"Owner of a Lonely Heart"
Written by Mark Wilding; directed by Daniel Minahan

Meredith voices over about the Beatles asking where all the lonely people come from, and how she thinks they come from hospital surgical wings. The interns (minus Alex) hang out in the NICU, each watching a quint (see “Much Too Much”) and bragging about her. George says that Lucy just smiled at him, despite being only nine hours old. Meredith thinks Charlotte is smart because she has wrinkles on her forehead. Izzie says Emily is strong and won’t let go of her finger. Cristina is proud that Julie’s organs are outside her body but she’s still alive. Alex enters to brag about Kate, but Izzie won’t talk to him because of his romp with Olivia (see “Much Too Much”). After he leaves, she tells the others that she’s glad she never slept with him; it’s his loss because she’s awesome in bed. “Are you trying to seduce us?” Cristina asks. George takes offense to Izzie saying that he has bad taste for sleeping with Olivia; he also thinks that Izzie had plenty of warning since, after all, it’s Alex. Meredith thinks that Izzie is better off without him, but Cristina wonders why Izzie is surprised. Izzie doesn’t appreciate their lack of support. As Bailey sends everyone home (except Izzie, who’s on call overnight), Meredith voices over that surgeons ignore their own needs and focus on their patients’ needs instead. At the end of the day, surgeons just have themselves, “and nothing in this world can make you feel more alone than that.”

In the morning, Cristina rushes to get ready for work, skipping the nice breakfast Burke made for her. At Seattle Grace, George asks Meredith to hang out at the ECB that night (alone), but Meredith shuts him up as they approach an arguing Derek and Addison, who is really sick of Derek’s trailer. Izzie dozes in the locker room as Cristina asks if anyone has decent food; George tells her she should eat breakfast and she replies that he sounds like Burke. She remarks that sometimes she thinks women would be better off with dogs, an idea Meredith agrees with. Alex gets Cristina to wake up Izzie so that she won’t get in trouble with Bailey. Izzie snaps at Cristina for not waking her gently, and Cristina remarks, “Hell hath no fury like a girl whose non-boyfriend screws a nurse.” She adds that she likes Izzie better when she’s angry because she’s “almost like a normal person now.” Bailey and the interns make their rounds, stopping first to see a man named Carl who has undergone reconstructive surgery for melanomas but whose blood isn’t quite circulating properly to his repaired skin yet. George suggests a treatment that involves leeches, and though Carl finds this strange at first, he says that he’s a big fan of nature and natural cures, so he’s up for it. The next patient is Robert, who is now unconscious thanks to the mistakes Alex made with his care (see “Much Too Much”). Alex asks Derek to let him back on the case, but Derek doesn’t care because there’s not much left to do.

The interns next stop in to see Dorie and update her on the quints. Julie is doing all right but will need a second operation, Lucy is all right, Emily needs more surgery, Charlotte needs help breathing, and Kate doesn’t have any major issues. Dorie is depressed and doesn’t really care that there’s at least a little good news. Addison tells Tom that Dorie is just very hormonal right now but will eventually come around. Bailey assigns Meredith to look after Dorie, even though Izzie wants that job because she already has a relationship with Dorie. Bailey tells her to do Emily’s heart surgery with Burke instead. Izzie isn’t happy and Bailey tells her to keep whatever her problem is to herself. Bailey takes Cristina with her to the pit, where they greet a woman named Constance who swallowed a razor blade to get herself out of solitary confinement. Constance is loving her “field trip” and won’t tell Cristina and Bailey where the pain is because she doesn’t want to cut her vacation short. Cristina tries to beg off the case, saying she has to look after Julie, but Bailey makes her stay. Constance assures Cristina she won’t hurt her - she only murdered three people, and none was a doctor. George and Olivia start Carl’s leech treatment, which doesn’t go well because Olivia can’t even get a leech to clamp on. George remarks that he’d heard Olivia was better than this around leeches. Olivia leaves and winds up on an elevator with Izzie, babbling about how great Alex is while Izzie completely ignores her.

