"Phase One"
Written by J.J. Abrams; directed by Jack Bender

A lingerie-clad Sydney walks down a hallway and meets up with a man who tells her to put on red instead. She changes and looks out the window of the airplane they’re on. When she gets close enough to him, she gets the upper hand and asks him, “What was wrong with the black one?” She then demands that he tell her how to access server 47, where she transmits something. Sydney changes into something a little less revealing and starts looking around, but is caught by a bodyguard. She fights him but is stopped by the first man, who holds a gun on her. 24 hours earlier, Sydney heads to the ops center, where Vaughn tells her that things aren’t working because he’s totally in love with her. They again discuss the possibility of not working together (see “Getaway”) but still think that they should be a team. Weiss interrupts and the three head to a meeting where Kendall tells them and Jack that Sloane, who has been AWOL for five days, is being replaced by a guy named Anthony Geiger. They don’t know anything about Geiger, so Kendall wants Sydney and Jack to get close to him. Sydney is upset that Sloane is missing, since he’ll be harder to bring to justice now. “There’s rarely an end to the story,” Jack tells her. Geiger moves into Sloane’s office, which Dixon doesn’t like. Sydney introduces herself to her new boss and he immediately asks her about Danny. Sark bugs Sydney, warning her that Geiger will uncover any secrets she may have. He adds that Geiger has apparently found Sloane’s secret files on server 47, though Sydney thought there were only 46 servers.

At the self-storage facility, Sydney tells Jack that she thinks server 47 is an Alliance server and links all of the SD cells. Finding it might give them information on all of the Alliance partners and help them take them all down. At the ops center, Vaughn tells Sydney that server 47 is on a plane that is always in the air and is always watched by a guy named Gils Nacor. Twice a week, he’s provided with an “escort,” so Sydney will pretend to be one in order to get access to the server. Vaughn and Weiss will be in a nearby cargo jet the whole time. As the mission begins, Weiss bugs Vaughn about his cologne on the cargo jet. Sydney does her thing while Vaughn complains about Nacor. When Nacor catches Sydney, she shoots out a window and one of the bodyguards is sucked out of the plane. Sydney grabs a parachute and flies out to safety. “She’s all yours,” Weiss tells Vaughn. Back in L.A., Francie and Will cook lobsters at home, then randomly start making out. The usual ops center crew meets up at the self-storage facility, for some reason, and go through the information they got from server 47. Sydney wants to go in and destroy SD-6, but they’ll need a security code to deactivate the system so there isn’t a failsafe procedure like in “The Box, Part 1” and “The Box, Part 2.” The code changes weekly, so if the CIA can match the real one with the one in their intel, they’ll know the information from the server is correct. Jack announces that he can get the code.

At Francie’s restaurant, Will and Francie, who are acting weird with each other, tell Sydney that they made out. At SD-6, Geiger tells McCullough that he’s uncovered an interesting e-mail in Sloane’s files and wants to run a program to see what keystrokes Sloane made while typing the e-mail. On their way out of the restaurant, Sydney teases Will that she’s going to have fun with his and Francie’s potential relationship. Geiger uses the keystroke program and learns that Sloane typed, “Jack and Sydney Bristow are double agents.” When Jack arrives at SD-6, Geiger takes him into his office. Later, Sydney gets a call from Jack at the ops center, telling her that Geiger wants to see her. He advises her to take surface streets because they’re doing work on the freeway, which she tells Vaughn is a code that he’s been compromised and she needs to stay away. Jack is taken to an interrogation room, where Geiger asks him where his loyalties really lie. Jack stalls by reminding him that they’ve met before, but he can’t stall long enough to keep from being shocked. Sydney calls Will and tells him to take Francie and leave town, just in case. She tells Vaughn that they need the code before Kendall will make a move against the Alliance. She meets up with Dixon out in a secluded area and tells him the truth about SD-6. He doesn’t believe her. She asks him to get the code, telling him that he’ll be able to tell that SD-6 isn’t part of the CIA. Back at SD-6, Dixon logs into a network and learns that it’s the Alliance’s, of which SD-6 is a part.

At the CIA, Sydney waits for an e-mail from Dixon. Dixon calls Diane to tell her he loves her, then sends the code to Sydney. It matches the one from the Alliance intel. Kendall gathers a bunch of agents and prepares for simultaneous raids on Alliance facilities in the hopes of taking the whole organization down. As a group arrives at SD-6, Geiger continues his torture of Jack, warning that he can only handle one more shock. Sydney, Vaughn, Weiss, and some other agents make their way into SD-6 and the simultaneous raids begin. When the CIA agents enter, Dixon makes sure to get Marshall to safety. Sydney heads down a hallway and makes it to the interrogation room before Geiger can shock Jack again. She shoots Geiger and makes sure that Jack is okay. At the ops center, agents report the takeovers of numerous SD cells. The CIA agents cuff a bunch of agents at SD-6, including Marshall and Dixon, who tells Sydney not to talk to him. As Kendall is told that they’re in control of the Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn spot each other across the SD-6 wreckage and finally share their first kiss. Weiss is unable to get them to stop to celebrate. Sark calls Sloane to tell him that the Alliance was destroyed just as Sloane planned. “Move on to phase two,” Sloane replies, telling him to check in with their newest asset. At Francie’s restaurant, a woman who looks exactly like Francie but is really named Allison Doren answers the phone and tells Sark that everything is in place. There’s blood on the wall and the real Francie is dead.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Francie

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “What is this, the flirting corner?” - Weiss

Sark: “The new boss has a dreadful personality, don’t you think?”
Sydney: “I’ve seen worse.”

Weiss: “Okay, whenever you want to have that talk….”
Vaughn: “What talk?”
Weiss: “About the cologne or whatever the he%$ you’re wearing.”
Vaughn: “I’m not wearing cologne.”
Weiss: “Well, something’s going on. No man naturally smells as good as you do right now.”

Weiss: (re: Nacor) “There’s no way that guy smells as good as you.”
Vaughn: “It’s aftershave. I got a new aftershave.”
Weiss: “Yeah, well, I’d lighten up on it.”
Vaughn: “Yeah?”
Weiss: “Oh, yeah. To the point of non-use.”

“Both your files, there were so many red flags, I thought I was in a Russian airport.” - Geiger

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