Written by Debora Cahn; directed by James Frawley

Meredith voices over about addiction while George tells Izzie how great he feels now that he’s admitted that he loves her (see “A Change is Gonna Come”). Meredith and Derek also feel great, as they’re having sex despite having broken up. He wants to spend the night but she wants him to leave since people who’ve broken up don’t spend the night together. They agree that the only successful part of a relationship is the sex, then settle for sex and mockery only. In the living room, George tells Izzie that his dad loved Callie, but he shouldn’t have married her. Meredith voices over that the hardest part of breaking an addiction is wanting to break it. At her apartment, Cristina starts opening wedding presents. George decides that he needs to tell Callie what’s going on with him and Izzie, then end their marriage. At Seattle Grace, Webber tells Derek that the OR board looks good because he’s delegating responsibilities in order to make time for Adele. Derek calls him a junkie when he has a hard time leaving things alone. After Webber leaves, Mark approaches to tell Derek that he doesn’t look good. He guesses it’s because Derek and Meredith have gotten back together and are having lots of sex. Derek tells him they’re just friends, but Mark thinks he needs to admit to having an addiction. At the nurses’ station, Cristina offers up appliances in exchange for favors (but Izzie has nothing Cristina wants, so she doesn’t get the blender she really wants).

George finds Callie, who’s been at the hospital all night, and tells her they need to talk when she has time. Webber arrives and Callie announces that patients are coming in after an explosion in an apartment building. The first is Marla, who’s injured the worst and becomes Webber and Cristina’s patient. Cristina takes two interns with her and sends the other two (one of whom is Lexie) to the clinic. Marla’s husband Dave and their son Brian come in next with minor injuries, and Callie assigns Alex to them, despite the fact that he wants a plastics case and Izzie is willing to take them. Callie remarks that Izzie looks tired and must have been up all night. Izzie scrambles to tell her she went to bed early. Mark, Callie, and Izzie tend to Marla and Dave’s neighbor, Archie, who has some burns and a fractured shoulder. He tells them he’s worried about his neighbors, who are close enough to be considered his family. Derek examines Brian as Dave tells him that he thinks the stove caused the explosion. Meredith, Bailey, and George’s patient is Clark, a friend of Marla and Dave’s who was leaving their house for work when the explosion happened. The doctors think he might be bleeding internally. Bailey asks Callie for a resident to help out in the clinic while she’s with Clark, but Callie doesn’t want to force a resident to work in the clinic when it’s supposed to be voluntary.

At the nurses’ station, Tyler the scrub nurse tells Cristina that he wants the waffle maker, and he finally has something to trade for it - Jane (last seen in “Didn’t We Almost Have it All”) is there. He pretends not to know where Cristina is and guarantees himself the appliance. Cristina summons Meredith to tell her that Jane is there, while Izzie babbles about having to work with Callie and asks if they know where George is. She offers to help Cristina avoid Jane if Cristina gives her the blender and George’s location. Cristina ignores her and asks Meredith to get rid of Jane. Alex tries to help out Brian, who won’t stop crying, and asks an intern to get him an MRI. Lexie and another intern head to the clinic, where Bailey is obviously not pleased to have to deal with them. Meredith finds Jane in a waiting area, where Jane asks her if she was trying to be funny or just hurt Derek when she announced, “It’s over. It’s so over” at Burke and Cristina’s non-wedding. If she was trying to be funny, it was inappropriate, and if she was trying to send a message to Derek, she was being selfish. Meredith just apologizes, and Jane tells her to tell Cristina that she’s not leaving until they talk. In Archie’s room, Izzie is nervous around Callie as Archie encourages Mark to get married and not spend his life alone. Later, Izzie tells George that he can’t tell Callie the truth since she has to work with her. Izzie thinks maybe things will eventually work themselves out and Callie and George will just grow apart. However, George doesn’t want to do anything with Izzie until that happens.

