General Hospital blog - October, 2019

October 1st, 2019

In addition to Sherry's testimony, Jordan also has a recording of Sam saying she wants Shiloh dead. Sam denies ever making the statements on the recording, and since it was provided by Daisy, it's probably not authentic. However, forensic experts say it is, so Sam gets to spend the night in lockup. Laura brings up Cassandra to Valentin, mentioning that she said she has dirt on him. It's really just a way of distracting him so he won't suspect that she and Kevin are going to snoop around Wyndemere when they spend the night with Charlotte. Laura learns of Jax's involvement in the search, and he finally explains why he cares about a Cassadine codicil: Once Valentin is no longer in charge of the family's company, Jax can swoop in. Jax is worried that too many people are now involved in the search, but considering Laura, Curtis, and Kevin successfully pulled off the Great Kidney Caper of 2019, I think everything will be fine. Elizabeth begs Julian to move to New York with Kim so she'll be away from Franco, because it's totally reasonable for him to stay with the woman who cheated on him so Elizabeth can have her husband back. Kim promises Franco that she'll be by his side as he deals with whatever Elizabeth puts him through. She asks Terry to talk to Elizabeth about backing off, but instead, Terry asks Franco to help Kim see reality so she doesn't lose herself. Franco says that Terry will never be able to understand what it's like for him to feel like he's trapped in the wrong body. The audience: "Tee hee hee." After talking to Finn about family, Hayden imagines telling him about their daughter, news he responds to with complete happiness and no animosity toward her. She seems pretty realistic that that wouldn't actually happen if she came clean, though. Jax and Nina bicker about Valentin, and Jax brings up his theory that Valentin tried to drug him. Nina won't listen to that and invites Jax to their wedding so he can see for himself how much they love each other.

Oh, Daisy. OH, DAISY. Willow, have a talk with her, will you?

Has Jordan been replaced by an evil twin? She's more stone cold than Stone Cold right now.

"The man she's obsessed with is MY husband," says the woman who once hid a man's (presumed) identity from his (presumed) wife and family so she could have him for herself.

Terry, thank you for always being the voice of reason. P.S. I love your dress.

I figured Hayden was imagining all that. It happened way too fast.

October 2nd, 2019

Valentin doesn't have any friends, but Peter manages to convince Curtis, Michael, and Finn to attend his bachelor party. A surprise rainstorm ruins their plans, so they retreat to the Floating Rib. Maxie puts together a trip to the spa for Nina's party, but a mistake with a double-booking allows Willow and Chase into the steam room first. Willow and Nina fight, but Willow won't back down, so the women head to the Floating Rib as well. It's karaoke night, and Nina gets Valentin to serenade her. In the restroom, Obrecht tells a struggling Sasha that Nina can never know that Sasha's not her daughter...and Lulu overhears. A tip-off from Charlotte about the portrait of Helena she gave Nikolas in her will gives Kevin an idea. Valentin tries to casually bring up Michael and Sasha's temporary breakup, but Michael doesn't take the bait. Maxie's ready to live with Peter.

Somehow, Lulu always manages to get caught up in a paternity or maternity storyline.

Were the guys going to golf at night? Who does that?

I was sure we were going to see that Willow has the other half of that necklace. I'm not going to let go of that theory until it's officially disproven.

Stop letting Obrecht spend time alone with Charlotte.

October 3rd, 2019

Lulu comes close to confronting Valentin in public, but he thinks she's drunk and about to launch into a rant about something unimportant. Lulu confides in Dustin, who suggests that she put herself in Nina's shoes to decide what to do. She says she'd want to know if someone she loved was lying to her, but she also doesn't want to be the one to ruin Nina and Valentin's wedding, so she's going to stay silent for now. Nina is reaaaaaally jinxing the heck out of her wedding. Obrecht reminds Sasha to keep her mouth shut, and since Sasha doesn't crack when Nina gives her a half-heart necklace like the one she's supposed to have, the secret will probably stay under wraps. Kevin's cryptography skills come in handy as he figures out that the necklace Helena's wearing in her portrait corresponds with a constellation. That constellation happens to be the brightest over Spoon Island, which makes Kevin and Laura think that the codicil is somewhere there. Sonny and Carly worry about Donna while she's in surgery, but everything goes well. Jason stops by to give the baby a travel guide and try to distract himself from what's going on with Sam. Finn overhears Hayden on the phone with their daughter, so she pretends she was talking to her dog. Jax plays along, then asks Hayden why she hasn't told him they have a child. Hayden thinks that it would only end badly, so he can never find out. Hayden runs into a drunk Ava and advises her to get her life together. Ava brings up Finn, basically telling Hayden that his engagement to Anna doesn't have to mean anything. Later, Ava tells Finn that, contrary to his belief, Hayden isn't over him.

It's one thing to not want to be a wedding ruiner, but...why would you let Nina go ahead and marry the guy who's lying to her??

