"Make Me Lose Control"
Written by Krista Vernoff; directed by Adam Davidson

Cristina and Meredith are jogging in the park, though Cristina isn’t happy about Meredith’s choice of exercise. They chastise themselves for sleeping with their bosses, and Meredith complains that ferryboats have ruined things because they remind her of Derek. (Cristina has a similar reaction to coronary artery bypass grafts and aortic aneurysms.) Meredith voices over that surgeons are control freaks, thanks to the power of wielding a scalpel. Meredith asks Cristina if she’s cried yet, since she’s “ten feet tall and bulletproof.” Neither actually wants to cry, though, so they run off as Meredith voices over that once a surgeon lives the OR, all of that control falls away. In the locker room, Cristina and George are shocked to see Izzie having fun with Alex and possibly even being his friend. “Make the lambs stop screaming,” George whispers. Later, Izzie tells them that Alex isn’t that bad. Alex mentions the tapes of Ellis performing surgeries and Izzie invites him over to the house to watch them. The other interns don’t like that idea. George asks Izzie if she has a thing for Alex, but she denies it.

In an elevator, Derek encounters Webber, who’s wearing a weird hat to cover the scar from his surgery (see “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”). Webber wants to come back to work, even though Derek hasn’t cleared him to perform surgeries again. Derek isn’t thrilled to do so, since he’s still mad at Webber for bringing Addison to Seattle Grace. The two meet up with Addison, who tells Derek that she’s still in town because Webber asked her to stay for a pediatric operation. She also wants Derek to consult, which he agrees to do, though he still won’t clear Webber for surgery. The interns do their rounds, discussing a patient named Mr. Gaston who is having surgery for cancer. Cristina and Burke are all awkward with each other. Later, Meredith tells Cristina that she should tell Burke about her pregnancy, but Cristina wants to have her abortion and never think about Burke again. Meredith isn’t sure it’s that easy. The intern’s next patient is Kelly, a young woman who has a problem with uncontrollable blushing. Thanks to her condition, everyone quickly learns that she has a crush on Derek. Alex embarrasses her, and later, Izzie asks why he’s always a jerk to everyone except her. He doesn’t seem to care that everyone else hates him.

The interns are alerted to the arrival of a new patient, and Meredith is less than thrilled to learn that it’s Ellis. Ellis yells at her daughter for bothering her at work, and Meredith runs off. Bailey gives out assignments, sending a dismayed Izzie to work with both Derek and Addison, and assigning Cristina to work with Burke. Bailey then tells George to take care of Dr. Grey, but he thinks she’s talking about Meredith, not Ellis. After making sure that Meredith is okay to work, Bailey tells her to do scut work since her mother’s presence might distract her too much to take care of a patient. In the NICU, Derek chastises Addison for not telling him that the baby who needs surgery is premature, underweight, and addicted to drugs. He’s sure the baby won’t survive spinal surgery, and even if she does, she’ll probably develop complications that will eventually kill her. Addison says that Derek doesn’t get to play God. Derek is just upset that she called him “honey.” As Izzie looks on uncomfortably, Addison and Derek fight about responsibility and oaths and Addison’s affair and which sheets Derek likes. Izzie eventually leaves, and Addison tries but fails to convince Derek to perform the baby’s surgery. She thinks he’s just walking away the way he walks away from everything.

Burke packs up his stuff from Webber’s office and thanks Webber for letting him be the substitute chief. Webber tells him he’s planning to keep his job for a long time. Burke replies that Webber’s hat is “a little pimped out.” Meredith comes by with Ellis’ file and asks him to stop by and see her, since she seems to be reliving the days of her medical residency. George examines Ellis, who thinks he’s someone named Thatcher. Meredith shows up and tells George that Thatcher is her father, whom Ellis never talks about. Instead of going in to see Ellis, Meredith approaches Derek and asks if she can scrub in on a surgery since she has nothing else to do all day. He agrees to let her assist in Kelly’s surgery. Cristina arrives late for Burke’s operation on Mr. Gaston and looks tired. Derek visits Kelly, who’s more than ready for her surgery and still has the hots for Derek. Meredith and Alex wonder why Kelly is planning to take the risks of surgery just to stop her blushing. Kelly says that she’s never been able to keep a secret because everyone can always tell how she’s feeling. Ellis throws things at George and tells him to leave, still mistaking him for Thatcher. Meredith passes by just in time to hear Ellis tell “Thatcher” that Meredith doesn’t need him.

Webber, now wearing a golfer’s hat, tells George to let him know how Ellis is doing because she’s an old friend. George asks for some help with her case, but Webber says he has stuff to do and starts to run off. George mentions that Ellis thinks he’s Thatcher, and Webber says that George does look a little like him. George hates that idea. Izzie and Alex run into each other and he tells her to make a wish on one of her eyelashes. Two seconds later, he barks at a nurse, proving Izzie’s theory that Alex never acts like a human being with anyone but her. George interrupts to remind Izzie of the time Alex wallpapered the hospital with photos of her (see “No Man’s Land”), a reminder that doesn’t make Alex happy. George then asks Alex to help him with Ellis’ exam, since she won’t let him do it. Alex agrees, kicking George out and telling Ellis he’s a fan of hers. She thinks she’s about to perform surgery, but he tells her that the hospital is requiring her to undergo an exam before she does so. Izzie finds Addison with the baby and tells her that things aren’t looking good; she has a resistant infection and isn’t responding to treatment. Addison accepts that they won’t be performing surgery on her today.

