"Blues for Sister Someone"
Written by Elizabeth Klaviter; directed by Jeffrey Melman

Meredith voices over about sacrifice as Callie and George finish having sex in her Seattle Grace basement lair. At the trailer, Addison thanks Derek for what he calls “the most boring sex ever.” She notes that they used to be good at this, so he declares that they’re going to keep working at it until they get it right. They’re interrupted when Derek gets a call telling him about Doc. Thinking Finn (see “The Name of the Game”) is calling, Addison takes the phone and tells him that Derek will call back when they’re done having better sex. Too bad Meredith, not Finn, is on the other end. Finn tells Meredith that he wants to run more tests on Doc, but Derek can take him home at the end of the day. Finn tries to casually ask if Derek and Meredith are dating; she explains that they’re just friends: “He’s married and I’m knitting a sweater.” He likes this, because it means he can ask her out, which catches her off guard. Bailey notices that her name is off the OR board again, but Webber tells her it’s just a slow day, then pats her on the back. Bailey complains to Burke that she’s never been the sort of person to receive a pat on the back before. Burke makes her feel better by letting her look after Denny for the day.

Cristina brings Burke coffee and he tells her he’s feeling tired and only ran two miles this morning instead of the six he used to run with George. He also won’t drink her coffee, since George is bringing him cappuccino. George announces that Eugene Foote, Burke’s favorite violinist, has been admitted to Seattle Grace for problems with his pacemaker. (George knows more about Burke’s music interests than Cristina does.) Burke offers George the chance to assist him, but George is supposed to be with Derek today. Cristina asks to help out instead, reminding Burke that she had sex with him the night before. At a nurses’ station, Meredith asks Alex whether or not she should go out with Finn. Alex couldn’t care less, telling her that if she wants to sleep with him, she might as well. Cristina approaches, looking for Eugene’s chart, and gets in on the conversation, telling Meredith she can’t date a vet since he’s not a real doctor. Addison arrives, mumbling about needing some good sex, and Meredith warns Cristina to avoid her since she’s in a bad mood. Addison, however, needs an intern. Cristina and Meredith quickly tell her they already have assignments, so Addison recruits a very reluctant Alex.

Bailey and Meredith visit Denny, who appreciates that Meredith supports his desire for a portable LVAD. Izzie stops by and tells Bailey that she’s already told Denny the LVAD is a bad idea. Before Bailey kicks her out, she asks Denny not to be an idiot. He tells her that today, she’s not the boss of him. Eugene tells Burke and Cristina that he wants them to remove his pacemaker - even though it’s caused his heart to beat normally, he finds his heartbeat different now, and it’s preventing him from playing the violin. Cristina is surprised that he would sacrifice his life to be able to play music; Eugene says his life and music are one and the same. Burke asks to try one more setting on the pacemaker before they make a decision about removing it. Addison takes Alex to meet their patient, Rose, who has a bunch of kids and is about ready to have another one. After her husband leaves the room, she tells Addison that she needs this baby to be her last - she wants Addison to tie her tubes during her C-section, but not tell her husband. She adds that she wants to pay for that herself, since her husband will find out if her insurance company is billed. Alex suspects that Rose’s husband, Chris, is abusive, but she says that her husband is so devoted to Catholicism that he would never support her using birth control, so he would never be okay with this. Alex doesn’t want to go along with this, but Addison pulls rank and makes him.

Derek, Izzie, and George’s patient is Ms. Graber, who has epilepsy and is there for brain mapping. Derek is looking to see where in her brain the seizures originate so that it can be surgically removed and stop the seizures. However, so far it’s not working as Ms. Graber hasn’t had a seizure in three days. She’s not happy that she’s losing billable hours (she’s a divorce attorney) and asks the doctors if any of them wants a divorce. Izzie and George say no but seem to think Derek might have something to add. Ms. Graber notices this and tries to get Derek to spill, hitting the needle on the head about his and Addison’s problems. Outside the room, Derek orders Izzie and George to make Ms. Graber have a seizure so he can perform the surgery and get rid of her already. As George and Izzie do some research on how to induce seizures, Izzie bugs George about where he lives now, but he won’t tell her, saying that he’s busy working. Of course, when Callie stops by, he’s not too busy to share a little moment with her. Eugene plays his violin for Burke, who won’t lie even though he can tell that Eugene isn’t playing as well as he used to. Burke warns that the surgery to remove the pacemaker could be dangerous because scar tissue has formed around it. Eugene tells him about getting hooked on playing when he was a kid, asking if Burke has anything he’s hooked on like that. If Burke won’t operate, Eugene will find someone else.