Also, I love that even thought Obrecht only said Valentin was a snake, Lulu immediately guessed that he was behind Sasha's scam.

Helena's hidden papers in a picture frame before – it would be funny if she'd stashed the codicil in the frame of her portrait.

Who decided to have Ava get involved in Hayden and Finn's issues?

Obrecht: "Vodka martini – shaken, not stirred." Wrong Jacks brother. Jerry's the one with the James Bond obsession.

Jason, no one's trying to frame Sam. She can't be framed for something she actually did.

October 4th, 2019

Lulu starts to confront Valentin about his lies, but she decides it's better to address them with Nina first. If she hadn't already made up her mind, Charlotte pushes her the rest of the way by reminding her that she always encourages honesty. Peter wonders if his and Valentin's dark pasts are really in the past. Valentin is realistic that his sins could come back to haunt him, but he doesn't think that'll happen on his wedding day. Curtis surprises Nina by wishing her happiness with Valentin instead of trashing him. Sam is released on bail and jumps right into trying to free herself for good. She remembers that Shiloh was acting like he had an accomplice, most likely someone who was bringing him money. Jason asks Dev to go over his experiences with Shiloh again, and Dev says he heard Shiloh on the phone, asking for money. Plus, when he ran into Peter, Peter had a bag with him and seemed nervous. Jax's suspicions about Dev reach a tipping point, so Josslyn tells him the truth. Mike is thrilled to have another granddaughter, and touched that her middle name is Courtney. Sonny is uneasy that he's become closer with Gladys. Curtis questions Jordan's motives for arresting Sam, but Jordan thinks the evidence has forced her hand.

What would be awesome is if, instead of Lulu having to ruin things for Nina, Claudette showed up and beat her to the punch.

"Who is this guy? Why isn't he in prison?" That's a great question, Dustin. A GREAT QUESTION.

Sorry, Diane – Sam is absolutely a flight risk. Yes, even with the kids.

Jordan, I'm mad at you right now, but also, you look amazing.

There have been a lot of mentions of Madeline this week, and I'm not happy about it.

October 7th, 2019

Lulu tries to talk to Nina just before the wedding begins, but Nina thinks she's just being bratty about her relationship with Valentin and won't listen. Lulu glares through the ceremony, weighing her options, and when the priest asks if there are any objections, she stands up. Nina again accuses her of trying to interfere in her relationship, and there's a lot of yelling. Finally, Lulu blurts out that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter, and that Valentin was probably in on the scam. Nina turns to Sasha to confirm or deny the accusation. Jax pretends everything fine with Josslyn re: Dev, then lays into Sonny for dragging his family into a potentially dangerous situation. He thinks Sonny's being selfish and threatens to remove Josslyn from the house if necessary. Josslyn tells Dev that she came clean with Jax and hopes he'll be understanding. Dev laments not having someone he can have a relationship with like Josslyn has with Jax, but Josslyn says he has that with Sonny. Sam, Jason, and Spinelli put the pieces together to connect Peter to Shiloh, then set about finding proof. They're worried about Maxie having her heart broken, but Spinelli admits that he wants it to be true, partly because Peter might finally pay for what he did to Jason, and partly because he'll have a reason to keep Peter away from Georgie. Bobbie gives Carly B.J.'s music box to give to Donna.

Thank you, Lulu. Now can you somehow get involved in and end the baby swap?

Soap characters should start skipping the objection part of weddings.

Yeah, Jax, I'm sure you can protect Carly and Josslyn better than Sonny can.

How does Josslyn get anything done with those giant sleeves?

It takes a lot longer to trace a phone call than I thought.

October 8th, 2019

After more yelling and lying and denial, Sasha eventually admits that she's not Nina's daughter. Nina goes off on her, then says she's sure Valentin was the puppet-master, so they're done. She flees the church and runs into Jax, who takes her to his house for comfort. Back at the church, Maxie tries to convince herself that her son's grandmother had nothing to do with the scheme. Valentin warns Lulu that she'll regret blowing apart his and Charlotte's lives. Nelle convinces Brad to give an affidavit saying she committed her crimes because her pregnancy made her hormonal. He asks what will happen with "Wiley" if she's paroled, but Nelle just says he'll be fine. Chase wonders if Willow wants "Wiley" back now that Shiloh is out of the picture. Willow admits that she wants to be his mother, but it's better for him to stay with Brad and Lucas. Ava visits Ryan to tell him to stop sending her letters because she won't read any more of them. He tries to tempt her back to the dark side, saying he's the only one who can heal her (though by "heal her," he means...well, take her back to the dark side).

Welp, a lot of people owe Lulu apologies now.

"She couldn't have done this on her own; she's not smart enough." Oh, ouch.

Sasha, the best way to help Nina right now is to stay far away from her for a long time.

Jerry mention! Ding!

I forgot that Nelle knows Chase. He's spent more time with "Wiley" than she has.

