"Sometimes a Fantasy"
Written by Debora Cahn; directed by Adam Arkin

Meredith lies in bed, voicing over that sometimes surgeons fantasize about saving lives in extraordinary ways. Speaking of fantasies, she’s currently fantasizing that she’s in bed with both Derek and Finn. She wakes up to a bang and George crying out in pain. Meredith voices over that usually fantasies disappear when we wake up, but sometimes we can “live the dream.” She tries to go back to sleep, but George makes more noise, so she goes into the hall to find him messing around with some boxes. He complains that Callie brought over a bunch of her stuff and it’s all over the place now. Meredith says she doesn’t mind Callie staying with them (see “I Am a Tree”), and though George says he doesn’t mind either, he whispers to her, “Kick her out.” Meredith points out that George was the one who told Callie she could move in. He replies that he told her she could stay for a couple of days, but now it’s been over a week and she’s there all the time. Callie interrupts the two, wrapped in a towel, and tells the others there’s no more hot water. Izzie emerges from her room and asks for a ride to the hospital - she’s going to go talk to Webber about getting her job back. George tells Callie she’s wearing his towel, so she gives it back to him and tells Meredith that George is grumpy in the mornings.

In Addison’s hotel room, Mark (see “I Am a Tree”) tells Addison that he could change his flight and stay in Seattle a little while longer. She thanks him for all the sex but tells him she needs him to go back to New York. He responds by pulling her back into bed. At Burke’s apartment, Cristina is ready to go to work but Burke is lounging around, throwing a ball against the wall. She suggests that he use his bad hand so he uses it to throw the ball at a coffee mug. He also doesn’t care if the mess gets cleaned up, which should be Cristina’s clue that there’s something very wrong. Meredith, Izzie, George, and Callie arrive at the hospital, Callie telling George that she gets off work before him and should probably get a copy of his house key so she doesn’t have to wait around for him. He immediately says no, telling her he just likes going home with her. As they get closer to the hospital, Izzie stops and tells the others to go in without her. Meredith and George remind her that everyone’s on her side, even Webber, but Izzie just wants a few minutes to practice what she’s going to say. In Webber’s office, he and Bailey argue over Izzie’s return, Bailey defending Izzie’s actions and telling Webber he’s going to talk to her and remember that she’s not the first person to make a mistake. “Being the boss isn’t as gratifying as it used to be,” Webber notes.

Cristina complains to Meredith about Burke, and Meredith reminds her that surgical patients often get depressed. Cristina doesn’t think Burke should be depressed since he’s Burke, after all. She thinks he’s milking the situation to get her to do things for him. Derek brings Meredith coffee and she announces that she had a dream about him the night before. He explains that he brought coffee because a lot of dates start out with invitations over coffee. He asks her to dinner that night and she accepts. The two are interrupted when Finn shows up, and Meredith tells him she dreamed about him, too. Cristina finds this amusing and asks what he was doing. Finn gives Meredith some coffee cake and asks her to dinner, but she already has plans so she accepts a lunch date instead. After Finn leaves, Cristina tells Meredith she has more respect for her now that she’s had a dream about a threesome. Outside, Alex runs into Izzie and is happy to see that she’s going to talk to Webber. She still isn’t going inside, though. The other interns meet up (and eat Meredith’s coffee cake), then get their assignments from Bailey. Cristina is with Derek, Alex is still with Addison, and Callie has requested George as her intern for the day. Meredith encourages George to tell Callie he wants her to move out, then try dating, which she’s enjoying so far.