Burke chastises Cristina for not paying attention during surgery, not realizing that she’s sick. Izzie goes to see Bailey and tells her that she needs a new assignment since the baby isn’t going to have surgery after all. Bailey asks if Meredith told Izzie that Ellis has Alzheimer’s. Izzie says that the interns all work together but don’t really know each other. Cristina continues to worsen in surgery, eventually collapsing on the floor. Bailey and Izzie, watching from the gallery, rush in to help her but no one is sure what’s wrong. Burke asks Bailey to let him know what they find out. In the hallway, Cristina wakes up and tells Izzie that she’s seven weeks pregnant. Bailey sends Izzie to discreetly let Addison know that they need her. Addison is talking to Webber (who’s now wearing a different hat) and telling him that she’s going back to New York, partly because she has no reason to stay in Seattle and partly because Derek hates her. After she leaves, George arrives to tell Webber that Ellis has diverticulitis and a mass in her liver. Izzie grabs Addison for Cristina, making Addison, Webber, and George all realize that Cristina is pregnant. Addison tells Webber that she’s still going to leave in the morning.

Richard heads to the OR where Derek, Alex, and Meredith are operating on Kelly, demanding that Derek clear him for surgery. Derek says no, even though Webber just wants to perform a simple procedure. Meredith realizes that the procedure is for her mother, and Webber confirms that she may have cancer. After Meredith signs the papers to allow the procedure, George tells her that Cristina is sick. Addison and Bailey tend to Cristina, who is bleeding out from an extrauterine pregnancy. After Burke is done with his operation, Webber asks him to do Ellis’ needle biopsy, but Burke is too distracted by what’s happening to Cristina. Webber eventually orders him to do the procedure, so Burke leaves before he can see on the OR board that Cristina is about to have surgery. As Addison, Bailey, and Izzie perform surgery to terminate Cristina’s pregnancy and save her, Meredith, Alex, and Derek scrub out after Kelly’s operation. Meredith rejects Derek’s attempts to comfort her, saying that she’s tired of him being sorry and trying to hide their relationship, as she’s sure Alex doesn’t care about them. (She’s right.) Meredith tells Derek that Addison isn’t easy to hate and happens to be saving Cristina’s life. She then tells him to stop talking to her like he’s her boyfriend - or, even better, stop talking to her at all.

Bailey stops Meredith from entering Cristina’s ER, telling her that Cristina is very vulnerable and is a patient rather than a doctor or Meredith’s friend. Burke performs the needle biopsy on Ellis, who thinks that he’s Richard. Addison and Derek both visit the baby, who is doing better for no apparent reason. Derek says that if she keeps getting better, he’ll perform her surgery. Addison tells him that she could deal with their relationship in one of three ways: she could apologize and they could move on, she could apologize and he could hold her affair against her, or…well, she doesn’t have a chance to name option three because she’s too busy kissing him. “I just know that I still love you,” she says. After the needle biopsy, Burke finally sees Cristina’s name on the OR board and realizes what’s going on. Cristina wakes up from surgery and hears from Bailey that Addison had to remove one of her fallopian tubes. Meredith checks on Kelly, whose surgery was successful and who can now pine after Derek without everyone knowing. Alex admits that the surgery was a good idea after all, then tells Meredith that he’ll listen if she wants to talk. She claims to be fine, but he tells her that she’s said that so much, it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore. Meredith replies that Izzie likes him. She then admits that she almost wishes Ellis had cancer because it would kill her faster than Alzheimer’s.

Webber stops by Ellis’ room, where she’s sleeping, and says, “I know it’s hard being the one who’s gone. But man, it isn’t easy being the one who’s still around.” Izzie finds George and Meredith, and Meredith tells her that she’s glad Izzie was with Cristina when she needed someone. Izzie admits that it often feels like Meredith and Cristina exclude her. Meredith tells her that she was right about Alex being different once you get to know him. Meredith and George get the results of Ellis’ biopsy, and Meredith sends George to give them to her. He finally stands up to Ellis (as “Thatcher”), telling her that he doesn’t like how she speaks to him or Meredith. He adds that the mass in her liver is benign. Derek finds Meredith crying outside the hospital and she tells him that her mother, Cristina’s illness, and hating him are all exhausting. She kisses him and says, “I don’t want to do it anymore.” As she voices over about not wanting to lose control, George plays along with Ellis’ belief that he’s Thatcher, Alex and Izzie spend some more time together, and Meredith goes to see Cristina. Burke tells Mr. Gaston that his tumor caused more problems than they expected - he literally had a broken heart, but now it’s fixed. Burke stops by Cristina’s room, where she’s asleep and the other interns are with her, then leaves.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Derek: “You’re not cleared for surgery.”
Richard: “Leave me alone. I’ve been sitting home for a week watching Oprah giving away things on TV. Oprah, Derek! You clear me now or I’ll hurt you.”
Derek: “If you want me to clear you so soon, maybe you should’ve thought about that before you gave chief to Burke and invited Satan to Seattle.”
Richard: “Satan?”
Addison: “Good morning. Richard, like the hat.”
Derek: “Satan speaks.”
Addison: “Actually, I prefer to be called ruler of all that is evil. But I will answer to Satan.”

Bailey: “Cristina, you’re on the thoracotomy.”
Cristina: “With Burke? Oh, can I have the hateful married couple instead?”
Bailey: “Okay, I’m sorry. I thought that I was your resident, not your hostess.”

Meredith: “You have to let me in there.”
Bailey: “You can try. I’d have to take you down. Hey, I might be short, but you’re pretty tiny. I could do it.”
Meredith: “Right now. Just in this moment. I hate you.”
Bailey: “Hmm. Yeah, well, I can take it.”

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