October 9th, 2019

Martin agrees to represent Franco as he fights Elizabeth's attempts to prove that he's not mentally competent. Martin thinks that since all traces of Franco have been erased, Elizabeth has no claim over him. Kim really seems think this will work out and that she and Franco will have a future together. On the other end of the battle, Cameron volunteers to testify that Franco would want to come back to himself. Scott's okay with that as long as they keep it quiet that he'd been drugged. Elizabeth tells Scott that if it comes down to it, he should use Kim's instability against her. Monica offers Franco support, but when he sends Martin to her in hopes of getting her as an ally in court, it's not clear that she'll be helpful. Spinelli can't authenticate Daisy's recording, which sounds like a bad thing but is actually a good thing. Since it can't be proven to be real, it's inadmissible in court, and Jordan has to drop all the charges against Sam. Maxie's really grateful that she'll never have to go through what Valentin has put Nina through, since he's such a trustworthy, awesome guy. Sam, Jason, and Sonny struggle to figure out the connection between Shiloh and Peter. When Jason attempts to figure out why Peter was on the docks the night of Shiloh's death, Maxie gets suspicious. Robert tells Monica that the search for Drew has turned up nothing, so he's going to be declared dead.

Once again, Elizabeth is...sigh...right. Kim's motives are all screwed up. She doesn't care about Franco having control over his life; she just wants Drew.

Yay, Spinelli's a hero! Nerdiness saves the day!

Though...his "integrity is unimpeachable"? He worked for the mob.

Daisy, an unreliable witness? No way!

October 10th, 2019

Obrecht thinks that since Sasha didn't implicate her or Valentin, they just need to keep her away from Nina and they'll be in the clear. Sasha has the same idea about staying away from Nina, even deciding she wants to leave town, but Michael is too much of a draw for her to follow through. Lulu tries to explain to Charlotte why the wedding was called off without saying anything bad about Valentin. When the two go to Nina's office to see if she's there, they overhear Sasha talking to Maxie about her lies. Charlotte is heart-breakingly upset, even without the full story. Jax offers Nina support, even accompanying her to Wyndemere to get some of her things. Just when it looks like Sam will be fully free and clear of Shiloh's death, an FBI agent named Caldwell announces that, since Shiloh died in international waters, the PCPD no longer has jurisdiction over the case. In addition, Peter's assassin has been captured, and he uses his one phone call to contact Peter and demand help. Peter's plan to keep them both out of prison leads to the assassin saying that Sam hired him to break Shiloh out of lockup. Laura tells Curtis and Hayden what she and Kevin figured out about Helena's portrait and its connection to the codicil. She goes to Wyndemere to retrieve the painting, but Valentin has thrown it out. Finn is suspicious of Hayden's dog story, which soon may not be a story anymore, as she asks Curtis to get her a dog. Chase worries that Finn is going to let Hayden back into his life, which could harm his relationship with Anna.

Awww, Charlotte. Scarlett Fernandez is so good.

Aaaaaand Peter's dead to me.

Valentin's supposedly catered brunch looks like a church potluck. Who did he hire to cater it, two 14-year-olds?

I demand more Chase/Finn scenes.

October 11th, 2019

Nina ignores all of Valentin's begging and stands her ground on their relationship being over. Sasha tries to convince her that Valentin and Obrecht weren't involved in the scam, that it was all between her and Madeline's lawyer, but Nina's smart enough to know she's lying. Michael appreciates her attempts to smooth things over between Nina and Valentin so she doesn't have to lose everyone she loves, but he thinks Sasha's just set the stage for yet another lie to be uncovered. Instead of taking pleasure in Nina's pain, Ava wants to commiserate with her. Obrecht plans to run off to Switzerland in case Nina wants to press charges. Valentin tells her he's taking Charlotte and fleeing to Greece so she and Nina don't have to cross paths. Jax eases Josslyn and Dev's fears by promising to keep quiet about Dev's true identity. Secretly, he tells Sonny that if the feds come to him with questions, he'll spill. Brad tells Julian to handle Nelle, but Julian doesn't appreciate his attempts to get Julian to do his dirty work. Brad goes to a therapy session with Neil, pretending his anxiety stems from "Wiley"'s kidnapping. Neil tells him to bring Lucas to his next session. Someone's started a smear campaign against Charlie's, and Julian suspects Olivia. He won't return the deposit she gave him when he'd planned to sell, so she's threatening to sue to get her money back. Alexis tells him to just give in and put his energy into something else. Josslyn and Dev are five seconds away from making out. Lucy still want Sasha for Deception even after her recent scandal.

I don't get Sasha covering for Valentin. Yeah, she doesn't want Nina to lose him,'s him. Why would she want Nina to be with someone like him?

Valentin may not be afraid of Lulu, but he should be very afraid of Laura.

Julian, stop giving Ava alcohol!

