"Scars and Souvenirs"
Written by Debora Cahn; directed by James Frawley

As Meredith voices over about scars being “secret roadmaps of personal histories,” Izzie leaves the shower and is shocked to see Alex in the bathroom. He notes that he’s seen her naked before, so it’s not that big of a deal. He then tells her that he’s moving in. Meredith voices over that a lot of old wounds heal, leaving scars, but some don’t. Izzie bursts into Meredith’s bedroom, where Meredith explains that Alex is moving into George’s old bedroom. Derek tells Izzie they were just sleeping but she won’t stop complaining about Alex moving in. Meredith tells her that Alex is one of their people and they can’t just leave him to fend for himself when he needs a place to live. Izzie asks if this is about Meredith’s mother (see “Some Kind of Miracle”), since Meredith doesn’t like people all that much. Meredith replies that she had a “near-death whatever” and would like to take advantage of her second chance to be more positive and focus on people, since they’re what matters in life. “You’re crazy now,” Izzie tells her. She stalks out and heads right back into the bathroom before Alex can go in. Meredith voices over that we carry some wounds with us wherever we go; the wound is long gone but it still hurts. In their hotel room, George tells Callie that Izzie is selfish; he corrects that she’s generous but also self-absorbed and doesn’t see other people’s perspectives. He wishes that the compassion she shows to her patients would translate over to her friends. Callie asks if they can stop talking about her.

In the locker room, Izzie complains to Meredith about Alex moving in and probably never leaving, so when George inevitably figures out that his marriage is a mistake, he won’t be able to move back in. Alex, George, and Cristina enter and Meredith tells them she’s fine, as well as that Ellis’ ashes are sitting in an urn in the back of her closet. Cristina changes the subject by wondering who the new candidate for chief of surgery is. George says Webber’s brining in a ringer in case he decides not to give the position to Meredith or Cristina’s boyfriends. Bailey arrives and assigns George to Derek, Cristina to Addison, Izzie to the clinic, Alex to Jane Doe, and Meredith to scut work. Meredith tells Bailey she’s fine to work, but Bailey points out that not only is Ellis dead, but Meredith almost died, too, so she needs to take it easy for a while. Jane asks Alex if anyone has come looking for her yet, but no one has recognized her or called asking about her. She tells Alex that Mark said she needs surgery on her eye, but Addison wants her to wait a little while because of the baby. Alex assures her that they’ll monitor the baby closely and make sure she’s okay. Jane thanks him for being so nice, telling him he’s the only person she has in the hospital. Izzie tends to a war veteran, Mr. Scofield, who’s had a bullet in his back for 50 years that didn’t bother him until a couple of months ago. He wants something for the pain but Izzie wants to take some x-rays first.

Derek and George’s patient is Helen, a former colleague of Derek’s from New York who has a cancer that keeps returning despite multiple operations. Derek explains that since the tumor is in a dangerous place, the surgeon has to leave a little bit of it in every time, then go back in every few years to tune things up. Helen declares that this will be the last time, since it’s getting harder for her to recover from surgery now that she’s older and her husband is dead. She wants to have this final surgery, then enjoy the last few years of her life. Derek disagrees with her decision but Helen puts her foot down. The interns gather outside a conference room, waiting to see who the new chief candidate is; Cristina has heard it’s someone from Stanford and notes that all her professors there loved her. (Alex is skeptical.) Burke joins them and asks how Meredith is; George tells him she doesn’t want people to keep asking her that. Cristina tells him that the new candidate is in with Webber, and Izzie adds that whoever it is already loves Cristina. Burke says that she was a good student and there’s nothing for her to be ashamed of. Webber emerges from the conference room with Colin Marlow (Roger Rees), who is a celebrity in the cardiothoracic world. Burke is thrilled to meet him but Cristina looks sick. That’s because Colin knows her…knows her very well, judging from the way he grabs her butt when he gives her a hug. Later, Cristina tells Burke that they used to date; he can’t believe she never told him she dated someone he talks about all the time.

