"Page 47"
Written by J.J. Abrams and Jeff Pinkner; directed by Ken Olin

Sydney has just been caught eavesdropping on a conversation between K-Directorate and new baddie Sark (see “The Coup”) in Moscow. She cuts the wire she’s on and swings into the building, running from a guard. She uses a mannequin as a decoy and gets rescued by Dixon. At Jenny’s, Will gets ready to go back to the prison and meet with McNeil again. Jenny tells him that he’s received an award for an article he wrote; she wants to celebrate on Friday but he tells her that he already has plans. He then calls Sydney, who’s still in Moscow, and tells her about the award; he asks her to go see a movie and get dinner on Friday. At SD-6, Jack and Sloane watch security footage of Will meeting with McNeil. Sloane reminds Jack that he said Will wouldn’t be a problem, but now that he’s in contact with McNeil, things aren’t looking too good. Jack is hesitant to execute Will, since he’s a friend of Sydney’s, and notes that McNeil might not know that much about SD-6. He suggests that they get audio of one of their conversations before they make any decisions. At Sydney and Francie’s, the girls decide that it’s time to move on from their respective relationships and take off their engagement rings. At work, one of Will’s co-workers congratulates him on his award with a cake. In the kitchen, he unknowingly gets bugged by a deliveryman.

At SD-6, Sloane tells the usual group that the K-Directorate second-in-command hasn’t been seen since Moscow and may have been captured by Sark. Sloane thinks that Sark will hold him hostage until the Man receives the manuscript Sark was after. Marshall shares that an analysis of Sark’s speech revealed that he has spent some time in Ireland. A K-Directorate boat is currently in Ek-Sekhira but a flight is leaving for Ireland the next morning, which indicates that the manuscript will be transferred in Tunisia. Sydney is tasked to intercept the manuscript. She meets with Vaughn in the self-storage unit and he tells her that the Rambaldi book she got pictures of in Argentina seems to be an instruction manual. There’s a passage about 100 segments that continues on a page they don’t have. Sydney is to get more photos of the book and give them to the CIA. Vaughn notes that Jack says Sloane has been spending a lot of time at home; Sydney tells him that this is because his wife Emily has cancer. Vaughn remarks that Sydney and Emily are fairly close and asks her to use that relationship to get herself invited over to Sloane’s house to plant a listening device. Sydney doesn’t feel comfortable using Emily, especially since she’s an innocent. Vaughn notes that Emily doesn’t realize it, but she has the chance to do something good. At home, Sydney reluctantly calls Emily.

Will heads to the prison and tells McNeil that according to the file he got from O.T. Technologies, 42 companies are using McNeil’s software and six of them have a common board member, Alain Christophe. Christophe used to run counterintelligence at Langley and retired from the CIA 12 years ago. Will asks McNeil why he’s smiling. “Because for the first time in eight years,” McNeil replies, “SD-6 should be afraid of me.” On his way home, Will leaves himself notes on a tape recorder, then gets kidnapped. In Tunisia, Sydney drives a boat out to the K-Directorate boat while chatting with Dixon, who’s her lookout back on land. She pretends that her boat is out of gas in order to gain access to the K-Directorate boat. Once she’s knocked out any threats, she tries to open a case containing the manuscript, which is handcuffed to someone’s wrist. She grabs the book and gets away as Sark approaches. Will is taken to an unknown location and learns that his discussion with McNeil about Christophe was recorded. A masked man speaks through a voice distorter, telling Will that his family and friends will be in grave danger if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing. The man leaves the room and takes off his mask, revealing that it’s Jack. In L.A., as Sloane orders the civilian captain of the K-Directorate boat killed, Sydney gets a call from Emily (Amy Irving) inviting her and a friend to dinner.

