"I See Dead People"
Written by Andi Bushell and J.R. Orci; directed by Jamie Babbit

Sydney gives Nadia’s eulogy (see “30 Seconds”), encouraging everyone to focus on what they gained from having Nadia in their lives rather than what they’ve lost. As she continues, a mortician does Renee’s autopsy (see “30 Seconds”) and finds a microchip inside her. After the funeral, Sydney asks Dixon how she could have trusted Sloane again after everything that’s happened. Dixon reminds her that she’d thought Sloane had changed, but Sydney replies that Nadia didn’t - Sydney just convinced her of it. “I showed him compassion. I won’t make that mistake again,” Sydney vows. In Zurich, Peyton visits Sloane and asks if he’s decoded page 47 yet. He reminds her that it’s a harder job than she thinks, and he doesn’t appreciate being treated like a prisoner. Peyton reminds him that he’s a fugitive and they can’t just let him wander around. Sloane makes it clear that nothing will stand in his way of “the fulfillment of Rambaldi’s ultimate vision,” but he needs her to be patient. At APO, Jack, Marshall, and Tom study the microchip, which Marshall says is full of encoded data, half of which is missing. He’s trying to decrypt it but it’s going to take a lot of time. He puts the chip under a microscope and reveals a picture, which Jack says he’ll tell Sydney about while Marshall keeps working on the data. The three don’t realize that one of Peyton’s men is listening in.

Jack stops by Sydney’s place and tells her that Vaughn’s real name, Andre Michaux (see “Prophet Five”), is etched on the outside of the microchip. Sydney is confused because the chip was inside Renee for about 30 years, but Renee and Vaughn didn’t know each other 30 years ago. Jack reminds her that their fathers knew each other because they worked against Prophet Five together. Someone must have implanted the chip in Renee expecting it to be found. Vaughn might know what’s on the chip, but Sydney doesn’t want to get him involved since Prophet Five still thinks he’s dead. Jack wants to protect Vaughn, who’s still recovering and isn’t ready to go back into the field yet, so he suggests having someone take the chip to him. He doesn’t think they have a choice in the matter since Sloane openly joining Prophet Five indicates that they’re reaching an endgame. Sydney replies that she’ll take the chip to Vaughn herself. In Zurich, Peyton and Sloane listen to a recorded conversation between Dixon and Tom, learning that Sydney is taking the chip to Nepal. Sloane has no idea who she’ll be meeting and warns Peyton that she might not want to follow up because when APO finds out she has info, they’ll look for a security leak. Peyton tells him they’re sending in an agent they want Sloane to brief first. Said agent is Anna (now looking like Sydney, of course).

At APO, Tom tries to decode a message, then hides it when Rachel approaches to ask the last time he went to a movie. He asks her if she ever saw an agent buried when she worked for the Shed (she didn’t), then says that it takes a long time to get over. Rachel worries that she’s not cut out to be a spy since she’s been deceived by both Dean and Sloane. Tom assures her that he would tell her if he didn’t think she was a good spy. After she leaves, Tom calls someone to place a classified ad. In Zurich, Sloane briefs Anna, telling her about Isabelle. Anna notes that Sloane is troubled to see her looking exactly like Sydney. Sloane replies that she’s nothing like the real Sydney - Anna is driven by duty and craves power while Sydney is driven by duty and loyalty. While that’s where she gets her strength, that’s also what makes her weak. Anna says that Sloane thinks he’s driven by faith, but he should remember where it’s gotten him. She doesn’t think that being a pawn for Prophet Five was what he had in mind for an endgame. Sloane announces that he knows his role in the big picture, but Anna is deceiving herself if she doesn’t know she’s dispensable. He notes that there’s obviously a reason she’s been made to look like Sydney, but once her purpose has been fulfilled, she’ll “become unnecessary.” After Anna leaves the room, Nadia’s ghost appears to Sloane and tells him, “The truth is you’re no different than she is. You’re dispensable, too.”

In Nepal, a man named Nabin picks up Anna (thinking she’s Sydney) and tells her she’s as lovely as Vaughn described. Anna quickly realizes that Vaughn is alive after all. She kills Nabin and a Prophet Five operative takes his place, then picks up Sydney when she arrives. During a routine phone call at APO, Marshall hears clicking on the line, then rushes to Jack’s office and tells him they’re out of coffee. As he babbles about drinks, he writes Jack a note. Later, the two meet up somewhere else and Marshall reveals that Sloane put the entire phone system on some sort of surveillance mode. Since Sloane himself installed the phone system, he must have put in a backdoor in the network so he could hack in. This means Prophet Five has been able to monitor all of APO’s calls for the past 24 hours. Jack announces that they need to call Sydney, who’s still with the fake Nabin when Jake tells her there’s been a security breach. The two come across a broken-down truck and Sydney tells her driver to keep going. He won’t, so she grabs the wheel. Shots are fired, the jeep goes off the road, and the fake Nabin is killed. Anna approaches Sydney, who’s shocked to see herself doubled, and takes the microchip from her. She tells Sydney she’s on her way to see Vaughn, then throws a lighter in the jeep. Sydney escapes before it explodes (of course).

