"It’s the End of the World"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Peter Horton

As Meredith voices over about death, she stands with Derek in an empty OR, crying as a heart monitor flatlines. Everything goes black, and then Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina are all in a shower together. It turns out to be a dream George is having, and the women are giving him compliments and telling him they love him. He awakens as Izzie enters his bedroom and tells him that something’s wrong with Meredith. Meredith is still in bed, refusing to go to work. Cristina arrives and Meredith tells her that she has a feeling like she’s going to die today. She complains that Addison has her life and she has nothing. She also can’t remember the last time she and Derek kissed, and of course she didn’t think that the last time would be the last time. Meredith wants some hope and a sign that things will be okay, but since she doesn’t have that, she wants to be allowed to stay in bed and feel like she’s going to die. Cristina tries to be supportive, then tells her that everyone has problems and they need to get to work. At the hospital, Burke and Derek note that the OR board is quiet, which is a bad sign (and Webber doesn’t want to be reminded of it). Derek and Burke call each other by their last names, which Derek thinks is strange since they’ve known each other and worked together for a while. Burke doesn’t think it matters and keeps calling him Dr. Shepherd.

The interns get ready to spend time in the pit, wondering who their new substitute resident will be (see “Tell Me Sweet Little Lies” and “Break on Through”). Meredith runs into Derek and tells him that she has a feeling. He admits that he gets them sometimes, and if she waits long enough, it’ll pass. Addison joins them, so Meredith hurries to join the other interns. Alex asks Izzie if she wants to do charts together later, but she tells him he had his chance and he blew it to sleep with Olivia (see “Much Too Much”). Just as Cristina is wondering again who their resident will be, Bailey appears and announces it’s her. She’s upset with the interns for running off two residents in the two weeks she’s been gone, and now that no one else wants to teach them, she’s come back from maternity leave to do it herself. George is so happy she’s back that he hugs her. As an ambulance arrives, Bailey tells the interns to get a wheelchair and page Addison - she’s going into labor. A paramedic helps a screaming woman into the ER as the interns spot another paramedic, Hannah Davis (Christina Ricci), who has her hand inside a man’s chest wound.

Cristina tries to fill Burke in on the patient, James, but the paramedics don’t know how he was injured because he’s unconscious and his wife won’t stop screaming long enough to give them any information. Burke notes that Cristina was gone when he woke up; she tells him she had something to do. He tells her that this always happens - everything’s fine when they go to bed, and when he wakes up, she’s a little crazy. In James’ trauma room, Hannah tells Burke that she tried to put pressure on James’ wound, but the only thing that would keep his bleeding under control was actually putting her hand inside him. Another paramedic blasts Hannah for being stupid; Burke kicks him out and tells Meredith to get an OR ready, sending Cristina to try to calm down James’ wife, Mindy, and get her to talk to them. “If I’d known you were gonna get the good case, I would’ve let you stay in bed,” Cristina tells Meredith. Cristina joins Izzie and Alex, who are with the still-screaming Mindy, and the three hear from Olivia that a patient is coming in with a head injury from a car accident. Cristina wants that case instead, and she and Izzie run off, leaving Alex alone with Mindy. He finally gets her to stop screaming by screaming right back in her face, but when he asks her what happened to James, she just starts crying.

Webber finds George peeking into a room, which he tells him Bailey is in. Webber peeks in as well and gets an eyeful of Addison giving her a cervical exam. Webber enjoys having Bailey back in the hospital; he thinks the balance is being restored. Derek passes by and the two tell him that Bailey is back. Derek unhappily gets the same eyeful as Webber. Addison and Bailey both emerge from the room and Bailey wonders where her husband is; George offers to call him again. Bailey tells the others to leave her alone until the baby’s born, which, by her schedule, will be in four-and-a-half hours. Cristina and Izzie fight over the car-accident patient, Tucker Jones (Cress Williams), who is wondering where his wife is. As Derek starts examining him, Tucker’s phone rings and Izzie answers it just as Tucker starts seizing. Izzie hears George on the other end of the phone and soon realizes that Tucker is Bailey’s husband. Meredith gets ready for James’ surgery, trying to keep Hannah calm. Hannah mentions that she hasn’t been a paramedic for long, and Meredith says she’s fairly new to her job, too. Burke and Derek greet each other in the usual way, then talk with Addison about Tucker. Derek wants to wait to tell Bailey what happened until he knows how bad things are. He’s peeved when Addison and Burke greet each other by their first names. Burke says it’s because he likes her and not Derek.

As Tucker is about to be given anesthesia for his surgery, he tells Derek that Bailey really likes him. Derek promises to take good care of Tucker and get her back to Bailey and the baby. In the pit, Mindy is about to tell Alex how James was injured when a man named Paul arrives and Mindy starts yelling at him. It turns out that they’re World War II buffs and tried to build an exact replica of a bazooka. They loaded it and it didn’t work until, of course, James was standing right in front of it. Alex confirms that James shot himself with a bazooka, then asks Mindy and Paul if there was an explosion. There wasn’t. Alex quickly realizes what this means, then tears off to the OR. At the same time, Derek begins Tucker’s surgery, remarking, “If Bailey asks, I’m not the one who did this.” Burke is about to start James’ surgery, telling Hannah that she’ll soon be able to remove her hand. Bailey calls Tucker, leaving him a message saying that he’d better be lying dead in the street since he’s not there with her. Just as Burke is about to start cutting, Alex makes it to the OR and pulls Burke aside to ask if James’ wound is through and through. It’s not. Hannah takes advantage of the pause to tell Meredith that she thinks Alex is cute.