Meredith runs into Bailey, who tries to get her to volunteer to work in the clinic, since Bailey can’t just order her to go work her. Bailey guilts Meredith into helping her out, reminding her that she saved Meredith’s life (see “Some Kind of Miracle”), but when Meredith realizes that Lexie is also working in the clinic, she wishes she hadn’t volunteered. Lexie, however, is happy because she’s been wanting to talk to Meredith. As George gives Clark a CAT scan, Clark tells him he can’t believe this happened since he just stopped by his friends’ house on the way to work. Alex gets Brian’s lab work back and tells an intern to stay and not leave Dave alone with Brian. In Marta’s OR, Webber asks Cristina if Jane is at the hospital; she pretends not to know. He talks about how much he likes being able to give people second chances. George bonds with Clark over thinking you’re headed down one path, then realizing you’re on the wrong path and realizing you can handle it. Clark isn’t listening because he’s in the process of crashing. Alex heads to Marta’s OR and tells Webber that Brian is high on meth - the apartment blew up because it was a meth lab. Meanwhile, George successfully revives Clark. Webber tells Alex to let Callie know that she needs to follow the standard protocol and take charge. Derek wonders if Webber doesn’t want to leave the OR and take care of things himself, but Webber is still stuck on delegating. Alex explains the situation to Callie and asks what he should do about Dave while she contacts the proper authorities.

Callie fills in Mark, who then goes to ask Archie if he’s a drug user. He tells Mark and Izzie that he had no idea Dave and Marta had a meth lab, and he can’t believe that the people he’s been babysitting for and hanging out with for years are drug dealers. Callie and Bailey run into George, who tells them that Clark coded. They explain why and George admits that he had to run the code on Clark himself because Meredith is in the clinic. Callie turns on Bailey, who says that she didn’t just want interns to help her in the clinic. George apologizes to Bailey for getting into the situation, but she replies, “Some things just don’t need to be told.” In the clinic, Meredith’s patient notices Lexie staring at her. Cristina arrives and Meredith tells her that she couldn’t get Jane to leave. She encourages Cristina to deal with the situation and get it over with. Cristina refuses to leave and notices Lexie staring at Meredith. She tells Meredith to make her stop, since Lexie’s her sister, but Meredith argues that she’s an only child. Cristina orders Lexie away and Meredith says things would be a lot better if she could do that with Jane. George runs into Jane in the waiting room and tells her how great Burke was to him. Jane says that Burke is too polite to talk about how he’s doing, and she doesn’t know what to say to him. George thinks she should say that he dodged a bullet by not getting married since marriage isn’t something you can back out of. Jane tells him to get something about marriage being a mistake engraved on his ring when he gets married - of course, he’s already married, and she doesn’t think he should believe that he should stay in a bad marriage out of obligation.

Derek pages Meredith, who thinks he wants a romp when he really just wants to know if she’ll have lunch with him. She reminds him that they’ve agreed to S&M only (that would be sex and mockery) and tells him to meet her in the lobby at 8 - and not for dinner. Back with Brian and Dave, Alex tells Dave that Marla will have a long recovery if she survives her surgery. Dave begs Brian to stop crying until Alex announces that he can’t because he’s in withdrawal from meth. Dave tries to excuse his behavior, telling Alex that he loves his family. Alex replies that now he can love his family from jail. Dave responds by knocking Alex out and running off with Brian. Later, Webber finds Callie as she and Izzie operate on Archie and chastises her for not handling the situation well. Izzie tells Callie she thinks she’s a good chief resident. Callie kicks her out of the OR. In the clinic, Meredith tends to Alex and tells him that Cristina is anxious because of Jane. Lexie is staring again, but Alex doesn’t mind because he thinks she’s hot. Derek is Jane’s next visitor, and she wants to know if he thinks Cristina really loved Burke. He says that he thinks she did “the best she knew how.” He admits that it wouldn’t have been enough for him either, but he and Burke are built differently. Jane says that all honorable men are built the same, and if Derek knows when to walk away and not take less than he deserves, he’s an honorable man. George tells Clark everything that’s wrong with him and warns that he’s going to go through withdrawal.

