"Let it Be"
Written by Mimi Schmir; directed by Lesli Linka Glatter

Derek hangs out on a ferryboat and tries to avoid Addison, who’s also there, as Meredith voices over about reading Romeo and Juliet in the eighth grade and thinking Juliet was an idiot for falling for a guy she couldn’t have, then blaming fate for her own bad choice. In the parking lot of Seattle Grace, Meredith notices that she has a huge zit on her forehead and tries to use her bangs to cover it as Addison watches. Inside, Izzie wonders if she and Alex should discuss their kiss at the ECB (see “Something to Talk About”). He tells her he plans to do it more. Meredith ends up covering up her zit with a Hello Kitty band-aid. Webber tells Bailey that he’s received five applications for a fellowship, but she doesn’t seem to want to have any part of it. Meredith voices over that even as a teenager, she knew love was about making choices. She winds up in an elevator with Derek, but they only find out they’re in there together when they both direct a couple (the female half of which has been treated for food poisoning) to the billing department in the basement. Meredith’s voiceover continues that fate has nothing to do with love. Burke and Cristina meet up on a corner and he reminds her that they’re supposed to go on a date that night.

George is about to eat a bagel when a pigeon uses it as a target. Meredith voices over that Juliet got what she deserved, since she was stupid enough to fall for the enemy and drink poison. George gives his bagel to the pigeon, which is promptly crushed when a guy falls on top of it from a nearby building. At the hospital, he, Cristina, and Bailey tend to the man, Stu, who only has a broken leg after a five-story fall. George is amazed because if he’d stayed where he was, Stu would have landed on him instead of the pigeon. “My life was saved by that pigeon,” George says, whispering a thank-you to a feather. Meredith’s patient is Esme, an elderly woman who may need to have her gallbladder removed. Derek and Addison are surprised to see friends of theirs, Weiss and Savvy, who have made a last-minute trip from New York. Weiss and Derek split from the others and Weiss explains that Savvy’s mother recently died of ovarian cancer. Savvy is now concerned because she has the gene to develop breast and ovarian cancer. Elsewhere, Savvy tells Addison that she’s made the decision to have Addison remove her ovaries and uterus, then find someone to remove her breasts. As George and Cristina take care of getting rid of the dead pigeon, George wonders why Stu isn’t more thrilled about not being that injured from his fall. He’d also like to keep the bird’s beak.

Derek and Addison take opposite sides of Savvy and Weiss’ disagreement over her surgery - Derek is against it but Addison is supportive. Savvy is adamant about having the surgery even if it means she won’t be able to have children. Addison sends Izzie to schedule Savvy for the surgery, telling Derek that Savvy is her patient. Later, Derek tells Addison that she’s taking the situation personally. Addison counters that in that case, they should be dealing with their friends as a couple. She gestures to her ring and blasts him for not talking to her at work or on the ferry, then not being able to be nice long enough to help their friends. Meredith tends to Esme as she and her husband Jed talk about which animals mate for life. Later, George tells Meredith and Cristina that Stu should be happier to be alive. Cristina asks George to cover for her so she can get ready for her “test date” with Burke; she calls it that because she thinks Burke is testing her. As Izzie tends to Savvy, Savvy asks if she’s so obviously against her decision because it means she won’t be able to have kids. Izzie just says that it’s a big step. Alex thinks she’s brave and notes that she can always get breast implants. Izzie sends Alex away and tells Savvy she’s not against the surgery because it means Savvy can’t have kids. Savvy thinks she only has two chances - take her chances and never get cancer, or take her chances and die young. Izzie adds that she can always take her chances, get cancer, and try to fight it.

In the locker room, Cristina tries on different dresses to decide which to wear on her date. Izzie notes that it doesn’t matter what she wears because she’ll look hot no matter what. As George and Meredith arrive, Cristina laments agreeing to the date. Alex enters and tells Izzie that everything’s ready for Savvy. She says she could never do what Savvy’s doing, but Cristina thinks it’s like cutting off your hand if you were told it would kill you. Izzie notes that cutting off your hand doesn’t have as many consequences as the surgeries Savvy wants. Alex says they’re body parts, and he would cut off his penis if it would keep him alive. Cristina and Burke head out for their date, Cristina showing that she’s obviously not used to dating. Bailey and Meredith perform Esme’s surgery and discover that there’s a problem with her bladder. Afterwards, they tell Jed that Esme may have gallbladder cancer and may need more surgery, though that won’t cure her. He tells Meredith that he doesn’t want Esme to know she may not have more than six months left to live. George heads back to see Stu, who asks him to stop talking to him about seizing the day. George can’t stop, though, and notes that he’s happy to be alive and didn’t even survive a five-story fall. He soon realizes that Stu isn’t happy because he didn’t fall - he jumped. Later, he tells George that on the way down, he was thinking about his ex-girlfriend, Daisy, who works at Seattle Grace and who he now wants George to find - she might be the reason he survived.

Weiss talks to Derek about how upset he is over Savvy’s decision, which she made without asking his opinion. Derek says that they’ll get through this because they love each other. Weiss wonders if his and Savvy’s situation is really different from Derek and Addison’s, which resulted in Derek leaving. Cristina and Burke’s date gets off to a rocky start when Burke learns that Cristina not only has her own opinions, she also eats meat. In an elevator, George studies a map of the hospital as Meredith asks if he’s really going to find Daisy. He is, because he thinks that something good has to come out of what happened to Stu. Derek joins them and compliments Meredith’s band-aid. They relive their moment from earlier in the day by telling George that billing is in the basement. Webber finds Bailey and asks her if she’s given any more thought to accepting the fellowship he wants her to have. She tries to convince him that she’s excited and just busy. At the restaurant, Cristina and Burke are looking forward to the end of their date when the male half of the billing-seeking couple from the elevator collapses. When his wife calls out for a doctor, Burke and Cristina happily rush to his aid and quickly guess that he has Marfan’s. They’re proud to tell the paramedics that Burke is going to save the husband and Cristina is going to work with him.