Addison finds Alex and tells him she’s still enjoying making him work on her service. She gets a phone call and tells Alex to find something to do in the pit while she takes care of something else. In the pit, Alex meets a girl named Megan whose foster parents brought her in after she cut her leg on the playground. Mr. and Mrs. Clover tell Alex that they know this looks suspicious, but Megan plays rough. As the Clovers head to the nurses’ station, Alex notices that Megan has a lot of bruises, as well as a stapled gash on her arm. Megan swears that her foster parents didn’t do anything to her. She also stapled her own arm because she didn’t want to go back to the doctor. She begs Alex not to say anything because she doesn’t want to leave her foster parents’ house. “I can’t be hurt,” Megan announces, inviting Alex to punch her in the stomach to prove it. He declines and tells her he’ll give her a shot to numb her arm before he removes the staples. She responds by pulling the staples out herself. “I have superpowers,” she whispers. Derek and Cristina’s patient is Taylor, who is there for a corpus callosotomy, a procedure that will sever some of the fibers that connect the hemispheres of his brain so that his seizures won’t spread. His wife, Leanne, doesn’t like this idea, but Taylor wants to get his seizures under control so he can help take care of their baby. She eventually gives in.

Alex finds Bailey and tells her about Megan and how her foster parents probably abuse her, even though she claims her injuries are her own fault. Bailey tells him to talk to Social Services and use ice water to test Megan’s response to pain. George meets up with Callie, who notes that he was acting strangely that morning. George says he’s usually like that because mornings are weird and there are a lot of people around. Callie introduces him to their patient, Jasper, who is there for his fourth orthopedic surgery, this one an ankle replacement. Jasper wants to “meet” the cadaver who’s supplying him with his new ankle. Alex brings a bucket of ice water to the pit for Megan’s test; she’s already figured out that her parents are talking to a social worker. She tells Alex that she gets in a lot of fights because she’s stronger than a lot of other kids and ends up defending the ones who can’t defend themselves. Even though she’s not the biggest kid herself, she can take bigger kids in a fight. They both put their hands in the water to see who can last longer (though Megan would rather prove her superpowers by having Alex punch her in the stomach). Megan explains that most superheroes are orphans, like her, and most figure out that they have powers when they’re around her age. Alex just squirms from the cold.

Addison meets Mark at the ECB and he tells her that his flight was grounded because of bad weather (despite the fact that the weather in Seattle is unusually nice). He wants to have a drink, but Addison refuses since she’s supposed to be working. Mark asks Joe for coffee instead. Back in the pit, Alex fails the water competition, screaming in pain and telling Megan to get her hand out of the water. He’s surprised to see that she really didn’t feel any pain. Megan tells him that yesterday a kid accused her of lying about her powers, so she let him punch her in the stomach 25 times, including once with a baseball bat. Alex doesn’t like the sound of that. Cristina preps Taylor for surgery, taking Leanne’s side that the surgery will lead to months of recovery, so Taylor should know what he’s getting into. She tells Leanne that the recovery will be hard on her, too, then rants about her own issues. She’s so busy complaining that she and Leanne don’t hear Taylor alerting them to the fact that he’s about to have a seizure and needs Leanne to take the baby. Later, Derek checks on Taylor and determines that the seizure shouldn’t mean they have to cancel the surgery. Leanne notes that they don’t seem to have a choice now. Meredith and Cristina find Izzie still standing outside and Cristina complains to her for a little while.

At the ECB, Addison tells Mark that they’ve enjoyed being together, and she thinks they had a “healthy release,” but she doesn’t want them to make more out of it. Mark tries to distract her by stroking her hair and telling her they’re good together. He wants her to come back to New York with him, asking if it was really just about the sex. They almost kiss, but Addison slaps Mark instead and leaves. Webber finds Bailey and asks her where Izzie is, since she’s late for their meeting. Addison approaches and tells Bailey that Megan needs a CT of her abdomen. Bailey thinks that her fantasies are fine, since she herself believed in Santa Claus until she was 11, but Alex notes that Santa probably never hit her with a baseball bat. Callie tracks down George and he asks her why Jasper has had so many surgeries. Callie explains that he’s an athlete and has to replace parts of his body that have taken a beating. George isn’t sure Jasper should be so active at his age, but Callie wants to make people’s dreams come true whenever she can. She then changes the subject by saying that she’s going home for lunch and would love for George to come with her. Instead, George eats outside with Alex and Cristina, who are spying on Meredith and Finn and taking bets on whether or not Derek will arrive and challenge Finn to a duel.