Also, just give Olivia her money back. I'm already sick of this plot and barely anything has happened.

October 14th, 2019

Obrecht asks Valentin if Nina's child really is out there somewhere. Valentin says that according to Madeline, she is, but Obrecht finds the timing of Madeline's death very suspicious. She thinks that if Valentin hadn't pulled the Sasha scheme, Nina might have eventually forgiven him for his other sins and taken him back. Now he's screwed things up for both of them. Nina wonders if Valentin might have been telling the truth about not being involved in Sasha's scheme. Maxie tries to talk her out of her delusions and is much gentler about it than I would be. Peter hires a lawyer for the assassin, Henderson, who's in on the plan to frame Sam. Jordan doesn't think his statement that Sam hired him is strong enough to base an arrest off of, but Caldwell reminds her that the FBI has jurisdiction. Jason sees Henderson, recognizes him, and takes a picture of him to Andre, who IDs him as the person who stabbed him. At the same time, Caldwell arrests Sam. Kim and Elizabeth face off over Franco and whether or not he deserves to make decisions for himself. Elizabeth brings up Kim's attempts to force Oscar into treatment, which even she agrees is a misstep. Kim questions why Scott wants her to testify at Franco's hearing. Julian visits Franco and tells him that he's just a temporary amusement for Kim, who deserves better. He wishes Franco would let Kim go instead of dragging her back into her past. Peter tries to make casual conversation with Andre about the memory transfer and what might happen to Franco. He continues to pin everything on Faison and says he just wishes everything could go back to how it used to be. The WSB has reviewed the black-box recording from Drew's plane and decided to declare him dead. Sam's day is not getting any better. Sonny, Carly, baby, etc.

I really don't see Franco's hearing ending any way other than the judge allowing him to refuse the procedure. It would be pretty unethical for a judge to force him to undergo a procedure that might be dangerous.

Sam might be kept out of prison by...Andre? Interesting.

It only took Drew's possible death to make Sonny and Carly care about him again.

So many new lawyers in the past few months. I can't keep them all straight.

October 15th, 2019

Valentin may be the luckiest man alive, and Nina the most naïve woman alive, because she believes him when he spins a story about Sasha and the lawyer being behind all the lies. In fact, she's even ready to take him back. Diane thinks the FBI is targeting Sam because of her mob affiliations. While she has some good ideas for Sam's eventual trial, she has no immediate solutions, so Pentonville will have a new resident tonight. It's the anniversary of Morgan's death, and Sonny and Carly reminisce at his grave. Josslyn has a hard time but appreciates her supportive friends. Finn tells Alexis that Hayden appears to be lying to him about her dog, which makes him wonder what else she's lied about. Specifically, he suspects that she didn't miscarry their child. Alexis advises him to talk to Anna about this, so he calls Anna and asks her to come back from her mission. Jax tells Hayden that she needs to decide if keeping Finn in the dark about their daughter is better than what could happen if she let them have a relationship. Thinking she's on her way out of the country, Obrecht threatens to make Peter pay if his crimes ever come to light and Maxie gets hurt. When Valentin learns that Nina's not mad at him anymore, he tells Obrecht she doesn't have to go to Switzerland after all.

I hope that Ava convinced Nina to team with her to bring down Valentin, and Nina's just putting on a show. If not, I'm going to need Maxie to make sure Nina's never alone with Valentin so she'll be less likely to fall for his lies.

Also: Nina, Valentin lied to Charlotte her whole life about who her mother was. Of course he had no problem lying to her about Sasha.

Finn, you smarty!

Maybe someone should tell Alexis that her daughter's going to prison. That seems like something she would want to know.

October 16th, 2019

Nina has Sasha arrested for fraud, and Sasha still won't implicate Valentin, even keeping him out of things when she's under attorney/client privilege with Alexis. Alexis asks Nina to at least drop the criminal charges if she wants to keep pursuing civil damages, but Nina won't budge. Michael, on the other hand, isn't about to let Sasha sacrifice herself, and he threatens to tell the police everything he knows about Valentin's involvement if Valentin doesn't get Nina to back off. Nelle puts on an angelic act for her parole hearing, and someone unfamiliar with her actions in the past might have fallen for it, but fortunately, the people in power don't. She probably won't be eligible again for a couple of years, so Brad's happy. Maxie and Lulu disagree on whether Lulu should have kept her mouth shut, and whether Maxie would have made the same decision if she'd been in Lulu's position. Brad has a nightmare about Nelle telling Michael the truth about "Wiley," leading Michael to immediately try to take his son back. Lucas hears him calling out Michael's name and has some questions. He tells Julian that Neil wants them both to come to therapy, which Lucas is willing to do as long as it helps Brad. In case it wasn't already clear, Kendra wants to kill Alexis.

And that's why you don't make confessions in front of the police commissioner.

Sasha, please don't risk a criminal record because of Valentin.

