"The Telling"
Written and directed by J.J. Abrams

At the ops center, Sydney laments the fact that she didn’t get more information from Irina on how to help Will (see “Second Double”). Vaughn tells her that Irina was playing her and Sydney shouldn’t trust what she says. Sydney is worried about Will and wants him to call and tell her where he is. Elsewhere, Marshall tells Weiss about a date he had with Carrie (see “Countdown”) and how much he started sweating when he thought about kissing her. Weiss tries to give him advice, relying on the old “I almost died” well of thoughts, but Marshall gets a page and runs off. He lets Sydney know that they’re receiving information from Irina on a top-secret server. The two tell Kendall that the DNA strand of the double was found and Sydney wants to have Will brought in to see if it’s his DNA. Will and Allison hang out in a motel and he laments the fact that he had to kill people in order to avoid being taken back into custody. Allison prepares to poison Will, but before she can, some agents show up and grab him. He undergoes testing and Sydney tells Will that he’s been cleared. He apologizes for telling her he couldn’t trust her. She tells him that he’ll work with a therapist to reverse his memory conditioning, so he’ll need to stick around for a while. She adds that the DNA they found belongs to someone named A.G. Doren.

Vaughn and Sydney hang out at an ice rink and discuss going to Santa Barbara that weekend. After Vaughn is call into work, Irina appears and gives Sydney the address of a Swiss warehouse where Sloane is storing his Rambaldi artifacts. Sydney thinks Irina wants something else, despite her protests. She starts to attack her, but Irina knocks her onto the ice and tells her that she’s known since she turned herself in that she would betray the CIA but not Sydney. She basically used Sydney and the CIA to get access to some Rambaldi artifacts, then sent Sloane a proposal to destroy the Alliance and raid the CIA. She manufactured the events of “A Higher Echelon” so she could use the computer and figure out where the government was keeping their artifacts. Sloane then had a team raid the NSA facility to get them. Irina tells Sydney that it was difficult to go off with Sloane because she really does love Jack and Sydney. Sydney isn’t sure why Irina wants her to get to Sloane’s artifacts. Irina tells her to trust her, then knocks her out. Sark and Allison meet up in a warehouse, where he tells her that he can’t disappear because she’ll be suspected forever. He then admits that because the prototype and Markovic’s lab were destroyed (see “Double Agent”), Allison is stuck looking like Francie. The two kiss and Allison assures Sark that she doesn’t like Will.

At the CIA, Kendall blasts Brandon for not telling them that Sloane raided the NSA. Sydney doesn’t believe what Irina has told her, but Vaughn thinks she’s telling the truth. Jack decides that they should send in a team, just in case; Kendall says that they should have all of the artifacts brought to a naval base in Ventura, a neutral location. Vaughn points out that Sloane doesn’t have the Di Regno heart (assuming the NSA still has it). Kendall sends Jack over to the NSA facility to get it. Jack informs Marshall that he’s going to Zurich for research; Marshall convinces him to let Carrie go along. Weiss goes to Will’s cell to take him to a safehouse; they discuss Weiss’ name, which is similar to Houdini’s real name, and whether Weiss knows any magic tricks. While Will uses a computer to look up the name A.G. Doren, Weiss does some tricks but doesn’t seem to impress Will. Will finds the name Allison Georgia Doren in a list of Project Christmas kids (see “The Indicator”) and notes that she was supposedly killed in a car accident. Jack and Brandon get the Di Regno heart and head to the naval base. In Zurich, the agents find a crate full of things that are less Rambaldi artifacts and more kitchen appliances. Jack and Brandon are ambushed; Brandon is killed and Jack is abducted.

Back in L.A., Kendall tells everyone that they need to act on every piece of intel they have. Sloane visits the captured Jack and tells him that Rambaldi created a machine called Il Dire, the Telling. It contains 47 pieces (of course), and Sloane now has all of them and is having it assembled. “There’s a change coming, Jack,” he says. “Something even I couldn’t imagine.” Jack says that he used to pity Sloane because he felt like he needed to fill a void in his life. Sloane lets him know that he’s only letting Jack live because they’re friends. At the ops center, Marshall asks if Carrie is okay after Brandon’s death; she only feels bad because she hated him. Will gets a photo of Allison as a child and tells Weiss that, according to reports, her body was never identified. Irina calls Sydney and assures her that she didn’t know Sloane was going to switch the crates; he probably did it because he knew Irina was going to go behind his back. She’s not sure where Sloane is, but Sark knows, and he’ll be in a club in Stockholm the next night. Sydney wonders if Irina thinks she’s dumb enough to listen to her again, but Irina points out that she has free will. After they hand up, Sydney informs Vaughn that they’re going to Sweden.

In Stockholm, Sydney and Vaughn head to the club and again discuss taking a vacation. They ambush Sark, allowing Vaughn to get some revenge for Sark shooting him in “Truth Takes Time.” Sark announces that his loyalties are flexible and tells Sydney that Jack and Sloane are in Mexico City. While Jack worries about what’s going on with Il Dire behind closed doors, Sydney and Vaughn head to Mexico City and get to Sloane’s floor using intel from Sark. Sloane informs Jack that the machine has been assembled. Some of his agents find the CIA agents and shooting commences. Sloane learns that the CIA is there and tells his assembly team to pack up everything so they can leave. Weiss and Dixon find Jack while Sydney and Vaughn encounter Sloane and a couple of guards. Irina appears and tells Sydney to go after Sloane. Sydney sends Vaughn after him instead and follows Irina to the roof, where she threatens to shoot her. Irina tells her that Sloane believes he’s been “chosen to realize the word of Rambaldi,” but Sydney has also been chose. According to prophecy, only Sydney can stop Sloane. Irina wishes Sydney luck, tells her she loves her, and jumps off the roof, swinging to another level on a bungee cord.

At home, Will finds Allison’s Provacillium and figures everything out. At the same time, Allison finds Will’s picture of herself as a child. Will calls Sydney’s cell phone and leaves a message telling her that the double might be Allison. He hears a noise and goes back into the living room, where Allison attacks him with a wire. She stabs him, crying. Later, Vaughn brings Sydney home, telling her he’ll pick her up for their Santa Barbara trip after a debriefing. Inside, Sydney eats ice cream and checks her message, hearing Will’s and trying not to let Allison see that anything is wrong. She offers Allison some ice cream, then goes to her room, where she grabs a gun. Allison appears, having remembered that Francie doesn’t like coffee ice cream, and shows Sydney that she has her own gun. The two engage in the world’s most awesome fight, which involves trashing the entire house and Sydney finding Will in the bathtub. It ends when Sydney shoots Allison a bunch of times, then passing out. She wakes up in an alley in Hong Kong and, unable to remember how she got there, calls Kendall, who sends her to a nearby safehouse. While she’s waiting there, she finds a scar on her stomach that she also doesn’t remember. Vaughn arrives and tells her that Will is okay, but they thought Sydney was dead. He’s been asked to “come back” to explain things to Sydney. She is surprised to see a ring on his finger and asks where he got it. Vaughn gives her some shocking news: “Since that night…you were missing. You’ve been missing for almost two years.”


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Allison, Sydney (sort of)

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Because, you see, to feel comfortable around a woman, you have to have experience, and to have experience, it sounds like you have to not be you.” - Weiss to Marshall

“I’m a killer! I shouldn’t be yelling this.” - Will

Vaughn: “See? When I have a gun trained on you, I don’t just pull the trigger!”
Sark: “Thank you.”

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