"Second Double"
Written by Crystal Nix Hines; directed by Ken Olin

After a long debrief, Sydney and Vaughn make out at her place. They discuss their newest assignment, finding out who accessed the CIA’s computers without authorization (see “Endgame”). Elsewhere, Allison watches footage of the two of them and tells Sark that Will might be compromised, which means that she could be found out. Sark tells Irina that Sloane will probably want to have Will killed, but she tells him that Sloane isn’t working with them anymore, and she doesn’t want Will dead. She says that she’s set up a meeting with a contact who can get them into the place where the NSA is keeping the Di Regno heart (see “Countdown”). In the meantime, Allison needs to make Will’s frame-up look convincing. That night, Allison hypnotizes Will so that he’ll forget certain personal details and look like a double. She then uses a laser on his retinas. The next day, Sydney and Will go jogging and she tells him that he passed an upper-level analyst test, which means he could become a senior analyst. The two are then stopped by FBI agents who arrest Will on suspicion of espionage. One of the agents tells Sydney that Jack ordered the arrest. At the CIA, Jack and Marshall tell Sydney that the footage of Emily’s shooting was downloaded for Sloane from Will’s user account. Jack adds that it’s possible that Will is really a double, thanks to Project Helix (see “Double Agent”). He reminds Sydney that there was a second double that they haven’t yet identified. Kendall adds that a search of Will’s car turned up Provacillian, a medication taken by gene therapy patients. He will soon undergo an ocular scan to see if he’s the real Will or not.

Jack tells Sydney that some footage was found in a recorder in Will’s possessions, and after everyone leaves, she gets to see footage of herself and Vaughn getting it on in “Double Agent.” After Will’s ocular scan, Sydney goes to see him in Irina’s old cell and tells him that everyone is on a witch hunt. She tries to prove that he’s the real Will by asking him about the night they kissed at her place (see “Parity”), but thanks to Allison’s hypnosis, it takes Will a little while to respond that they kissed in the kitchen. In the ops center, Sydney continues to state that Will isn’t a double. Dixon believes he is and that he gave Sloane information that led to Diane’s death. Sydney asks for protection for Allison, then says that she’s going to talk to her about Will to see if she knows anything. At home, Sydney asks Allison if Will has exhibited any strange behavior. She then admits that she doesn’t work for a bank. At the CIA, Jack and Kendall announce that they’ve found the man who invented equipment used to monitor patients during the doubling gene therapy. The man, Hans Jurgens, may know who the second double is. Sydney and Kendall argue over whether Will should be moved, and in the end Jack announces that Will gets to stay put. Dixon visits Will, telling him he thinks he’s a double. In exchange for avoiding the death penalty, he wants information that will lead to Sloane. Will tries to convince him that he’s the real Will, but he can’t remember when he and Dixon first met. Dixon chokes him and accuses him of murdering Diane. Back in the ops center, Kendall tells Dixon that Will is being moved after all - Jack has been overruled by the DOJ. Allison calls Sark to tell him that Sydney broke her cover to her. They plan to intercept Will while he’s being moved and kill him.

Sydney and Vaughn meet with a contact in Berlin who sends them to a sex club to find Jurgens. After Sydney ties him up under the pretense of sex, she and Vaughn blackmail him into admitting that he doesn’t know who the second double is, the information will be at a server farm somewhere. At the ops center, Jack blasts Kendall for going over his head, but Kendall says he’s just trying to protect everyone. As Will is transferred, his bus is ambushed and someone tries to grab him, but he gets away. Back at the ops center, Sydney yells at Kendall for having Will moved, but Kendall thinks that he organized his extraction himself. After Kendall and Dixon leaves, Jack tells Sydney that Will might not be the real Will. Sydney tells him that she can’t believe that because it means that the real Will is dead. While Irina meets with her contact to get into the NSA facility, Sydney fills Allison in on the fact that Will might be a double. Will calls her, telling her that he got away from his potential captors and is being framed. He doesn’t want to tell Sydney where he is because he’s afraid of winding up back in custody. He admits that he can’t trust Sydney because meeting her has ruined his life. She promises to find out what’s really happening, possibly with a trip to the server farm (an idea that interests Allison). He tells her that Markovic had some sort of farm in Marseilles that might be the one she’s looking for. Allison calls Sark to fill him in, but instead of telling her to go to Marseilles, he tells her to stay put because Will is their top priority. Irina tells Sark that they can’t get into the NSA facility right now. He admits that he ordered Will killed, but now Sydney is going to Marseilles and they could offer her proof of Will’s innocence in exchange for a key card to the NSA facility.

Jack and Sydney meet up and Jack reveals that there is some proof that Will was framed. He sends her and Vaughn to the server farm in Marseilles, despite the fact that the DOJ hasn’t authorized the mission. At the ops center, Kendall tells Jack that the DOJ has removed him from heading up the Will situation, but Jack doesn’t mind, since he’d rather be in the field. He goes to a restaurant and is surprised when Sloane joins him. Jack figures that this means he’s being watched by a sniper. Sloane announces that he forgives Jack for betraying SD-6, then asks when their friendship ends. Jack considers it the moment Sloane recruited Sydney despite his objections. Sloane suggests that they partner up again to find out what Rambaldi was really up to. Jack announces that they will never work together again. Sloane tells him they will work together again, and soon. He warns Jack not to leave the table for 30 minutes or the sniper will shoot him. In Marseilles, Sydney sprays Vaughn with champagne so he can pretend to be drunk and distract some guards. Sydney sneaks in but is stopped by Irina, who erases the server Sydney needs. She tells her that she transferred a copy to a secure location and will tell Sydney where that is in exchange for a favor. Sydney refuses but Irina tells her that if she doesn’t do what she asks, Will won’t be cleared. She tells Sydney she’ll be calling on her soon, then leaves. In L.A., Allison picks Will up and they drive off together.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Vaughn: “I’m glad I’m not the one in leather.”
Sydney: “You’d look cute in a teddy.”

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