Written by Jesse Alexander and Jeff Pinkner; directed by Carl Zisk

Sydney and Noah wake up in their middle-of-nowhere safehouse (see “Masquerade”) and escape just before Khasinau and some associates can get to them. After some shooting and motorcycle chasing, they parachute up to an extraction plane. Back in L.A., Vaughn and Sydney meet at the self-storage facility and he tells her that K-Directorate has hired an assassin known as the Snowman to kill Khasinau. The Snowman has been on the CIA’s most wanted list for 12 years and presumed dead for 5, and they think that by following him, they can get to Khasinau. Vaughn just wants Sydney to get to Khasinau first. He tries to hide his obvious jealousy over the fact that she worked with Noah again. At Sydney and Francie’s, Will and Francie wait for Sydney to come home so they can confront her about the ticket to Italy. However, when she arrives, their lack of strategy keeps them from saying anything to her. On their way to work the next morning, Noah tells Sydney that he wants her to go away with him. She tells him that she thinks things are happening too soon. He’s tired of lying to everyone he knows and assures her that he has some help so they’ll be safe and have resources. She tells him that she’s not going anywhere until she knows where Irina is. Sloane receives information on Noah and tells an agent to make sure he doesn’t leave the building.

Sydney visits Jack’s office, where he tells her that the computer core she got doesn’t help them. She tells him that she saw files on Irina and he says that there were some video archive files of her on the core. The videos prove that Irina didn’t die in the car accident. Elsewhere, Noah tries to start a conversation with Dixon, who admits that he doesn’t trust him. His suspicions seem to be confirmed when Sloane has Noah escorted away to be tested by McCullough again. Sloane observes the testing and tells a doctor that Noah is definitely hiding something. Sydney watches the archive footage of Irina and Khasinau, in which she describes her mission to pose as an American and get close to Jack. She was to get information from him on something called Project Christmas (more on that in “The Indicator”). Sydney, upset over hearing her mother say that her whole marriage was a sham, recognizes someone else on the video. At the CIA, Vaughn asks Weiss to feed his dog because he’s going to Bogotá to speak to a man named Kishell who used to work for the Snowman (and was also attacked by him). Sydney tells Jack that the third man in the video was Calder, the FBI agent who supposedly died in the same car accident as Irina. He was really KGB and had his death faked as well, so if they can find him, they might be able to get to Khasinau. She wants to go to Cape Town with Noah, since a man fitting Calder’s description was spotted there. Jack tells her that Noah may have ties to K-Directorate and is now in the custody of security section. Sydney asks him to talk to Sloane and convince him that Noah isn’t a double agent.

In Bogotá, Vaughn meets with Kishell, who tells him that the Snowman earned his name by killing people with ice picks. He attacked Kishell after suspecting that he was behind an ambush. Kishell offers to give Vaughn some leads in exchange for the promise that the Snowman will suffer when he’s found. Jack approaches Sloane at SD-6 and tells him about Sydney’s plan to track Calder to get to Khasinau. He thinks that Noah could play an important role in the mission. Sloane points out that this isn’t the first time Jack has tried to get special consideration for a man in Sydney’s life. Later, Sydney notes that Noah has been released and silently thanks Jack. She meets with Vaughn, who isn’t happy that she and Noah are going to Cape Town, since she should have come to him first when she found out that Calder was KGB. She notes that he would have been required to give the information to the FBI and it would be classified, which means Sydney wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the investigation. She promises that she won’t let Khasinau walk and she won’t let SD-6 get to him first. In Cape Town, Sydney triggers an active noise device that allows her and Noah to work without being caught by audio sensors. They also have to stay off the floor in order to stay away from motion sensors, so Noah has to lower Sydney on a rope to get a modem near a server. Noah accidentally lowers the rope too much while downloading from the server and has to struggle to keep Sydney from touching the floor.

At SD-6, Jack watches the footage of Irina, learning that she would get information from his briefcase every night, eavesdrop on his conversations, and bug his clothes. “He was blinded by his emotions,” she says. “He knew nothing. I can tell you one thing: Jack Bristow was a fool.” Done listening to his wife, he goes to see Dr. Barnett. Sydney arrives home and is finally confronted by Francie and Will. She tells them that she deals with clients who want all of their transactions kept confidential, so she couldn’t tell them she was travelling internationally. Will and Francie are relieved that nothing serious is happening. Sydney, however, seems to be considering leaving since lying to her friends is so hard. The next day, Marshall tells Sydney that the mission was a bust - none of the files were downloaded. She then learns that Noah has volunteered to participate in another long-term international mission. She meets up with him on a beach and tells him that she needs to stay in L.A. He gives her a plane ticket and asks her to come with him for a week and see if she changes her mind. He promises that they’ll look for Irina together. Back at SD-6, Marshall excitedly tells Sloane that he’s found Calder.

Sloane tasks Sydney and Dixon to go to Calder’s house in Mackay, Australia, grab him, and bring him back for questioning. After Dixon leaves the room, Sloane tells Sydney that he’s always there for her and will help her track down Irina. At home, Sydney gets a call from Noah and again tells him that she’s staying in L.A. She then gets a Joey’s Pizza call and meets with Vaughn in the self-storage unit, where he tells her that he’ll help her however he can. He asks if she’s okay but she tells him she’s fine. Dixon and Sydney head to Mackay as Kishell calls Vaughn to tell him that he has new information for him. Sydney heads into Calder’s house and quickly discovers that she’s not the first one to arrive. At the CIA, Vaughn tells Weiss that the Snowman has been spotted in Mackay. In the kitchen of Calder’s house, Sydney finds the Snowman just after killing Calder with an ice pick. The two fight with some kitchen accessories and Sydney winds up stabbing the Snowman. She then unmasks him and discovers that it’s Noah. He tells her that he tried to keep this from her, then dies. Dixon runs in to find Sydney crying over Noah’s body.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Noah, I’ll be straight with you: I don’t trust you. Which wouldn’t be such a problem, except that I’m an intelligence officer and if you stick around, sooner or later, my life is going to be in your hands and yours in mine. And in that scenario, the only person truly safe will be you.” - Dixon

Sloane: “Sydney wasn’t intimate with Tippin. She is with Hicks.”
Jack: “I’m not sure that’s my business, and I know it isn’t yours.”

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