Burke tells Cristina that Eugene is right about not playing as well, but he’s not sure if he should perform the operation. Cristina asks what Burke would do if he couldn’t be a great surgeon anymore, just an average one. Eugene could go somewhere else and have someone else operate on him, but that surgeon would just be average. After receiving some positive test results, Bailey tells Denny that he should be allowed to get out of bed and walk around. He’s happy to hear it but notes that Izzie gave him contrary medical advice, even though Bailey’s advice is what he wants to hear. Meredith tells Denny to listen to Bailey, since she outranks Izzie. Bailey, however, knows that Denny is afraid that he’ll bruise Izzie’s ego if he doesn’t listen to her. She would hate for him to make decisions based on what Izzie wants, so Denny says he’ll just forget about her and go along with what Bailey says. She doesn’t buy this. Outside the room, Bailey asks Meredith what’s going on between Denny and Izzie. Meredith says she knows she likes him but she doesn’t think Izzie would cross the line. Bailey notes that Meredith and Cristina fell for their attendings, something Bailey never would have expected. Meredith says she’s knitting now and may date a vet. Bailey cares less than Alex did.

George and Izzie have Ms. Graber watch TV close to the screen, thinking that will induce a seizure. Ms. Graber notes that she doesn’t usually have time to watch TV, but she’s started watching Oprah (who she says is smart for never getting married). Izzie bugs George about not telling her where he lives, complaining that she’s on the outside of his life now. Ms. Graber tells them that she’s not seizing, but she is having acid flashbacks. Addison and Alex talk to Rose again, wanting to know if she’s sure she wants to have her tubes tied secretly. Rose tells them that when she and Chris first got married, they were so poor that she went on birth control, and as a result, Chris stopped taking Communion. She adds that the only reason they haven’t had a child in four years is because they abstained for three. Alex wonders why Rose can’t just take the pill - if Chris found out, he wouldn’t divorce her, since that goes against his beliefs as well. Rose says that the look Alex has on his face is the same one Chris would have if he knew this was going on. At the nurses’ station, Izzie complains to Meredith and Cristina about George while Cristina complains about Burke. Meredith asks if Alex was right about Izzie dumping him for Denny. Izzie says no, but Meredith warns that Bailey is on the warpath about the situation.

Addison and Alex perform Rose’s C-section, and before they close her up, Addison pretends that Rose is bleeding. Alex doesn’t want to play along but has no choice. Later, Addison tells Rose that there was a “complication” during her surgery and her fallopian tubes were damaged, so she won’t be able to have any more children. Rose is pleased but Alex is still upset about the whole thing. Addison tells him that Rose is their patient and they’re only obligated to help her. Meredith and Derek wind up in an elevator together and awkwardly talk about Doc, who Derek has already taken home. Meredith laughs at him a little about Addison’s revelation on the phone, then says that she set Finn straight about her lack of a relationship with Derek. Izzie and George have Ms. Graber do espresso shots, and she’s happy to get the opportunity to eat a donut for the first time in a long time. Derek catches the three eating donuts together and Izzie says that Ms. Graber is making progress. Webber joins Meredith and Bailey in Denny’s room, making Bailey think that he’s double-checking her work. Ms. Graber plays a video game (which has been known to cause seizures at a higher level) while Izzie bugs George more about telling her where he lives. After some bickering, she determines that he’s still mad at her for encouraging him to talk to Meredith about his feelings, which didn’t end well (see “Yesterday”).

