"Six Days, Part 2"
Written by Krista Vernoff; directed by Greg Yaitanes

Day four: Derek has kept his promise to stay in bed with Meredith all night (see “Six Days, Part 1”), but both of them are cranky when the alarm goes off, since she snored all night (despite wearing a Breathe Right strip) and he responded by nudging her. He tries to kiss her and she tells him he needs to shave. In the kitchen, George realizes that the check is gone and Izzie tells him that she deposited it and doesn’t want to talk about it. He notes that she can actually use the money now, and she should, since life is short. At the hospital, Addison bumps into Alex while trying to avoid Mark, but they’re awkward around each other because of their near kiss the day before. Thatcher interrupts the awkward moment and they tell him that Laura is doing well. Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina watch him call Molly and Susan to give them the good news, and Meredith wonders how she can be related to someone who she considers a “disaster” whom she has nothing in common with. Cristina and Izzie inform Meredith that she stammers just like her father sometimes, and they’re both messy. Meredith says Cristina is the messy one, but Cristina says she’s a different kind of messy. Meredith tosses off a couple of taunts, and after she leaves, Cristina and Izzie agree that she’s just like Thatcher. Izzie is paged to Heather’s room, where Derek and Bailey tell her that they’re going to be able to do the surgery after all because an anonymous donor has given Heather and her mother the money to pay for it.

Bailey lets Izzie know that she knows she’s the anonymous donor. Izzie says she did it because it was something good, though Bailey wishes she’d done it because she wanted to scrub in. “You need to decide whether or not you’re a surgeon,” she tells Izzie, adding that she can’t scrub in because she’s gotten personally involved with a patient again. Callie approaches Addison in the cafeteria and tells her that George kissed her the day before. She thinks he’s freaking out because of Harold and she “shouldn’t hold him to it.” Addison is spacing out and doesn’t hear her, leading Callie to say that everything’s always about Addison. “I aborted Mark’s baby,” Addison announces. Callie decides it really is all about Addison right now and lets her continue. Addison explains that she got pregnant about eight months ago and Mark was really excited about having a baby. The baby would have been due today, but Addison had an abortion because she wanted to be with Derek instead of Mark. She laments that she’s ended up alone, but Callie tells her she hasn’t “ended up” anywhere. “This is one of those weeks it feels that way,” Addison replies. As Derek operates on Heather, George joins the other interns in the gallery and tells them his father is doing all right. Cristina asks if George has seen Burke today; he tells her that even if he liked her, he wouldn’t tell her. Izzie wonders why George is okay with Burke lying about his tremor but not with Cristina. George points out that her career wasn’t on the line when she lied. Meredith again suggests that Cristina talk to Burke herself, but Cristina says that Burke owes her. Alex wishes he could find a woman who would date him but not talk to him.

Meredith asks Alex how things are going with Addison, but he doesn’t realize that she means that she wants to know how Laura is. Alex says she’s fine, adding that he needs to get off of Addison’s service and go back to Mark. “What are you plotting and can I get in on it?” Cristina asks. As Alex leaves, Izzie says that she should be down assisting with Heather’s surgery. George’s pager goes off, followed by Meredith’s, and they head off to tend to Harold. Callie, who’s down in the OR with Derek, notices them leaving and asks to be excused, to Derek’s surprise. Elsewhere, Bailey tells George’s family that Harold needs an operation that will help him breathe on his own, since he’s still intubated. The problem is that because of swelling in Harold’s esophagus, the procedure might not be successful. Outside Harold’s room, Jerry shows his nervousness by farting. Callie and George happen to be holding hands. Cristina goes to Burke’s room and asks Tyler the scrub nurse to tell him that George’s father is having problems. Bailey, Webber, and Meredith begin the procedure to change Harold’s breathing tube and Webber tells Bailey that Harold is just like any other patient, and she has no room for nerves right now. The procedure goes well, despite a slight problem, but at the end Bailey needs a moment to compose herself, noting that her son’s middle name is George after Harold’s son.

Day five: Derek and Meredith are both tense in bed, and Derek notes that there’s a surgery Meredith can have to stop her snoring. She snaps that he needs a shave and he tells her he’s too tired. Alex brings Mark coffee, trying to get back into his good graces. Mark asks if he’s been working with Addison this week, and if she’s miserable. Alex tells him she’s so horrible he’s desperate to get away from her. Mark is glad but won’t let Alex scrub in with him. In the on-call room, Cristina and Meredith note that neither has slept in days. Cristina just wants to know how Burke is doing but, of course, still won’t ask him. Meredith says that George’s father’s kidneys are failing, and her own father keeps hanging around the hospital. He’s perfectly healthy but she has nothing to say to him; if he died, her life wouldn’t be any different. She knows that George’s situation is completely different, and she admits that she’s a little jealous. George tells Burke about Harold’s procedure, worrying that he’ll have problems because he went without oxygen for a few minutes. Burke tells him there’s no one to blame for Harold’s condition. He also can’t assure George that Harold will get better; he has to rely on faith now instead of medicine. “We’re men of science,” George reminds him. “In my experience, science is not enough,” Burke replies. He offers to hope and pray for Harold if it’ll make things better for George. In the waiting area, George overhears as Louise and Mrs. Douglas meet and bond over their respective loved ones’ conditions. Mrs. Douglas is then informed that Heather is finally awake.