Derek comes to the NICU to check on Lucy and winds up talking to Meredith, who thinks that he’s going to give up his trailer because Addison doesn’t like it. She teases that she never thought he was the kind of guy who would live in luxury. Charlotte’s lung suddenly collapses and Derek and Meredith quickly work together to resuscitate her as George looks on. Later, Meredith gives Dorie an update just before Tom has to leave to go take care of their sons. Meredith tells Dorie not to blame herself, but Dorie wishes she’d listened to her doctors when they told her to reduce the fetuses. Izzie and Burke get ready for Emily’s surgery, Izzie proving that she studied her stuff the night before while she was on call. Burke is sure Izzie has never seen a heart as small as Emily’s, but Izzie looks at Alex and murmurs that she thinks she has. Bailey checks on Julie, talking to her sweetly, and when Cristina catches her, assures her that pregnancy hasn’t made her soft. Cristina shows her Constance’s x-rays, which show that she swallowed four razor blades. The two go to see Constance, who wants ice cream but isn’t allowed to eat anything because she’s about to undergo surgery. Constance says that she swallowed four blades instead of one because she wanted extra time out of solitary. She doesn’t seem to care that the surgery she needs is risky and she might not survive.

Meredith gets Dorie ready to see the quints, wanting to give her a break from hearing about their medical conditions and worrying about their prognoses. Dorie doesn’t think that will help, since all she’s learned recently is that she needs to face reality. She finally softens when she goes to touch Kate, but Charlotte’s monitors start going off because she’s not breathing again. Addison, Burke, and Izzie operate on Emily, but there’s not much they can do for her, which upsets Izzie. Addison heads to the NICU to help out with Charlotte, and once she’s stabilized, Meredith realizes that Dorie has disappeared. Bailey and Cristina operate on Constance, and Cristina wonders why someone would do this to herself. Bailey notes that she’s by herself for 23 hours a day; if Cristina had no one to make snarky comments to for 23 hours a day, she would probably swallow the whole razor. George checks in on Carl and sees that the leech treatment is working well. Carl is also growing fond of the leeches and has named one O’Malley. One of the leeches is done and George goes to dispose of her, but Carl asks if he can keep her. This leads George to have to search for something to put the full leeches in so Carl can take them home with him. Olivia finds George and blasts him for talking to her the way he did in front of a patient. George blasts her for hurting Izzie, then questions her choice in men. “People get lonely, George,” she tells him.

Meredith calls Tom and suggests that he brings the boys by to see Dorie, but they’re sick and can’t visit. Meredith then heads back to the NICU, where Alex is studying, and he asks if she hates him, since all the other interns seem to. She admits that if Ellis hadn’t gotten Alzheimer’s, Meredith would probably be just like Alex because she used to be more of a partying slacker. Alex confesses that he’s trying to find a way to help Robert. Meredith starts helping and Izzie walks in and catches them, blasting Meredith for not taking her side in the fight. Meredith runs out after her and says that she and Alex are sort of friends. Izzie notes that Meredith was the one who told her she was better off without him. Meredith thinks Izzie is making too big of a deal of this. Izzie snaps that she can sleep with Alex for all she cares, since Meredith has already slept with everyone else. Cristina talks to Constance after her surgery, telling her she’ll only need to stay in the hospital for about 36 hours. Constance wants more time out of solitary, but Cristina can’t do anything for her. Constance also wants to talk, so Cristina asks why she killed three people. Constance admits that she was high on meth and committed a robbery with her boyfriend because he told her he’d leave her if she didn’t. Things went wrong and people died, but Constance just wanted to keep her boyfriend around. “Clearly being alone has its benefits,” Cristina remarks.

