"The Two"
Written by J.J. Abrams; directed by Ken Olin

Sydney is still in shock after hearing from a ring-wearing Vaughn that she’s been missing and presumed dead for two years (see “The Telling”). He tells her that there was a fire at her place, and though Will survived, remains found matched Sydney’s DNA. Sydney pushes Vaughn to talk about his marriage; he tells her that the agency asked him to come to Hong Kong to talk to her. She mentions her father, but Vaughn tells her that he can’t comment on Jack because he left the CIA to become a teacher. The agency now wants him to bring Sydney back to L.A.. Sydney suddenly grabs a lamp and hits him over the head with it, strangling him with the cord and accusing him of being a fake and working for Sloane. A guard tries to subdue her, but she overtakes him as well and Vaughn has to take her down with a tranquilizer dart. She wakes up in a hospital, where Dixon tells her that she’s back home and the person who came to get her in Hong Kong was the real Vaughn. Sydney asks after Jack, Irina, Will, and Francie, noting that she has a lot more questions she wants answers to. Dixon tells her to be patient, but she also wants to know about the scar on her stomach. She asks where Kendall is and learns that he’s no longer the head of the division - Dixon is.

Weiss arrives and takes Dixon into the hallway for a conversation about someone named Kingsley who is boarding a train to Avignon with a package and a decoy. Sydney watches them through the window as Weiss tells Dixon that the Covenant may be moving to intercept Kingsley. They can’t contact Kingsley, so Dixon tells Weiss to have the NCSF stop his train and recheck his ticket, which will alert him to get in touch with them. Dixon also wants to raid an outpost. Sydney asks Dixon about Jack and learns that the NSC put him in prison a year earlier and won’t let him have any visitors. In Lyon, Kingsley’s train is ambushed and he’s shot in the leg. A man takes a data chip from Kingsley’s shoe, but it’s not what he’s after. He finds a coin in Kingsley’s pocket and opens it to find the chip he’s looking for. In the hospital, Sydney wakes up with a start and tells Weiss that she thinks she knows where she was. In the morning, he takes her to the join task force building, where she gets to see Marshall and Carrie, who are expecting a baby together. Marshall is happy to see Sydney and has written a poem to express his feelings. Sydney tells Dixon that she was held in Paris and recalls the faces of some of her captors. She also remembers hearing Kingsley’s name.

Sydney meets Robert Lindsey (Kurt Fuller), the CIA’s liaison to the NSC, who tells her about Kingsley’s murder and the theft of schematics of a spy drone. The group behind Kingsley’s ambush, the Covenant, may have taken the chip to Paris. Sydney claims to recognize the building it might be in, so Lindsey says that he wants to send her to Paris. Dixon doesn’t like this idea, and Sydney says that she’ll only go if she’s allowed to see Jack. Lindsey obviously hates Jack, but he agrees to let Sydney see him. Weiss takes her to the prison, where Jack has grown the world’s most hideous beard and is thrilled to see Sydney. He explains that he became obsessed with finding out who “killed” Sydney and contacted Irina for help, even though she was on the CIA’s most wanted list. Lindsey found out about their partnership and put him in prison to make an example out of him. Sydney activates an “anti-eavesdrop device” and confesses that she doesn’t remember anything from her missing two years; she just wanted leverage to see Jack. He tells her to continue his investigation and find out what really happened to her. This requires returning to the CIA and convincing them to trust her. He tells her that he knew she was alive and made a discovery, but doesn’t get a chance to tell her what it was.

Sydney and Weiss take a team to Paris to look for the chip and get ambushed. Sydney makes a homemade explosive and saves Weiss from having his throat slit by a man who seems to recognize her. She realizes that if she’d told the truth about not remembering anything, their team wouldn’t have been slaughtered. Weiss tells her that the mission would have taken place no matter what, but at least she was there to save his life. Sydney worries that Lindsey will keep her from seeing Jack again, so she decides to find out who the throat-slitter is and use him to get Jack out of prison. She asks for a recommendation of a freelance contact and is surprised when Weiss suggests Sloane. He explains that Sloane negotiated a pardon and now works as a CIA consultant and runs Omnifam, a world health organization in Zurich. Sydney tells Weiss not to tell anyone about where she’s going, then runs off. She heads to Zurich and comes face-to-face with Sloane. She asks him about the Covenant and tells him that he’s going to help her find the throat-slitter. He quickly identifies the man as Gordei Volkov and admits that he was expecting Sydney because he knows she’s trying to get Jack out of prison.

Sloane tries to remind Sydney of the bond they used to have, but she responds with a letter opener to his throat. She accuses him of being behind her missing two years. He asks if she believes in redemption and tells her that his organization has fed millions of children and could save millions of lives with cancer research. Apparently Il Dire gave Sloane a message he wasn’t expecting: “Peace.” He realized how much he’d hurt people and gave the CIA information on how to destroy a bunch of terrorist cells. Sydney isn’t sure why they find him trustworthy, since she doesn’t believe a word he says. She leaves and meets up with another contact, asking him about Volkov. At the ops center, Dixon blasts Lindsey for calling the DOJ and having Sydney listed as an enemy of the state, since that makes her a target. Dixon demands that she be brought back alive. Sydney’s contact gives her Volkov’s location in Prague, where he’s supposed to be delivering something. She makes a clothing change, goes to Prague, kills a bunch of people, and gets the chip. She takes it to Dixon at the ops center and threatens to ruin the chip with a blowtorch if Jack isn’t released from custody. Lindsey agrees, having no choice. Sydney helpfully spells her last name for him.

Sydney spots Vaughn and Weiss talking elsewhere in the building; Vaughn tells her that he came by to see how she is. Sydney gets upset and tells him that he really wants to see how he’s doing. She chastises him for giving up on her and coming there for closure, which he won’t be getting from her. Sydney says that if she’d been in his position, she would have waited and searched for the truth instead of giving up on him. She adds that now she knows what a waste that would have been. Later, Jack is released and comes to the ops center for a nice reunion with Sydney. He then takes her to the old self-storage facility and shows her a photo of a man named Andrean Lazarey (Mark Bramhall). Through a hidden camera Jack once planted on an op, Sydney watches footage of herself in a blond wig meeting with Lazarey. She doesn’t remember the meeting, nor the fact that she subsequently slit his throat.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Lazarey

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Actually, I, uh, wrote a poem…uh, um. ‘I’ve lost my keys…where are they?’” - Marshall

“Michael Vaughn is just a boy who was never good enough for you.” - Jack to Sydney

Contact: “Forgive me if I look shocking to you, but I was believing that you were dead.”
Sydney: “I was. But now I’m not.”
Contact: “This is why I love our business.”

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