"Double Agent"
Written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman; directed by Ken Olin

In Berlin, a woman named Emma Wallace and a man supposedly named Jim Lennox hang out in bed and discuss returning to Fiji. When Lennox goes to take a shower, Emma starts to e-mail someone that their mission is being aborted because “Lennox is a” something. Before she can finish, Lennox knocks her out. He then calls Sloane to tell him that he’s been compromised because of something he said. Sloane tells him to use Emma to send a message. Sydney and Vaughn meet up at the ruins of SD-6 (see “Phase One”) and Sydney asks if there’s any word on Marshall and Dixon. They’re still being debriefed, and the missing Sloane is now on Interpol’s most wanted list. Sydney tries to awkwardly ask about Alice, but Vaughn tells her they’re not together anymore (as of that morning). Sydney realizes that she can now walk into the CIA using the front door. Vaughn adds that he can give her a ride. In Berlin, Emma, strapped with explosives, is tossed out of a van. At the ops center, an agent named Christine Phillips arrives to observe the regular crew’s work. The agents watch a news report of the happenings in Berlin and recognize Emma as a CIA agent. They realize that the explosives strapped to her are C-4, so any radio communication could set them off. From a phone booth, Lennox speaks to Emma through an earpiece and tells her just to do what he told her.

Kendall has Sydney try to reach a federal officer in Berlin as Emma starts singing “Pop Goes the Weasel.” However, before Sydney and the officer can do anything, Emma’s explosives go off. Sydney finds Christine crying in the restroom; Christine apologizes and says she just wasn’t ready to see what happened. Later, Kendall tells everyone that Emma was working to gain the trust of a man named Renzo Markovic, who has been developing something called Project Helix. The whereabouts of Lennox, her partner, are unknown. Kendall sends Sydney and Vaughn to the Dominican Republic, where Lennox said he was going the last time he was heard from. That night, Vaughn comes to Sydney’s house to get her and meets “Francie” (really Allison) for the first time. Sydney tries to indicate to her that Vaughn is the guy she’d mentioned before, but Allison doesn’t react. In the Dominican Republic, Sydney grabs the attention of Jezek, Markovic’s chief of security. He follows her into a tent, where Vaughn injects him with a cardio toxin and warns that if he doesn’t do what they say, he’ll soon have a heart attack. Jezek tells them that Lennox is alive and being held in room 47. Sydney orders him to take them there and download all of the information he has on Project Helix. Sydney finds Lennox, who’s being tortured, and rescues him, putting a bandage over his eyes to hinder the effects of an acid he was given. As Vaughn gives Jezek his antidote and starts downloading the files, Lennox takes off his bandage in order to save Sydney.

On the plane, Sydney tends to Lennox and Vaughn tells her that he’s not sure Lennox hasn’t been brainwashed to turn against the CIA. Lennox asks about Emma and Sydney has to tell him that she’s dead. Back at the ops center, Lennox explains to everyone how Emma attempted to get closer to Markovic. Markovic may have been answering to someone else, and Emma heard him talking on the phone with someone but doesn’t know who it was. Lennox was captured when he broke into a facility in the Dominican Republic, but he’s not sure how Emma was compromised. At the end of the discussion, he adds that he and Emma were engaged. Vaughn notes to Weiss that Emma was impeccable with checking in, but the day Lennox disappeared, they didn’t hear from her. After reviewing the footage of the explosion that killed Emma, Christine notes that it had to be trigged from nearby. Sydney finds Lennox drunk in his safehouse and bonds with him over the fact that they’ve both lost fiancés. He kisses her but quickly realizes that she’s not responding. Some agents arrive and try to take him into custody; he grabs one of their guns but Sydney takes him down and he’s escorted away. At the ops center, Jack tells her that Project Helix is a procedure where a person’s face is changed to look like someone else’s. Lennox might actually be an altered Markovic. Vaughn enhances a photo of the explosion site, at which Lennox is recognizable.

Later, Jack and Kendall explain to Sydney that Project Helix isn’t a surgical procedure - the subject’s genetic code is altered in order to change his or her physical characteristics. They’re not sure if the procedure is reversible, and the only way to determine which person is the original is through an ocular scan. Sydney is positive that the man they rescued is the real Lennox. Lennox undergoes an ocular scan and is proven to be the real deal. Sydney then explains Project Helix to Lennox, informing him that he’s been doubled. Lennox realizes that Emma didn’t call for extraction because she thought Markovic was really Lennox. The CIA has tracked the Helix prototype to Poland, and Lennox wants to go with Sydney to download the schematics and destroy it. They head to a Polish freight yard and separate while taking out guards. When they get to the prototype, Sydney realizes that it’s been used twice, so Lennox isn’t the only person who’s been doubled. Back in L.A., Allison puts a camera in the TV in Sydney’s bedroom. At the ops center, Vaughn gets a call from a man claiming to be the real Lennox; he’s also in Poland to destroy the prototype. Vaughn tells him that the other Lennox’s ocular scan showed that he was the real one, but Lennox2 says that the ocular scan doesn’t work. Jack tells Lennox2 not to go to the freight yard, but they lose their connection.

Vaughn gets patched through to Sydney on a channel Lennox can’t hear so he can tell her that Lennox2 is on his way. Sydney follows Jack’s instructions and disarms Lennox, who tries to convince her that Lennox2 is really Markovic. Lennox2 arrives and faces off with Sydney while Lennox tries to free himself from the rail Sydney has handcuffed him to. The two Lennoxes start shooting at each other and fighting over which of them is real. Sydney finally threatens to destroy the prototype, ensuring that Markovic will be stuck with Lennox’s face. Lennox2 tries to shoot her, but the real Lennox shoots him as Sydney blows up the prototype. Back in L.A., Lennox tells Sydney that he’s going to vacation in Fiji, where he and Emma were planning to spend their honeymoon. Sydney reveals that she knew Emma, then tells Lennox that she was lucky to have known Danny for as long as she did. Sydney and Vaughn cook in her kitchen, then decide to postpone dinner in favor of sex. Allison observes through the camera in Sydney’s TV.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lennox: “I could have sworn you were a blonde.”
Sydney: “I was. My hair’s usually brown. Hard to keep track.”

Weiss: “You, uh, you like Italian food?”
Christine: “I have a boyfriend.”
Weiss: “Yeah, me, too.”

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