Izzie asks Meredith what she’s doing tonight; she doesn’t want to go home and be there alone with Alex. Meredith suddenly spots Thatcher and Susan nearby and hides in a closet. Cristina approaches and Izzie asks if she wants to do something tonight. Cristina spots Colin approaching and hides in the closet with Meredith. Susan and Colin meet up outside the closet, obviously having seen Meredith and Cristina duck inside. Cristina tries to keep her hold on the hiding spot, telling Meredith to hide in the bathroom instead. Meredith tells her that her issues with her father are well-known, but Cristina’s issues with Colin are new and should talk them over. Outside, Colin lets them know that he and Susan can hear everything they’re saying. Susan tells Meredith that she and Thatcher were sorry to hear about Ellis’ death and came to make sure Meredith is okay. They’d like to have dinner with her and get her to spend time with the family she has left. Meredith denies that they’re her family. Susan tells her that Thatcher has made mistakes but isn’t a monster, then asks her to dinner again. Elsewhere, Colin teases Cristina for hiding from him, then flirts with her. She tells him she’s marrying Burke and he asks if he can give her a congratulatory hug. George and Helen chat about the room service at the hotel where he and Callie live and where Helen spent the night. She notes how expensive it is for him to live there on an intern’s salary.

George brings up the subject with Callie, asking her to let him split their fees at the hotel. She refuses, and it takes her a few moments to tell him how much they spend a week on room service. She admits that she can afford it because her parents have a lot of money. She didn’t want to tell him about the money because it’s affected all of her previous relationships. George wonders where the $200 he gives her goes; she says she uses it to top the housekeeping staff. Back in Helen’s room, Derek suggests that he try a big-ticket surgery on her. They debate the pros and cons, the major con being that it could kill her, though of course she could die in a couple of years anyway, since she doesn’t want any more operations. Derek predicts that eventually Helen will regret not doing more and he wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that he didn’t help her when he could. Izzie, Callie, and Webber tell Mr. Scofield that the bullet damaged his scapula and is infected, and now they’re going to remove the bullet. Mr. Scofield demands to see it once it’s removed since he was shot by one of his own men and wants to prove it. “Do you know what it’s like when your own men turn on you?” he asks Webber. “It’s not a good feeling,” Webber replies. Meredith finds Derek and tells him that she’s having dinner with Thatcher and Susan tonight, and that Cristina slept with Colin. Derek suggests that Meredith, Thatcher, and Susan have dinner at her house instead of Thatcher’s, and he’ll tag along and be her wingman. He thinks everything will be fine and reminds Meredith that they’re her family, though she still doesn’t agree.

At the nurses’ station, Addison spies Mark checking someone out and reminds him of their no-sex-for-60-days agreement. He points out that he agreed not to sleep with anyone but he never said anything about not looking. He lets her know that she’s worth the wait. “You bet your a%$ I am,” she replies. At lunch, George tells Meredith that Callie is rich, but it’s not as fantastic as Meredith thinks it is. Izzie joins them and announces that Cristina slept with Colin. Meredith replies that Callie is rich. George tells her not to talk to Izzie about it since Callie didn’t want him to tell anyone in the first place. Izzie wants to talk anyone, so George tells her to shut up, then leaves. Izzie tells Meredith not to say anything about people mattering again. Cristina joins them and Izzie teases her about Colin until Cristina shuts her up. Alex comes over next and Meredith brings up her dinner with Susan and Thatcher. Izzie says she’ll make dinner for them, then keeps drilling Cristina about sex with Colin. Cristina offers to show up 45 minutes into dinner with a fake crisis to give Meredith an excuse to leave if she needs it. Izzie pesters Cristina more about Colin needing Viagra until Cristina tell her it’s a miracle drug, adding that Alex will find out someday. Derek meets Colin and asks if he wants to observe Helen’s surgery later in the day. Burke joins them and tries to get Colin to observe something else instead. Colin tells them that if they’re “trying to intimidate the competition, it’s working.” After he leaves, Derek and Burke use monosyllables to have an entire conversation about Colin and Cristina’s relationship.