Alex asks George if he likes comic books (George says no for Cristina’s benefit, then mouths “yes”), telling Megan about her belief that she has superpowers. George says superheroes look normal but are probably overlooked and walked on in their real lives. Then all of a sudden something happens (like, say, a radioactive spider bite) and something inside them comes out. Alex wishes he hadn’t asked. Cristina alerts them to the fact that Derek has arrived and is wandering around, trying to avoid Finn and Meredith’s table. He finally approaches them and asks Meredith if she wants to scrub in on Taylor’s surgery. This effectively breaks up the lunch date, and Finn is completely aware of Derek’s intentions. Cristina and Alex are very amused. Burke arrives at the hospital and shares a moment with Izzie, neither of them sure if he or she is coming or going. Derek takes Meredith to Taylor’s room as she comments that his plan was brilliant, but now she owes Finn another date. Derek thinks Finn is out of his league, but he does admire him for staying in the game. He tells Meredith to prep Taylor for surgery, since the operation isn’t quite this moment, despite what he led her to believe. Cristina passes Webber’s office and is happy to see Burke inside talking to him. Alex takes Megan for a CT, telling her to stop worrying about how much it will cost her parents, and she asks a nurse to punch her in the stomach.

Addison joins Bailey in studying Megan’s CT scan, and the two share an awkward moment when they recall that the last time they saw each other, Addison was really drunk. Alex, Addison, and Bailey discuss Megan, and Alex spots something interesting on a monitor. George runs into Burke and tells him that he’s missed at the hospital. Burke lets him know that Izzie is still standing outside. Derek, Meredith, and Cristina operate on Taylor and discuss Burke, who Derek thinks was meeting with Webber to discuss his leave of absence. Cristina doesn’t like the sound of that. George heads outside to talk to Izzie, who doesn’t want to sit and tells George to go inside. She goes on about weddings and how she never wanted to be a typical bride, but now she’s thinking like one. “I’m going to walk through those doors,” she promises. “I just need to make sure that when I’m standing in front of the chief of surgery, I am not thinking about my wedding dress. And that’s gonna take another minute.” Later, George reads Jasper his surgical consent form, but Jasper has no reservations about his operation. He’s also planning to have hip surgery in the fall. George decides that it’s time for him to go see his cadaver donor. Bailey and Addison tell the Clovers that they believe they haven’t hurt Megan, but she does need surgery. Alex arrives and notices that Megan is missing.

Cristina runs into Burke, who tells her he’s been making sure all of his open cases are taken care of while he’s on leave. She doesn’t think his recovery will take very long, but he reminds her how many complications can arise from his operation. She’s still sure that he’ll beat the odds. George takes Jasper to the morgue and shows him the cadaver donor, who Jasper thinks is older than him but who is actually two years younger than him. Later, Callie is informed that Jasper cancelled his operation and left the hospital. She quickly figures out that George is responsible, but before she can confront him, Bailey pulls him away to help him find Megan. After Taylor’s surgery, Meredith asks Derek if he thinks everything has been done or if he’ll need to operate again. Derek says they’ll see if the seizures are under control first. She asks if she gets to scrub in for that, too, or only if she’s on a date. He replies that he doesn’t consider a meal in the cafeteria a date. Addison starts to approach but spots the two of them and stays away. Derek tells Meredith that he actually respects Finn, since he’s brave enough to “woo a woman with a tuna salad.” Alex finds Meredith and asks for her help in finding Megan.

Alex and George wind up looking for her together as George says that it makes sense for Megan to hide, since she can’t be sure what surgery will do to her superpowers. “You take away Green Lantern’s ring, Hal Jordan is still a hero, but it creates a crisis of confidence.” He compares himself to Batman and Callie to Robin moving into the Batcave with no warning. Alex doesn’t want to hear it. Callie finds George again and blasts him for talking Jasper out of the surgery after she arranged for George to take part in it. George replies that he expressed his opinion but Callie went ahead with everything, the way she always does. He finally announces that he’s not ready for them to move in together. Callie says that if he’d said that in the first place, she would have said the same and let him know that she’s been looking for a place to live. She angrily tells him she’ll be moved out in an hour. Meredith looks for Megan but instead finds Addison, who is upset that Meredith is always around. Meredith obliges. Alex finally finds Megan hiding under a gurney and lets her know, “Your powers of invisibility are well intact.” She refuses to have surgery, since it’ll make her foster parents think she’s defective and they’ll send her back. Alex tells her they would never send back their own personal superhero. She reminds him that he told her she didn’t have superpowers. “Yeah, well, you don’t,” he says. “But take away Green Lantern’s ring, the guy’s still a hero. Right?”

