"Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole"
Written by Gabrielle G. Stanton and Shonda Rhimes; directed by Julie Anne Robinson

George cuts his own hair in Burke and Cristina’s bathroom while Meredith voices over that patients often tell doctors to just slap a bandage on them and let them go. “It’s easy to suggest a quick solution when you don’t know much about the problem. When you don’t understand the underlying cause or just how deep the wound really is,” she says. On a mountain trial with Doc, Derek asks Meredith if the other interns are still upset about the horrible thing she did, which she still won’t tell him about (see “Yesterday” and “What Have I Done to Deserve This?”). He reminds her that they’re friends and she can tell him anything, but she’s still not forthcoming. He claims to not have any problems of his own right now. Burke and George return to the apartment after a five-mile run and start making pancakes. Cristina wonders what happened to George’s hair, but Burke tells her to leave him alone. Cristina is a little skeeved over their sudden closeness. Meredith voices over that we’re supposed to ignore what caused the problem and just “go for the quick fix.” Bailey, with baby in tow, leads the interns through the hospital as Izzie wonders what happened to George’s hair. Cristina tells Meredith to apologize to him already, but she says she’s tried. Alex thinks George’s hair makes him look like a hobbit, and he’d like to know why Izzie didn’t call him back the previous night.

The interns reach their first patient, Denny, whose congestive heart failure is getting worse even though he’s on medication. Izzie wants to be the intern assigned to keep an eye on him, but Alex volunteers for the job to keep them apart. The next patient is Mrs. Gibson, a pregnant woman who’s on bed rest. Her wife thinks Addison looks like a young Catherine Deneuve and is completely smitten by her. “Been told I look like Halle Berry,” Bailey mutters to herself. As Addison sends George and Meredith to the ER, Webber approaches and notices that Bailey has brought the baby to work. She tells him that she doesn’t have any surgeries scheduled that day and isn’t sure what the problem is. George and Meredith wait for an elevator together; she tries to talk and he ignores her, then decides to take the stairs. Meredith is first to the ER and meets a couple named Sylvia and Keith. Sylvia happens to have a fork stuck in her neck. As Derek joins to check on her, the couple explains that they were getting a little friendly under a restaurant table when Sylvia felt strange and clamped down. Kyle panicked and grabbed a fork from the table instinctually. He adds that Sylvia has an inoperable brain aneurysm; she says they’re in Seattle to sightsee. Derek tells Meredith to give Sylvia an MRI, then says it was nice to see her today.

Bailey receives a patient from an ambulance and, unable to deal with both the patient and her crying baby, passes the baby off to Cristina. Cristina, of course, hates this idea. George spots Callie (see “What Have I Done to Deserve This?”) and she notes that he never called her. He admits that he did but kept hanging up. She takes him to see a teenager named Heath (AKA Duncan) who broke his finger at hockey practice. He doesn’t seem to care and just wants to play in a game that afternoon. Meredith pulls the fork out of Sylvia’s neck as Kyle and Sylvia discuss Paris. Kyle asks how well Meredith knows Derek, but Sylvia speaks up that she doesn’t want an MRI, she wants to go to Paris. Meredith thinks that they might as well get a second opinion from Derek while they’re there. Sylvia replies that it’ll actually be a fourth opinion, and she knows the news won’t be good, so she wants to head off being devastated again. Kyle agrees that they should enjoy the time they have left, but he also doesn’t want to go to Paris and regret not listening to Meredith. Alex checks on Denny, who’s disappointed that he’s not Izzie. Alex retaliates by making him believe that he and Izzie are together. Cristina sings the ABCs as she changes the baby’s diaper and tries to convince Webber that with her multiple degrees, she’s capable of this procedure.