Burke plays Eugene’s own music during his surgery, calling it brilliant. Chris finds Alex and tells him that Rose said there were complications during her C-section. Izzie and George bicker in Ms. Graber’s room, sparking the patient’s interest as they mention things like adultery. As Chris continues talking to Alex, Denny suddenly has trouble breathing and Eugene’s surgery goes downhill. Izzie tells George that he wants to keep loving Meredith and doesn’t want to hear the truth. Meredith suggests intubating Denny while Alex agrees with Chris that Rose’s “complication” might actually be a blessing. Eugene continues to do poorly as Webber doubts that Bailey can keep tending to Denny, who needs to be taken to surgery. Izzie blasts George for being naďve - he knew Meredith was in love with Derek and he should take some responsibility for what happened. The two are so busy arguing that they don’t notice Ms. Graber in the beginning throes of a seizure. Alex tells Chris that Rose’s “complication” might mean their kids can go to college; he warns that Chris should get a lawyer. As Denny starts breathing better, Eugene flatlines and Burke has to pronounce him dead. Denny asks Meredith to thank Bailey for him, then notes that Meredith seems to disapprove of him and Izzie. Meredith just warns that there are rules about relationships between doctors and patients. Denny notes that Izzie would break the rules even if he told her not to, adding that the best times in his life were when he did things he wasn’t supposed to.

Bailey asks Webber why he undermined her authority in front of both Meredith and Denny. Webber says he’s not punishing her for having a baby; he just wants to be careful because she’s returned from maternity leave recently and is more sleep-deprived than everyone else. A nurse lets Webber know that Chris wants to talk to him. Meredith goes to Finn’s office and agrees to go out with him. He can’t go out tonight since he has an errand, but Meredith asks to tag along. They wind up at a stable, where Finn needs to deliver a foal. Meredith excitedly agrees to help out. Addison approaches Webber to complain about Alex, but Webber warns that she has a bigger problem - Chris is talking to the hospital’s attorney about Rose’s C-section, and Webber can’t tell from the chart why she would have any complication that would cause damage to her fallopian tubes. Derek tells Ms. Graber that the mapping worked, so now she can have surgery. She replies that she’s decided against the operation because she doesn’t like the risks she might face. Derek reminds her that her alternative is to deal with the affects of the seizures on her life. Ms. Graber tells him that her life is actually affecting her seizures. She compares it to his relationship with Addison - is bad sex the problem or are their problems causing bad sex? Ms. Graber thinks there’s a connection between not working and not having seizures, so she wants to try to change her life and see if that stops the seizures.

As Meredith and Finn bond over watching the new foal, Addison asks Rose to tell Chris what really happened so that she won’t be sued and have her reputation ruined. Rose refuses. While Burke listens to Eugene’s music alone, Meredith and Finn return to Finn’s office and he offers to cook them dinner up in his apartment. Meredith isn’t sure if she should, since that will probably lead to sex. Finn talks her into it by promising not to try anything. Meredith voices over more about sacrificing and everything coming with a price while George wishes Ms. Graber luck on changing her life. She tells him that Izzie really loves him and just misses having her friend. Alex passes Addison on the stairs, ribbing her about her covering things up, and she gets revenge by telling him she’s going to get Bailey to assign him to the OB/GYN service for as long as she wants. Izzie stops by Denny’s room and realizes that he’s gotten the LVAD. She doesn’t comment on his decision, just hugging him (and of course, Bailey sees this). Burke tells Cristina that Eugene once said in an interview that he got to be such a good musician because he practiced. Burke is the same way. Derek brings a sick Doc to Finn’s, unhappy to see that Meredith is there and has apparently just slept with Finn. George finally comes home to Meredith’s, bringing Callie with him for the night. Derek goes home to the trailer and turns on the shower, enticing Addison to have good sex.

THE TITLE IS A SONG BY…: Lenny Kravitz

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Burke? Um, I laid on top of you naked last night. So why don’t you wax nostalgic about that?” - Cristina

Meredith: “Obviously I can’t go out with him, right?”
Alex: “Do I look like a chick to you? Do I look like I care about yeast cream or tingling feelings? I mean, he’s not in jail or on drugs or keeping body parts in his basement. You want to do him, do him.”

Meredith: “I’m knitting these days. Plus, I’m thinking about accepting a date with a veterinarian.”
Bailey: “Grey. Do you actually believe I care?”
Meredith: “No.”
Bailey: “Good. Maybe you’re not so stupid after all.”

“You can kick that espresso shot’s a%$.” - George to Ms. Graber

“Can’t have a sugar crash in court. You know, stupid court. Court is stupid because I love donuts.” - Ms. Graber

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