In the self-storage facility, Sydney tells Vaughn that she accepted Emily’s offer. He gives her a bug shaped like a paper clip and tells her to leave it somewhere in Sloane’s home office. He adds that the CIA has been studying her pictures of the Rambaldi book. The 47th page of Rambaldi documents are usually significant, but in this book, the 47th page is blank. Jack is trying to figure out how to get it out of SD-6 and replace it with a fake. Vaughn wonders who Sydney is going to take to dinner with her. Sydney calls Will, who comes to in an unfamiliar location, and asks him to dinner at Sloane’s. Will then calls Jenny for a ride back to L.A., though he won’t tell her what happened to him. On the drive home, he decides to break up with her. In retaliation, she kicks him out of the car. At home, Francie works on thank you notes for the wedding gifts she has to return. She gets a Joey’s Pizza call and Sydney tells her she’s going to go get a bottle of wine for her dinner at Sloane’s. She meets with Vaughn and Jack at the self-storage facility and learns that Sloane has taken the Rambaldi book home; he’s fascinated with it and wants to show it to Sydney. Jack and Vaughn want Sydney to switch the blank page for a fake one. Jack will be her backup, as he’ll be at dinner as well. Sydney notes that Will is coming, which may or may not make Vaughn jealous. He tells Sydney that she looks pretty.

Sydney and Will arrive for dinner, where Will has no idea that he’ll be dining with his recent kidnapper. Sloane tries to hide his surprise over Will’s presence. Sloane takes Sydney to his study to show her the Rambaldi book; he doesn’t see her plant the bug. He admits that he’s beginning to obsess over Rambaldi. Sydney says that she’s not sure she’s a believer; “neither was I,” he replies. At dinner, Emily and Will discuss the article he’s getting the award for; Sydney can relate to the subject, since the guy had a horrible boss. She gets a call from Vaughn and pretends that he’s Francie so that she can leave the room and make the switch. As she’s working, Emily asks Jack to get more wine, but Sloane offers to go instead. Sydney makes the switch just before the office door opens; fortunately, Jack is there. He takes wine back to the table, but Sloane wants to get a different bottle. He finds Sydney in the office and even though he doesn’t catch her doing anything suspicious, he doesn’t seem to completely trust her. The next day, Jack tells Sloane that he’s dealt with Will. Sloane says that security section has told him what Jack did. He says that Will is going back to the prison that day, but Jack thinks he’s just going to tell McNeil that they can’t meet anymore. Sloane isn’t sure, so he’s sent someone to make sure.

As Will heads to the prison, Sloane tells Jack that if he has given up on the investigation, then they’ll let him live. If not, then they obviously have to take care of him. Will is bugged again and meets with McNeil as an assassin prepares in case he needs to be executed. Fortunately for Will, he tells McNeil that after being kidnapped, he thinks he should drop the story. As Jack listens in, McNeil asks Will to keep digging for another week, but Will says that he can’t put peoples’ lives in danger. Jack is relieved that he’s dropping the investigation. At the CIA, an agent tells Vaughn that they’ve figured out how to read the blank page from the Rambaldi book. After he sees it, Vaughn contacts Sydney and meets her in the self-storage facility. He explains that they used the liquid from the SD-6 vault (see “The Box, Part 2”) on the page to make the ink appear. On the page is a sketch of Sydney.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “Okay, so tell me the truth. Who do you like better - Mary Ann or Ginger?”
Dixon: “Listen, while you’re grabbing Rambaldi’s manuscript, if you happen to see a sandwich….”

Sydney: “This is a bug?”
Vaughn: “It’s good, huh? You should see the guys who make it, it’s like they’ve never seen sunlight.”
Sydney: “You should meet Marshall.”

Francie: “‘Dear Aunt Stephanie. Unfortunately, as my mother has informed you, the wedding is off, so I am returning your kind gift of a coffeemaker because, as it turns out, the man to whom I was engaged is a deceitful, two-faced, sex-crazed jacka%$. All my love, Francie.’”
Sydney: “It’s not too harsh.”
Francie: “I want to read you one more. This is the restrained one.”

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