"Almost Thirty Years"
Written and directed by J.J. Abrams

Will is taken to Taipei, where Sark asks him what the Circumference is (see “Rendezvous”). Will admits that he doesn’t know, so Sark leaves him in the capable hands of Suit and Glasses (see “Truth Be Told”). Back in L.A., Francie announces to Sydney that she’s going to open a restaurant. Sark calls Sydney and tells her that they’ve captured Will and will trade him for the page she and Dixon stole in Paris and the real vial of solution. Sydney tries to hide how upset she is and agrees to the deal while Will yells to her not to listen. Sark tells her to be in an alley in Taipei in 48 hours. Sydney meets with Jack on a pier and fills him in on the deal. Jack isn’t thrilled to hand something over to the enemy, even with Will’s life at stake. He thinks that they should see what’s on the Rambaldi page before they give anything to Khasinau. Jack notes that the page has been moved to an off-site lab surrounded by water, so Sydney will have to go in through the drainage system to get it. Entrance also requires Sloane’s fingerprints and voice ID. Vaughn pages Sydney, but Jack tells her that Khasinau must have someone on the inside if he was able to get to the CIA safehouse. He doesn’t want her to tell Vaughn anything as long as there’s a mole in the CIA.

Vaughn and Sydney meet up at the self-storage facility, where Vaughn tells Sydney not to fear the worst, since Sark shot the CIA agents and Will with tranquilizer darts, not bullets. He seems to sense that she’s keeping something from him. At the CIA, Vaughn and Weiss discuss the possibility that Sydney will buck procedure and go after Will herself. Weiss encourages Vaughn to tell Devlin, but Vaughn notes that he doesn’t have proof of anything. Weiss tells him that he shouldn’t let his concern for Sydney supercede his responsibility to the CIA. Sloane takes Emily to a beach house and tells her the truth about SD-6. She’s not happy. Jack gives Sydney a shirt made with heat-sensitive material, which she’ll have to get Sloane to touch so they can duplicate his fingerprints. He also gives her a watch that will log him into Sloane’s computer. He needs verbal passwords that they can piece together from words in normal conversation. After meeting with Sloane, Sydney will have one hour to get to the facility before the passwords change. Sydney is grateful to Jack for helping her out. Dixon asks Marshall what Sydney’s codename was on their mission to Argentina (see “Time Will Tell”); it wasn’t what he remembers hearing.

Sydney goes to Sloane’s office and gets him into a conversation about Emily and Irina while Jack hacks into the computer. Jack gets the fingerprints but has to quickly change the computer screen when Sloane nears it. Sloane talks to Sydney about Emily as Jack tells her that she needs to get him to say “ch.” Sydney does so by asking him if he and Emily ever wanted children. (He says no, but see “In Dreams.”) Dixon watches Sydney leave with 57 minutes left before the passwords change. Suit and Glasses takes care of one of Will’s cavities, then asks about the Circumference. Will repeats that he doesn’t know what it is but Suit and Glasses goes for the pliers. At SD-6, an Alliance member tells Sloane that since Emily is no longer dying, their agreement has to change. Sloane wants to bring Emily into intelligence but to no avail. He warns the member that the Alliance is falling apart and they need new leadership. He wants a seat at the partners’ table and the member tells him that the Alliance has already voted to give him one. However, he has to do something first. An unseen Dixon watches as Sydney heads underwater to get to the facility. Vaughn learns that Weiss told Devlin of his suspicions about Sydney. As Sydney arrives at the facility, Jack heads to a CIA storage facility.

