"The Getaway"
Written by Jeff Pinkner; directed by Lawrence Trilling

Jack meets with a contact in a movie theater, wanting information on some Alliance members. Too bad his contact is dead and someone else has been following him. Fortunately, Sydney rescues him in a parking garage, much like he rescued her in “Truth Be Told.” He tells her that Alliance counterintelligence is after him; someone extorted them out of 100 million dollars and they think it’s him. She’s upset that he didn’t tell her, but he didn’t want them to think she was his accomplice. After a car chase, the two wind up back at the ops center, where Jack fills Sydney in on everything that’s been going on with Emily. Sydney wants to stay at the ops center to help Jack research what’s going on, but he thinks she would look less suspicious if she went to work at SD-6. There, Marshall gives Sydney flowers and Dixon cologne to thank them for saving him (see “A Higher Echelon”). He also got Sloane a tie, but he’s not wearing it. Sloane sends Sydney and Dixon to Nice to get a gyroscopic missile guidance system from a guy named Karl Schatz. In the self-storage facility, Sydney complains to Vaughn about how Sloane has them commit crimes in the name of their country. Vaughn tells her that they’ll give her a defective copy of the gyroscope, then assures her that they’re trying to help Jack. She’s not happy that he knew the Alliance was investigating Jack and didn’t tell her. She lists a number of other things he didn’t tell her, including the fact that he and Alice are back together, which tips him off that there’s more going on.

Sloane e-mails Jack to tell him that he informed Ariana of his visit the previous night. He explains that the Alliance injected him with a device that transmits his conversations, so because they already knew Jack had been to Sloane’s house, he had to come clean. He adds that he killed Briault (see “The Prophecy”) and suspects that the person blackmailing him might want revenge for Briault’s death. Jack goes to see Irina, who notes that he and Sydney could go into the Witness Protection Program. He asks her to help him figure out who might be blackmailing Sloane. At SD-6, Sloane learns that Ariana has asked for access to Sydney’s computer. She reminds him that Dixon suspected Sydney of being a double agent (see “Almost Thirty Years”) and she could be working with Jack. At the ops center, Vaughn gives an obviously upset Sydney her counter-mission. Before they can get into another argument, Weiss (not seen since “The Enemy Walks In”) appears and announces that he’s going to Nice with them. At an airport in Nice, Sydney and Dixon wait for Schatz at the airport while Weiss tries to get Vaughn to talk about what’s bothering him. He encourages Vaughn to tell Sydney how he feels, letting him in on the secret that there’s no white light in a near-death experience, there’s just darkness. Sydney and Dixon create a backup at the metal detectors so Sydney can cut through Schatz’s clothes and grab the gyroscope.

Sydney meets up with Weiss and Vaughn, who asks her to dinner, despite the fact that they probably shouldn’t be seen together in public. He talks her into it and Weiss, who’s thrilled for them, agrees to stay back on coms so he can warn them if anything happens. Back in L.A., Ariana learns that Sydney left the airport in Nice with a man who wasn’t Dixon. As Sydney and Vaughn head to dinner, Irina and Jack hang out in Irina’s cell, determining that Briault may have been running his own organization. She suggests that he may have met someone in a hotel room, since she met her case officer in a hotel when she and Jack were married. Vaughn and Sydney share some conversation at dinner, but Weiss thinks Vaughn should cut to the chase and just tell Sydney she’s pretty. In retaliation, Vaughn turns off his earpiece. Outside the restaurant, two men try to determine who Vaughn is. Using his license plate, they figure out that he’s with the CIA. The owner of the restaurant offers Vaughn and Sydney the use of an upstairs room and they discuss the rudeness of turning down the proposal. Weiss learns that someone was looking up Vaughn and tries to contact him on coms. He calls him at the restaurant just as Ariana’s agents arrive. After some shooting, Sydney and Vaughn escape into an alley but run into the agents again. Just as the agents contact Ariana, Vaughn stabs one of them, then shoots the other with the first guard’s gun. He tells Sydney to abort the counter-mission so that SD-6 won’t get suspicious.

At the ops center, Weiss reads Vaughn’s debriefing and tells him he can’t give it to Kendall. He offers to take the blame and say that it took longer than expected to create the fake gyroscope. Vaughn says that he’s going to recommend that someone else take over as Sydney’s handler. Weiss points out that Sydney is an adult and agreed to dinner. He adds that they’ve done a lot of good work together and suggests that Vaughn discuss the situation with Sydney before he makes any decisions. Jack accesses security footage of Briault and discovers that he was doing something or another with Ariana. He tells Kendall that he wants to go back to SD-6 and access their network to see if Ariana used the money she got from Sloane to open an account in Monaco. He does so but gets caught and taken to an interrogation room. Ariana has him drugged, then injected with sodium pentothal, but before he gives anything up, Sloane saves him and Ariana is tortured instead. Jack tells Irina that Sloane is taking the week off and leaving him in charge. He thanks her for her help, but she notes that it’s interesting that Sloane asked Ariana to investigate his blackmailing. She wonders if Ariana was just easy to frame. At the self-storage facility, Vaughn and Sydney decide that they should keep working together. She tells him that she gave SD-6 the fake gyroscope after all because she figured no one would be wondering about Ariana’s missing agents. At home, Francie asks Sydney about Michael; Sydney says that she doesn’t think things will work out. In an office somewhere, Sloane has a technician mess with his Alliance listening device; he then shoots him and heads to the Philippines. In a house on the beach, he greets a very much alive Emily and assures her that they’re free.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “Your code name is Boy Scout?”
Vaughn: “Yeah.”
Sydney: “Why?”
Vaughn: “Um, it goes back to CST - clandestine service training. You don’t want to hear this.”
Sydney: “Vaughn.”
Vaughn: “Okay, the Boy Scouts have a motto--.”
Sydney: “Always be prepared.”
Vaughn: “On my first day, I showed up and I had forgotten my field manual, so the instructor said, ‘That is your one screw-up. And from then on, you’d better be prepared.’”
Weiss: (on coms) “This story is a disaster! Just tell her she’s pretty! Are you an idiot?”

Weiss: “It’s partially my fault, too. I’m the one who told you to take her on a date.”
Vaughn: “You told me to tell her how I feel.”
Weiss: “Whatever. I’m three months past a near-death experience; what the he%$ are you doing listening to my advice for?”

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