Can Alexis represent both Sasha and Cassandra if one is eventually going to testify against the other?

Come on. Maxie would have told Nina if she'd found out the truth. Probably not in the middle of her wedding, though.

I wish Brad had heard Maxie and Lulu's conversation about how lies always come out. It was even about lies involving a baby!

October 17th, 2019

Kevin meets with Franco to determine whether he's within his rights to determine his own medical treatment. No matter how much Kevin reminds him that he's Franco, not Drew, Franco says he just wants permission to be himself. He cares about Elizabeth and her sons, but he's not going to go back to them just because it's what they want. Scott helps prepare Cameron for Franco's hearing, but Cam still wishes there was more he could do. When he runs into Kim, he asks her to stop helping Franco leave his family, especially since it won't bring Oscar back. Scott warns Elizabeth that Martin wants Monica to testify on Franco's behalf, which could sway things his way. Jason urges Henderson to flip on Peter and work with the feds. Henderson gives him a soft maybe, but Jason thinks he'll cooperate. Unfortunately for Jason, Henderson is probably about to meet a bloody end at the hand of his angry new roommate, Ryan. Brad didn't tell Lucas beforehand that he was going to Nelle's hearing, so Lucas would like to know why he didn't say anything, and why he felt the need to go. Brad promises that he's on Lucas' family's side of the situation and isn't going back to his past wicked ways. Laura shows Ava some kindness as she tries to deal with Ryan's obsession with her. Sonny puts some pressure on Julian for Olivia's sake.

Roger Howarth's body language and facial expressions were more Billy Miller-ish than ever today.

He's a cryptographer, he's a puzzle coach – what doesn't Kevin do?

Is Andre's identification of Henderson as his stabber not considered reliable? How is this still going on?

Lucas had a good poker face yesterday when Chase mentioned that Brad was at Nelle's hearing. I thought he already knew.

October 18th, 2019

Ryan kills Henderson and tries to make it look like suicide, but no one's naïve enough to believe that. Chase figures out that Ryan got mad because Henderson made inappropriate remarks about Ava, proving that his obsession has gotten so out of hand that he's still killing for her. Laura makes sure that Julian is there for support when Ava finds out. Sam and Jason fill Alexis in on the Shiloh/Henderson/Peter stuff, still hopeful that Henderson will come through for them. When Jordan tells them he's dead, it's almost worse than the fact that it's time for Sam to officially be carted off to Pentonville (where at least one guard is a Shilohtologist). Curtis is curious about how Sasha could have rigged three different DNA tests to make it look like she was Nina's daughter. Brad pleads innocent, like he does about everything else in his life. Lucas suggests performing the tests again with the original samples to see what the results are. Michael tells his parents what they missed at Nina and Valentin's wedding, plus the fact that he already knew that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter. Carly's mad that he still wants to be with her, since she's probably using him as a white knight like Sabrina did, or looking to get something from him. In her eyes, Sasha is no different from Nelle. Julian learns that Brad's going to therapy with Neil and will be taking Lucas along. He's worried that something will come out about "Wiley" and make its way to Alexis, so he orders Brad to find a different therapist. When Brad refuses, Julian...orders flowers? Someone's watching Laura and Ava, but unless it turns out to be Nikolas, I don't really care.

Hmm, it's almost like you shouldn't give a serial killer an implement that can be used as a weapon, especially if there's someone else in his cell.

Ryan has no idea what a favor he did Peter.

It could be worse, Sam – your cellmate could be Nelle.

Heh, Curtis is still traumatized by that Dumpster experience.

Is Julian's solution to make Lucas jealous so his relationship with Brad will fall apart? That's pretty weak, especially for a guy who used to kill his way out of sticky situations.

October 21st, 2019

Julian takes Ava to the hospital, then calls in Neil to help deal with her mental state. Ava insists that someone's watching her and sleeps with a gun under her pillow. Lucas is more interested in Brad's secret admirer than Brad is. Julian comments that the flowers seem to be of a romantic nature, so Brad better not be two-timing Lucas. Brad tries to back out of his joint counseling session with Neil, which just makes Lucas more suspicious. While Elizabeth and Hayden talk about motherhood, Finn asks Curtis if he knows what Hayden was up to while she was out of town. He shares his theory that she didn't miscarry and has been keeping their child from him. Curtis knows that's possible, and he doesn't appreciate being used to spread the lie. Sasha worries that Carly's going to tear her apart for her lies, but Carly admits that she did worse things when she first came to town, so she can't really judge Sasha. She's willing to give Sasha a second chance, but there won't ever be a third. Jax isn't happy to see that Nina has taken Valentin back, but Nina claims she knows what she's doing. Felicia confides to Robert that she thinks Anna's lengthy time away will harm her relationship with Finn. She asks him to try to talk Anna into coming back to town, but Robert wants to keep the boundaries they've set. Plus, he might not be that disappointed if Anna and Finn did break up.

