"The Other Side of This Life"
Written by Shonda Rhimes; directed by Michael Grossman

Meredith watches TV at home in the middle of the night while voicing over that we dream about having the perfect life, and once we get what we want, we start dreaming about something else. Izzie and Alex both join Meredith, also unable to sleep. Meredith voices over, “If this is the dream, then we’d like to wake up now, please.” Cristina wakes up to laughter and discovers that her mother, Helen (see “Deny, Deny, Deny”), and Burke’s mother, Jane (see “I Am a Tree”), have arrived to help her plan the wedding. Cristina isn’t very excited about this. At the hospital, Webber tells Derek that the police haven’t turned up any information on Ava, and she’s also not getting her memory back. Derek says he’ll see what he can do now that her other immediate medical problems have been dealt with. Mark approaches, looking for Addison, and Webber tells him that she’s gone; she’s taken a leave of absence but didn’t give a reason. In California, Addison drives up to the Oceanside Wellness Group and gets in an elevator, where she’s joined by a guy named Pete. She starts laughing and tells him that where she comes from, “elevators tend to be this kind of aphrodisiac.” She seems to chase him away by talking about sex in elevators, then says to herself that she’s becoming a freak. A voice tells her she’s not becoming one, she’s already one. At Seattle Grace, Cristina awkwardly asks Callie to be one of her bridesmaids, obviously having been talked into it by Helen and Jane.

Meredith meets up with Derek, who spent the night at the trailer. She tells him that when she drowned, it was different for him than it was for her. Something happened to her, and now she feels different, and she wants to be better at everything and let Derek in. He guesses that she rehearsed this speech, and she asks him not to give up on her. At Oceanside, where a receptionist named Dell (AKA Piz) takes a call, Addison meets up with a girl named Maya, followed by Maya’s mother Naomi (AKA Francie). Naomi isn’t as thrilled to see Addison is Addison is to see her, noting that they haven’t talked in over a year, despite Naomi’s attempts to get in touch with Addison. Addison would like them to let that go, saying that she’s been through some difficult times, including a divorce. She doesn’t know that Naomi has also been through a divorce, and that, like Addison, she still works with her ex-husband, Sam (who has recently written a book and has become famous). A woman named Violet approaches and mentions that she has to go rescue a colleague named Cooper, who has once again gotten in trouble with a woman. Sam expositions that he and Naomi work in a medical co-op with a bunch of different kinds of doctors (and wouldn’t you know, they don’t have an OB/GYN!). Sam tries to be friendly with Naomi, who tells him to shut up, then goes to talk to Pete, who asks who the “possibly insane but hot” redhead talking to Naomi is. Sam tells him not to even think about it.

Addison and Naomi head off to talk in an office, and Naomi claims that she and Sam are still friends. She tries to distance herself from Addison by saying she got fat and ugly, then asks why Addison is there. Addison explains that she came to see Naomi, who’s a fertility specialist, because she wants to have a baby. In the clinic, Bailey encounters Susan, who has the hiccups. She explains that she has acid reflux and gets hiccups when it gets really bad. Bailey offers her an anti-psychotic often used to help with hiccups, noting that if the hiccups don’t stop soon, she’ll definitely need an anti-psychotic. Susan asks after Meredith, knowing that she’s been busy lately because she’s getting ready for the big intern exam. She quickly realizes that the medication has worked. At Oceanside, Naomi examines Addison as the latter babbles about her Mc men and requests that they “never Mc anything.” She says that her new dream is to have a baby, and she’s planning on conceiving with a sperm donor. Naomi tells her that having a baby isn’t the answer, but Addison says Naomi is her example, since she has a child. Sam meets with a patient named Kathy, who has injured herself while working out on a treadmill. He guesses that she’s pushing herself too hard, since this is her fourth sports injury in three months. Kathy reveals that she’s “a sexual person” but her husband hasn’t had sex with her in 18 months, so she runs to keep herself from being tempted to have sex with someone else. “You’d do it with me, right?” she asks. He suggests that she see a therapist.

