Written by Jeff Pinkner; directed by Jack Bender

In Russia, something that looks like a meteor lands in a park. In L.A., Sydney and Weiss get tipsy on tequila and Sydney tries to convince herself that there are advantages to losing all of her possessions in a fire. She admits that she wishes she still had the first edition of Alice in Wonderland that Irina gave her. Weiss tries to bring up the elephant in the room, Lauren (see “Succession”), and tells Sydney that he’ll be there for her when Vaughn returns to work the next day. At the join task force the next morning, Sydney, Lauren, and Vaughn have a tense meet-up, where Vaughn learns that Lauren and Sydney have already met. Marshall gives Sydney a CD of the most popular songs from the past few years in case the music can trigger her memory. The agents all gather and Dixon tells them about the meteor in Russia, which was actually a fallen satellite that almost caused a nuclear attack by Russia. The satellite belonged to a French contractor with an employee named Boris Oransky, who happens to be an associate of Sark’s. Oransky apparently brought down the satellite and has been overheard discussion “phase two” with Sark. Because the writers can’t get enough of Mexico City, Sark has been found there and is being watched. Sydney wants to go get him, but Dixon and Lauren tell her that it’s better to track him and see if he leads them to the Covenant. Sydney and Lauren start arguing, stopping when Vaughn breaks in. Sydney and Weiss are sent to eavesdrop on a meeting between Sark and Oransky.

After the meeting, Lauren tells Vaughn that she hates Sydney and doesn’t care what she’s been through. Vaughn thinks that Lauren will end up respecting and maybe even liking Sydney. Jack asks Sydney about the briefing with Lauren, wondering if Lauren was aggressive towards her. He tells her that the NSC has found footage of Lazarey’s murder (see “The Two”) from a security camera, and Lauren is in charge of the investigation. Sydney thinks the sooner the tell the NSC and CIA the truth, the better, but Jack knows that the NSC will do whatever’s necessary to try to recover her memory. Sydney is willing to let them, since she’s going crazy not being able to remember what happened. Jack reiterates that the only way to figure things out is to reintegrate herself into the CIA. He tells her that Lauren has agreed to let him see the new footage, so he’ll work on keeping her part in Lazarey’s murder a secret. Later, Marshall, Jack, and Lauren watch the footage together but aren’t able to enhance Sydney’s face enough to the point where she’s recognizable. However, Marshall thinks he’ll be able to do so in 72 hours. In Mexico City, Weiss makes fun of Sydney’s disguise, so she takes a picture of him with her camera-equipped sunglasses. She finds a spot near Sark and takes photos of his meeting with Oransky, which Weiss transmits back to the ops center. Oransky shows Sark photos and they discuss codes, a target, and something called Medusa. Just as Dixon tells Sydney that she’s done and can leave, Oransky spots her.

Sydney realizes she’s been made and hides. Weiss tells her he’s coming to get her but Dixon tells him that he’ll be seen on his way in. Vaughn finds Sydney an exit, but Oransky takes a girl hostage and demands that Sydney reveal herself. While she and Oransky face off and he demands her weapons and equipment, Vaughn works quickly to get the frequency of Oransky’s earpiece and has Marshall put feedback into it. This gives Sydney the chance to get her gun back and shoot Oransky in the leg. The girl winds up safe but Oransky runs off. The CIA agents are all relieved and Lauren doesn’t seem to mind that Vaughn helped Sydney. Back at home, Sydney and Weiss discuss Medusa; Sydney remembers Sloane mentioning it. The conversation turns to exes and Sydney asks how Vaughn and Lauren met. Weiss tells her that Lauren was heading up depositions in Irina’s investigation. Her father is a senator and she and Vaughn were married in Virginia. Weiss tells Sydney the truth about how he feels about Lauren - he thinks she’s a good person. At the ops center, Marshall keeps working on the footage of Sydney, which he’s ahead of schedule on. Later, Dixon tells the group that Sydney’s memory about Sloane mentioning Medusa was accurate. It’s an anti-satellite pulse weapon that can cause a lot of trouble. Oransky was in charge of the development of Medusa, then was discharged from the military before it was put into use. The CIA thinks that the satellite took a photo of the location of an underground bunker where Medusa is being stored.

Jack goes to a clock shop and asks a man named Pierre Lagravanese to corrupt Sydney’s image in the footage. Lagravanese reminds him that thanks to the terms of his parole, which Jack himself wrote, he’s not allowed to use a computer. Jack makes it worth his while. At the ops center, Sydney expresses her disbelief to Vaughn, Dixon, and Lauren that after an hour of brainstorming, the only person they can think of to help them is Sloane. Lauren points out that Sloane can get them access to the Science Ministry, where they can get to the bunker and destroy Medusa. Sydney doesn’t think that Lauren has enough experience dealing with Sloane; she doesn’t realize that Lauren was the one who brokered the deal to get him pardoned. Vaughn reminds Sydney that Sloane gave them information that helped them destroy terrorist cells. Sydney thinks that he actually used the CIA to take care of his enemies for him. Dixon tells Lauren to move up her regular meeting with Sloane and take Sydney and Vaughn along with her. On the flight to Zurich, Lauren makes an attempt to mend fences with Sydney, who assures her that she doesn’t hate her or Vaughn. Vaughn informs them that Sark’s plane landed in Frankfurt but he wasn’t on it, so he’s probably after Medusa. In Zurich, Sloane tells the three that he can’t help them because their proposed mission goes against his pardon agreement. As they’re leaving, Sloane gets in a subtle dig at Lauren by bringing up Sydney and Vaughn’s former closeness.

Vaughn and Sydney wind up getting admitted to a party at the Science Ministry, and Vaughn and Lauren reminisce about a past mission while getting ready. Sydney doesn’t exactly enjoy seeing them together. Back in L.A., Lagravanese gives Jack a worm that he can use to distort Sydney’s image. However, he has to upload it at an administrative terminal. Vaughn and Sydney head to the party and seem to have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other. As Marshall continues to work on the image, Jack gets into Dixon’s office. Sydney and Vaughn make a quick costume change in an elevator and get access to surveillance feed, which shows them that the guards in the building are dead. They spot Sark and Oransky and are then joined in the elevator by one of their guards. While Jack uploads the worm, Oransky works to get Medusa and Sydney and Vaughn ambush Sark. Of course, he gets away and they give chase. They wind up unable to get their hands on Medusa and decide that they need to blow it up instead. They do so and Oransky vows to take Sydney out. As Marshall starts to receive the enhanced image, the worm finishes being uploaded and stops Marshall’s program. Sydney and Vaughn blow up a generator and escape as Jack is informed that the image can’t be enhanced enough to determine who killed Lazarey. Sydney, Vaughn, and Lauren head back to L.A., where Sydney has to deal once again with not being with Vaughn. Jack assures her that he took care of things on the Lazarey front, and Weiss cheers her up with a third edition of Alice in Wonderland.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jack: “How was the first briefing with Lauren?”
Sydney: “Wonderful.”
Jack: “I’m not asking because I’m a fan of interoffice gossip; tell me how it went.”

Sydney: (in a poncho and cowboy hat) “I’m gonna kill Marshall. This is the worst disguise yet!”
Weiss: “Oh! Viva la revolucion!”

Sydney: “You’ve made your obligations clear; now let me clarify mine. I am obliged to extract immeasurable pain from you the moment you are no longer a valuable source of intel for the CIA. Personally, I hope you don’t help us out.”
Sloane: “I’ve missed you, Sydney. I really have.”

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