"Passage, Part 1"
Written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer; directed by Ken Olin

Sydney tracks Sark down on a road on their way to their first day of work together (see “The Counteragent”). She warns that if he tells Sloane she helped try to kill him, she’ll burn him as well. He assures her that he won’t say a word, then claims that he was never going to actually kill him - he just wanted to gain his trust. Sydney accuses him of being a dog looking for a new master. She meets Jack at the self-storage facility and asks if he knows what Sark offered Sloane to make their new partnership worth his while. Jack is more worried about the possibility that Irina told Sark the two of them were double agents. Sydney promises to find out. Jack notes that it can’t be a coincidence that Irina turned herself into the CIA and now Sark has made an agreement to join SD-6. Sloane tells the usual SD-6 crew that Sark has passed his background tests and received immunity in exchange for his help. Dixon speaks out against the arrangement, but Sloane thinks Sark will be able to make up for the murders he’s committed in the past. Sydney is on Dixon’s side, of course, so Sloane and Jack assure them that Sark will always be accompanied by a member of security section. Sark tries to gain everyone’s confidence by telling them that he wouldn’t gain any benefit from betraying them.

Sydney visits Irina, who claims that she never told Sark that Sydney and Jack are double agents. Sydney says that she’s grateful to Irina for saving Vaughn’s life, but she’s still not sure if she should trust her. Irina assures her that she’s safe from Sloane. Sydney passes on intel that a mercenary named Sokolov has offered Sark communication codes used by Uzbek ground forces; if the codes were given to Tajikistan, Sokolov’s second choice, they would use them to plan terrorist attacks, which would affect SD-6’s allies in Asia. Sloane wants Sydney and Dixon to pose as Sark’s associates and buy the codes from Sokolov. Sydney wants to know why Sloane really wants the codes. Irina asks to be released for 48 hours but won’t tell Sydney why because she doesn’t trust the CIA. She’ll only say that she can help them stay away from Sloane, and if she’s not allowed out, all their work will be in vain. Sydney presents Kendall with the idea, noting that Irina seems worried about something they haven’t considered. Vaughn backs her up by reminding Kendall that everything Irina has told them has been correct. Sydney adds that Irina has agreed to be escorted by a special forces team and wear a tracking device. Jack says that using Irina might be worth the risk. Kendall decides that she needs to tell them more before he agrees to release her. Sydney isn’t happy that Jack didn’t exactly argue on her side.

At SD-6, Sark taunts the unknowing agents behind their backs for not knowing what they’re really doing. He tells Sloane that he had an encounter with Sydney and that she’s the only person who seems to suspect that he’s up to something. Sloane thinks that Sydney will believe whatever he tells her. He gets a call from a distorted voice telling him some group has Emily. If Sloane doesn’t give them account numbers for all of SD-6’s investments, they’ll tell the Alliance that Emily is alive. Sloane wants proof first and threatens that if he finds out who he’s talking to, that person won’t be too happy. Sydney and Dixon meet with Sokolov in Uzbekistan but learn that they first need to get the fingerprints of a dead man in order to get to the codes they’re after. They fake Sydney’s death so she can get into a morgue and get the prints. She has to fight a guard on her way out, of course. Will and Vaughn meet up in a parking garage and Will fills Vaughn in on what he’s discovered about the IQ test. Vaughn has to tell him that he can’t employ him anymore, but he’s impressed with the work and makes it worth his while. In the morning, Sydney tells an incredulous Will that Sark is working for SD-6. At the self-storage facility, Vaughn tells Sydney that Devlin sent Will’s research to the FBI. He then shows her his father’s broken pocket watch, which he said you could set your heart to. The watch stopped the day he and Sydney met.

At the ops center, Jack and Kendall tell Vaughn and Sydney that the Uzbek codes are really control codes for nuclear warheads a third party seems to have possession of. Sydney notes that they should have listened to Irina, but Kendall says that Irina should have told them what was really going on. The four go to Irina’s cell; in exchange for a pillow and blanket, she tells them that the warheads are in Kashmir, being guarded at a prison camp by a mercenary group called the People’s Revolutionary Front. Kendall demands that Irina lead them to the prison camp, but she refuses. Sydney sends everyone else away and tells Irina that she blames herself for the possible detonation of the warheads because Irina kept quiet to keep Sark from finding out she’s a double agent. She says that if Irina wants to protect her, Sydney needs her help. Upstairs, Sydney tells Jack that Devlin is allowing her and Irina to go to Kashmir. He tells her he’s going along. He takes Irina a necklace that contains C4 they’ll detonate if they think she’s double-crossing them or if she tries to take it off. Kendall outlines the complicated journey and the three Bristows head off for their mission. On the plane, Irina bugs Sydney about Vaughn and Sydney has to tell her and Jack to stop bickering.

Will meets with Vaughn again and tells him that he feels like the work he’s done has been important. He gives Vaughn the names of 40 kids who got perfect scores on the test that contained the Project Christmas questions. Vaughn wonders what happened to the missing 1982 test. In New Delhi, the Bristows pose as a family embarking on a train trip. Irina stuns her husband and daughter by kissing Jack in order to keep up appearances. Vaughn calls a CIA contact to let him know that the Bristows are on their way; nearby, a woman calls someone else to inform him or her that the contact has been activated. On the train, the Bristows change clothing and Jack almost finds himself reflexively helping Irina. The three prepare to parachute off the train; Sydney jumps first to get her parents to shut up. They meet with the CIA contact, who gives them their weapons and technology. Jack won’t let Irina have anything dangerous. At SD-6, an agent brings Sloane a package containing a woman’s finger. The Bristows and their contact are ambushed and the contact is killed for aiding the CIA. Jack and Irina use the exploding necklace to kill their attackers. Irina grabs a gun but Jack holds his own on her and tells her he doesn’t want her to have it. She finally backs down and the three Bristows head off on a long walk.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Hi. Welcome. Don’t kill me.” - Marshall to Sark

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