Meredith and Sylvia take a walk and Meredith notes that Sylvia seems okay with her prognosis. Sylvia says that she actually kind of loves that she’s sick - the diagnosis revived her marriage and made her enjoy life again. She’s only going to have the MRI because Kyle wants her to. Derek and Addison look at Sylvia’s MRI together and discuss Addison’s resemblance to Catherine Deneuve, which Derek apparently doesn’t see. Izzie and Denny play Scrabble together and flirt, and Denny mentions that Alex said they were dating. Izzie quickly tells him that they’re only “a little together.” Denny starts to have trouble breathing, and later, after he’s recovered, Burke tells him that he’s running out of time to get a new heart. Burke wants to install a left-ventricular assist device (LVAD), a battery-operated machine that will help pump his heart. Though it may help him stay alive until he can get a heart, the procedure to install it is risky and he probably won’t be able to leave the hospital until he gets a transplant. Denny asks for some time to think about it. Izzie pages Alex to the on-call room, where he thinks he’s going to get lucky, and blasts him for telling Denny that they were dating. She thinks Alex is threatened by Denny, but Alex isn’t sure how he could be threatened by a guy who’s dying. He also thinks Izzie is crossing the line by befriending a patient.

Callie tends to Heath, who disagrees with his mother about whether or not he should be allowed to play in his next hockey game. Heath notes that scouts will be coming to the game and he could get a college scholarship. Callie tells him that if she takes off his bandage, his finger could be permanently damaged. Heath says that he’s been training his whole life for this game because this is his chance to go to college. Outside, Mr. Gibson finds Addison eating lunch and starts going on about Catherine Deneuve and how beautiful Addison is again. At first she tries to get his attention back on his pregnant wife, but then she decides that she likes hanging around with someone who finds her so attractive. Nearby, Cristina tries to get Izzie to hold the baby so she can eat, but Izzie reminds her that Bailey put Cristina in charge. Izzie asks George if he’s talked to Meredith yet, and he says he’s going to get a shirt that says “stop asking me about Meredith.” Cristina replies that at least then people won’t be asking him about his hair. George moves over to Callie’s table as Meredith arrives and Cristina complains about how annoying it is to have him living with her and Burke. Izzie points out that if Meredith apologizes to George, he’ll move back home and Burke and Cristina will have the apartment to themselves again. Meredith notes that she has apologized, and that it takes two to have sex. It’s Izzie’s turn to leave when Alex arrives, accidentally making the baby cry.

Meredith winds up eating with Derek, who still wants to know what she did and why her friends are so mad. She still won’t tell him. She asks if Addison knows that they’re friends, but Derek doesn’t answer the question. Cristina interrupts Bailey in surgery to ask her why the baby is crying; Bailey tells her it’s because he’s hungry. Derek tells Sylvia about the surgery he can perform on her, noting that it’s a procedure that hasn’t been performed many times, and he himself has only performed it successfully once. Sylvia refuses to have the surgery, since there’s a chance she won’t make it off the table and she still wants to go to Europe. Kyle, however, approaches Derek later and tells him that for years he didn’t pay much attention to Sylvia, but when she got sick, things changed. He begs Derek to talk to Sylvia and convince her to have the surgery so she won’t die. Addison tells Bailey that she had lunch with a patient’s husband and he actually paid attention to her. Bailey warns that she won’t solve her problems with Derek by eating with someone else’s husband. Burke finds Cristina trying to feed the baby and is amused to see her failing so spectacularly. George arrives and takes over, quickly getting the baby to eat. Burke notes that if he’s that good with babies, he must have good bedside manner. Callie joins them and asks George if he wants to scrub in on a surgery; Cristina jumps at the chance but Callie wants George, adding that this is her last invitation and now the ball’s in his court. Cristina wonders if George can sleep on Callie’s couch.