I'm confused. Does Lucas think Brad's interested in Michael?

Poor Curtis has been used twice to manipulate his friends. Maybe he should look for a new line of work.

Carly, you had a C-section just a few days ago. Go home and put on some sweats!

Felicia, Anna won't listen to Robert. Call Emma.

October 22nd, 2019

Robert finds out Finn's having breakfast with Hayden and goes into overprotective-ex-husband mode. Finn tells him to mind his own business, which is never going to happen. Curtis passive-aggressively tells Hayden that he doesn't like being lied to by friends, so if there's anything she'd like to tell him, now would be a good time. Hayden either doesn't get it or pretends she doesn't. Before she can meet Finn, she gets a worrisome phone call. When Finn comes to the hospital to take care of a new patient, Hayden blindsides him by announcing that the patient is her daughter. Scott feels confident about his and Elizabeth's chances in court, and even more confident after Julian tells them something about Kim. Meanwhile, Martin strategizes by having Franco wear a uniform to court and figure out how to convince the judge that he's Drew. Laura still feels bad for Ava, so Kevin pays her a visit to check on her. He diagnoses her with PTSD and encourages her to find a purpose and keep moving forward with her life, which will distance her even more from Ryan. This is all it takes for her to decide to go back to work. Jason asks Laura to convince Pentonville's warden to let him see Ryan in case Henderson said anything to him about Peter. Kevin warns that that's a waste of time, since Ryan will just try to bargain and mess with Jason. Plan B involves a visit to Franco in case his Drew memories hold anything about Peter. Franco finds his picture familiar but can't give Jason any concrete help. Josslyn has found journaling helpful, but Dustin worries that she's spending more time writing about her life than living it. Josslyn's self-reflection has kept her from paying attention to her friends, and Trina's annoyed that she doesn't seem to care that Cameron is about to go to Franco's hearing.

They're actually going to end the Hayden/Finn/secret child stuff! Amazing!

Robert, don't you have a job? Leave Finn alone and go put some bad guys behind bars.

Ava's had PTSD for months, but one conversation with Kevin and she's good to go.

You know you're in trouble when the people you think would be most helpful at getting your girlfriend out of prison are serial killers.

October 23rd, 2019

Franco's hearing begins with Scott trying to paint him as a hero and family man. Martin questions Cameron's testimony about what happened the night of the memory transfer, causing Franco to tell him to back off. Martin then tries to impugn Elizabeth's character by pointing out that she's trying to deny "Drew" his identity the way she did the real Drew when he was Jake Doe. Finn tries to push his anger at Hayden aside as he meets his daughter, Violet, for the first time. Eventually, he can't keep quiet any longer and asks why this is the first he's hearing about her. The Corinthoses bring Donna home. Jason isn't thrilled that Monica wishes she could get to know Drew better through Franco. Josslyn is impressed that Michael's been able to move on from losing Jonah. Danny is handling Sam's incarceration surprisingly well, especially since Jason hasn't held much back about the situation.

What's that sound? Oh! It's Eliabeth getting called on her crap! That's one of my favorite sounds.

Violet has the distinction of being SORAS'd before she even made her first appearance.

Once again, Kristina's left out of a Corinthos family activity.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jason telling Danny exactly what's going on with Sam. I guess it's okay since he's handling it well. Jason probably shouldn't place so much emphasis on his own role in trying to prove her innocence, though. If he fails, Danny might be mad at him.

October 24th, 2019

Monica testifies that she sees Franco as Drew regardless of his DNA. Jason talks about asking Franco for memories he got from Drew, though Scott notes that he would prefer if Franco stayed gone. After Kim testifies about being happy to have a part of Drew around, Scott brings up the fact that she was so desperate to have another child with Drew that she drugged him. Hayden answers some of Finn's questions, but he's not very happy with the answers. She doesn't think he has any idea what having Violet in his life will do to his relationship with Anna, but he doesn't care, making it clear that he wants to know his daughter. Dev finds the portrait of Helena, sells it to Ava, and uses the money to buy candy he plans to resell to his classmates. Sonny tells Jax it's not a big deal, then cautions Dev to rethink his business idea in case it draws unwanted attention. Laura and Curtis look into the portrait's artist and discover that he's known for planting clues and puzzles in his work. Laura wonders if there's something beneath the painting that could help them. Trina gets an internship with Ava, and I'm not sure where that's going.

I'm going to guess that Cameron doesn't actually know why Jason hates Franco.

There's really nothing Hayden can say now that would make what she did okay.

Finn's daughter was born in FIN-land. Heh.

Josslyn's going to be thrilled that Trina's working for the woman who's partly responsible for her brother's death.