Violet picks up Cooper, who asks if she’s been crying. He tells her that he got stuck without a car because he met a girl on the Internet who borrowed his. This is apparently not the first time something like this has happened, and Violet would like Cooper to realize that this says something about him. He thinks it just means that he’s an optimist and wants to find his soulmate. He tells Violet that “Allen’s not worth it” and she denies that Allen is the reason she was crying. At Seattle Grace, Izzie happily tells Meredith and Cristina that she switched her clinic hours so she can go to the bridal shop with them. Cristina is nowhere near as excited as Izzie, who is thrilled about wedding plans because “weddings are all about hope and the future.” Callie approaches to join the field trip and makes it clear that she’s not going to wear pink or baby blue, put flowers in her hair, or wear a bow on her butt. “See? She’s got the right attitude,” Cristina says. Thatcher approaches and tells Meredith that Susan is in the clinic. Izzie is surprised that Callie is a bridesmaid and obviously isn’t looking forward to spending time with her. Alex takes a walk with Ava, discussing her new baby with her. Ava wonders where Addison is, and Alex tells her that they weren’t going to work out because Addison was too serious about the situation with him (see “Desire”). “And Alex is a rolling stone,” Ava replies. He says he was being thoughtful and she notes that dumping Addison after one romp with her wasn’t very sensitive. She asks for details on the aftermath of their romp.

At Oceanside, Addison smacks Sam for divorcing Naomi and asks if it was because he cheated on her. He points out that Addison had an affair, too, and tells her to ask Naomi if she wants the details. She tells him that she’s on Naomi’s side but has missed him. He notes that since she was Naomi’s friend first, Naomi got custody of Addison in the divorce. Later, Addison tells Naomi that she’s only in California on vacation (“other than Project Baby”), but Naomi encourages her to hang out in the office rather than at the beach. She also tries to talk Addison into moving to California and working with them. Addison thinks Dell is watching Naomi, and after Naomi sends her off to get coffee, she approaches Dell and tells him to stop looking at her. “You can’t make rules about my eyes,” Dell says. They’re interrupted by screaming, and Naomi, Sam, Pete, Cooper, and Violet run to a conference room where a bunch of people are yelling about a baby. Cooper gets in the middle of things and winds up getting hit. Back at Seattle Grace, Meredith goes to see Susan and chastises her for not calling her to tell her what was going on. Bailey tells Susan that the medication doesn’t work long-term, and she might consider undergoing an operation that will protect her esophagus from her stomach acid. Susan immediately agrees to it, but Thatcher is more reluctant. At Oceanside, Naomi expositions about the yellers - Carol, who used to be married to Rick (who left her for Keith), is now married to Doug, but she and Rick are having a baby through a surrogate, Lisa, who is married to a guy named Jim (AKA Sark). However, Lisa has had sex with pretty much every man involved in the situation and doesn’t know who the baby’s father is.

The Oceanside doctors discuss the situation, Naomi explaining that the baby has to be Rick’s because they implanted Lisa with an embryo from Carol’s egg and Rick’s sperm. “Then Rick implanted some more of his own for good measure,” Cooper adds. Pete has been treating Doug for stress and knew he was cheating on Carol, but he doesn’t think it was with Lisa. Addison speaks up that the most important issue right now is that Lisa hasn’t had any prenatal care. Sam notes that there’s no OB/GYN at the practice (“I didn’t do anything,” Pete speaks up), so Addison offers to examine Lisa. Cooper hits on Addison a little and Violet teases him, leading Sam to say that there’s a no-consorting rule at Oceanside (“I didn’t do anything,” Pete repeats). At Seattle Grace, George assists Bailey with Susan’s operation and wonders why Meredith isn’t there. Bailey explains that Susan wanted Meredith to stay with Thatcher because he’s been having some anxiety. “And Meredith is supposed to help with that?” George asks. As father and daughter wait together, Thatcher talks about how he worries about Molly living alone with the baby, and Lexie, his other daughter, who’s about to start her residency. He adds that he also worries about Meredith, especially now that Ellis is dead. Meredith guesses that Susan has encouraged Thatcher to talk to her. He admits that he’s a little jealous of Susan’s relationship with Meredith and even jokes that she’s faking her hiccups to get the two of them in the same place. At Oceanside, Violet, the therapist, gets Kathy and her husband Paul to do a session together, giving them homework: have sex.

