"What Have I Done to Deserve This?"
Written by Stacy McKee; directed by Wendey Stanzler

Instead of a Meredith voiceover, this time George voices over about making rash decisions while flashing back to being in bed with Meredith after sex (see “Yesterday”). In the trailer, Doc wakes Derek up, but Addison, who’s been awake for a while, offers to walk him. Unless, of course, Derek wants to talk. (He doesn’t, not even about Mark’s arrival.) Back at Meredith’s house, she and George try to avoid each other but run into each other in the hallway. Fortunately, there’s something else to talk about as Alex emerges from Izzie’s bedroom and Izzie has to admit that she slept with him again. George voices over about karma and how it sucks. The interns meet up in the locker room at Seattle Grace, and after noticing George and Meredith’s awkwardness around each other, Alex guesses that George caught Meredith with either Mark or Derek. He blames Izzie for influencing him when he realizes that he’s called Derek McDreamy. Izzie asks George and Meredith to spill what happened, but both refuse. The interns, Burke, and Olivia’s first patient of the day is Keith, who has been admitted after having chest pains and appears to have a mass around his heart. His fiancée, Amy, thinks that’s strange because he’s so healthy. Burke tells them that he wants to perform an angiogram to find out what’s really wrong.

On their way to see their next patient, George asks Cristina if Meredith has said anything to anyone about what happened. Cristina claims to not care. She then spots Addison walking strangely and wonders what’s going on. The intern’s next patient is a boy named Shawn, who has two dads - Rick, who’s nervous and overprotective, and Michael, who’s much calmer. Shawn was hit in the head with a baseball and Rick blames himself for letting Shawn play Little League. Addison stops by to see Tucker, who’s about to be released from the hospital (see “It’s the End of the World” and “(As We Know It)”), and is relieved to see that Bailey is there because Addison needs her for a consult. The consult is for herself, as she has poison oak “where nobody wants to have poison oak.” George finishes his voiceover with, “Payback’s a b%$@#.” Derek tells Tucker he’s free to go, and Webber stops by to say goodbye. Tucker tells both of them that Bailey was around but has gone off to do a consult for Addison, despite the fact that she’s still on maternity leave. Bailey treats Addison’s poison oak, assuring her that she didn’t make up a chart for her so no one else will find out what’s going on. However, the poison oak is spreading quickly and Bailey says she’ll need to give Addison a shot of steroids.

Alex asks Meredith what’s going on with her and George; Meredith wonders why he thinks that she did something and George did. Alex notes that George looks mad while Meredith looks guilty. As they take Shawn for a CT scan, Meredith admits that she did something horrible. Shawn announces that once he put a raw egg in his sock drawer for a month, then smashed it with his teacher’s grade book. Meredith tells him what she did was worse than that. As Burke performs Keith’s angiogram, Cristina and George assist and Cristina tells George to stop pouting. She thinks that whatever Meredith did wasn’t intentional and George should just get over it. Burke tells her she’s not being nice; Cristina notes that she’s not a nice person. George thinks that Cristina would understand if she knew what Meredith did. The doctors determine that the mass around Keith’s heart isn’t a mass after all, and back in his room, they tell him that he has a coronary artery aneurysm with a fistula reaching into his heart chambers. Amy announces that they’re getting married and she would like some good news. Burke tells them that they can operate on the aneurysm, but the surgery is risky. Amy freaks out more than Keith, and Burke tells them that if Keith is going to have the operation, he needs to have it soon. Outside the room, George says that they seem nice and don’t deserve what’s happening. He believes in karma, and Cristina can’t believe that he can still practice medicine with those beliefs. Burke just wonders what Meredith did to him.

Derek tells Rick and Michael that Shawn has a bleed in his brain, but it’s a small amount and will most likely resolve itself. Rick, of course, panics while Michael remains calm. Alex and Izzie meet up outside, where Izzie thinks they’ve been paged to meet a patient coming in by ambulance, but Alex just wants to give her a cupcake and make out. Izzie is a little distracted because she still wants to know what’s going on with George and Meredith. The conversation ends when a patient arrives - it’s Denny (see in “Begin the Begin”). Inside, Burke, Izzie, and Alex determine that Denny’s heart is failing, and Izzie immediately tries to come up with a way to help him. Alex tries to get her to leave with him, but Izzie wants to stay. Webber catches Bailey on her way back to Addison and tells her to go home with Tucker and the baby. Bailey tries to get him to pretend that he didn’t see her. Cristina checks on Keith, who tells her that he and Amy are still discussing whether or not he should have the operation. Cristina warns that he could get worse without warning, so he should have the surgery sooner rather than later, especially since Burke is such a good surgeon. Izzie complains to Burke that it’s not fair that Denny is so sick because he’s such a good guy; they treat jerks all the time who wind up being fine but they can’t do anything for Denny. Burke realizes that Izzie really likes Denny, though Izzie won’t admit it.

