"Great Expectations"
Written by Eric Buchman; directed by Michael Grossman

Bailey stands alone in a hospital hallway as people rush around her and Meredith voices over about everyone having great expectations about life. Meredith and Derek have dinner at Burke and Cristina’s apartment, though Cristina isn’t sitting with the others because Burke only made dinner for three. Meredith notes that they’re still not talking to each other (despite their small strides in “Six Days, Part 2”) and says someone needs to be the first to speak. Derek changes the subject by mentioning a rumor he heard about Webber retiring. Cristina announces that Webber has already talked to Burke about replacing him, but that ended when Burke lied about his tremors. Derek isn’t thrilled that Webber has already asked Burke to take his place. After dinner, Meredith and Derek head to her place for bed, where she’s upset that Burke and Cristina aren’t talking and he’s upset that Webber wants Burke to replace him, despite the fact that Webber told Derek he would become chief. “How can two people be in a relationship and not talk?” Meredith wonders as she and Derek have completely different conversations with each other at the same time. Izzie stops by George’s room with baked goods and finds Callie emerging. She’s happy to see Izzie as George has been an animal for sex all night and she can’t take anymore. She feels horrible about George losing his dad, but she’d also like a break from sex. Callie tells Izzie that it’s her turn to look after George.

At the hospital, Alex approaches Addison and accuses her of trying to avoid him every since their kiss. She denies it, but after she leaves and Callie joins her, she spills that she kissed Alex. “George has become a sex machine,” Callie replies. In the locker room, Izzie confirms this to Meredith, Cristina, and Alex, who don’t care since they have their own problems to deal with. Cristina refuses to talk to Burke first because she’s right and he’s wrong, and “talking first is for losers.” Alex denies that there’s anything wrong with him, though Meredith disagrees. Izzie reminds everyone that she’s still recovering from Denny’s death, the end of her career, and having to deposit the check. She’s also the only intern seeing a psychiatrist. She demands that one of the others get it together and help her get through to George. Speaking of George, he enters, looking for Callie, so Izzie takes advantage of the situation to tell George that though having lots of sex may not be one of the stages of grief, denial is. They approach Addison and Izzie tries to garner her support, but Addison thinks Izzie knows that she’s thinking about having sex with Alex. Bailey and Derek corner Webber in an elevator, but he’s on his way to a meeting and doesn’t have much time to talk to them. Bailey notices that he’s both smiling and wearing a tie, but he won’t tell her why. She tells Webber that she wants to open a free clinic and has already done all the research necessary to start. Webber tells her that if she can get funding and the okay from department heads, he’ll consider it. However, he’s not sure why she cares, since she’s a surgeon.

Addison, George, and Izzie’s patient of the day is Jilly, a young woman who has been experiencing pain and bleeding for a few weeks. Her friend Rachel is with her, having dragged her to see a doctor on the day off they have from the restaurant they work at. Addison has Izzie perform Jilly’s pelvic exam as Jilly explains that Rachel is staying because they’ve always done everything together. Their oft-spoken motto is “cradle to grave.” Izzie calls Addison over to take a look at something startling, and though George doesn’t think he needs to look as well, Jilly tells him to. Outside the room, the three doctors talk about a large cervical tumor Jilly has. Rachel emerges and asks if Jilly has cancer; she wants to know first because if she hears the news in front of Jilly, she’ll start crying, which will make Jilly cry. George encourages her to call Jilly’s family. Rachel explains that they both left home at 16 and don’t speak to their families. Izzie tells her that Jilly might change her mind about seeing her parents. “I am her family,” Rachel replies, refusing to contact Jilly’s parents or let the doctors do it. Mark has Alex and Meredith for the day, but the patient he assigns them to is a semi-comatose man named Jim who needs to have his bedsores tended to. Alex complains that the nurses could do this, but Mark says he likes nurses and he’s giving the interns the going-away gift of taking care of Jim. Alex catches on quickly that Mark is leaving Seattle Grace.