Sam and Pete go for a walk and discuss bringing Addison on staff at Oceanside. Pete seems interested in her in a non-professional way, but Sam doesn’t want him to hurt her. A woman hits on Sam and Pete notes that he should be celebrating, since he’s doing so well professionally and women love him. Pete says Sam isn’t normal because he got a little dog and cooks for it. Sam says he chooses to be alone, and Pete notes that even though Sam isn’t interested in Addison, Pete isn’t allowed to pursue her. Sam tells him that Addison is “a marriage woman” and will want a commitment. Sam, however, is a serial monogamist, and as soon as it’s time to commit to a woman, he leaves. Pete challenges this, but after Sam lists all of his past loves, Pete says he won’t go after Addison. As Addison examines Lisa, Naomi questions her about her sex partners. Lisa thinks Naomi is on Carol’s side, and Naomi notes that she’s Carol’s doctor, and Lisa made the choice to come to Oceanside and be Carol’s surrogate. Lisa says that she was about to donate her body to someone else for nine months, and when she realized how big of a responsibility it was, she went out and did something wild. Meredith walks Susan and Thatcher out of Seattle Grace and the three say amiable goodbyes. George and Izzie wind up in an elevator together and she asks if he’s heard anything from Mercy West yet. His chances of getting a spot there are good, and he’ll know more after the intern exam. He tells her he’s not a cheater but isn’t sure if he’ll sleep with Izzie again if he stays at Seattle Grace.

At Oceanside, Violet tells Sam and Cooper about Paul and Kathy, who weren’t able to complete their homework assignment because Paul couldn’t get an erection. She thinks the problem is physical, since the alternative is that Paul doesn’t love Kathy anymore. Cooper suggests that he might be gay or ugly, but the other two ignore him and Sam agrees to examine Paul. Back in the elevator, Addison attempts to hear the voice again but has no luck. At Seattle Grace, Mark blasts Alex for filling out an EEG request for Ava. Alex explains that Derek is going to do a neurological workup on her. Mark isn’t happy and blames him for scaring Addison off. At Naomi’s house, Addison looks through a list of sperm donors, and Naomi notes that “Lisa has extra donors.” She asks if Addison is sure about having a baby, since her life is going to change completely. That’s exactly why Addison wants to have a baby - she wants to be like Naomi, who did everything in the order and at the time she was supposed to. Naomi says she did everything the way she was supposed to and never made a mistake, but her husband still asked her for a divorce. “I’m 38 years old and I don’t know how to have fun,” Naomi says. Addison teases her and Naomi says that she wishes she’d been more like Addison. At the grocery store, Violet runs into the previously mentioned Allen, an ex, and they have an awkward conversation before Violet meets Allen’s new wife. Violet is shaken to realize that he’s married so recently.

The next morning, Addison tells Naomi, Violet, and Cooper that Lisa has a problem with her placenta that could put her and the baby in danger. In addition, the baby has some genetic markers that only match Lisa, not Carol, which means the baby is Lisa’s and the paternity is again in question. She starts to head off to the beach but Cooper tells her she needs to tell Lisa what’s going on; he himself has bad people skills other than with children (he’s a pediatrician). Violet uses his recent car theft as an example. Speaking of the car, Cooper, Pete, and Sam head to an impound lot, where Cooper’s car has been vandalized. Sam laments the loss of the car, which he called a single person’s car, but Cooper said that was the point - he’s sick of being single and though the woman who stole the car was going to marry him and have his children. He cries a little and Pete and Sam hope it’s because of the car and not the Internet “soulmate.” In Seattle, Burke heads to a bridal shop where Cristina, Meredith, Izzie, and Callie are trying on dresses as Helen and Jane give advice. Cristina has paged Burke to complain that Jane has dashed her hopes for a small wedding. He admits that he didn’t think Cristina was serious about that. Meredith heads back to the hospital while Callie and Izzie decide to give Cristina and Burke some privacy (though that means the two women have to be alone together). Burke tells Cristina that he’s a traditional man and wants a traditional ceremony, which means Cristina needs to keep trying on dresses. Burke tells Jane that Cristina isn’t as cold as she seems, and Jane says she trusts his instincts.