Bailey tends to Addison again, asking her how she got poison oak where she has it. Addison replies that she slept with Mark, and Bailey thinks that Mark gave it to her. Addison really means that this is karma. She explains that when she went to walk Doc that morning, she had to use the bathroom, so she went in the woods rather than going inside and waking up Derek. She starts crying and Bailey begs her to stop because the sound of crying makes her lactate. Webber returns to talk to Bailey, but after he sees that her shirt is wet, he skedaddles. Meredith pages Derek to see Shawn, who has been acting strangely and who now needs to have a hole drilled in his skull to relieve pressure. Rick and Michael demand to stay for the procedure, which is both successful and makes Rick throw up. Alex is paged to Denny’s room, where Izzie takes charge to get Denny’s heart rate under control. Even though he’s about to have his heart shocked, Denny takes a moment to flirt with Izzie. Alex gets to take out a little frustration on Denny by being the one to shock him. Derek tracks down Bailey, telling her that he’s been paging her and Addison but all of his pages have been ignored. He wants to know where Addison is and tries to guilt Bailey into telling him by reminding her that he saved Tucker. Bailey replies that Addison saved the baby, and that’s bigger to her.

George ducks into a room to avoid Meredith and finds Amy, who talks about how much it sucks that her fiancé might die. Alex finds Meredith hiding as well and guesses that she slept with George. Meredith accidentally confirms this, but Alex isn’t surprised because this is the sort of thing Meredith does when she’s upset. Meredith points out that Alex sleeps with all sorts of women even when he’s sober, and she doesn’t think Izzie will ever see him the same way as she did before he slept with Olivia. George appears and blasts Meredith for telling Alex that they slept together. Izzie and Cristina arrive shortly after and hear George yelling at Meredith for not respecting his privacy. The other interns follow George to a stairwell, where he blurts out that Meredith only wants to talk now that she’s told everyone they had sex. Izzie and Cristina are stunned by the announcement, and George kicks himself for letting the news slip. He then proceeds to fall down the stairs while trying to get away from the others. Later, the others sit outside a trauma room while George waits for treatment for a dislocated shoulder. Izzie tells Meredith that if she can’t fix things with George, she’ll be choosing his side over Meredith’s. Cristina criticizes Meredith for taking advantage of George when she knew he was in love with her. However, she also knows that everyone does horrible things.

George is tended to by Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), an orthopedic surgeon who remembers him as “the heart-in-the-elevator guy” (see “Bring the Pain”). George forgoes painkillers, noting that he’s still supposed to be working, and Callie quickly fixes his shoulder while seemingly flirting with him. Derek and Meredith wind up in an elevator together and Meredith admits that she did something horrible and could lose all of her friends because of it. Derek says that she won’t lose him, but she replies that he’s not her friend. He disagrees and invites her to meet him up on a mountain trail while he’s walking Doc some morning. Izzie tells Denny that he’s stable and the two of them flirt. Denny thinks that Izzie might be his karma; she replies, “You must have been very, very good to deserve me.” Alex, who’s watching through a window, is definitely jealous. Derek starts to enter Addison’s room but Webber stops him, telling him to give her some privacy. Derek says that Bailey paged him, and Bailey arrives to confirm that. She takes Derek into Addison’s room and tells him not to look at her, but just to stand there and listen. Derek does so until Addison tells him about her poison oak and he just can’t help himself from taking a peek. She asks if she’s finally repaid her “debt to society.”

George tells Cristina that he’s actually upset that Meredith didn’t tell her she slept with him because that means it wasn’t even important enough for her to talk about. Cristina is sick of George looking for pity - if he wants bad things to stop happening to him, he needs to “stop accepting crap and demand something more.” The two run into Amy, who tells them that Keith has agreed to have the surgery, but she won’t be staying with him because she’s not strong enough to handle this. Olivia suddenly announces that Keith is crashing, but Amy still won’t stay. Burke and Cristina operate on Keith as George and Olivia watch from the gallery. Olivia says that if Amy can’t love Keith the way he loves her, then he doesn’t deserve her. She expresses some sympathy over the situation with George and Meredith, and George says that if he ever made Olivia feel the way he’s feeling right now, he’s sorry. Back at home, George packs up his room and flashes back to the previous night, when Meredith cried during sex and George took it personally. “Sleeping with me is really this awful for you?” he asked. Meredith tried to convince him that that wasn’t the reason she was upset, but George decided it was best to just leave.

In the present, Meredith finds George packing and he asks her why she slept with him when she obviously didn’t want to. She says that she didn’t know she didn’t want to - he said such nice things to her, and she wondered if she hadn’t just overlooked what was right in front of her. Meredith wants everything to go back to the way it was, but George isn’t sure how to fix everything, so he’s leaving. As he voices over about karma always finding us, Izzie tells Alex that she has to skip their plans for the evening, Burke tells Keith that he’s okay and Keith wonders what sort of person leaves her dying fiancé, and Izzie brings Denny a makeshift picnic. Callie finds George outside the hospital and writes her phone number on his hand, telling him to call her. Burke spots George as well, and at home he tells Cristina that they need to help him because he’s their friend. Cristina disagrees, since George doesn’t have any medical problems. It doesn’t matter, since Burke has already won and George is crashing on their couch. As George voices over about karma evening the score and how we tempt it anyway, Meredith meets up with Derek and Doc on the trail and they agree that they’ll just be friends.


THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: The Pet Shop Boys

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Derek: “I saved your husband’s life.”
Bailey: “She saved my baby.”
Derek: “So baby trumps husband?”
Bailey: “Mmm-hmm.”

“He’s the weaker kid. I mean, I don’t even beat up on weaker kids.” - Cristina, re: George

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