Bailey approaches Derek and tells him about the clinic. He tells her that he can’t help since he doesn’t have the necessary qualities, as Webber has implied to him by not asking him to be the new chief. Callie finds Cristina and asks her how George is. She starts to tell her about George being a sex machine but Cristina stops her, telling her they’re not friends and she doesn’t want to know. Callie replies that she thought Cristina would be concerned, but now it doesn’t matter to her anyway since she doesn’t like Cristina. Too bad they have to work together on a patient named Steve, who hurt his knee and blacked out while running a marathon. He also had a low blood pressure in the field, which Cristina attributes to dehydration. Steve says that he drank a lot, as well as ate a couple of protein bars and took some aspirin for a cold. Callie quickly resets his knee and encourages him to skip the race the next time he has a cold. Izzie asks George if he’s okay working on a cancer case after losing his father to cancer. He spots Callie and tries to talk to her, but Callie runs off. Izzie plays dumb about whether Callie is avoiding George, just offering up her support. He accuses her of making the situation about herself, but she tells him that she’s just worried about him having so much sex. “Puritans,” George suddenly says. Izzie thinks he’s calling her a Puritan, but he’s just spotted an Amish couple. They tell him that their daughter is in the hospital - it’s Jilly.

Rachel tells Jilly that if things are really serious, she’ll switch shifts at the restaurant to take care of her. Jilly’s parents enter and Rachel blasts Izzie, thinking she called them. Rachel tells Jilly’s parents (in Dutch) that she doesn’t need them, but Jilly reminds Rachel that her parents can’t talk to her because she’s been shunned. Addison arrives with Jilly’s test results and her father guesses that she has cancer. Addison adds that Jilly will need to have a radical hysterectomy. Jilly’s mom wonders how her condition could develop into something so bad. Rachel tells her that Jilly doesn’t want them there; she thinks Jilly’s parents are there to make her go home with them. Jilly finally tells her parents to leave, adding that it was a mistake for them to come. At the nurses’ station, Meredith learns that Mark is leaving Seattle. He tells her he hates everything about the city, including the people, since they’re mean and unforgiving. She thinks he means just Addison and Derek specifically. She mentions that Webber won’t be around much longer, since rumor has it he’s resigning. Mark wonders who will be taking his place, but Meredith says it doesn’t matter since Mark won’t be around anyway. Elsewhere, Derek asks Addison how Webber managed to convince her to come to Seattle from New York. She says that he told her she’d have a really good neonatal intensive care unit. He confirms that Webber didn’t say anything to her about being chief, but this gets her suspicious. “I know what you know,” he tells her. Alex approaches and Addison blows him off, so he loudly tells her, “When you get a minute, I’d like to talk about the kissing.”

Cristina goes to Jim’s room and complains that she hasn’t gotten a good patient. Burke drops by looking for an intern, and he tells Cristina, Meredith, and Alex that whoever can describe the condition the patient has will get to assist. Alex and Meredith are at a loss, and though Cristina knows the answer, she still won’t talk to Burke, so she doesn’t get to assist. Derek and Burke meet up in a scrub room and Burke apologizes for Derek having to learn about him being asked to be chief the way he did. He adds that he was stuck and couldn’t go to anyone about his tremor. Derek notes that now that isn’t the case and Burke is back in the running. Burke admits that he’s not going to try for the position; instead, he’s “looking for answers.” Derek thinks Webber will ask Burke again since he already did it once. Burke says it wouldn’t be right, but Derek replies, “Well, if something’s right or not, it doesn’t seem to matter in this place.” Cristina tells Steve that he’s dehydrated and his muscles are breaking down as a result, so they want to keep him in the hospital for a little while. He’s just concerned with whether or not his knee will be all right in time for his next race. He tells her that his knee and his calves are sore, and when she goes to look at them, she realizes that his legs are incredibly swollen. Callie is quickly summoned and tells Steve that they’re going to have to take drastic measures to ensure that he doesn’t lose his legs. These measures involve her and Cristina cutting into Steve’s calves sans pain medication).