Derek and Cristina perform a neurological exam on Taylor, who can’t remember certain words, including the names of his wife and son. Outside the room, Derek tells Leanne that Taylor knows the words, and he has an emotional connection to his son in the ride side of his brain; he just can’t communicate that to the left side of his brain, where the words are formed. He’ll have to work on making new pathways from his right brain to his left brain. Recovery will take a lot of work and time, so Leanne needs to help him and be patient and supportive. Fortunately, Cristina is listening carefully. Bailey and Alex operate on Megan, who has a lot of injuries, and Bailey says that everyone wants to live without pain, but it doesn’t work out so well. She thinks Megan is a good example “to remind people pain’s there for a reason.” After the operation, Bailey looks outside and notices that Izzie is still there. Meredith and Derek return to her house after their date, and just as she’s inviting him in for coffee, Finn arrives with ice cream. Derek accuses him of crashing their date, and as the two men start fighting, Meredith interrupts and points out that they should be focusing on her, not each other. She heads inside, demanding romance.

As Meredith voices over more about fantasies, Addison, Callie, Webber, and Mark all check into the same hotel (Mark trying to get a room on Addison’s floor). Webber recognizes Mark (having met him in “Yesterday”), who tells Webber he’s in Seattle because he has a thing for ferryboats. (Interesting, so does Derek.) Cristina brings home chickens for Burke, telling him that if he takes a leave of absence, he’s going to have to do some work and get his dexterity and strength back. She chops a chicken in half, throws Burke a suture kit, and tells him to put the chicken back together. Outside the hospital, Izzie tells Alex she can get inside. “Where does it hurt?” he asks. “Everywhere,” she replies. “Maybe it hurts for a reason,” he tells her, leading her away from the hospital. Meredith voices over about taking pleasures in small doses so we don’t get sick. At home, she eats ice cream in bed and Izzie arrives, telling her she never went inside the hospital. “Maybe tomorrow,” Meredith says. George joins them, lying that he’s relieved that Callie finally moved out. The three share ice cream and tease each other as Meredith voices over, “Maybe some fantasies are only supposed to live in our dreams.”


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Cristina: “You had a dream about the both of them? Threesome? Nice. Just when I think you’re boring, you rise.”
Meredith: “I’m dating. And it comes with snacks.”

“She’s dating everyone with a pulse and, uh, I’m trying to get Burke out of the bell jar.” - Cristina

“Oh, and she’s laughing! Because he made a joke, which probably wasn’t funny. Ha ha ha! Oh, you funny vet!” - Cristina, re: Meredith and Finn

Bailey: “Haven’t seen you since you were sucking down martinis at Joe’s.”
Addison: “Uh, yeah, that was just...I’m over him now.”
Bailey: “Good.”
Addison: “We talked about….”
Bailey: “A lot of things.”
Addison: “I remember….”
Bailey: “None of them.”
Addison: “Is that for the best?”
Bailey: “I think so.”

Meredith: “Enough! This is not dating. I want moonlight, and flowers, and candy, and people trying to feel me up. Nobody is trying to feel me up. Nobody is even looking at me! I’m an intern. Do the two of you have any idea how much effort it takes to do all this? I’m waxed and plucked, and I have a clean top on. And the two of you are looking at each other!”
Derek: “Meredith, it’s….”
Meredith: “No! My fantasy is not two men looking at each other.”
Finn: “We didn’t….”
Meredith: “No talking until one of you figures out how to put on a date! I want heat, I want romance - da%$@#, I wanna feel like a freakin’ lady!”

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