Alex assists Mark in Jane’s operation, asking what the chances are of her waking up and recovering all of her memories. Mark doesn’t think it’s good. Alex notes that something’s wrong with the baby, then sees that Jane is bleeding. Colin observes Burke’s operation, chatting about Cristina and how he used to think that she collected surgeons “like baseball cards.” He didn’t think she would ever get married because she used to tell him that “marriage was for the weak and undirected.” Burke was under the impression that Colin and Cristina just had a fling, but Colin tells him they were actually together for three years. Later, Burke confronts Cristina in a stairwell, asking her why she agreed to marry him if she thought marriage was only for weak, undirected people. She says it was because she wants to make Burke happy. “Heartwarming. Thanks,” he replies dryly. Outside Jane’s OR, Addison blasts Mark for not waiting to operate; Mark says he didn’t want to because Jane could have lost her vision, but Addison thinks he was showboating for Colin. Mark reminds her that the baby is fine and that Jane chose to have the operation. Derek approaches and Addison complains to him about Mark’s actions. Derek agrees that he did so because he wants to be the new chief. “You’re not her husband. This isn’t your patient. Stay out of it!” Mark tells them. Webber approaches and blasts all three of them for yelling at each other in the hallway when they’re supposed to be leaders in the hospital.

Colin observes as Derek and George operate on Helen, helping out when things go downhill. Callie, Webber, and Izzie operate on Mr. Scofield, successfully removing the bullet and making sure to hold on to it for Mr. Scofield. Izzie says that he has a “warped sense of nostalgia,” but Callie says that if she had a bullet removed from her, she’d want it cast in gold. “Well, you can afford it,” Izzie remarks, quickly realizing that she wasn’t supposed to let Callie know that George told her anything about her money. Derek decides to open Helen’s chest and try cardiac massage. Colin notes that he’s a neurosurgeon, but since Colin is a cardiac surgeon, he can do the procedure. Derek reminds him that he doesn’t have privileges at Seattle Grace, also refusing to wait for Burke to come help him out. Derek is successful but needs a moment to collect himself before continuing, since he just had to cut open a friend. Afterwards, Colin congratulates Derek, but Burke is upset that he didn’t come get him. Mark approaches as Burke accuses Derek of showing off in front of Colin. Webber scatters them, then heads over to see Mr. Scofield and give him the bullet. It’s not as big or intact as Mr. Scofield had hoped, and he can’t tell by sight if it belonged to his men. He asks if there’s anyone in the lab who can analyze it and let him know. Webber suggests that he send it to a forensic lab instead. Mr. Scofield tells Izzie that he spent 50 years stewing over the situation, and now he has nothing left. Izzie tells him it’s never too late to start over and let go. He thinks she’s too young to have had something happen to her that would change her soul so drastically. She tells him she has and he encourages her not to let it turn her.

Bailey approaches Webber, who tells her that there’s been an epidemic of people turning on each other today. She asks if there’s a frontrunner in the race for chief of surgery, and he admits that he doesn’t know. He just doesn’t want his attendings fighting all the time because it’s dangerous for the hospital. Bailey straight-out asks if Colin is going to be the new chief of surgery, but he won’t tell her. Izzie cooks Meredith’s dinner, declining her invitation to join them because she wants Meredith to bond with her people. “I hate people,” Meredith says. She thinks she’s already run out of subjects to discuss with her father. Meredith takes the meal into the dining room, telling everyone that Izzie is responsible for all of it. Alex comes home and Meredith invites him to join them. They talk about Molly’s daughter, Laura, and Thatcher talks about a picture of himself and Molly when she was a kid. It turns out the picture is actually of him and Meredith. Suddenly the lights go out and Thatcher heads to the laundry room to take a look at the fuse box. Meredith tells Derek she keeps forgetting that he knows where things are because he used to live there. At the nurse’s station, Cristina tells Burke she’s heading home. He asks how her relationship with Colin ended and she tells him it was natural because she was done with school. Then she came to Seattle and fell in love with Burke. Burke thinks she was just looking for another mentor to teach her, but she denies that their relationship is about education. He’s upset that her long-term relationship with Colin could just end so suddenly. He adds that Cristina never opens herself up to anyone, and though it’s somewhat charming, it makes him worry that their marriage won’t be very strong.