Olivia pages George to Carl’s room, since she can’t get the leeches to clamp on and they still freak her out. Carl tells them they need to kiss and make up; he thinks there’s something between them despite George’s protests that they’re not a couple. Olivia announces that there was something between them, but he broke up with her for “this girl who doesn’t even know he’s alive.” She tells him straight out that he and Meredith are never going to get together, and that anyone who’s spent even two seconds with George knows he’s in love with Meredith. “She gave me syphilis,” George tells Carl. Addison tells Webber that she wants to do to Izzie what Webber did to her when she was an intern; she wound up not talking to Webber for a long time, but she learned something from the experience. Addison and Webber both think Izzie gets too personally involved with her patients, but she may not be a talented enough surgeon to be worth the lesson they want to teach her. Webber warns that Addison won’t make any friends from this lesson, but “being a teacher can be a lonely business.” Outside, Izzie tells George and Cristina that Meredith was all over Alex (or at least she would have been if Izzie hadn’t caught them…and if they hadn’t been in front of babies in the NICU). Izzie says that Meredith shouldn’t be talking to Alex after he cheated on Izzie, though George points out that they weren’t technically dating. Cristina finally gets her to leave by bugging her.

Meredith goes to see Charlotte, watching as Addison gives Dorie some bad news in the hallway. Later, on her way out, Addison tells Izzie that she and Burke think Emily might benefit from another surgery if she can survive the next ten hours. This means Izzie needs to stay with her overnight, even though she was on call the night before. Addison makes it clear that Emily is Izzie’s responsibility and better be alive when Addison comes back in the morning. Alex brings Derek some possible treatment plans for Robert, but Derek tells him that there’s nothing left to do. If Robert wakes up, he’ll be in a wheelchair and Alex will have put him there. If he dies, it’s Alex’s fault. As Izzie tends to Emily, Meredith stops by to apologize, though she’s not sure what she should be sorry for. Izzie says that when Derek broke up with Meredith, Izzie never said that Meredith was better off without him because that would have been condescending. She’s always there for the other interns, but the one time Izzie needed them, they weren’t supportive. Cristina is paged to Constance’s room, where Constance is choking on the light bulb she swallowed to buy herself more time out of solitary. Cristina starts to resuscitate her and is joined by Burke, who takes charge.

As Izzie continues to take care of Emily, Meredith finds Dorie packing to go home because she doesn’t want to stay and watch the quints die. Meredith tells her that she can still sit with them and let them know they’re not alone, which is all people need in the world. She suddenly gets an idea of how to help Charlotte - she moves her into Kate’s incubator so that both will be comforted. George visits Carl again and apologizes for the scene he and Olivia made. He admits that he is in love with Meredith, and Carl says that sometimes when you love someone who doesn’t love you back, it can’t be helped. However, it’s “lonelier than being alone.” Emily keeps coding and Izzie asks a nurse to page Addison, but the nurse says that Addison told her Izzie has to handle this by herself. In the morning, Meredith and Derek meet up and they talk about the view from the trailer, which Meredith doesn’t believe Derek would ever give up. He announces that he’s not moving, and she’s happy to know that he’s still him. Izzie wakes up next to Emily’s incubator and a nurse tells her that the baby died half an hour earlier but Addison said not to wake Izzie.

Izzie tells Addison that she let Emily die, but Addison admits that she was going to die anyway. Izzie is furious that she spent the whole night trying to save a baby who didn’t have a chance. Addison notes that the next time she’s faced with a similar situation, she’ll know exactly what to do. Izzie doesn’t appreciate the lesson, even though Addison thinks she’ll be a better doctor if she learns about distancing herself from her patients. Bailey congratulates Meredith for cobedding Kate and Charlotte and stabilizing Charlotte. In the locker room, Izzie tells the other interns that Emily died, and Meredith takes her off to cheer her up. Derek finds Alex with Robert and tells him about the first patient he killed. Alex wants to stay with Robert so he doesn’t die alone. As Meredith voices over about John Donne and people not being islands, Cristina tells Constance she gets more time in the hospital, Addison tells Derek she’s lonely, Cristina accepts Burke’s breakfast, and Izzie and Meredith go to a pound, pick on a dog, Doc, and take him home to surprise George.



MEMORABLE QUOTES: “A, this is not a competition, and B, my quint kicks your quints’ a%$@#.” - Izzie

Izzie: “I’m having a moment here! Don’t mess with me!”
Cristina: “You’re not gonna have a nervous breakdown and kill yourself, are you?”
Izzie: “No.”
Cristina: “So there’s no chance you’ll kill us?”

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