"Haunt You Every Day"
Written by Krista Vernoff; directed by Bethany Rooney

Meredith dreams of walking through the hospital while remembering begging Derek to pick her, choose her, love her (see “Bring the Pain”). Derek pulls her out of the bathtub (see “Walk on Water”) and the sound (see “Drowning on Dry Land”), telling Meredith she’s always leaving him (see “Didn’t We Almost Have it All”). Meredith remembers Ellis telling her that she’s ordinary (see “Wishin’ and Hopin’”), then heads to the morgue, where she encounters her own corpse. Meredith voices over that surgeons like to pretend they’re fearless. “Pick me, choose me, love me,” says the corpse. As Meredith wakes up, she voices over that surgeons think they can cut away what haunts them. She digs through her closet, then heads downstairs, where she finds Izzie and Alex baking and carving a pumpkin, respectively. They both say they couldn’t sleep. Meredith dumps her mother’s ashes in a Ziploc bag, leading Alex to remark, “Happy freaking Halloween.” Cristina sticks a flier advertising the rental of her (Burke’s) apartment on the bulletin board at the hospital, and Webber expresses interest in moving in, since Adele has filed for divorce in the wake of the events of “The Heart of the Matter.” Cristina tells him the place is his. In the locker room, the residents freak out a little over the fact that Meredith has brought Ellis’ ashes to work with her. Meredith claims she’s putting her to rest. Sydney says that she’s cleansing, and in tribal cultures some people do so by cutting off their hair and burying it.

Callie enters and warns that since it’s a holiday, the pit will be busy. Bailey’s excited, since Seattle’s annual chainsaw pumpkin-carving contest always sends people to the hospital. Callie informs Izzie that if she has any questions, she should direct them to Bailey. When asked why, Callie announces that Izzie has been sleeping with George. “Okay, this is even more disturbing than your bagful of Mommy,” Cristina says. Lexie speaks with a woman named Erin, whose father Jack is waiting for a heart transplant. Jack notes that it might be hard for the doctors to take her seriously about getting his medication since she’s dressed as a mouse (she’s a kindergarten teacher). She’s upset that Lexie, who’s dressed as Raggedy Ann, is more concerned with dressing up than about taking care of her patients. George assures Erin that they’ll take care of Jack, then informs Lexie that Cristina was just messing with her when she told her to dress up. In the clinic, Bailey meets a man named James who thinks his foot doesn’t belong to him and wants it removed. Bailey, of course, thinks he’s crazy. Derek runs into Meredith, who’s taking Ellis’ ashes to her car because they’re freaking people out in the locker room. She explains that she’s trying to figure out how to put Ellis to rest instead of keeping her in the back of her closet. She’s trying to evolve by asking Derek for help, but he just thinks the question is strange. A kid named Ryan approaches and explains that his mom works in the cafeteria and has sent him to find Mark. Mark is at the nurses’ station, semi-flirting with Olivia and another nurse, who tell him that all of the nurses have formed an anti-Mark group (Nurses United Against Mark Sloan) after realizing that he uses the same flirting techniques with all of them.

Derek approaches and tells Mark that Ryan is looking for him. “Daddy?” Ryan says. Mark freaks out, but Derek cracks up and slips him the money he promised Ryan. Ryan explains that he’s actually hoping that Mark will make him some ears, since his are malformed. Alex is sent to see a patient, and on his way he runs into Norman, who says he isn’t feeling well and thinks he should go home for the day. Alex pushes him to work since surgeons have to deal with a lot of difficult circumstances. He gets to his patient, who turns out to be Rebecca (last seen in “Didn’t We Almost Have it All”). She tells him that she was trying to figure out what to dress up as for Halloween, but all she wanted to be was Ava. He responds by kissing her. Meredith meets up with Mark and Ryan, who has a bunch of letters from kids in his class trying to make Mark feel sorry for him and agree to make his ears for free. Mark claims to want to help but explains that there are a lot of people who will have to help out to make a pro bono surgery happen. Meredith notes that they could just ask, but Mark points out that no one likes him. Meredith thinks that her mother’s history with people will get them what they need, and she offers to help out. In the on-call room, Rebecca notes that Alex chickened out by not coming after her when she left Seattle. She says she’s a beggar for Halloween, since she’s come begging after him, and tells him they need to talk. He’s not too interested in talking right now. Bailey consults with a psychiatrist, who thinks that James has body dysmorphic disorder and should be given anti-anxiety medication. Bailey disagrees. She has to run off to help out with chainsaw pumpkin-carving victims, so she offers James medication, but he repeats that he wants his foot amputated. She tells him that he won’t be able to convince any surgeon to do the amputation, so he should just try the medication.