After Alex quietly tells him what’s going on, Burke asks Hannah if her hand is touching anything hard, like metal. They are, and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Milton, quickly realizes what this means. Burke calmly tells Hannah not to move, then sends Meredith out of the room to tell someone that they have a code black situation and the bomb squad needs to be called. After she does, Burke tells Meredith and Alex that he’s going back into the OR until the bomb squad arrives, but they need to leave. Alex obeys, but Meredith wants to stay since Burke will need help in surgery. He allows her to stay nearby but not go back into the OR. George finds Bailey struggling through some contractions with Addison and fails to help keep her calm by mentioning that women sometimes die in childbirth. Addison pretends that they don’t know where Tucker is, then continues to pretend that nothing’s wrong when she receives a “code black” message on her beeper. Derek gets the same page, but he’s busy with Tucker’s surgery, which is taking more time than he expected; he sends Izzie to tell Addison that Tucker is doing worse than he thought. Cristina tells Derek that the staff is being told to evacuate the hospital because of a code black. Derek thinks it’s a drill, and he can’t leave anyway, since he has Tucker on the table. He tells the other people in the room that they can leave if they want, but no one does.

Just as George gets the “code black” page, Izzie arrives and tells Addison that Derek is taking longer on Tucker’s surgery than expected. Izzie gets the page next and can’t remember what code black indicates. Addison sends her and George to the locker room to wait for instructions from their resident, but their resident is currently in labor. In James’ OR, Burke has finished telling Hannah what’s going on, and she’s slowly starting to panic. She wants to remove her hand, but Burke tells her that that would probably cause the ammo to move and explode. He adds that Hannah’s hand is keeping James alive because it’s preventing him from bleeding out. He assures her that the bomb squad is coming and will tell them what to do. As George and Izzie listen from nearby, Addison approaches Webber and confirms that there’s a code black. He tells her that they’re shutting down the ORs and closing the trauma service. He thinks only Burke’s team is still in an OR, but Izzie speaks up that Derek is still operating on Tucker. The bomb squad arrives, headed by a man named Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler), who quickly takes charge. Meredith tells him that Burke’s team is the only one on the floor, but she doesn’t know about Derek’s team until Cristina appears and they update each other on their surgeries.

Izzie and George try to eat while thinking about Meredith and Cristina (and admitting that they’re a little jealous that they get to be in the center of all the action). They both feel useless, noting that they even had to call Cristina to get Meredith out of bed that morning. Izzie says that Meredith and Cristina are doers, but she and George are watchers. As she spots Alex, she announces that they need to be more proactive. She does this by cornering Alex in the on-call room, making out with him, and telling him to strip. Dylan tells Derek that he needs to get out of the OR, but Derek refuses to go until he’s done with Tucker’s surgery. He sends the OR team away as Dylan says that Webber gave the order to evacuate. Derek says that Bailey scares him more than Webber, so he can’t let Tucker die, which will happen if he leaves before finishing the surgery. Addison goes back to see Bailey, who finally asks straight-out where her husband is. “He’s with my husband,” Addison replies tearfully. As he studies x-rays with Burke, Dylan says that they need more information before they can operate on James. In the OR, Dr. Milton tells Hannah that when people blow up, the bomb squad calls them “pink mist.” He puts her in charge of squeezing the bag that’s helping James breathe, tells her he has kids, and slips out of the room.

Webber tries to calm Mindy in a conference room, though he doesn’t have many answers. She rails at Paul some more, then says that at least the day can’t get any worse. George returns to Bailey’s room to find her packing up to go home - she can’t have her baby without Tucker, so she’s going to go home and come back another time to try again. Meredith and Cristina discuss the bomb situation, then spot Hannah alone in the OR with James. Hannah tells them that Milton left, then says, “I think I’m going to take my hand out now.” Dylan tells Burke that because the bazooka was homemade, it’s unstable. Burke is surprised to hear that he’s not the only surgeon on the floor, though he doesn’t know who else is there. The two hear Cristina calling for help and head to the OR to find Meredith trying to calm Hannah, who just wants to leave. Dylan tells Burke to get everyone out of the room, but Meredith refuses to leave, and since Burke is responsible for her, he can’t leave either. He also can’t make Cristina leave because, well, she’s Cristina and she refuses to go. The five yell for a little while before Hannah quickly pulls her hand out of James. Burke, Dylan, and Cristina hit the deck and Hannah runs out, leaving a bloody handprint on the wall. As the other three look up, realizing that nothing exploded, they see that Meredith has taken Hannah’s place, complete with her hand inside James. “What did I do?” Meredith asks over and over.



MEMORABLE QUOTES: “She’s got my McDreamy! And my McDog. She’s got my McLife!” - Meredith re: Addison

Alex: “So you want to do charts later?”
Izzie: “Never gonna happen.”
Alex: “What?”
Izzie: “Alex, I gave you your chance. You had your chance and you slept with someone else. I forgave you in the spirit of being a bigger person, of rising above. But these legs are closed to you now. The panties are staying on. So you and me? Never gonna happen.”
Alex: “So you don’t wanna do charts later?
Izzie: “Go stand over there.”

Webber: “Can I get you anything?”
Bailey: “A boy the size of a ten-pound bowling ball is working his way out of my body. Can you get me something for that? Can you get me a new vagina?”

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