October 25th, 2019

Kim admits to drugging and almost raping Drew, which Scott thinks makes her look as mentally incompetent as Franco. Next, Franco talks about having Drew's memories as Martin attempts to prove that he's competent to make his own decisions. Elizabeth notes that he says he was in Turkey while Franco was in L.A., and Scott uses this to make Franco look confused. He's confident as the hearing winds down and Kevin gets on the stand, but Scott gets blindsided when Kevin testifies that Franco is mentally competent. Spencer sends Nina a bottle of champagne with a note praising her for ditching Valentin. Valentin tells Laura to keep a tighter leash on Spencer so he doesn't have to deal with him the way he deals with other threats. Then he claims he's not going to do anything violent, but it's Valentin, and Laura's not an idiot. Ava confronts Nina for going back to Valentin, saying that he's obsessed with Nina and it'll only lead to something bad. Nina tells her she's projecting because of Ryan. Sam and Jason debate a jury trial vs. a bench trial, ultimately opting for the latter in hopes that it'll get her home faster. Peter, who's distracted by Franco's hearing, tells Lucy he's not ready to get the condo he was looking at. Maxie doesn't get why he's suddenly worried that something will prevent them from living happily ever after. Lulu and Dustin don't do anything interesting, but they're cute.

What's funny is that, actually that was a different Franco in L.A. in 2010, since Roger Howarth wasn't playing him yet.

This show is really obsessed with Turkey.

I'm pretty sure I don't want to know how Spencer was able to buy alcohol. Unless...did Nina sent it to herself?

What was the point of Valentin going to the gallery if he wasn't going to see the portrait?

October 28th, 2019

The judge rules in Franco's favor, mostly thanks to Kevin's testimony. Elizabeth is devastated and finally admits that her husband is really gone. She tells him she'll let him go if he comes to say goodbye to the boys before he goes anywhere. Cameron is furious, so Trina takes him to Sonny's gym to work off his anger by boxing. Kim wants to start making plans, including moving away, but Franco isn't sure what to do with his newfound freedom. Scott punches Kevin for his testimony, then seeks out Sonny to follow up on his previous request for help fixing Franco. Brad and Lucas go to therapy, where Lucas all but accuses Brad of keeping secrets while Brad claims he's not. They don't really make any progress, but Neil's glad they're talking to each other. Willow babysits "Wiley," and Julian's equally upset about that and Brad's failure to listen when he said he shouldn't go to therapy with Lucas. Brad mentions that Obrecht has him involved in something Lucas shouldn't know about, so Julian tells him to change his phone passcode so Lucas won't see their texts. Then he makes sure Lucas realizes that Brad has changed the passcode, which makes Lucas suspicious yet again. Kendra is still trying to kill Alexis, in case anyone's forgotten. Michael and Chase catch up while boxing. Sonny and Laura also catch up, but without the boxing.

Scott, how does Sonny "owe" you? And don't mention Karen.

Why is Julian so nasty to Willow? Has he just forgotten how to be a nice person?

Julian: "Just ask Lucy Coe." Lucas: "I'd rather not." Ha!

Ugh, let's not have Kendra get involved in Sam's plot.

October 29th, 2019

Franco tells Kim that they need to take things slowly since she's still healing from Oscar's death. That means staying in town until she's better. Kim thinks this means he doesn't want to build a life with her. She confronts Julian for telling Scott she almost raped Drew, thinking Julian wanted to sabotage her new relationship. He tells her he wanted to force Franco to undergo the procedure, which would separate him from Kim and hopefully spur her to get the help she needs. Scott asks Sonny to kidnap Franco and hold him somewhere until Andre can undo the memory transfer. Sonny feels no obligation to help, even when Scott tries to appeal to him as a father. When Franco shows up at the gym, wanting to hit something, Sonny lets him stay late and tells him that Scott is looking into ways to fix him. Jason goes to Elizabeth's to check on Jake, but instead gets yelled at by Cameron for not being pro-Franco. Elizabeth, for once, thinks it's better for Jason to be honest about his feelings about Franco instead of pretending he likes him, because Jake might be harmed by the lie. Alexis starts feeling the effects of whatever a gleeful Kendra gave her, feeling bad enough that she has to cancel an evening with Neil. Peter's distraction over Franco's hearing frustrates Maxie, who thinks he doesn't want to live together anymore. As soon as Peter learns that Franco gets to stay "Drew," he's all in for moving in together. Alexis and Jason disapprove of Sam's decision to have a bench trial, but Jason wants to respect her wishes. Cameron still blames himself for what happened to Franco, as if he could have stopped Shiloh. Bobbie offers both Scott and Elizabeth comfort.

However much therapy Kim is getting, it's not enough.

Part of me admires Cameron for his loyalty, but a bigger part of me wants him to hush because grown-ups are talking.

Good luck keeping your evil deeds hidden when you and Maxie are living under the same roof, Peter.

I like that Elizabeth and Bobbie are still close after all these years.