Anna gets to where Vaughn is staying and kisses him, telling him Isabelle is fine. In Zurich, Sloane tells Peyton that he needs a book from a store in Geneva in order to finish deciphering page 47. Peyton heads off to get it and Nadia’s ghost appears again, asking Sloane how long he thinks he can deceive Prophet Five - he already knows what page 47 says. Sloane tells the ghost that every sacrifice he’s made has been “for the greater good,” but she reminds him that every sacrifice he’s made has been at someone else’s expense. Sloane notes that irony that after so long worrying about Nadia’s well being, she had to die for him to get what he wanted. Nadia asks if he still really believes that his actions are controlled by fate. She asks why Rambaldi would choose him since he’s not a man of honor. Sloane asks why she’s there and she tells him it’s because he wants her to be: “Now you can pursue Rambaldi and have your daughter at the same time.” She asks if that isn’t what he said he wanted just before she died, and he replies, “Not like this.” In Nepal, “Sydney” tells Vaughn that Anna killed Renee, showing him the chip. He doesn’t know what’s on it but he wants to know where in Renee’s body it was found. When he was a kid, he supposedly had a bike accident (which he can’t remember) and wound up with a scar on his chest. He thinks the other half of the code is inside him.

Anna starts to cut Vaughn open as Sydney calls Jack to confirm that the mission has been compromised and Anna knows about Vaughn. Oh, and Anna looks exactly like Sydney. Anna performs surgery, making stuff up about Isabelle to try to keep Vaughn calm. She extracts the chip, which has Renee’s name on it, and Vaughn determines that the chips fit together. In Geneva, Peyton gets the book, and after she leaves, the bookseller calls someone to report that a woman aware of “the protocol” is apparently trying to contact him. Back in Nepal, Anna and Vaughn look at the data from the chips and see what looks like an emergency evacuation plan under a park in Germany. Vaughn announces that he’s going with Anna to see whatever’s there. Just as Sydney arrives, she sees a helicopter leaving. At APO, Jack tells the rest of the crew that Vaughn is alive but Prophet Five now knows. By the time Sydney got to his place, he was gone, but he’s been photographed in a German airport with “Sydney.” In Germany, Anna and Vaughn stake out a jewelry store, which has replaced the park, though Vaughn is sure there’s still a bunker under it. Anna notes that the jewelry store probably locks up its really valuable pieces at night, possible in an underground storage room. Vaughn suggests approaching the matter the way they did in Cartagena. “I’ll follow your lead,” Anna replies.

In Zurich, Nadia’s ghost visits Sloane again and asks if he thinks he’s going to get away with this. She tells him he’s out of his league, since Prophet Five has already killed Vaughn and Renee, and they’ve probably also killed Sydney by now. Peyton arrives with the manuscript Sloane asked for, but Sloane tells her he can’t keep working until he’s made peace with his past. In Germany, Vaughn and Anna pretend to shop for rings. Anna fakes illness so a security guard can come over and Vaughn can grab his gun. He gets keys to the basement from the jeweler, and as he heads down, Anna calls for extraction. Downstairs, Vaughn breaks through a wall and discovers a room full of documents. Anna joins him and holds him at gunpoint, telling him she’ll take it from here. Vaughn wants to know who she is but she won’t tell him. Anna attempts to shoot him, but he’s removed the clip from the gun. “Sydney and I never went to Cartagena,” he reveals, adding that Anna is a terrible kisser. They fight, but Vaughn is at a disadvantage since he’s been out of the game for so long. Anna grabs another gun and is about to shoot Vaughn when Sydney arrives and kills Anna instead. This time Vaughn and Sydney get to reunite for real.

Sloane heads to a church, where he leaves behind a matchbook, which he’s using to contact Sark (last seen in “Bob”). Sydney and Vaughn look around the basement, which contains Vaughn’s father’s research on Prophet Five. There’s so much information there on current organizations that they can destroy them for good. Anna’s cell phone rings and Sydney answers it, pretending to be her own clone. Peyton is none the wiser and gives her an address where “Anna” can meet her. Sydney gives Vaughn an abbreviated briefing and warns that he can’t go back to APO because there are moles and they can’t trust everyone. She tells him to contact Jack for the whole story. Vaughn gives Sydney one of the chips, knowing that they’re useless if they’re not together. Before she gives Peyton the chip, she’ll put the tracking device from her cell phone in it so Vaughn and Jack can track her movements. They say a reluctant goodbye before “Anna” meets up with Peyton and tells her Sydney is dead. “Well, if you were able to pull this off, the rest should be easy,” Peyton replies.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jack: “Agent Vaughn is alive.”
Marshall: “I knew it! I knew it!”

“Just for the record, you’re a terrible kisser.” - Vaughn to Anna

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