Back at Meredith’s house, Derek goes off to help Thatcher, since the lights are still off. Meredith apologizes to Susan for the awkwardness of the meal, admitting that she doesn’t know what to say to her father. She adds that she shouldn’t have gotten upset over thinking that she was Molly in the picture. Susan tells her it’s okay for her to get angry since it really was her in the photo. At the hotel, Callie blasts George for telling Izzie about her money. He tells her he actually told Meredith, but that doesn’t make Callie feel any better. He tells her it was an accident and he’d like her to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s often on her side. Callie replies that George chooses his friends over her most of the time. George tells her that he married her and hasn’t talked to his best friend for weeks; in the meantime, Callie lied to him about having money, and yet she’s still mad at him. Callie asks if he ever wonders why Izzie is so vocally against their marriage - it’s obviously because she has feelings for him. George starts laughing over the idea of a blond model being in love with him. Callie takes it as an insult to her own looks, since she also fell in love with him, and kicks him out. Izzie and Alex chat in Meredith’s kitchen and he finally tells her that she doesn’t want him. She replies that that doesn’t mean she wants him to be with someone else. She worries that she’s going to be pining after a dead man forever, wondering if she’s supposed to move on. He tells her she’ll do so when she’s ready.

Cristina arrives and Meredith tells her she doesn’t need a fake crisis to interrupt them. Cristina tells her she has a real crisis - Colin is about to ruin her relationship with Burke. George arrives next and Meredith tells Susan that things at the house aren’t usually this chaotic. (Christina denies this.) George heads to the kitchen and tells Izzie to get over herself and start liking Callie because sometimes he doesn’t like Callie, and he needs Izzie to talk him back into it. Izzie says okay. George continues that he needs to vent (with alcohol), adding that he’s worried that getting married was a bad idea. Izzie tells him that everyone who’s ever gotten married has worried about that at least once. Derek finds Thatcher in the laundry room and encourages him to talk to Meredith about work, since she’s proud of and good at what she does. Thatcher likes that Derek and Meredith have each other, but Derek admits that sometimes he’d like to come home to someone who’s not a doctor. He confides that he almost lost a friend in the OR and isn’t sure if it was his fault. He tells Thatcher that things will get easier with Meredith; they’re just nervous right now. Derek says that Meredith is tough, even though she tries to hide it, and if Thatcher makes an effort, he’ll find that it’s worth it. Thatcher turns the lights back on just as Derek’s pager goes off and he has to head back to the hospital. There, he tells Helen that there were complications during her surgery, but the good news is that they got all of the tumor out, so she’ll never need surgery again. He apologizes for pushing her into the surgery, but she’s happy that he did because he gave her her life back.

After dinner, Susan tells Meredith that she’s glad they all got together. Meredith is, too, and is glad Susan suggested it. Susan knows that Meredith never would have asked them over on her own. Thatcher tells Meredith he’s thinking about Ellis, then notices that Meredith has kept a swing up on the porch that was there even when he lived there. She tells him it doesn’t swing anymore so no one uses it. Thatcher fixes that by pulling out a nail he originally put in so that Meredith wouldn’t catch her fingers in the swing. In the kitchen, Izzie and George get drunk and she tells him to go back to Callie and apologize. George says he’s always apologizing, and there’s no way he can always be wrong, right? She tells him that maybe Callie is just insecure, but George still needs to apologize. George knows Callie is insecure and tells Izzie that she thinks Izzie is in love with him. They crack up and wonder if Callie is crazy. At the hospital, Alex tells Jane that she and the baby are doing fine, but he’s sorry that he pushed her into having the surgery. He thinks he needs to stop treating her like a sister and let her get her medical advice from attendings instead of him. Jane says that she asked Alex for advice because she trusts him. Meredith voices over about new wounds and unhealed old wounds being painful as she joins Cristina in bed and finally talks about her dead mother. Meredith voices over that maybe we learn from our old wounds - “they remind us of where we’ve been and what we’ve overcome.” However, sometimes we have to keep learning the same things over and over. Izzie wakes up and rolls over to see that she’s not alone in bed - George is with her.



MEMORABLE QUOTES: “We’re lurking, in a way that was subtle when there were two of us but isn’t now that there are 12.” - Meredith

Meredith: “This is my hiding spot. My father is out there. Go somewhere else.”
Cristina: “I need this closet, Meredith.”
Meredith: “Colin Marlow.”
Cristina: “Yes. He was my professor. We were close.”
Meredith: “He had his hand on your a%$; I sure hope you were close.”

Izzie: “Colin Marlow! Was it good? Was he good? Did he make you a better lovah?”
Cristina: “Do you remember all the other times I’ve talked to you about my sex life?”
Izzie: “No.”
Cristina: “Exactly.”

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