Callie searches for Brian and instead finds Mark, to whom she confides that her job is going horribly and she thinks George is cheating on her. He tells her that if that’s true, she needs to confront George, who’d be an idiot to cheat on her. Lexie approaches Meredith in the clinic and Meredith guesses that she’s just looking for excuses for them to talk. Meredith announces that she doesn’t want to get to know Lexie, so she’d like Lexie to leave her alone. Derek finds Dave and Brian hiding near Marla’s room and takes Brian, who seems to have had a seizure. As he undergoes surgery, Bailey and Alex watch from the gallery and Alex tells Bailey she can yell at him. She says it’s not her job anymore, then proceeds to yell at him anyway, satisfying both of them. Back in the clinic, Lexie tries one more time, reminding Meredith that they have the same father. Meredith replies that they don’t - her father left when she was a child, and Lexie has to admit that that man doesn’t seem like the person she knows as her father. Meredith then blames her relationship problems on the issues she has with Thatcher - she kicked Derek out of bed in the middle of the night because she can’t let him love her, knowing that her father chose his other daughters over her. Meredith doesn’t want to have to get to know one of the daughters who was chosen over her. George sits with Clark as he goes through withdrawal and tells George that he didn’t try drugs until he was 30. “This isn’t me. I’m not this guy,” he says before coding.

Cristina finally goes to see Jane, who explains that she’s come to get Burke’s things, as well as the necklace she loaned Cristina for the wedding. She also wants to apologize to Cristina because she thinks she’s come to know her better. She’s sorry that on top of losing her love, she’s lost her teacher, who could have helped her become a great surgeon. Cristina is a strong woman and Jane admires her. Cristina asks her to take the wedding gifts from the apartment, then asks if Burke is ever coming back. “Remember, you’re a strong woman,” Jane replies. George tells Izzie that Clark didn’t make it, then says, “I’m not this guy.” He wants to tell Callie about him and Izzie. Callie finds Webber and offers to help him with the paperwork he has to fill out regarding the meth situation, but Webber isn’t that thrilled with what she’s already done today. Cristina is in Marla’s room when she wakes up, and Cristina explains to her what happened and tries to get her to calm down. She assures Marla that she can get through this difficult situation. As Meredith voices over that addiction doesn’t end well, Lexie cries in the locker room. Derek admits to Mark that he has a problem. Archie laments to Izzie that his family is drug dealers, and she tells him that people who do horrible things aren’t necessarily horrible people. As Meredith’s voiceover wonders how you know when you’ve hit rock bottom, George finds Callie, who asks him not to talk about what he wanted to talk about just now. As Derek watches from the balcony, Mark tells Meredith that Derek can’t meet her tonight. However, Derek watches her leave and can’t let her go alone. Meredith voices over that letting something go can hurt more than the thing itself as Cristina goes home and finds the apartment empty.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Archie: “You can only play the field for so long. Then suddenly one day, your whole life passes you by and those parts aren’t working like they used to.”
Mark: “They have medicine for that now.”

“Before you open your mouth and tell me all the reasons why you can’t, just…just let me say this. I need this, because I have idiots. You understand me, Grey? Idiot interns are down there in my clinic, a clinic dripping with my blood, sweat, and tears, Grey, and I am not convinced, not at all convinced, that they will not burn it down with their ineptitude. Look, no, I’m not telling, ‘cause I…I understand I do not have the authority to tell. So I’m asking…nicely. Okay, I’m just saying, if I ever did anything for you, like, I don’t know, save your life…if you ever felt you owed me a debt of thanks, now is when I’d like to collect. Please.” - Bailey to Meredith

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