At Oceanside, everyone involved in Lisa’s case learns that that baby is actually Lisa’s, which means that she’s legally allowed to keep him or her if she wants. The baby’s paternity won’t be determined until after the birth, and right now Addison is concerned with the placenta problem, which carries a risk of death for both Lisa and the baby. Addison offers to refer Lisa to someone local, since she has to go back to Seattle, but Lisa wants her to stay. Sam meets with Paul, who’s worried that Kathy is cheating on him. She arrives late for the session and admits that she had a chance to cheat but passed on it because she considers herself stuck with Paul. Paul starts crying and hugs Sam, who suggests that they draw some blood. Back in Seattle, Mark asks Derek why Addison might have gone to California. He admits that the two of them were going to try for a relationship, but she obviously didn’t want to be with him, since she slept with someone else. Derek is surprised that Mark said he slept with someone else; Mark explains that he figured if she didn’t want to be with him, she shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. Derek notes that his selflessness is out of character. In California, Addison tells Naomi that she’s finally going to the beach, but Naomi stops herby telling her that her fertility test results came back and there’s no potential for her to have a baby. Addison says that she didn’t have a baby when she was with Derek because she wanted to focus on her career, then didn’t have a baby with Mark because he wasn’t the great guy, and now that she’s alone, she’s ready to have a baby and can’t. She heads off to the elevator, where the voice notes that Addison isn’t have a good day. Addison tells the voice over and over to shut up.

Later, in the lobby, Naomi reminds Addison that there’s an empty office at Oceanside and she could join the staff. Addison asks why they’re hanging out in the lobby when they were planning to go to lunch. Naomi wants to show Addison what she does when she gets depressed. Addison says it’s probably a good thing she’s not having a baby because with her luck, it would have two heads. Violet joins them and the three ogle Dell (in shorts) as he heads off for his daily lunchtime surf trip. Addison says Naomi and Violet should be ashamed of themselves, but Naomi knows that this made Addison feel better. Violet adds that if it didn’t, “there’s another showing in an hour, and it’s wet.” At Seattle Grace, Derek informs Ava that her brain is bleeding, either from the ferryboat accident or from one of the surgeries she’s undergone. Because of the location of the bleed, she’ll have to be awake during the procedure, which will be dangerous. It’s possible that she could recover her memories, but Derek isn’t confident she will. Susan returns to the hospital, this time with a heart murmur possibly caused by the procedure she underwent. Bailey and Meredith tell her that she may just need antibiotics. Alex finds Ava on a walk and assures her that Derek is a great doctor. She laments that she can’t hold her baby because she’s in an incubator, and she doesn’t know what to talk to her about. She also doesn’t remember what it’s like to be outside the hospital, and that’s making her want to have the surgery more. He reminds her that she might not get her memory back, but she wants to hold on to the possibility.

At Oceanside, Sam tells Violet that Paul’s problems are due to a hormonal imbalance; he wants to have sex with Kathy, but he can’t do anything about it. However, the imbalance could have been caused by a number of things, so the treatment could be lengthy and the cause could be serious. Sam suggests that Violet encourage Kathy to take up swimming before they figure out what’s going on with Paul. Addison goes to Pete’s office, where he tells her that he’s not a quack - he went to med school but is also a licensed herbalist and studied alternative medicine in China. He tells her to lie down on a table so she can undergo some acupuncture. She does so and he tells her that she’s blocking some emotion. He then heads off, leaving her alone to experience the emotion that’s about to come pouring out. Even as she starts crying, she says she’s not feeling anything. In Seattle, Derek and Meredith talk about Susan, Thatcher, and the trailer. Lisa and Jim return to Oceanside just as Lisa’s water breaks, and Naomi calls an ambulance. Addison wants her to also talk to the chief and let her scrub in on Lisa’s C-section. Everyone involved in the baby’s situation heads to the hospital and Addison tells them that the stress of the situation is probably to blame for Lisa going into labor early. Back at Oceanside, Violet tells Pete that she doesn’t think her therapy works because it doesn’t seem to apply to her life very well. She complains about Allen, then says that Paul’s problem was physical and therefore something she couldn’t help him with, which makes her think her profession is becoming useless. “People should just tell the truth to the people in their lives,” Pete says. Violet thinks he’s violent and angry, and that he uses sex to deflect it.