Webber wonders why things are going downhill so quickly, as Steve is now having kidney failure. Callie realizes it’s because of the aspirin he took - it’s accelerating the breakdown of his body. Webber needs to operate before the toxins in Steve’s system kill him. Izzie invites George to get lunch with her, but he wants to eat with Callie. Izzie tries to talk to him about her, but she suddenly realizes that Jilly’s parents are still at the hospital. Alex tries to talk to Addison, and when she tells him it’s not a good time, he pulls her into a closet. He tells her that he thinks she’s been avoiding him because she believes he wants her, mostly because she thinks everyone wants her. Alex asks if she thinks he wants to be yet another intern who’s sleeping with an attending. Addison reminds him that he kissed her back. He tells her that she’s his boss, so he didn’t feel like he had a choice. He adds that he’d much rather be operating with her than doing what Mark has had him do all day, and if she keeps avoiding him, he won’t get to operate. “It happened. And it doesn’t have to happen again,” he says. Derek approaches Mark, having heard that he’s leaving Seattle. He wanted Mark to scrub in on a procedure with him but changed his mind when he learned it was Mark’s last day. Mark says it’s not his last day after all and he’d love to scrub in. Derek asks why he’s staying and Mark explains that he wants in on the race to replace Webber - oh, and he heard the good news from Meredith.

Cristina and Callie scrub up together and Cristina expresses her admiration over Callie’s treatment of Steve. She adds that Callie said she should be concerned about George’s behavior. Callie says that he’s not talking about his dad - in fact, they’re not talking about much of anything. “Talking’s overrated,” Cristina says, leading Callie to comment that she and Burke still aren’t speaking to each other. She wonders what the last thing was that Burke and Cristina talked about. Cristina doesn’t answer and Callie comments, “Silence is overrated.” Izzie goes to see Jilly and tells her her parents are still at the hospital. She thinks Jilly called them, and since they probably had to fly in from somewhere, she must have called them a while ago. Jilly confesses that she went to an ER a while ago and was told to see an oncologist, but she didn’t have the money so she didn’t follow up. But then she got scared and decided to call her parents. She sent them away because Rachel is her best friend; after Rachel was baptized, she left their community and was shunned as a result. Jilly went with her because she didn’t want Rachel to go out into the world alone. Jilly hadn’t been baptized yet so she isn’t shunned, and she has thought about going home. If she’s going to die, she wants an Amish funeral with her whole family in attendance. However, she made her “cradle to grave” agreement with Rachel. Jilly undergoes surgery while Addison and Bailey talk about how her condition is preventable and she could have been treated much sooner if the hospital had a free clinic. Addison realizes that the tumor is too far advanced and the surgery can’t continue. This causes George to panic and leave the OR.

As Izzie sees Jilly’s parents comforting each other, Webber, Cristina, and Callie operate on Steve. Webber can’t believe that he ran 12 miles before his body gave out on him. Cristina understands why he pushed through his illness, since she does the same sort of thing in her quest to be a surgeon. “It’s a long road, Dr. Yang,” Webber tells her. “And when you get to the end of it, you’re not going to care about winning. You’re just going to be relieved that you made it to the finish line.” Derek confronts Meredith about telling Mark about Webber leaving. He’s upset because Mark was that close to leaving town when he changed his mind. “You gave him a reason to stay,” Derek complains before storming out. Bailey tells Burke about the clinic and asks him to give a few hours of commitment a week. Burke tells her that he can’t deal with “any more distractions right now.” “You owe me,” Bailey says, reminding him how he made her doubt herself when he cut her out of surgeries when he had his tremor. Burke tells her that she needs someone to be a leader, and he’s not that person anymore. “If that’s what you want to believe,” Bailey replies. In Jilly’s room, Izzie tells Rachel that she’ll need to undergo a lot of treatments but will most likely get worse anyway. Rachel is completely committed to helping her, but Izzie tells her that she can’t be everything for Jilly. Her parents want to help her and Jilly wants to go home. Rachel is stunned that Jilly called her parents, and she still wants to help her friend. “It’s possible that the best thing you can do for her, if you love her, is to let her go,” Izzie says.

