needs to go with him. At the hospital, Webber asks Derek to head to the scene since a lot of people have closed head injuries and Derek can ensure that they stay alive until they get to the hospital. After Derek leaves, Mark tells Webber that Meredith and Derek are having problems but Burke and Cristina are engaged. He adds that Webber needs highlights. Webber isn’t appreciative of the advice and Mark decides it’s time for him to go save some lives. Back at the scene, Alex spots a pregnant woman (Elizabeth Reaser) trapped under a pylon on a dock and heads down to help her. He takes her pulse and doesn’t get one at first, but she moves and he calls up for help. Vince takes Izzie to a ferry full of cars, where his friend Rick is trapped. Cristina watches a news report of the situation, stopping when Webber tells her to gather supplies for when the patients start arriving. He mentions that he heard she was engaged and congratulates her. He then reminds her that they need to hope for the best but expect the worst. A woman named Carly approaches George, looking for her son, Chris, who she was separated from during the crash. George wants to take her to the hospital, but she doesn’t want to go until she’s found her son, whose picture she gives to George. He promises to find the boy for her.

Rick’s friends explain to Izzie how he got trapped under a car, and she tells them he has multiple injuries and there’s not much she can do for him until they can get him out of there. She sends a guy named Greg to find someone from Search and Rescue and give him or her a red tag. Derek arrives on the scene and meets up with Meredith and sees how overwhelmed she is by the situation. He wonders if she’s been weird lately because she wants to get married and he hasn’t proposed to her. She tells him that’s not it but still won’t tell him what’s really wrong. In front of the OR board, Addison tells Webber that all non-emergent surgeries have been postponed and she’s going to try to free up as many beds as possible in the surgical wing. He tells her he was going to do that, and they each try to allow the other to take the task, Addison pointing out that Webber is still the chief. As he starts to leave, Addison announces that the day after Derek moved out, she dyed her hair blond. She adds that change is good and they’re both starting over. Elsewhere, Cristina chastises Burke for not waiting for her to tell Meredith about their engagement like she asked. Burke says it’s not a big deal, but Cristina thinks it is - Meredith won’t care that she’s getting married, just that Cristina didn’t tell her herself. Burke wonders why she didn’t, since she had almost an hour during the triage drills. Alex rides in an ambulance with his pregnant Jane Doe, who has hypothermia and extensive crush injuries. Alex leads the task of turning Jane Doe onto her side to aid her circulation, assuring her that her baby’s okay.

As Webber, Cristina, Callie, and Addison wait for an ambulance, Meredith tries to pass Lisa off to someone else. She hands her off to an officer, but the officer soon rushes off to help somewhere else, leaving Lisa by herself. Bailey asks Derek if he’s seen any of the interns, but he’s only seen Meredith. She’s heading back to the hospital and asks Derek to keep an eye on her interns for her. Alex arrives at the hospital with Jane Doe, and Burke and Addison disagree over which patient is more important to protect, mother or baby. Webber assigns Cristina to the case and sends Alex to the clinic to give answers to the victims’ families. Alex wants to stay with Jane Doe, since he rescued her in the first place, but Webber won’t change his mind. George arrives with Carly, who tells Bailey that George made a deal with her that he’ll find Chris before she goes in for surgery. Bailey tries to tell her how seriously she’s injured and how she can’t delay treatment. She gets fed up and sends George off to find Chris quickly. Izzie runs out of gauze and starts getting frustrated over the situation she’s stuck in. She decides to set Rick’s arm, thinking that might help with his pain. Meredith tends to a businessman with a gash in his leg, telling an approaching Lisa not to look at the blood. Burke takes over tending to Jane Doe, telling Cristina to look after his patients in the telemetry unit for him. Of course, she doesn’t like that she won’t get to participate in any surgeries. George tries to enlist Callie to help him find Chris, but she’s busy being a surgeon.

Unable to find a real assistant, Meredith gently guides Lisa so she can help her tend to the businessman. Back at the hospital, Cristina asks Alex what the scene of the crash was like, but he won’t tell her since he’s mad that she took Jane Doe from him. She tells him she’s not on the case anymore and has been relegated to checking on Burke’s patients, then doing stitches in the pit. She tries to pretend it’s important but Alex brags that he got to pull a pylon off of someone. In the clinic Sydney tries to comfort the victims’ families, unable to give them any updates. One of Rick’s friends tells Izzie that Ric saved a bunch of people who were stuck in their cars, and he himself got stuck when he went back to offer more help. Greg returns by himself, unable to find anyone from Search and Rescue to come help or convince anyone that Rick is a more emergent case than any of the other victims. Rick tells his friends he’ll be fine, then passes out. Alex visits Jane and tells her that since she’s survived this long, she’d better be alive when he visits her after surgery. Addison praises Alex for the work he’s done with Jane but won’t tell him whether she’ll be able to carry the baby to term. George goes to see Carly, having to decide whether or not to tell her he found Chris before she’s taken to surgery. Izzie determines that Rick has a bad head injury, and his friends beg her to help him. Alex heads to the clinic and starts to read off a list of victims. The families are upset to hear that it’s the same list they heard an hour earlier. Meredith finishes stitching up the businessman’s leg, then takes off her jacket and gives it to him. He deliriously tries to get up and leave, accidentally knocking Meredith into the water in the process. Lisa stares at the water for a moment, then walks away.



MEMORABLE QUOTES: “He is alone, all alone. Do any of you even know what that’s like? (to Burke) Lives with Cristina. (to Derek) Dates the perfect 12-year-old. (to Mark) Man whore!” - Addison

“Your sex life cannot be held in my mind today. Ever! It cannot be held in my mind ever.” - Bailey to Callie

Alex: “I don’t talk to thieves.”
Cristina: “What?”
Alex: “You stole my Jane Doe right out from under me.”
Cristina: “I am not a thief. You balked, you’re a balker.”
Alex: “I was thinking.”
Cristina: “Again, not my problem that thinking is such a time-consuming process for you.”

Cristina: “I happen to be pulling gaping pieces of flesh back together.”
Alex: “You’re stitching. You’re just one step closer to knitting your grandma’s sweater.”

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