Derek performs Ava’s surgery as Alex shows her photos and asks her to talk about them. The process reveals that Ava speaks Spanish, French, and German. Derek determines that because of breathing problems, they’ll need to put Ava under, but Alex wants to keep going in case she can recover her memories the way she recovered the languages she speaks. Derek thinks it’s too risky and they need to focus on her bleeding. In California, Addison and Cooper tend to Lisa, delivering the baby, who doesn’t cry. Addison determines that Lisa’s uterus has ruptured, but she doesn’t want to be put under anesthesia until she hears the baby cry. Addison does the surgery, then informs everyone else that Lisa and the baby are both doing okay. Doug and Rick ask her who the father is, and Carol asks if Lisa has made a decision about whether or not she’s going to keep the baby. Addison repeats her news about Lisa and the baby’s conditions, adding that they both almost died, so she didn’t exactly have time to check paternity or ask Lisa about her plans. Carol asks if they can see the baby, but Addison forbids them from doing so until she gives them permission. Back at Seattle Grace, Alex tells Ava that she did well in surgery and speaks three languages, but she tells him she didn’t recover any memories. This upsets her and she wonders if she’ll never get anything back. Bailey finds George lying down in the clinic and he asks her if she ever had doubts about her marriage. Webber stops by to check on Susan, who’s feeling better after receiving antibiotics, and tells her they’re going to give her a central line so she can continue to receive the antibiotics as an outpatient. Susan sends Meredith and Thatcher to the cafeteria and Meredith says they’re on to her.

Bailey runs into Burke, also hiding out in the clinic, and he asks if she thinks it matters that one person in a couple is more ready than the other to get married. Bailey calls George over and tells the two of them to talk to each other, leaving her marriage and clinic out of it (by which she means leave the clinic altogether). At Oceanside, Cooper tells Naomi and Violet that Addison handled Lisa’s situation well. He complains that he keeps going for younger and dirtier women. Naomi tells him he needs to date someone his own age, and Violet adds that it would be nice for him to find “someone without a porny Internet name and…and perhaps no criminal past.” She tells him to be a man. Pete finds Addison crying in a stairwell at the hospital, and she tells him she just had an overwhelming day in surgery. He tells her she looks good and she tells him not to flirt because she doesn’t have time for it. She then goes off about not being able to have a baby and wasting her time with men and telling a near stranger about her personal life. Pete announces that he’s going to kiss her, then does so to remind her that she’s not as dried up as she thinks she is. Meredith goes back to see Susan, who’s now experiencing cramps. Meredith says it could be a reaction to the antibiotics and Susan may need to spend another night in the hospital. In California, Carol tells Addison that she wanted a baby so badly that she didn’t care who the father was or if the baby was hers - “all that matters is the baby.” Addison assures her that the baby is going to be okay.

Burke asks George if he was the one who needed more urging than Callie to get married. He says there are no guarantees and George replies that he doesn’t believe in divorce. He then asks if Burke thinks it’s possible to love two people at the same time. Burke says he’s still hoping it’s possible to just love on person. Callie approaches Izzie and offers to tell Cristina she can’t be her bridesmaid if Izzie thinks it’s going to make things too weird. They discuss George’s possible transfer to Mercy West and agree that things are fine. After Izzie leaves, Cristina arrives and tells Callie that she didn’t love the last dress she tried on, but she only has to wear it for one day (and only to her wedding, of course). In California, Sam tells Paul and Kathy that Paul’s test results are back - he has a tumor on his adrenal gland that’s causing his low sex drive. Though treatment will be tough, there’s hope both for Paul’s recovery and a return to a normal sex life. Kathy and Paul immediately make up. In the elevator, Addison talks to the voice, telling it she’s sorry for yelling earlier. The voice is okay with that. Violet meets with Kathy, who says that she’s been a screw-up until now. She’s learned that she’s great at being Paul’s wife, but she was worried that he was in love with someone else, so she cheated on him. Violet says she was just reacting to what was in front of her, and she couldn’t have known what was really going on. She adds that Kathy is still doing what she’s great at, which is loving her husband. Dell goes to Naomi’s office and tries to ask her out, not caring that he’s a lot younger. She tells him it’s never going to happen.

Addison, Pete, and Sam hang out at a bar and Pete brings up the possibility of Addison staying in California. Sam sends Pete off to get refills and tells Addison that his wife died eight years ago, and now he can’t connect with women. He’s a good guy, but if Addison wants commitment, he’s not the guy for her. At the bar, Cooper tries to kiss Violet, reminding her that she told him to be a man. She says he can’t be a man with a friend because it’s settling. Naomi joins Addison and Sam, who quickly realize that she’s drunk. After she heads off to dance, Addison asks Sam if he cheated on Naomi. He was tempted but never followed through, and he admits that he has no reason for leaving her; he just couldn’t do the marriage thing anymore. Addison tells him she did the same thing. Violet tells Cooper that she ran into Allen, and despite the fact that he told her marriage wasn’t for him, he’s now married. Cooper tells her that he likes Internet dating because it “heads off rejection.” Burke returns home to find Jane waiting for him and tells her that she’s always been telling him she trusts him, but she really means that she thinks he needs to learn from his mistakes. He says that Cristina never knows what’s good for her and hates change, so he has to take control, which ends up making her grateful. He knows she’s being a good sport about the wedding because ultimately she’ll be happy. “If you are so sure, why are you yelling at me?” Jane asks. Meredith rushes to Susan’s room, where Webber tells her that she’s septic and needs surgery. Meredith tries to assure Thatcher that she’ll be okay.

