Written by John Eisendrath; directed by Craig Zisk

After a face-off between Sydney and Sloane at a Swiss bank (see “A Free Agent”), Vaughn announces that Sydney needs to be allowed to leave with Sloane. Sydney and Sloane leaves while Vaughn and an explosives expert try to figure out how to prevent the C-4 in the bank from detonating. In Sydney’s car, Sloane reminds her that he warned her not to come after him. He tells her that what’s going on is bigger than anything that’s happened between them. Vaughn calls Marshall, who figures out how to shield the detonator. Vaughn tells Sydney that the bank is secure, which Sloane doesn’t know, and her car will soon be intercepted. Sark contacts Sloane and tells him that they’ve had a change in plans. In the car, Sydney tells Sloane that he’s on the CIA’s hit list, so if she kills him, she won’t be committing a crime. Sloane opens the door and, though Sydney think he’s preparing to jump, he’s actually getting ready to get into a van Sark has arrived in. Back at the CIA, Kendall tells Sydney that they don’t know where Sloane is and blasts her for not taking him out. She points out that he had hostages and she didn’t want to kill everyone in the bank. She adds that Sloane had the help of satellite surveillance and chastises Kendall for not strategizing enough to take advantage of that.

In Switzerland, Sark tells Sloane that Caplan is about a day away from getting everything ready for them. Sloane wants everything done faster than that. That night, Sydney and Vaughn head to her place after a hockey game and get a call from Weiss, who tells them that Kendall wants to see them. Their conversation starts replaying and Vaughn discovers that the light switch gives off feedback. Sydney pries off the cover and finds a bug. At the ops center, Jack tells Sydney and Vaughn that a team will sweep Sydney’s place and get out all the bugs. He adds that Sydney needs to make a list of everyone who’s been in the house and could have planted the bugs. It turns out that Marshall made the device himself and recognizes that the transmitter on this one is busted. Jack tells him to reverse engineer the signal and find out where all of the recorded conversations were transmitted to. Sloane looks at a Rambaldi manuscript that’s missing a piece as Sark tells him that Caplan is done. Sark has tested the Rambaldi device but doesn’t appear to be a believer. In Kandahar, Sloane meets with a man named Ahmad Kabir, who isn’t sure why he should agree to a partnership. At home, Allison notes that Sydney has been acting strangely and doesn’t talk to her anymore. Vaughn calls and tells Sydney to get to the ops center as soon as possible. After she leaves, Allison calls Sark and tells him that the bugs were found. “Give them someone,” he replies.

At the ops center, Vaughn tells Sydney that they couldn’t trace the bug, but they did get a lead on Sloane. In a briefing, Kendall explains that Sloane was spotted in Kandahar and probably met with Kabir. The previous year, Sloane stole a bunch of missiles from Kabir, though Kabir doesn’t know Sloane was behind the theft - Dixon was the one who did the stealing. Kendall wants Sydney to ask Dixon for help, noting that she was just complaining that they’re not doing enough. He tells her that if they lose Sloane again, it’s her fault. Sydney goes to Dixon’s, where Diane tells her that he doesn’t want to see her. Sydney begs Dixon for information but he tells her that he and his family have made the decision to move on. Vaughn meets with Will at the self-storage facility and asks him to give an oral presentation on Kabir to Kendall. In Kandahar, Sloane offers Kabir a “demonstration” on the target of his choice. At the ops center, Will suggests that the CIA get to Kabir through his ex-wife, Alia, who lives in Mexico City. In Kandahar, Sloane tells Sark that Kabir has chosen Alia as his target. Sark and Sydney both head to Mexico City, where Sydney appeals to Alia to help her take down Sloane. Weiss contacts Vaughn and tells him that Echelon picked up a conversation containing the terms “terrorist,” “weapons of mass destruction,” and “Rambaldi.” Vaughn in turn contacts Sydney and tells her that the embassy is having everyone evacuated. Alia won’t cooperate, so Sydney knocks her out. As they leave with Vaughn, Sark sets off a bomb that causes people in a church to start catching on fire.

Weiss tells Vaughn and Sydney that there’s an inferno behind them, but they can’t see it. They head to the church, where Alia is so shocked by the devastation that she finally agrees to help them find Kabir. Thinking that Sloane has killed Alia, Kabir offers him an arhat and $40 million. Back at the ops center, Kendall notes that Sark was in Mexico City and, thanks to Alia, they now know where Kabir and Sloane are. Marshall talks about the bomb, which is a high-energy pulse weapon, and how it basically melted people from the inside out. Because the bomb can take out computer circuitry, it could cause planes to crash if it were pointed at the sky. Later, Weiss tells Sydney that the team sent to her house found bugs in her TV. Sydney calls Allison, who is in the middle of framing a plumber for bugging the house. Marshall gives Sydney a suit that will alter her body temperature so she can avoid being detected by security cameras. She heads to Kandahar, where she fights a man who exposes her to a camera. Kendall doesn’t want to send anyone to extract her because Kabir still has the bomb.

Vaughn goes to Dixon’s house and introduces himself, then announces that Sydney is in trouble. Dixon and Diane both tell him to leave, but he won’t go until Dixon actually says that he won’t help Sydney. Kabir ties Sydney up in an interrogation room and tells her to admit that she’s CIA. She doesn’t respond. Later, Sloane arrives and tells her that he can’t do anything about her situation. Even later, Kabir threatens to destroy Sydney’s kneecap, but before he can, Vaughn shows up and shoots him. Sloane is nowhere to be seen, but at least Dixon provided some help. Back at the ops center, Jack tells Sydney about the plumber, noting that he was either the culprit or was set up. Sydney thanks Dixon for his help and he tells her that in her position, he might have done the same things she did. He admits that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with Diane. At home, Sydney and Vaughn comfort each other in the bathtub. Elsewhere, Sloane smashed Kabir’s arhat, revealing the missing piece of his Rambaldi manuscript.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Marshall: “Yeah, I guess that it’s possible.”
Jack: “Then do it.”
Marshall: “‘Please’ would be nice.”
(Jack just walks away)
Marshall: “That’s all right. Never mind.”

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