"Enough is Enough (No More Tears)"
Written by James D. Parriott; directed by Peter Horton

As Meredith voices over about an aunt who used to always say “say when” when she poured something, she lies on her bathroom floor while Cristina lies in the bathtub and the two complain about Derek and Burke. Cristina is sick from her pregnancy and Meredith is sick from tequila, and they’re both babbling about estrogen and how Meredith feels empty. Izzie and George tend to them as Meredith interviews that people never say “when” because there’s always the possibility of getting more. At the hospital, Meredith tells Derek to stop following her. He reminds her of what he told her at the end of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,” but she says it’s too little too late - he waited two months to tell her he was married and then “pulled the plug.” Inside, Burke tells Derek that a patient is coming in for an organ harvest. Both doctors are scheduled for the same OR at the same time, and each wants the other to clear out. Burke pulls the “I’m the substitute chief” card and gets his way. “Mine’s bigger than yours,” Cristina quips to the other interns. Bailey and the interns receive a man who was in a car accident and is pretty much dead, though Bailey wants George to try to save him anyway. Meredith and Olivia join him in the task.

Another victim of the accident is brought in, a man who is on the list to receive a liver transplant. Izzie is chosen as the intern to take his case while Alex is assigned to the man’s son and Cristina to the man’s wife. Bailey’s patient is Mr. Hubble, a man with a bowel obstruction that may be related to drugs. She passes George, who wants to call his patient’s time of death, and tells him to keep working to save him. She grabs Meredith to help Mr. Hubble, leading George to comment that at least her patient is still alive. Derek examines Webber for his discharge, and the two are joined by Webber’s wife Adele (Loretta Devine), who is a little peeved that her husband had brain surgery and didn’t tell her. He says that he didn’t want to ruin her vacation. Webber asks if Derek called his wife; Derek replies that Webber called his (see “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”). He adds that he’s only letting Webber go home today because he’ll have someone at home with him. Speaking of wives, Adele and Addison meet up and Adele thinks that Derek and Addison have gotten back together. Scott, the son of Izzie’s accident victim, tells Alex that his father was experiencing road rage. His mother, Lea, tells Cristina that the accident was just that, an accident. Scott thinks his father, Bob, got what he deserved.

Burke and Izzie perform surgery on Bob and see how much damage has been done to his liver. As Cristina examines Lea, she sees a large bruise on her back that Lea claims is from the accident but Cristina can see isn’t. Bailey visits George, whose patient is still dead, and gives him more instructions. She wants him to figure out why she wants him to work so hard on a patient who obviously isn’t going to survive. Meredith asks Mr. Hubble to tell her what he ingested, but he’ll only say that it wasn’t drugs. However, when his films come back, it certainly looks like he ingested drugs. Scott’s x-rays don’t turn up any injuries, but Lea’s show that she’s had a lot of broken bones over the years. Bailey and Alex suspect that Lea has been abused, though Cristina reports that Lea said the accident was accidental. Meredith shows Bailey Mr. Hubble’s films and tells her he has drugs in his system. Bailey picks her, Cristina, and Alex to perform surgery and search through all of his bowel to find the balloons of drugs he’s swallowed. Alex takes a closer look and sees that the balloons have faces. Bailey recognizes that they’re actually the heads of Judy dolls. As the interns discuss the case, Cristina says that the dolls are sexist and give people unrealistic expectations. Bailey says they’re just dolls and need to come out.

Bob’s surgery continues but Burke determines that without a new liver, he won’t survive. Since there’s no liver available for him, his best bet is a transplant from a family member. They have five or six hours to find a liver while another doctor repairs other damages. George and Olivia keep tending to their dead patient, and George is at least happy that he doesn’t have to give the patient’s family any news yet. Olivia apologizes for sleeping with Alex (see “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”) and makes sure George knows that she never cheated on him. She’s also ashamed of herself for being a nurse and passing along syphilis. George definitely doesn’t want to talk and heads out, calling the patient’s time of death. In an elevator, Alex tells Scott about Mr. Hubble, wanting to distract him. He then admits to being the son of an abuser and trying to protect his mother. Scott confirms that his father abuses his mother and asks how to deal with it. “I think about the guy who eats doll heads,” Alex replies. “He’s got problems.” Burke talks to Lea about Bob and she reveals that Scott is a match to donate part of his liver to his father but just hasn’t made up his mind yet about whether he wants to go through with the operation. Cristina doesn’t want her to pressure Scott, and outside the room, she tells Burke that Bob abuses Lea. Burke says they have to think like surgeons, and the decision isn’t up to her. “You’ve made that perfectly clear,” she says.

Meredith approaches Burke and tells him that Bailey needs an OR for Mr. Hubble. He looks at Mr. Hubble’s films, and Patricia gets a glimpse, too, commenting, “I can see their little faces. ‘Help! Let me out!’” Burke then heads to Webber’s office, where Adele tells him that Webber needs things to obsess over at home since he can’t obsess over them at the hospital. She admits that when she found out about Webber’s tumor, she was relieved because she thought maybe he would finally be forced to retire. She notes that both she and Burke would like that to happen. Adele adds that Burke would be perfect as chief because he’s unattached and obsessive. Alex and Izzie fill Scott in on his father’s condition and tell him that he needs to make a decision about the transplant today. Izzie gives him the details on what will happen if he does donate, but Alex pulls her out into the hallway and tells her to stop making a sales pitch. He adds that Izzie has no idea what’s going on in Scott’s head right now. George discharges Webber as Adele tells him not to call the house. Bailey and Meredith discuss Mr. Hubble with a psychiatrist who thinks the patient might get enjoyment from swallowing the heads of dolls.