Meredith talks to Webber about Ryan’s surgery, but Webber can’t afford another pro bono operation. Ryan enters, trick-or-treating for ears, and Meredith reminds Webber that Ellis was big on pro bono surgeries. He offers her an OR at 6 p.m. Lexie winds up in the ambulance bay with George and Izzie, and she offers to leave them alone if they want to talk. A woman arrives brain-dead after having been hit in the head with a brick, and George realizes that it’s Erin. Bailey tends to a man who’s accidentally cut off his finger with a chainsaw (but doesn’t seem that concerned), and when he goes to get the finger from his chainsaw, he realizes it’s missing. That’s because James has grabbed it to amputate his foot by himself. Later, Bailey, Mark, Callie, Cristina tend to him and determine that James is going to get the amputation he wanted. Bailey notices that Norman doesn’t look well, but he blames the gruesomeness of the situation. Callie admits to Mark that she understands what it’s like to wake up and feel like your life isn’t your own. He offers to cheer her up (especially the way they used to cheer each other up in their hotel rooms). Callie says she took till-death-do-us-part vows, and even though they were in “the church of Elvis,” they still meant something, and she can’t believe things have turned out the way they have. Izzie and Webber inform Jack of Erin’s death and noting that since she was an organ donor, he can receive her heart. Jack tells them to go away. Derek runs into Sydney, who introduces herself, despite the fact that they’ve most likely met each other before. Meredith and Ryan look on, and Meredith asks if Ryan thinks Sydney is pretty. He says he likes cheerful people, and though she claims she can be cheerful, he thinks the ashes negate that.

Meredith asks Bailey to help out with Ryan’s surgery, but Bailey has to catch up on paperwork thanks to James. She also wants to make it home in time for Tuck’s first Halloween, though it’ll mean more to Tucker than to the baby. Ryan tries trick-or-treating for ears again, changing Bailey’s mind. Jack visits Erin and tells Derek and George that they can donate her organs, but he doesn’t want her heart. At lunch, Meredith tries to decide what to do with Ellis’ ashes, vetoing scattering her from the roof because she was afraid of heights. Meredith wants to put her mother to rest and not become her, since Ellis was “emotionally crippled.” She also doesn’t want to wind up going to Derek and Sydney’s wedding. Izzie and George join them, and Meredith finally gets to ask them if they’re together (they are). Izzie says they’re going to wait to take their relationship public out of respect for Callie. Cristina finds that suitably ridiculous. Meredith says she’s not judging, then heads off to return to Ryan. Norman pages Alex, who’s still in the on-call room with Rebecca and decides that his intern can wait. Rebecca talks about how great her daughter is and how she’ll go to sleep if Rebecca wraps her in a shirt that smells like her. She asks Alex what they’re doing and where they’ll go from here, but Alex has fallen asleep. At the nurses’ station, Webber greets Erica (last seen in “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”), who’s there for Jack’s heart transplant. Izzie and Cristina both offer to assist, but Erica isn’t impressed with Cristina or her history with men and chooses Izzie. Later, Cristina complains to Norman about Erica, calling James crazy in front of him. James thinks it’s crazier to walk through your life feeling like you have no power.

