"The Road Home"
Written by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec; directed by Maryann Brandon

In a restaurant in Paris, a disguised Sydney waits at a table for a contact while a nearby Vaughn communicates with Dixon in a van. The contact, Connelly, arrives, and after some discussion with Sydney, Vaughn spots someone who seems suspicious. Connelly gives Sydney a computer chip while Dixon tries unsuccessfully to ID the new arrival. Connelly is suddenly shot and the suspicious man grabs the chip. Vaughn shoots him, but he makes it to the kitchen and grabs a knife. He begins yelling about how he won’t let someone get him, then slits his own throat. At APO, Sloane tells Jack and Sydney that according to information on the chip, a biometric targeting device is being developed in Austria. The weapon would allow an attacker to target a single person based on a biometric sample or DNA scan. Sloane sends Sydney to Austria to get the weapon, telling her that the man from the restaurant was supposed to intercept the sale. When he realized that he wasn’t going to succeed, he killed himself to protect his family from his boss, Sasha Korchev. Jack is familiar with Korchev’s unsavory reputation. Sloane says that he’s having Dixon track Korchev down so they can take him into custody. Jack seems to have some connections that will be helpful, so Sloane lets him take over.

Elsewhere, Vaughn fills Weiss in on his father’s journal (see “The Index”) and Weiss encourages him to let everyone else at APO know so they can help him figure out what’s going on. Vaughn wonders if Bill is alive and trying to contact him. Weiss gives him the name Frank Murdock, a codename Vaughn asked him to check out from the journal. He promises that he hasn’t discussed the situation with anyone else, even Nadia. Sloane and Jack disagree on how to handle Korchev - Jack wants to kill him at close range, saying that he should have been taken out years ago. He heads to Madagascar to get information from someone on how to get in touch with Korchev. Marshall tells Sydney that Korchev is keeping the weapon in the subbasement of a club (of course). Security is tight, so Sydney will have to steal an access card from an employee. At the club, Sydney meets an American bar back named Sam and snags his card. He seems taken with her and she has to tell him that she has a boyfriend. Sydney gets to the basement but discovers that the weapon is ready to go and will be leaving the country early the next morning via a shipping yard. Sydney tries to get the name of the yard from a guard as another security guard sees that Sam has committed a breach.

Once she has the name of the yard, Sydney gets information on Sam from Marshall. He’s just a civilian, so she decides to get him out of harm’s way. Sydney gets in touch with Nadia and Sloane at APO while Sam marvels at how small her phone is. She says that the club owners think Sam is her accomplice; Sloane tells her to hand him over to her contact when she goes to get weapons for the mission. Sydney informs Sam that his employers aren’t very nice and she took his access card. She adds that she thinks they can work together. Sam wants to go back to work, but Sydney warns that his employers will kill him if he does. He’s not sure if he can trust her. She points out that if she were a bad guy, he’d already be dead. Vaughn heads to San Diego and meets Murdock, who shows him a photo of himself, Bill, and a bunch of other guys, all of whom are dead. Murdock claims that Bill shot him when they were on a mission together. Vaughn doesn’t believe him, but Murdock warns that if Bill is alive, Vaughn should never turn his back on him. Sydney gets in touch with her contact, unaware that he then calls a security guard at the club to tell him that he’ll be delivering Sydney and Sam shortly.

In Angola, Jack asks some men about “the rug merchant” and gets knocked out and thrown in the back of a truck. In Austria, Sam laments the fact that he’ll probably wind up in the Witness Protection Program. He adds that he came to the country to find inspiration and write something, but it hasn’t worked out. Sydney’s contact arrives, but Sydney spots someone else in his car and gets herself and Sam away from them. Sam isn’t any more willing to stick with her, so she tries to convince him that she’s trying to stop some bad guys from using a weapon they shouldn’t have. In Angola, Jack is finally taken to Korchev, who isn’t too happy with the guy who tied him up, since he considers Jack a good friend. Jack says that he’s entering the private sector and would like to do business with Korchev. Korchev first introduces him to his wife, then takes him to his office so they can chat. Jack quietly pulls out a wire and prepares to do some damage. In Austria, Sydney and Sam spot the weapon, which is a toy-sized helicopter. She sends him to get the bad guys’ van and drive it into the warehouse to pick her up in a few minutes. She then knocks a guy out and has to run from the incredibly stupid killer helicopter, which has chosen her as its target.

As the helicopter stalks its prey, Sam gets shot in the arm (by his own boss). Sydney uses a guard to trick the helicopter into thinking that it has killed her. In Angola, Korchev informs Jack that his wife is pregnant. He thanks him for how Jack has equipped him to be a man. Korchev says that he knows some people think that his business is a form of betrayal. Jack responds that Korchev betrayed him and strangles him. Vaughn returns to L.A. and tells Weiss that he couldn’t find Murdock. On bleachers somewhere, Sydney tells Sam that it’s safe for him to go back home, but he’s decided that it’s time to go somewhere else. He notes that it must be hard for her to do so many wild things and not tell anyone about them. She replies that it gives people like them something in common. Back at APO, Sydney mentions to Jack that she heard Korchev was killed in a standoff. Jack only says that he saw it play out. They wind up going to dinner together.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Which officially begs the question: what is it with these guys and nightclubs?” - Marshall

Sam: “I missed.”
Sydney: “I noticed.”

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