Addison summons Meredith, asking her if Derek told her why they separated. Meredith tries to argue that the situation is none of her business, which makes Addison think that she didn’t take Derek back. Meredith asks her to keep their relationship professional in the future. “Sometimes people do desperate things to get someone’s attention,” Addison replies. “There are two sides to every story.” Outside, Cristina, George, and Izzie discuss Bob and his family. Cristina doesn’t think Bob deserves to be saved, but Izzie thinks that not helping him is akin to murder. They encounter Meredith and Alex, who has ten headless Judy dolls, and Cristina plays with one. Olivia passes by, saying hi to George, and Meredith encourages George to go sit with her and make up. Izzie says there’s another woman but George hasn’t told anyone he likes her. The others tease George, who says that it’s personal but he would like a relationship with this other woman someday. Meredith says that George is letting Olivia think he’s emotionally available and that she has a chance, which is the worst thing he could do. After Meredith leaves, Cristina takes over yelling at George, telling him to give Olivia a chance to have some feelings. He asks why she’s yelling and she says it’s because of all the estrogen. “So, new subject,” Izzie speaks up.

Derek complains to Burke about the OR board, saying it’s overbooked. However, he gets a little happier when a doctor whose surgery was bumped comes to see Burke. Meredith talks to Mr. Hubble some more, still trying to find out why he swallowed the dolls’ heads. During the surgery, the interns try to figure it out while Bailey admires the dolls, some of which were collector’s items. Burke pops in to ask for an intern, and Bailey sends George off with him. Burke also asks Cristina, Izzie, and Alex to scrub out and get an answer from Scott. Bailey notes that one of the Judy dolls looks like Meredith. The organ donor Burke was anticipating earlier arrives and George and Olivia tend to her as Olivia talks about how it’s better to receive bad news in person. George notes that the patient still has pain reflexes, which means her brain stem is still alive. The transplant team arrives and George announces that the patient isn’t completely dead. The head of the team says death is inevitable for the patient and they’ll take her for the organ harvest anyway. As Alex goes to get Scott, Bob’s surgery continues, though his surgeon doesn’t think he’ll survive much longer without a liver. Lea asks to see Scott, but Cristina tells her she needs to keep a level head - her husband killed a man on the highway and almost killed her and Scott as well. Lea asks if Cristina has ever been in love. “Love has its limits,” Cristina replies.

George tracks down Derek and tells him that the harvest patient’s brain stem is still alive. Derek examines the patient himself and tells the transplant team to do an EEG to determine that she’s really dead. The head of the team is upset because there are patients waiting for her organs, but Derek isn’t about to take any chances. Burke passes by and, after hearing about the situation, sides with Derek. Derek picks George to help him out. Alex walks with Scott, who worries that Bob will continue to abuse Lea once he’s better. Alex says that he can’t make that call and shouldn’t make his decision based on anger. Izzie comes to find them but Alex makes her back off while he tells Scott that his anger had a life of its own; he became a wrestler so he could protect his mother the next time she was in danger. After that, his father took off and never came back. Alex says that his father was cold and abusive, but still his father, and now he wishes he had never laid a hand on him. Izzie tells them that Burke needs Scott’s decision now. Scott returns to his mother’s room and tells her and Burke that he’ll give his father the transplant, but only if Lea tells the police the truth about the accident and leaves Bob.

Elsewhere, Cristina asks Burke how he knows that Lea won’t just go back to Bob. He doesn’t, and it’s not their concern. Burke asks if Cristina is okay, and as soon as he tells her she can scrub in, she says she is. Derek and George look at the harvest patient’s films and Derek sends the transplant team away, telling them the patient’s brain is viable. He tells George that once they remove the tumor from her brain stem, she has a good chance of recovering. Derek tells George to “look after her,” but he’s talking about Meredith, not the patient. In the hallway, George encounters Olivia and tells her he likes someone else, even though there’s another guy in the picture. He likes Olivia, but not enough. Olivia is happy that he was honest and that she at least gave it a shot. They head off to talk to their dead patient’s family as George notes that they always work as hard as they can on patients so they can tell their families they did everything possible. Addison and Derek wind up in an elevator together and she confirms that he told Meredith what happened. She tells him that she told Meredith that some people do desperate things to get attention. Derek is shocked that that’s how she spins her affair, but she says it was just that they both got busy and Mark was there for her. Now she’s sorry, but she’s glad they’re talking about it. After Mr. Hubble’s surgery, he tells Meredith that he feels empty. She decides she doesn’t really want to know why he ate the doll heads. As Meredith voices over about being full and wanting more, Lea talks to the police, Burke and Cristina avoid each other, and Meredith watches Derek in surgery.



MEMORABLE QUOTES: Adele: “You’ve had counseling?”
Derek: “We had adultery. That was enough.”

Meredith: “Why ten doll heads?”
Mr. Hubble: “Well, because 11 would’ve been too much.”

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