Erica meets with Jack, who guesses that she must not have kids because if she did she would never tell him it’s time to say goodbye to Erin. He refuses to accept Erin’s heart, saying that it will haunt him every day. Erica leaves him to take some time and George tells Jack that though he hasn’t lost a child, he lost his father. He knows Erin loved Jack and was fighting for him to live; he’s sure she would have wanted him to have her heart. He adds that if he could have given his father his heart, he would have. Jack agrees to the transplant. In a stairwell, Izzie tells Cristina it’s not her fault that Erica chose her over Cristina. She thinks Cristina is judging her, which is harsh considering what Erica said about Cristina’s love life. Cristina thinks it’s different, since Burke wasn’t married, and Izzie points out that Meredith slept with Derek while he was married (although she didn’t know it at the time), and Cristina and Meredith can do whatever they want without judgment, but Izzie can’t penetrate their closed circle. She says that if Erica had asked, Izzie would have defended Cristina. Sydney chats with Derek again, asking if he’s related to any actual shepherds, and Derek notices Mark watching nearby with amusement. He figures out that Mark is responsible for Sydney’s attentions, and Mark admits that he told people that Derek is looking for a new girlfriend. “And you wonder why they formed a club?” Derek replies. Meredith and Ryan finish their trick-or-treating and head off to give Ryan’s mom the good news. Callie and Cristina perform James’ amputation, which Norman observes, and bond over their respective personal and professional problems. Norman ruins the moment by passing out.

Alex is paged again, this time to be told that something’s happened to Norman. He promises Rebecca he’ll come back to the on-call room. Mark and Meredith scrub in for Ryan’s surgery, and Meredith admits that this was her first time trick-or-treating, since her mom never took her when she was a kid. “The apple fell pretty far from the tree, huh?” Mark notes. Alex hurries into the OR where Derek is tending to Norman, who’s had a stroke. Lexie and George observe Jack’s transplant surgery and she says she’s sorry that his marriage is over, then asks if Meredith really brought Ellis’ ashes to work with her. As Rebecca waits for Alex to return, Meredith and Mark successfully give Ryan some ears, Jack receives Erin’s heart, and Derek is able to save Norman. Later, Lexie and Meredith briefly mention the surgeries they got to observe and assist with, and Lexie admits that she dug up her mother’s cat so it could be buried with Susan. Meredith thanks her for the story. Bailey has a brief fight with Tucker about being late, then hears from George that Jack just received his daughter’s heart. George apologizes to Bailey, thinking he’s disappointed her by cheating on Callie. She tells him he’s not a bad guy, and it takes two people to get to the point he and Callie did in their marriage. She knows that Tucker will be mad at her for missing Tuck’s first Halloween, but it’s partly his fault for wanting things to be just so and for always making her the bad guy. She notes that she was there when George’s father died and there when he and Callie came back from Vegas married, and she knows George isn’t a bad guy.

Webber informs Cristina that Erica has agreed to take over for Burke as the head of cardiothoracic surgery. “You can’t have my apartment,” Cristina tells him. Alex apologizes to Norman for ignoring his page. Norman tells him he chose surgery over psych, what he really wanted, because a little voice, which he thinks was his late wife, was telling him to. He suspects that his late wife wanted him to be with great surgeons when he had his stroke. Now, though, he’s going to go into psych because all of the sex-crazed surgeons need a shrink. Meredith visits Ryan, who tells her that when his goldfish died, he flushed it and sent it to sea: “Back to the sea is better than your cubby.” Derek runs into Webber, who doesn’t think he can handle another night in the hotel. Derek complains that he has to start dating again. Meredith voices over that everyone is haunted by something and efforts to cut whatever it is out usually fail. Alex returns to the on-call room and finds only Rebecca’s shirt (so what did she wear when she left?). Outside, George and Izzie remark that they made it through the day. “The only way we can clear out the cobwebs is to turn a new page,” Meredith voices over. Cristina welcomes Callie to her apartment, which they’ll now be sharing. She happens to mind if Callie cleans up. Webber finds Meredith pouring Ellis’ ashes down a sink in a scrub room and joins her as Meredith voices over, “Finally, finally to rest.”


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “These people who knew your mother, do they know you brought her to work in a baggie?” - Ryan to Meredith

“Well, Yang, I appreciate the offer, but I date men. So I don’t think you’ll be able to impress me the way you’ve impressed your mentors in the past.” - Erica to Cristina

Mark: “I put the word out that you were lookin’.”
Derek: “That I’m looking?”
Mark: “Lookin’. It sounds way dirtier without the G.”

“I’m gonna go into psych. Because you people, you surgeons…you’re all just a bunch of little children running around with your scalpels and your severed feet and your inappropriate sex in inappropriate places. You all need a good shrink.” - Norman to Alex

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