October 30th, 2019

While all the kids on the show (besides Violet) trick-or-treat off-screen, the teens get ready for a Halloween dance and the adults attend a party at the Metro Court. Cameron (dressed as a punk, I think?) tries to turn around his attitude by participating in Halloween activities and apologizing to Jason. Jason tells him that their testimonies didn't have any effect on the judge's decision, so there's nothing they could have done to change things. Cameron decides he needs help getting through the rest of the evening, in the form of Sonny's booze. Valentin (Mark Antony) overhears Laura (Queen of Hearts) and Jax (Mr. Incredible) talking about the painting and starts wondering if it's more valuable than he thought. Hayden asks Finn if he wants to be a part of Violet's life. Before he can answer, Elizabeth accidentally interrupts, so Hayden fills her in on her surprise niece. Josslyn ('80s girl) realizes she lost the watch Oscar gave her and didn't notice for days. Carly and Jason don't want to tell her that that's good, since it means she's able to focus on things other than her grief. Molly (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) is worried about Alexis' health and makes her go to the hospital. T.J. (Captain America) is thinking about proposing to Molly and asks Jordan (I'm not sure who she was) if he can have a family ring. Curtis (Sherlock Holmes) is happy for him, but Jordan thinks T.J. is settling because he doesn't realize there might be someone else out there for him. Michael (Jon Snow?) spots Ava's (Cruella de Vil) gun in her purse and chastises her for bringing it to the Metro Court. Sasha rocks a Captain Marvel costume while worrying about running into Nina (Cleopatra).

Molly, Curtis, and Ava win for best costumes (I'll be adding one more tomorrow, based on the previews). I would have given Jax an award for best sport, but after seeing Chase's costume in the previews...yeah, Chase wins.

At first I thought Laura was Marie Antoinette, which isn't really a good look for a community leader.

It's pretty clear that Finn wants to be Violet's dad, so I'm surprised that Hayden feels like she needs to ask.

Alexis: "I want to be Molly when I grow up." Me, too!

October 31st, 2019

Valentin calls Ava to ask her more about the portrait, which she's suddenly very interested in. Cassandra's partner in crime shows up to the Metro Court party in a mask, then follows Ava to the gallery, where she pulls her gun on him and accuses him of stalking her. When he takes off his mask, his face is unfamiliar to us (thanks to recasting), but not to Ava: He's Nikolas. Josslyn and Cameron get drunk, and if he was hoping for a relationship, she preempts it by saying he's her best friend. Trina (angel) shoots her shot with Dev (football player), who tells her he only likes her as a friend. She guesses that he also has feelings for someone else, namely Josslyn. Trina also guesses that Josslyn is drunk, and before she can get her off the Haunted Star, Lulu and Dustin (Mary Poppins and Bert) catch her. Sam meets her cellmate, and while it's true that she's lucky not to be bunking with Nelle, she's unlucky enough to be stuck with Cassandra. She laughs off the idea of Sam getting released and mentions her Cassadine heritage, having learned a lot about it from Nikolas. Neil hears about Alexis' illness from an unseen Kristina and admits that he's glad she's actually sick, since it means she didn't lie to get rid of him the previous night. Finn isn't sure what Alexis has, but it's not the flu. Meanwhile, Kendra (mermaid) continues playing innocent, this time with Molly. Jordan tells Curtis that she wants T.J. and Molly to break up, date other people, and then decide if they want to be together. Plus, she's not sure Molly understands what she would be getting into if she had kids with a black man. Curtis tells her to keep her concerns to herself because Stella will most likely have her own, and they can just let T.J. be mad at her. When T.J. asks Jordan if she's on board with his proposal, she tells him he doesn't need her blessing, and she's happy for him and proud of him. Nina tears into Sasha for her lies, and Willow (Jessie from Toy Story) jumps in to try to make peace. Nina asks her how she would feel if she learned that "Wiley" isn't really hers and she was never a mother. (COUGH.) When Michael joins in, Nina asks how he would feel if, 20 years from now, someone showed up claiming to be Jonah. Michael's fed up with Valentin and about to throw him under the bus to take the heat off Sasha. Jax gives Hayden an update on the codicil, then figures out that Dev must have found Helena's portrait and taken it to Ava. Instead of asking Finn again if he wants to be in Violet's life, Hayden tells him he's free to be as involved as he wants. Laura taunts that Valentin is on the verge of having all his luck change.

I actually let myself believe that Tyler Christopher might come back. Now I'm the naïve little bunny. The tip-off: No tattoos.

So...I'm 99 percent sure that Nikolas and Hayden are still married. Just putting that out there.

Jordan being uncertain whether Molly's thought about the future makes me wonder if she's actually met Molly.

Lulu looks fantastic as Mary Poppins.

Joss and Cam, you do know your mothers are going to absolutely murder you, right?

I never thought of Cassandra as Sam's possible cellmate. That should be fun.

I'm sad that Sam referred to Jason as her ex-husband instead of her boyfriend.

Chase must reallllllly love Willow to wear that Buzz Lightyear costume.

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