George confronts Webber and Bailey, asking them why they went ahead with Harold’s surgery even though his cancer had spread. He figures out himself that Harold must have asked them to, and Webber confirms that they had to honor his wishes. George reminds them that they promised to be straight with him, noting that they could have had months more with Harold. Webber tells him that Harold wanted a chance to fight the cancer, and finishing the surgery was his choice. George replies that Harold didn’t know any better, but Webber and Bailey did, so they shouldn’t have done what he wanted. Addison finds Mark in an office and he complains about how he’s feeling bad, which she says is because of the rain. He notes that if she’d had the baby, they would be home in New York right now and he wouldn’t have to deal with the rain. Addison tells him that he didn’t want a baby, he just wanted to trump Derek and win. They argue over which of them wanted a baby, and Addison brings up a nurse Mark slept with right before she left New York. She tells him that they wouldn’t have stayed together if they’d had the baby, and he would have been a horrible father. She adds that she did want a baby, just not one he had fathered. Cristina brings Burke his lunch but won’t give it to him until he talks to her. Fortunately for him, a nurse arrives to put a stop to the plan. Alex finds Addison in the NICU with Laura and she apologizes for what happened between them. He changes the subject to Laura. George shaves Harold’s face, confessing some childhood sins and apologizing for lying. He begs his father to fight his illness just a little harder.

Day six: Meredith wakes up alone in bed and goes to the kitchen, where she tells Izzie that Derek slept at his trailer. Izzie tells her she really does snore but it doesn’t bother her since she grew up next to a freeway. She spent the whole night baking and cleaning the bathroom floor in case George feels like lying down on it when he comes home (see “Time Has Come Today”). She notes that she has millions of dollars and would spend all of it to prevent George from having to go through what he’s about to go through, but right now it’s useless, so instead, she made cobbler. Callie finds Mark at the nurses’ station and he realizes that Addison told her about the baby. She asks him if he’s a family kind of guy, and Mark says he doesn’t really have one - Derek was his family. She replies that to some men, family is everything. “I would’ve made a terrible father,” Mark admits. Webber and Bailey tell the O’Malleys that Harold’s organs are shutting down and he’s entirely dependent on life support. He’s not going to wake up, so the O’Malleys need to decide whether they want to keep him on life support, which could keep him alive for a long time, or take him off. The family looks to George for the decision, and George says that their father is in pain and the medications he’s being given won’t do too much for him. “He’s not Dad like this,” he says, telling his mother that they need to let him go.

Meredith finds Thatcher in the NICU and asks to hear his explanation for why he left her and Ellis. He tells her that he wanted to keep in touch when they moved to Boston, but Ellis asked him not to. “Do you snore?” Meredith asks. “I snore like a trucker,” he replies, advising her to get wax earplugs for whoever might hear her. Derek finds Cristina in Burke’s room and lets them know that the O’Malleys are going to take Harold off of life support. Burke concedes by telling Derek that he hasn’t had any tremors all week. The O’Malleys are present when Bailey takes Harold off of life support. George leaves by himself, and after a few moments, Cristina follows him. Izzie sees Heather walking with help from a walker and they smile at each other. She then finds Bailey and tells her, “I’m both.” She’s a surgeon and a person who gets emotionally involved, but she’ll never cross the line like she did with Denny because she’s learned her lesson from it. She doesn’t want to apologize for who she is, and she’s not going to give up either part of herself. After Izzie leaves, Bailey starts to cry. Cristina finds George outside the hospital and tells him that her father died when she was nine. She knows how he feels and is sorry that he had to join “the dead dads club.” He tells her that he doesn’t know how to live in a world where his dad isn’t alive as well. She confesses that that will never change. Alex heads to the ECB, where he tells Joe that George’s dad has passed. “You got a dad?” Addison asks Alex. He says he doesn’t and she kisses him. Derek finds Meredith asleep in bed, then sees that she left him a box of earplugs. They work.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: George: “I’m just saying…life is short. Cancer happens. And surgery happens. You know, just...‘gather ye rosebuds.’ You have 8.7 million rosebuds, Izzie. You gotta spend some rosebuds. That’s what I’m saying.”
Izzie: “You made me burn my French toast.”
George: “You can buy new French toast!”

“You are in a relationship with no words. And you are a millionaire in $20 shoes. Whatever.” - Meredith to Cristina and Izzie

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