Sylvia is ready to leave the hospital, but Derek finds her and talks to her about the surgery again. She tells him that she has a great life for the first time in years, and she wants to be able to live it. He encourages her to have the surgery and then fight to keep her life and marriage great rather than settling again. Izzie sits with Denny and tries to talk up the LVAD again. He tells her that he’s tired and doesn’t want to have to be stuck in the hospital. She replies that they need more time and promises that she’ll be with him every day. He agrees, adding that it will really make Alex mad. Heath returns to the hospital and tells George that he played well in his game - because he cut off his finger. He’s saved it so Callie can reattach it, but his hand is infected now and Callie doesn’t think it looks good in surgery. George can’t believe Heath looked on the Internet to figure out how to amputate his own finger, but Callie admires that he had passion for something and was willing to sacrifice for it. She adds that sometimes you just want the pain to stop so you get rid of the problem and the pain all at once. George notes that that could still leave phantom pain. “Your ex really did a number on you,” Callie notes. As Sylvia is taken to surgery, she and Kyle discuss the changes they’re going to make in their lives - he’ll quit his job and they’ll move to Paris and spend their savings. She asks Kyle to do all of that anyway even if she doesn’t survive the surgery.

Bailey finds Cristina and the baby sleeping in the on-call room and relieves Cristina of her babysitting duties. Cristina asks her to keep in mind that Bailey can do whatever she wants to ruin Cristina’s career, but she doesn’t babysit. As Addison performs Mrs. Gibson’s C-section, Izzie watches as Burke performs Denny’s surgery and mentions that she read that some patients with LVADs can be weaned off of them if their hearts remodel themselves. Burke doesn’t think that’s a possibility for Denny since his heart is too weak. Addison scrubs out of surgery, looking at her rings, then goes to see the Gibsons and their new baby. Mr. Gibson is too focused on his wife and new child to pay much attention to her anymore. Callie and George check on Heath after surgery, informing him that because of the infection he got from his hockey glove, he may not be able to use his hand normally anymore. Heath thinks they’re just trying to scare him, but Callie has to tell him that his hockey career is over. Derek and Meredith operate on Sylvia, and Meredith asks if Derek thinks they’ll really move to Europe. Derek hopes so. He glances up at the gallery, where Addison is watching. After the surgery, Meredith and Derek scrub out together and Derek says that Meredith really can tell him what happened. She makes him promise to react as her friend, then tells him that she slept with George. He doesn’t like this news but tells her she needs to apologize to George, preferably by using Derek’s own method of cornering him in an elevator.

Meredith strands George in an elevator and apologizes again for what happened, telling him that they’re still friends and she’ll still be there no matter how long it takes him to decide to stop ignoring her. He avoids eye contact and gets off of the elevator as soon as he can. As Meredith voices over about people doing the best they can, Izzie visits Denny and she assures him that she doesn’t have anywhere else to be right now. Meredith’s voiceover continues about the world being full of twists and turns, and just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, things change again. Cristina arrives home, hearing Burke playing the trumpet while George accompanies him on the clarinet, and heads to the bedroom alone. Meredith voices over that if we’re lucky, we walk away with just a flesh wound. Derek watches from the hallway as Sylvia wakes up from her surgery with Kyle by her side. He then heads home to the trailer as Meredith voices over that some wounds won’t respond to just a quick fix because they’re too deep. Derek admits to being indifferent to Addison back in New York before she had her affair with Mark. He was absent and considers himself partly to blame for the failure of their marriage. However, he’s sorry and he’s working on it. Meredith lies in bed alone and voices over that some wounds have to be allowed to breathe so they can have time to heal.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Callie: “I make you nervous, don’t I?”
George: “Yeah, a little.”
Callie: “That’s good.”
George: “Yeah. That’s what?”

Izzie: (playing Scrabble) “Screw. S-C-R-E-W. That’s 25 points, thank you very much.”
Denny: “Wait a second, now. You didn’t tell me we were playing naughty-word Scrabble.”
Izzie: “We’re not playing naughty-word Scrabble, you just have a dirty mind.”
Denny: “Oh, it’s filthy, but you’re the one that put down ‘screw.’”

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