"A Missing Link"
Written by Monica Breen and Alison Schapker; directed by Lawrence Trilling

At Sydney’s new place, she and Jack watch the footage of her killing Lazarey again. She thinks she can see him saying something that looks like “Julia,” but Jack thinks she’s trying too hard to figure things out. She just wants answers about her missing two years and why she killed Lazarey. Jack wants her to stay strong because her strength was what kept him going when he was in prison. Later, Sydney meets with Lauren, who tells her that a group of men stole four vials of Ebola strains from a lab. One of the team members, Laszlo Bogdan, was caught and Lauren wants Sydney to question him. The two fly to see Bogdan and Sydney tries to guilt him into telling him who’s behind the theft. He says he never met the person, but there’s going to be a second job. Back at the ops center, Sydney and Lauren tell the others that the group is planning to modify the virus to make it even more infectious. Dixon announces that they’ve discovered who the other team members are - Simon Walker, Javier Perez, and Avery Russet. He wants Sydney to go undercover and take Bogdan’s place on the team. Since the Covenant will wind up with whatever is stolen, Sydney can put a tracking device on it. Dixon assigns Vaughn and Weiss on backup and sends Lauren to see Sloane and use his contacts to find out what the team is after.

After the meeting, Lauren asks Vaughn for more details in a report he wrote on the mission in “Reunion.” He doesn’t appreciate being critiqued. On the way to Sevilla, Vaughn gives Sydney some last-minute details and they manage to loosen up a little around each other. In Sevilla, Sydney attempts to gain access to a party at a bar while Vaughn and Weiss bicker like an old married couple. Just when it looks like Sydney won’t be getting into the party without a fight, a guard keeping her away tells her that Simon (Justin Theroux) wants her to be allowed in. When he spots her, he kisses her and calls her Julia. Downstairs, Vaughn and Weiss are confused as to the name and wonder if Sydney used it as an alias during her missing two years. Sydney plays along with Simon and tells him that she wants to take Bogdan’s place. In Zurich, Lauren asks Sloane about Simon, but he just wants to talk about Sydney. He also makes a passing comment about how she got her job. In Sevilla, Sydney meets Perez (Clifton Collins, Jr.) and Avery, and the four leave, passing an unamused Vaughn. Simon tells Sydney that in order to prove herself, she needs to steal a diamond necklace from the penthouse of a Spanish princess. She gets some tranquilizer darts and a seven-minute head start before the police (called by Avery) arrive.

Sydney dresses as a maid and shoots a guard with a dart as Vaughn and Weiss see the police approaching. Sydney cracks the safe just before the police arrive; she has to shoot the princess with a dart in order to keep her from making any noise. On the balcony, Sydney takes off her maid’s uniform and dives into the pool, impressing Weiss. She gives Simon the necklace, which she’d wrapped around her ankle, and he tells her that they’re meeting up in Paris the next night for their second job. Back on the CIA jet, Vaughn asks Sydney what’s going on with the Julia alias, but she thinks it’s better for him if she doesn’t tell him. She admits that she can’t trust him anymore because his loyalties lie with another woman now. Weiss interrupts the tension after their argument and asks, “What? Somebody die?” In Pamplona, Perez shows Simon photos of “Julia” that are apparently not good for her. At the ops center, Jack tells Sydney that Vaughn has been asking him about Julia, despite Jack’s protests. Sydney notes that he’s interested because of the way Simon acted around her. They fight again about telling the NSC the truth about Lazarey’s murder, but Jack wins again. Marshall gives Sydney a gadget to help her crack a safe, then goes over some potential baby names for his and Carrie’s child.

Dixon calls Sydney and Vaughn to his office and announces that Jack showed him the video of Sydney killing Lazarey. He’s not happy that Sydney didn’t tell him the truth. He notes, however, that Sydney may not have been a willing participant in Lazarey’s death. Dixon makes it clear that if she and Jack are hiding anything else from him, they’ll be in a lot of trouble. He wants to keep the news from the NSC, which means that Vaughn can’t tell Lauren. After the meeting, Sydney asks Jack why he came clean to Dixon; he knew that Dixon would tell Vaughn to keep quiet. Sydney doesn’t want to cause trouble for the couple, but Jack doesn’t care one way or another. Lauren returns from Zurich and Vaughn keeps his promise not to tell her anything about Lazarey’s murder. Simon keeps looking at the photos Perez gave him - they’re of Sydney and Vaughn together. In Pamplona, Sydney assures Vaughn that she didn’t want to him to have to keep secrets from Lauren. He tells her he thinks she’s crazy for working with Simon, but she wants to catch the Covenant and find out who Julia is at the same time. Sydney meets up with Simon, who tells her he missed her. They make out a little and Sydney tries to get some information out of him. Instead, he pulls a knife on her and accuses her of lying to him.

Weiss keeps Vaughn from saving Sydney and blowing her cover as Simon demands to know who Sydney is working for. She reminds him that she works for him now and tells him that Vaughn is her supplier. Vaughn calls Marshall and has him create a fake criminal file for him so Simon can look it up and believe Sydney. The plan works just in time. Simon and Perez outline the mission for Sydney, which involves breaking into a storage facility to grab a canister. Sark arrives to chat with Simon but doesn’t spot Sydney. Perez, however, thinks that she’s hiding something. In Zurich, Sloane tells Lauren that the virus the team is after can be used to make a designer bomb that will only harm specific targets. He adds that Lauren’s father, Senator Reed, didn’t want her to be field-rated and worked to keep it from happening. Simon’s team arrives at the storage facility, where Sydney almost proves Perez’s belief that they can’t rely on her. As they’re swapping vehicles, Avery reveals that he’s taken a hostage - Vaughn. Weiss frantically contacts Dixon, who tells him to meet Sydney at the extraction point with or without Vaughn. Perez suspects Vaughn of being CIA and tells Simon to kill both him and Sydney. Simon starts to take Vaughn out but Sydney announces that if Vaughn has double-crossed her, the pleasure should be hers. “You never should have betrayed me,” she says, stabbing Vaughn in the abdomen. Simon kicks him down a hill and the team drives off.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Weiss: “Okay, does…everyone here speak science?”
Marshall: “Yeah….”
Weiss: “No, Marshall, they don’t.”

Sydney: “You know, peach isn’t really in this season.”
Vaughn: “I heard peach was the new green.”
Sydney: “I thought beige was the new green.”
Vaughn: “No, beige is the new peach.”

Vaughn: “I’m losing the signal!”
Weiss: “I’m aiming the mic right at her.”
Vaughn:I should have worn the ring.”
Weiss: “Get over yourself, okay? No one aims the mic like I do.”

Sydney: “The last thing I want is to be responsible for driving a wedge between Vaughn and Lauren.”
Jack: “That is a concern I do not share.”

Marshall: “Do a search for a criminal profile with someone with security-related felons!”
Carrie: “‘Please’ would be nice.”
Marshall: “Uh, sorry. Please? My love?”

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