Izzie finds Savvy getting ready for dinner with Weiss, Addison, and Derek, and tells her she looks beautiful. Savvy admits that she’s worried she won’t be the same person after her surgery. George ventures into the basement and finds Daisy, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with Stu. In the gallery, Izzie snaps at Alex that he’ll look at anything in a skirt, but if the woman in the skirt didn’t have a nice chest, he would stop looking. She adds that if there was a genetic test for testicular cancer, men wouldn’t take precautions not to get it because that would be castration. She’s upset that Savvy is basically castrating herself and no one is protesting. Izzie wonders if Alex would still want to kiss her if she had fake breasts, bad skin, and no sex drive. Just before his surgery, Stu asks George if he found Daisy; George lies that she’s on vacation. Stu thanks him for trying anyway. Unfortunately, he crashes not long after and can’t be revived. Bailey tells George that there will be an autopsy, but sometimes people just die on the table. George doesn’t understand how Stu could survive the fall so George could go find Daisy, who didn’t want to see him. Bailey tells him that they’re all just part of “the cosmic joke.” Meredith finds Bailey and tells her that Jed doesn’t want her to tell Esme that she’s going to die. Bailey grouchily orders her to go tell her patient what she’s supposed to tell her.

As Burke and Cristina get ready for surgery, Webber finds Bailey again and asks if other hospitals are trying to woo her away from Seattle Grace. He’s angry that she’s willing to leave after everything the hospital has done for her. “I’m pregnant, you blind moron,” she replies. She’s a little ticked off that the baby (which she suspects is a boy) is sucking the life out of her, just like a typical man, and happened to be conceived a month before her fellowship notification after she tried to get pregnant for seven years. “Um…congratulations,” Webber says. In the OR, Burke lets Cristina handle the saw; she can’t believe he’ll let her do that but not pick wine. Meredith and Derek wind up in an elevator together again, leading him to remark that they might actually live there. Before she can respond to his request for her to acknowledge his existence, Addison joins them. Burke and Cristina tell their patient’s wife that he’s okay; she remarks that it was a good thing they were having dinner nearby. Meredith tells Esme about her prognosis, and Esme asks if she’s told Jed yet - she doesn’t want him to know that she’s dying. Meredith asks if she can really have a relationship built on a lie. Esme says that it’s her future - she’s been with the love of her life for 60 years, and they’re going to go to Venice and ride a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs so they’ll be together for eternity.

At dinner, Savvy says that when Addison told her she was coming to Seattle, Savvy was sure that meant she and Derek would make it. “It’s about choices,” Addison says. The four toast, but Weiss is still unhappy that they’re all being so positive when his wife is about to make such huge changes. Derek follows him back to the hospital, where Weiss expresses disgust over having to hold Savvy’s hand while she’s ripped apart. He thinks Savvy will just think he wants her for sex if he doesn’t show up. Derek states that he’ll be there, and Weiss notes that Derek ran away from his own marriage. Derek says they’re trying to work things out and follow what they said in their wedding vows. If Weiss can’t give Savvy the support she needs, then what is Derek doing? Meredith runs into Jed and lies that she didn’t tell Esme that she’s going to die. Later, she and George talk about how Stu may have cheated fate. She says that you can’t wait for something to fly under you and save you - you have to save yourself. Addison takes sexy pictures of Savvy just before her surgery, then asks if Savvy is 100 percent sure she wants to go through with the surgery. Savvy says she knows what she’s giving up, but she also knows she’s holding on to her life and the possibility of a future with Weiss. She asks if Addison wouldn’t want the same thing with Derek.

Meredith voices over that maybe Romeo and Juliet were fated to be together after all, but just for a little while, and then the time passed. “If they could’ve known that beforehand, maybe it would’ve all been okay,” she adds. In the locker room, Alex announces to Izzie that he likes her rack. If he could have her chest around, he would want it, but if she got rid of her breasts, it would be okay because he’d just want her. She responds by slapping him, then kissing him. Meredith voices over that she told the teacher who assigned her Romeo and Juliet that when she was older, she would take fate into her own hands and never let a guy drag her down. Her teacher told her that she would be lucky to have that kind of passion with someone else, and if she did, they would be together forever. Burke laments that he and Cristina never got to have their date, but she thinks they had a great night. As Meredith’s voiceover repeats that love is about choices, Weiss shows up just in time for Savvy’s surgery. Meredith voices over that it’s about putting down the dagger and poison and making your own happy ending. She and Derek wind up together in an elevator yet again as she voices over that sometimes, no matter what you do, “fate wins anyway.” Meredith tells Derek that she misses him, and though he seems tempted to give in, he just says, “I can’t.”


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I kissed you. With tongue. And I plan to do it again and again. Get used to it.” - Alex to Izzie

George: “Equal breath sounds. After a five-story fall, he’s got equal breath sounds! This is unbelievable! Do you wanna hear?”
Bailey: “Somehow, I believe you.”

George: “He’s gotta realize that things happen for a reason.”
Meredith: “Oh, yeah. My ex-boyfriend moved his wife to Seattle. Reason: To torture me.”

Meredith: “Wow, you look hot.”
Cristina: “Yeah. Burke and I are gonna talk about how hot I am over dinner.”

Cristina: “He’s seen me naked a thousand times.”
George: “Bad, bad images in my head.”

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