Written and directed by Jeffrey Bell

In an Algerian marketplace, a man named Modell repeats the phrase “my bird is missing” until Weiss tells him, “It’s ‘I’ve lost my canary.’ And try telling it to the woman in the café.” Modell heads upstairs, passing Vaughn, and meets up with Sydney, complaining that he’s cold. Dixon passes by as a waiter and Modell asks Sydney for his money. First she wants to see the weapon he’s supposed to give her, but he tells her that he swallowed it in order to smuggle it out. Downstairs, Vaughn surveys the crowd and spots a blond woman who is fortunately not Lauren. He also spots a suspicious-looking man and alerts Sydney to his presence. Sydney asks Modell if he followed their agreed safety protocols. Sydney and Dixon spot more men and decide to try out plan B. This apparently involves running. Modell’s lower leg suddenly breaks off, so Vaughn and Sydney have to carry him to the van that will extract them. In the process, Modell is shot and his entire body shatters into little pieces. Back in L.A., Vaughn shows up for work looking a little worse for wear, which Sydney notices. He pretends that Modell’s shattering is what has him shaken. In a meeting, Sloane announces that Modell stole a sample of a biological weapon called Ice 5 and offered to cell it to the CIA. Ice 5 is most likely what killed him, as it turned him into a “human Popsicle,” according to Sydney.

Modell spent a number of months as a relief worker at a hospital in Montenegro and believed that Ice 5 was being developed there by a man named Fenton Keene, someone Dixon is familiar with. Sloane sends Sydney to Montenegro to pose as a relief worker and get a sample of Ice 5. Later, Jack notes Vaughn’s disheveled appearance and Vaughn admits that he hasn’t been sleeping well and keeps thinking he sees Lauren. Jack says that the same thing used to happen to him, but not anymore. At home, Nadia looks through some of Sydney’s photos and finds one of Nadia holding a baby. Sydney explains that she got the photos from Jack after the fire at her apartment, so she doesn’t know who the baby is. In Montenegro, Sydney meets a nurse named Kiera while Dixon poses as a workman. He speaks to Vaughn through coms, but Sydney can’t wear a transmitter until people at the hospital trust her. Sydney winds up with some unappealing jobs, as she’s the newest relief worker to arrive. At APO, Marshall tells Nadia about Mitchell, but Weiss says that she’s immune to “cute baby story charm.” The three decide to try to find out what groups might want to get their hands on Ice 5. Weiss then tries to remind Marshall that he’s married.

Kiera catches Sydney looking through a storeroom and seems to grow suspicious. The two see a patient whose arm has shattered like Modell’s leg and Sydney pretends that she doesn’t understand a soldier’s Russian in order to try to get Kiera to tell her what happened. Sydney watches her gain access to a private room and memorizes the code so she can use it later. Kiera won’t let her tag along, telling her that the area is off-limits. At APO, Nadia shows Jack the photo and asks him if he knows who the baby is. He acts suspicious and won’t tell her anything. From Montenegro, Vaughn and Dixon send over information on Kiera and Jack wonders if she’s working with Keene. They can’t find any dirt on her, so Nadia suggests that she takes care of Keene’s men in exchange for the money he gives to the hospital. Vaughn says that they’ll get Kiera’s card in order to access the secret wing. He then has Dixon hit him a few times to make it look like he’s been in a fight. Later, Kiera finds Sydney tending to Vaughn, who’s now dressed as a priest. While Kiera is distracted, Vaughn grabs her card and passes it to Sydney. Kiera sends Sydney away and engages Vaughn in conversation; he tells her that he was in a bar fight. He invites her to come to confession at the tavern where he usually hears it. She thinks he’s flirting.

Keene shows up and Vaughn learns that he and Kiera are sisters. As Sydney heads to the secret lab, Keene tells Kiera that he’ll be out of her way soon. Later, Sydney, Vaughn, and Dixon send more information back to APO, including the information that Keene is testing Ice 5 on human guinea pigs. He also appears to have found a way to make it airborne, which is bad news if he wants to release it in a city. He has a buyer who wants the product in 48 hours, so APO will have to move quickly to shut Keene down. Vaughn thinks that they can use Kiera for help. Dixon reports that her real name is Meghan Keene and she and her brother are both former IRA members. In the ‘90s they were responsible for some bombings, but Vaughn thinks that Kiera is conflicted enough that they can convince her to work with them. He thinks that the best way to approach her is in “confession.” Kiera meets up with Vaughn at a tavern and he gets her to talk about her brother. She says that she stays with him because he saved her a long time ago, and when he suggests that she just leave, she tells him that he obviously doesn’t know her brother. Vaughn admits to Kiera that he was married for a while but was betrayed. He let his hatred for Lauren consume him and started to wish that she would die. He wound up killing her, but he knows that it was wrong and now it’s hard for him to deal with what he did.

Kiera tells Vaughn that she has a hard time forgiving herself and wishes there were a way out. He encourages her to just leave because she deserves better. At APO, Nadia asks Sloane about the picture, but he says he doesn’t know anything about it. Vaughn and Kiera head back to the hospital, where he tells her what Keene has been up to and promises to protect her if she helps him. Keene shows up, having overheard the offer, and straps Vaughn to a gurney, taunting that Kiera won’t help him. He tries to get Kiera to inject Ice 5 directly into Vaughn’s brain because he’s curious as to what it will do. Sydney arrives and fights Keene, who attempts to inject her as well. He winds up injecting Kiera, who quickly experiences the effects of the Ice 5. As she’s dying, she tells Vaughn, “I forgive you.” At APO, Jack lets Nadia know that the mission was successful and everyone is safe. He looks at the photo again and tells her that Irina once told him it was a photo of her niece. The picture made her want to have children, and the day after Jack saw it, he asked her to marry him. He adds that Irina held Sydney the same way as the baby in the photo, and he imagines she held Nadia the same way. On the plane home, Sydney tells Vaughn that she’s there if he wants to talk. She invites him to spend the night when they get home, but he’s already asleep.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Dixon: “Haven’t heard that name in a while.”
Sloane: “That’s because Mr. Keene claims to have gone legitimate.”
Sydney: “Seems to be all the rage among evil geniuses.”

Vaughn: “That ever happen with you?”
Jack: “Do I have visions of Lauren?”

Keene: “Isn’t that what the Bible says?”
Vaughn: (disguised as a priest) “What, I look like some kind of an expert?”

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