Burke finds Addison and asks her if she’s waiting to talk to Webber. He says he is, too, but it’s about “admin stuff.” Derek approaches and can’t believe he has more competition now. Addison points out that if Webber hasn’t officially asked Derek or Burke to replace him yet, he might have someone else in mind. Mark approaches, and soon after Webber appears and the four mob him. Webber tells them that he turned in his resignation to the board that morning, then saved Steve’s life, and now he wants to go home to Adele. Bailey approaches and Webber tells her that he’s leaving as soon as he can find a replacement - which might take a while, since he doesn’t see any frontrunners right now. Later, Bailey chastises Webber for letting her continue researching the clinic when he knew that he wouldn’t be around to have anything to do with it. Webber tells her that she needs Addison, Mark, Derek, or Burke to sign off on her proposal because one of them could end up being the new chief. He adds that one of them will be doing the job for a few years only until Bailey is ready for it. “That’s who you are,” he says. He wasn’t making Bailey do all the work for nothing, he was preparing her for the day when she’ll have to do things without Webber. Burke, Derek, Addison, and Mark sit on the floor in a hallway and discuss the fact that one of them could be the new chief. Burke doesn’t think Mark has a chance, and Derek and Addison agree. Bailey approaches and tells the four to sign letters of support for her clinic. She tells them she wants to open it because she needs to know that medicine can change lives. The doctors obey and Derek says, “The Nazi’s back.”

Jilly wakes up from surgery and Rachel tells her that she needs to go home with her parents. Jilly doesn’t want to leave Rachel, especially because it means she’ll have to shun her. Rachel refuses to take no for an answer. Jilly’s parents enter and Jilly’s mom tells Rachel that they’ll tell her parents she’s doing well. The two share a hug. Webber heads home to see Adele and tell her that he’s officially going to retire. He’s too late - it’s been months since she gave her ultimatum, and she’s moved on to someone else. Izzie finds George in a conference room and he wonders why he’s having so much sex if it doesn’t make him feel better. “Maybe you’re not supposed to feel better,” she replies. He tells her that as much as she wants to help him, she can’t. Izzie knows she has to let him go, but before she does, she tells him that if Callie makes him happy, he should be with her. George leaves and Bailey enters, telling Izzie that she got her signatures, so the Seattle Grace Free Clinic will be a reality. Izzie corrects her - it’ll be the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, and she’s going to use the check to fund it. At Meredith’s, Derek chastises his girlfriend for leaving the hospital without him; she points out that he yelled at her and then stormed off. He tells her that in relationships, people fight but they also come back. Of course, she’s never really done this before, so she wouldn’t know that. He promises that he’ll always show up and she tells him he’ll make a great chief someday.

Meredith voices over that people always think things are going to be great, and when things don’t turn out that way, they feel robbed. Addison approaches Alex and asks if he wants to help her out with a surgery. He does. Meredith voices over that “sometimes our expectations sell us short.” At Cristina and Burke’s apartment, Cristina finally breaks her silence and tells Burke that she was right and doesn’t want forgiveness, since she would consider it patronizing. However, she’s in this for the long haul, and if she doesn’t get to win this battle, that’s fine. She babbles about him winning because she talked first, and Burke just replies, “Marry me.” George goes to Callie’s hotel room and tells her that he doesn’t want to waste another minute with her. She tells him enough with the sex already, but that’s not why he’s there. He finally tells her how bad he’s been feeling since his father died, but looking at her makes him feel better. He doesn’t need to have sex with her, he just needs to be near her because he loves her. He gets down on one knee and proposes as well. “You gotta wonder why we cling to our expectations, because the unexpected is just what keeps us steady, standing, still. The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives,” Meredith voices over as Callie and Cristina consider the scenes before them.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You’re enjoying your meal at the International House of Silence?” - Meredith to Cristina

Meredith: “Every two hours? By the time we finish, we’ll just have to start again.”
Mark: “I’m crying on the inside.”

Callie: “I was just concerned and I thought you’d be concerned. But you know what? Forget it. I don’t like you.”
Cristina: “Oh, now my feelings are hurt.”

“Mark Sloan, chief of surgery. That makes me vomit a little in my mouth.” - Addison

Burke: “Why do you want this clinic so badly?”
Derek: “You’re a surgeon.”
Bailey: “Because I need something more. I know you all have your messy love lives, and your secrets and your silliness. But I want more. I need something to hold onto. I need a reason to believe that medicine can do more than stitch you up and send you away. I need to believe that medicine cannot only save lives, but change lives. I need…I need to believe to believe in something the way I used to believe in you all.”

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