Written by Erica Messer and Debra J. Fisher; directed by Ken Olin

Dixon and a disguised Sydney are still facing off in Denpasar (see “The Solution”), but before Dixon can shoot Sydney, Vaughn throws a grenade and launches a firefight between a CIA shooter and an SD-6 shooter. Sark runs off with the real vial, so Vaughn chases after him as Sydney heads to their extraction point. While Vaughn knocks Sark out, Dixon runs after Sydney. Vaughn handcuffs Sark to a gate and asks Sydney if she’s at the extraction point yet. She’s too busy trying to fight off Dixon. Vaughn gets the real vial from Sark but Weiss, back in L.A., tells him he can’t leave Sark until he’s secured. Vaughn is worried about Sydney, who’s still fighting Dixon and winds up getting her arm cut. Vaughn arrives and knocks Dixon out so Sydney can escape. When he goes back to get Sark, he’s gone. In L.A., Will gets a call from his source, who asks him why he hasn’t published his story on SD-6 yet. Will says that he needs something from the source first. In a flashback, he goes to see Jack, who tells him that the source only mentioned him so that Will would know he wasn’t really a threat, since he would never hurt Sydney. Jack tells Will that when asked for a meeting, the source will refuse, so Will should tell him that he knows about the Circumference. Will does so and the source agrees to meet with him.

Sloane attends an Alliance meeting in London in order to ask them to let Emily die instead of killing her. He threatens to resign if they don’t go along with him, noting his many achievements as head of SD-6. The Alliance wants Sloane to give up his revenge on Khasinau and find information on him instead. At SD-6, Dixon tells Sydney that they grabbed Sark in Denpasar but weren’t able to get the vial. He notices that her arm is hurt and grows suspicious. Jack stops by Sydney and Francie’s house and tells Sydney that her pursuit of her mother negatively affected her mission in Denpasar. He can’t protect her since Sloane hasn’t reinstated him to active duty and doesn’t know everything that’s going on at SD-6. Sydney informs him that SD-6 apprehended Sark. Sloane visits Sark in an interrogation room at SD-6, telling him he’s not in the mood for torture. He’d rather find Khasinau, but Sark says that given his current situation, he probably won’t be working with Khasinau much longer. Sloane reminds him that they’re valuable to each other. Sark asks for some wine. Will gets another call from his source, who gives him instructions on when and where they’ll meet. At the CIA, Weiss tells Vaughn that he got in trouble with Devlin for taking the blame for Vaughn leaving Sark unsecured. He thinks that Vaughn’s relationship with Sydney has crossed a line and he needs to figure out how to back off.

Sloane drinks wine in front of Sark, who admits that he was kidding and figured Sloane would kill him no matter what. Sloane offers up a collaboration and helps Sark drink to it. Elsewhere, Sloane tells the usual group that Sark has dropped his loyalty to Khasinau. Sark is supposed to give Khasinau the vial in a club in Paris; instead, he’ll give him a fake and Sydney will swap the page they want to use it on for a counterfeit. Sydney thinks this idea is ridiculous, but Sloane is sticking to it. Marshall asks Sydney how her voice is. Will and Jack meet up again to discuss the meeting with the source; Jack says that Will will be picked up by armed men in a van. He gives Will a jacket with a transmitter sewn into the lining and asks where Will is supposed to be for the meeting. Will tells him it’s in Paris. Sydney meets with Vaughn at the self-storage facility, hoping that her counter-mission is to capture Khasinau. Vaughn tells her that it’s just to make sure that SD-6 doesn’t get the real Rambaldi page. She notes that he’s acting differently but he denies that anything is wrong. At the hospital, Emily tells Sloane that she wants to be at home when she dies. Dixon and Sydney arrive in Paris, Sydney wearing a ring equipped with a cardiac event recorder that can transfer ECG data to Dixon’s cell phone and allow them to open Khasinau’s vault. Sark is also in the club.

Will and Jack are elsewhere in Paris, going over last-minute details. Jack gives Will a time-release substance that will counteract the effects of sodium pentothal, should he be given any. Jack will be monitoring Will the whole time and assures him that if he was wanted dead, he would have been killed by now. After the meeting, they’ll have a recording of the source’s voice and, Jack hopes, a lead. Khasinau arrives at the club and sits with Sark, who shows him the vial. They enjoy a performance by a lounge singer, who happens to be Sydney. She manages to get close enough to Khasinau to read his heart rhythms. As Will is picked up for his meeting, Dixon heads to Khasinau’s vault, fighting past a guard on his way. In the club, someone tells Khasinau that they have Will and Sydney sees him being dragged away. Dixon successfully switches the pages as Will is injected with sodium pentothal and asked about the Circumference. Before things can go too far, Sydney bursts in and takes down the guards in the room. Will is shocked to see her and explains that he’s there pursuing a story. Jack heads off to go get them as they run off. Sydney protects Will from a gunfight and gets him outside to Jack; Sydney’s not thrilled to learn that they were working together. Jack calls someone to get Will a complete identity switch. He and Sydney argue about Will, who just wants to know what’s going on.

Jack and Sydney take Will to a safehouse, where he’s taken upstairs for a change of clothes and identity. Downstairs, Sydney asks Jack why he involved Will in their matters without telling her. He fills her in and she tells him that the only people in the club work for Khasinau. Jack realizes that Khasinau was trying to expose them. Will appears in disguise and Sydney gets upset over seeing him brought into her world. She makes him promise not to tell anyone about what’s happened. Back in L.A., Sloane has to end a conversation with Emily when he gets a call from Alain Christophe. Christophe informs him that his request has been approved - they won’t kill Emily. That night, Dixon lies awake in bed, remembering hearing Sydney’s CIA code name in “Mea Culpa.” At the office the next day, Dixon asks her how she hurt her arm. She makes up a story and assures him that she’ll be completely open with him in the future. Sydney tells Sloane that Sark must have tipped off Khasinau, but Sloane says that the mission was successful, even though they lost Sark. The wine he gave him was laced with a tracer, so they know exactly where he is. After Dixon leaves the room, Sloane tells Sydney that Emily’s life won’t be in danger and thanks her for not reporting the situation to security section.

In the self-storage facility, Sydney tells Vaughn that she thinks Sloane was exhibiting remorse for killing Danny. Vaughn assures her that they’re working on a way to keep Will safe; he’ll either be placed in the Witness Protection Program or recruited. Sydney doesn’t like the idea of Will being brought into the life she lives. She tells Vaughn that he has no idea what it’s like not to be able to tell people what he does for a living. She doesn’t think that Will is ever going to trust her again. Vaughn notes that Will has now seen the real Sydney for the first time. Sydney visits Will in a CIA safehouse and he assures her that he’s not going to ask any more questions. He says that he loves her because of who she is, not because of what she does, and he’s grateful that she saved his life. Sloane authorizes an operative to apprehend Sark in Geneva. Will asks the agents at the safehouse if they can get some food. At the hospital, Emily and Sloane learn that Emily’s cancer is entering remission. A team of SD-6 operatives attempts to go after Sark in Geneva but learns that he’s had a blood transfusion and isn’t there. In fact, he’s at Will’s safehouse and has just taken out the guards. Will opens the door to him and winds up getting shot.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jack: “I didn’t expect you’d have the guts to contact me.”
Will: “Oh, well, I’ll assume that’s a compliment.”

Jack: “You’ll be blindfolded and taken to another location.”
Will: “Okay. I know what that feels like.”

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