Vaughn tries to cover himself while Sydney gets into the facility. Devlin asks Vaughn, who’s not happy with Weiss, if he thinks Sydney is hiding something from the CIA. Later, Devlin learns that Jack is in the storage facility and orders someone to keep him there. Unfortunately for Devlin, he’s already left. Sydney returns to shore and is confronted by Devlin, who demands to know who she really works for. Sydney promises that she’s not doing anything that will hurt him or betray what they believe in. Of course, she still won’t tell him anything. He asks her for a reason not to turn her in to security section. Jack calls Devlin, who’s not happy that he stole from the U.S. government. He admits that he suspects Jack of being a mole. Jack just says that he’ll see him when the job is done. Suit and Glasses brings out a truth serum, telling Will that one in five men who are given it have a bad reaction, such as paralysis. He injects it into Will and again asks about the Circumference. At Will’s office, Abby tells their boss that she hasn’t heard from Will in six days, so according to his own instructions, they have to publish his story on SD-6. Sydney and Jack use the solution on the Rambaldi page and reveal the design of and instructions for the Mueller device (see “Truth Be Told”). Jack realizes that this must be the Circumference. Sydney says that if Khasinau has built one of his own, this page will tell him how to use it. Sydney reminds Jack that they need to be in Taipei in 16 hours; he tells her not to go home.

Jack tracks down Haladki and knocks him out. He spreads him out on a table in a garage, locking his hands in vices, and interrogates him as to how long he’s been working for Khasinau. Haladki won’t talk, so Jack tightens the vices. He finally admits that he’s been working for Khasinau for two years and the Mueller device is the key to something he’s had built. He calls it a battery and gives Jack the address of where it’s being housed. Haladki encourages Jack to switch sides and work for Khasinau. Jack is angry that Haladki ratted out Sydney and retaliates by killing him. Vaughn finds Sydney at a train station; she once told him that she likes going there and watching normal people go to their normal jobs. He lets her know that he’s figured out what she’s up to and she thinks he’s come to stop her. Vaughn starts talking about his father and how he hated that he could never question orders. Vaughn tells her that if she needs him, he’ll help her. Sydney, Jack, and Vaughn fly to Taipei, going over their mission on the plane. Jack says that the Mueller device and the lab it’s in need to be destroyed by the time he hands over the page in exchange for Will. Sydney doesn’t think that will be too difficult, since the device isn’t very big. Jack tells Vaughn that he understands the risk he’s taking to be there and he respects him for coming.

Suit and Glasses tells Sark that Will doesn’t seem to know anything about the Circumference. Sark tells him to get Will ready for the swap. As soon as he’s been freed, Will grabs a syringe of truth serum and stabs Suit and Glasses in the neck with it. Sloane serves Emily dinner, secretly putting some sort of powder in her wine. She then tells him that she forgives him. Sydney and Vaughn head to a club in Taipei as Jack meets with Sark in an alley. After they show their respective objects to trade, Sark notes that Jack exposed the page. Jack says that Sark would have done the same thing. In the club, Vaughn and Sydney wish each other luck and go off to do their parts of the mission. Sark trades Will for the page, then tells Jack to tell Sydney that he enjoyed her performance in Paris. After Sark and his associates are gone, a distraught Will cries and hugs Jack. Sydney fights past guards and makes it to the room housing the Mueller device, which is much bigger than the one Sydney saw in “Truth Be Told.” She tells Vaughn that it’s bigger than she thought and she’s going to have some trouble getting away after she breaks it. Vaughn doesn’t hear her and heads to the room. Sydney breaks the ball, then runs down a hallway, encountering Vaughn along the way. She runs faster than him and he gets trapped behind a door, then smashed by a wave of water. Sydney tries to use a fire extinguisher to break the window in the door but is distracted by a guard. When she looks back at the door, she can’t see Vaughn anymore. She gets knocked out and comes to handcuffed to a chair. Khasinau is there, offering her food, and she tells him that she has questions for him. He tells her to ask his boss, the Man. Except the Man is not really a man, but a woman who tells Sydney that she’s waited almost 30 years for this. “Mom?” Sydney replies.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Haladki, Emily

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “One in five, you little b%$@#! ONE IN FIVE!” - Will to Suit and Glasses

Sark: “Jack Bristow doing his daughter’s work. There was speculation that you might make an appearance tonight.”
Jack: “If you’re not comfortable with me, we can waive our business for the night and say goodbye.”
Sark: “Are you comfortable? Do you feel comfortable trading priceless documents for a low-grade reporter?”
Jack: “You should read Tippin’s stuff. It’s not so bad.”

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