In California, Cooper tells Lisa that she needs to decide what she’s going to do with the baby. She has already made a decision and doesn’t want to know the baby’s paternity ahead of time. Later, the Oceanside doctors discuss the fact that Lisa gave the baby to Carol on the condition that everyone involved gets to be a part of her life. Violet and Naomi think that she made the right decision because everyone involved now looks like a happy family. In an elevator at Seattle Grace, Izzie tells George that she doesn’t want him to transfer to Mercy West; she’s losing her best friend and doesn’t think it’s fair. They hug and start kissing, but stop just before the doors open and they come face-to-face with Callie. Alex and Ava take a walk outside, and he tells her that a lot of people would love to have the clean slate she’s gotten. It doesn’t matter that she can’t remember anything because she’ll make new memories. Ava notes that he’s good with her and wonders why he can’t be that good with someone he has feelings for. She asks what happened to him and he replies, “Maybe I don’t remember.” Meredith, Webber, and Bailey sadly approach Thatcher, and Meredith has to inform him that despite their best efforts, Susan didn’t survive the surgery. Thatcher responds by slapping her and blasting her for letting them down after they trusted her. Meredith runs off and Derek goes after her, but she doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say.

As Meredith voices over that sometimes we have to “accept that the dream has become a nightmare,” Burke and Cristina relish a little alone time together and she tells him she got a dress. They tell each other they’re happy. At home, Meredith, Izzie, and Alex get drunk together and toast crappy friends and family. Derek stops by and sees them together but doesn’t alert Meredith to his presence. “We convince ourselves it’s better that we never dream at all. But the strongest of us, the most determined of us, we hold on to the dream,” Meredith voices over. Addison gets ready to head back to Seattle, and she and Naomi tease each other again. Naomi tells Addison to do some more thinking about moving to California and working at Oceanside. “Or we find ourselves faced with a fresh dream we never considered,” Meredith voices over as Pete joins Addison in the elevator. “We awake to find ourselves, against all odds, feeling hopeful.” Addison confides in Pete that she’s heard a voice in the elevator, and he tells her the voice belongs to Tilly, who works in security and can see them through a camera. Pete asks if Addison is going home and if she got what she came there for. She says she doesn’t know and he offers to kiss her again. Addison rejects the offer and he thinks it’s because of what elevators are where she comes from. She says it’s that, plus the fact that she’s not interested, which he doesn’t believe. As Addison drives home, Meredith voices over that if we’re lucky, we realize that the true dream is the ability to dream.

THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: Jefferson Airplane

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Surprise! I got lost, like, eight times. I smell like someone who’s been driving in a car for two days and I think I just had some kind of psychotic break in your elevator, but, um…surprise!” - Addison

Izzie: “I switched my hours at the clinic so I can go to the bridal shop. Yay!”
Cristina: “Did she cheer? She just cheered.”
Izzie: “Someone’s not being very bridey.”
Cristina: “I am not a bride. I am a surgeon.”
Meredith: “Don’t tease the caged animal.”

Sam: “Okay, two things I learned way back in kindergarten: one, keep your hands to yourself; two, he who smelt it dealt it.”
Addison: “That makes no sense.”
Sam: “Yeah. Well, you cheated. You cheated on your husband with his best friend. There. Smelt it, dealt it. It works.”

Paul: “What am I gonna do if little Paul can’t perform?”
Sam: “Okay. Don’t talk about your penis while you hug another man.”

Naomi: “You’re…you’re a fetus. You could be my fetus.”
Dell: “Coo coo cachoo, Mrs. Robinson.”
Naomi: “You can’t use The Graduate as a defense. You can’t use a movie made before you were born as a defense.”

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