Written by J.R. Orci and Jeff Pinkner; directed by Kevin Hooks

Dixon participates in a shootout in a tunnel and is shot by a man in a mask. The man removes the mask to reveal that he’s Vaughn. 48 hours earlier (of course), Sloane asks Sydney if Vaughn has contacted her (see “Nightingale”); she lies that he hasn’t. Sloane reveals that he knows about the text message he sent her. Sydney says that Vaughn was just apologizing for hitting her in Siberia. Since Vaughn took off with the core, Sloane wants to alert Langley and have him classified as a rogue. Sydney argues that Vaughn isn’t a traitor, so Sloane gives him 48 hours to either come back or call. In Paris, Vaughn meets up with Roberts, telling him that the coil is in a safe place. Roberts thinks that Vaughn is too desperate to demand that he follow a different plan than the one they made. Vaughn, however, is determined to stand his ground and not hand over the coil until he’s received the information he’s looking for. At home, Nadia (who has just bought fancy chocolate) gets a call from Katya (last seen in “Resurrection”), who’s in prison. Nadia plans to visit her the next day and has apparently been seeing Katya for some time. Inside, Weiss asks Sydney if she’s heard from Vaughn, who he thinks is visiting his uncle again. She assures him that there’s nothing to worry about.

Roberts calls his employer, who tells Vaughn in a distorted voice that he violated their agreement and will have to participate in another mission. Vaughn receives photos of Bill and is told that he’s still alive. As Nadia visits Katya, Marshall stops by Jack’s office and asks if he’s seen a doctor since being in the reactor in Siberia. He surreptitiously gets oil from Jack’s fingerprints and sends it for testing. At the prison, Katya eats the fancy chocolate and tells Nadia stories about Irina. She wants to talk about Sydney, but Nadia has apparently told her before that that subject is off-limits. Katya reveals that she’s very allergic to chocolate but is willing to risk her life in order to see Sydney. Roberts takes Vaughn to a warehouse so they can meet up with the other people who will be working on whatever their mission is. All he’ll tell Vaughn is that they’re after something like an instruction manual for the coil. The two meet up with Gregor, Jan, and Sabina to go over the plans for the mission. The “manual” will be transported from Darmstadt the next night, but in order to get it, they’ll first have to get a cold laser from a hospital in Bordeaux. At APO, Sloane notes that Jack has taken Dixon out of the field. Jack tells him he wants Dixon to transport something from Darmstadt.

Nadia pulls Sydney aside at APO to fill her in on Katya. Sydney reminds her that she warned her about Katya, but Nadia just wanted information on Irina. Sydney points out that Irina was cruel, manipulative, and a traitor. She notes that Katya did to Nadia the same thing that Irina did to her. Sydney shocks Nadia by finally admitting that Irina put a hit out on her. In Bordeaux, Vaughn and Sabina pose as a couple who were in an accident, then knock out some doctors and take their clothes. As they wait to get the laser, Sabina mentions that she was rejected from the CIA but is having more fun doing what she does now. After they grab the laser, they’re almost caught by a guard but pretend that they’re in the room to make out. They fight him and Sabina winds up killing him. Back at the warehouse, Sabina tells Vaughn that she saved his life, then tries to make out with him again. “Consider this the second time you’ve been rejected by the CIA,” he tells her. Sydney goes to see Katya at the hospital and warns her never to talk to Nadia again. Katya replies that the world isn’t all black and white. She claims that she never meant to kill Sydney, and neither did Irina. She adds that Irina would be ashamed to see what Sydney thinks of her now. Irina contacted Katya before her death, believing that someone was setting her up. Katya asks Sydney to get that message for her.

At APO, Sloane asks Marshall what he had tested in the lab; Marshall pretends that it was a sample from one of Vlachko’s subjects that he forgot to send in with the others. Sloane informs him that the subject is suffering from a major genetic mutation. At the warehouse, Roberts gives Vaughn more information on the “manual,” which appears to be something written by Rambaldi. He realizes that they need him for the mission because they’re ambushing a CIA convoy. He takes Roberts outside to blast him for this, saying that if he betrays his agency, he can never go back. Roberts points out that he’s a bad guy, adding that Bill is, too, since he let his wife and son believe he was dead for 25 years. At APO, Nadia confesses to Sloane that she’s been visiting Katya but hasn’t been told anything about Irina that she didn’t already know. Sloane says that he understood Irina, and though they both did unforgivable things, she definitely loved Nadia. Sydney goes to a repair shop to get a music box. She gets a call from Vaughn but he doesn’t say anything. At the warehouse, Vaughn informs Roberts that he’s taking over. While Dixon heads off with the rest of the transport team, Vaughn outlines the mission, then tells his team that there will be no shooting unless they’re shot at first. At home, Nadia apologizes to Sydney for not telling her that she was visiting Katya. After she leaves, Sydney opens the music box and writes down the numbers it displays.

She types it into a computer and comes up with bank accounts under the name A. Sloane. In Darmstadt, Vaughn and his team start their mission and ambush the convoy in a tunnel. In a replay of the first scene, Vaughn shoots Dixon. Back at the warehouse, Vaughn beats up Roberts and asks if Bill has been dead the whole time. Roberts admits that he’s right and Irina did kill him. Vaughn asks who Roberts works for, and just before Roberts passes out, he names Sloane. Sydney visits Katya back in prison and confirms that the bank records she found exonerate Irina. She says that Irina knew who paid for the hit, and if she’d gotten the message in time, she would still be alive. She says that she’ll tell Katya who was behind the hit if she promises never to tell Nadia. At APO, Marshall tells Jack that he ran some tests and wants him to see a doctor. Sloane interrupts before Jack can reply. Vaughn returns to Sydney’s house and fills her in on Bill. He adds that Sloane was behind the whole hoax and she prepares to tell him what else Sloane was behind. At APO, Jack tells Sloane that Vaughn is back, the Rambaldi artifact is secure, and Dixon is fine, since he was wearing a bulletproof vest. In Santiago, someone calls “Sloane” to tell him that they don’t have the artifact and don’t know where Roberts is. “Nothing changes,” replies someone who looks like Sloane but isn’t - Arvin Clone (Joel Grey). “Everything proceeds as planned.”


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Roberts: “I’ve been watching you for an hour.”
Vaughn: “Yeah, am I your type?”

Vaughn: “You askedg me to betray my agency.”
Roberts: “Well, I feel really bad about that. You know what, I’ll say an extra Hail Mary tonight before I go to bed.”

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