"Time Will Tell"
Written by Jeff Pinkner; directed by Perry Lang

Sydney heads to Oxford to retrieve a Rambaldi artifact before Anna can get to it (see “Color Blind”). When she and Dixon arrive, he warns her that their foes, FTL, are there posing as campus security. Anna is already inside, chatting with a professor. Sydney finds the professor whose key card she’s supposed to read and tries to get him to face her long enough to do complete her task. As Dixon prints a duplicate card, Sydney spots Anna. When Dixon comes in to give her the card, Sydney tells him that Anna is there and tells him to contact security, which will alert the FTL guards to Anna’s presence. In the hall, Anna knocks out a professor to get his key card but gets nabbed by a guard. Sydney walks by, gloating, and makes sure that Anna can’t come after her. She gets away with the Rambaldi artifact, a clock, before Anna can. In L.A., Jack tells Sloane that Eloise is dead (see “Color Blind”); she happened to be a new promotion at SD-6. He suspects that Sloane “retired” her. Sloane asks why Jack let her go talk to Will without running it by him first. Jack explains that Will is a friend of Sydney’s and he asked Eloise to lead him into a dead end so he would drop his investigation. Sloane chastises him for putting everyone at risk and wonders how Will found out about the Kate Jones alias in the first place. Jack promises that he’s looking into it but Sloane says that Will could be in trouble if he’s not careful. Jack doesn’t want Sydney to lose someone else she loves, but he says that if he can’t get Will off the story, he’ll kill him himself.

Sydney tries to convince a professor that she doesn’t deserve the D she was given on a paper. The professor tells her that there is no spirit in the paper and she should reevaluate the importance of her job. In a parking garage, Sydney realizes that she’s being watched and attacks her follower. At SD-6, Sloane tells Sydney that she attacked a security officer. Sydney replies that she’s seen the guy three times in two days and found a tracer under her car. She tells him that if he wants to know something, he should just ask her. Sloane tells her that she has to sacrifice some privacy for SD-6, and McCullough authorized the placement of the tracer, so she has to deal with it. In a briefing, Sloane informs Sydney and Marshall that the Rambaldi clock was designed by a man named Donato, the only person to ever collaborate with Rambaldi. Rambaldi himself commissioned the clock, so there’s probably more to it than just keeping time. Marshall says that he researched a date carved in the clock, but nothing happened that day. Sloane thinks that the clock will reveal something, but it’s broken, so Sydney has to take it to one of Donato’s descendents in Positano to get it fixed. Elsewhere in SD-6, Sydney asks Jack for a moment and he uses a signal jammer to allow them to talk without being overheard. Sydney confides that she thinks Sloane is having her followed. Jack admits that he’s one of only five agents who know the truth about SD-6, but lately Sloane hasn’t been telling him much. The two wonder if Sloane suspects a mole in the agency. Jack warns that Sydney might be given a lie detector test and advises her to have Vaughn help her get ready.

At his office, Will’s boss tells him that he needs to get a quote from Sydney for his article on Danny. Will reminds her that he doesn’t want to do the story, but she points out that he pressured her to let him do it. Will says that he doesn’t want to run the story if it will hurt Sydney; the boss guesses that he hasn’t told her about the article yet. She tells him to finish it or she’ll get someone else to do it. Later, Will heads to Sydney’s house, where she’s writing a paper “with soul,” and sees that Jack wrote a note to Laura in a book he bought her. Sydney makes up a story about petty cash being missing at work and the possibility of having to take a lie detector test. He encourages her to just quit her job. Before Will can bring up the story about Danny, Sydney gets a call for Joey’s Pizza. She meets up with Vaughn at the self-storage facility and undergoes a practice lie detector test. He gets an interesting response when he asks if she’s interested in anyone romantically. In Positano, Sydney takes the clock to Donato’s descendent, who seems surprised to see the artifact. At SD-6, Jack works on getting a back trace on an airplane passenger manifest. At his office, Will and his boss look at the manifest for Danny’s flight but the name Kate Jones is no longer on it. His boss notes that he no longer has proof for his story, which she doesn’t seem to think is based in any facts at all. She also isn’t happy that he gave Jenny credit as his fact-checker when she didn’t actually do anything. She warns that if he ever does something like this again, his job will be in serious jeopardy.

In Positano, Donato tells Sydney that Donato refused to make clocks for royalty but made one for Rambaldi. He did so because Rambaldi promised that he would live a long life and even revealed when Rambaldi would die. Sydney notices a symbol on the clock - <0> - and learns that it stands for the order of Rambaldi. As Anna (who has the symbol tattooed on her hand) and some associates enter the building, Donato says that he doesn’t know what the symbol means since “he” never told him. He notes that he’s missing a piece, so the clock will tell time but won’t reveal what Sloane wants it to. Anna sics a sniper on Sydney, who asks Donato what Rambaldi was working on. He declines to respond and is shot by the sniper before Sydney can ask any more questions. She grabs the clock and escapes via rope. Back at home, Francie tells Sydney that she accidentally spilled lemonade on some of Laura’s books. That night, Sydney sees faint writing on one of the lemonade-stained pages and holds up a candle to read it better. She meets with Vaughn again in the self-storage unit and undergoes more practice testing. She tells him that Jack used to work for the KGB - she found codes written on the pages of the books. Vaughn asks for the books so he can look into things further. A friend of Will’s from an auto shop calls to tell him that Eloise dropped her car off for repairs but never picked it up. Will goes to look at it and discovers an electronic bug in the glove compartment.

In an SD-6 briefing, Marshall inserts the gold circle from “A Broken Heart”) in the clock, which displays a star chart. Together with the date, the clock indicates that something is stored near Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua. Before Sydney and Dixon can go there, Sydney has to undergo her real lie detector test, administered by an agent named Dreyer. Later, she meets with Vaughn, who gives her a camera to take photos of whatever she finds in Argentina. Sydney admits that she’s not sure if she passed her lie detector test and she knows she’s still being watched. Vaughn points out that Sloane wouldn’t send her on a mission if he thought she was a threat. He assures her that the CIA can protect her if she thinks her life is in danger. Sydney and Dixon head to Argentina, where he tells her that he’s proud of her for being brave enough to come back to work after what happened to Danny. He thinks that this shows commitment to her job and her country. Will meets with a technologically-inclined friend, who tells him that the bug from Eloise’s car is so advanced that it must be government-issued. Dixon and Sydney near their destination, wondering what they’ll find there. When they arrive, they dig in the ground and undercover a deep pit covered with a Rambaldi symbol-inscribed lid. Sydney heads down a ladder into the pit and finds a journal full of designs and writing. She informs Dixon of this via radio, then takes some photos for the CIA. Dixon tells her that K-Directorate has tracked them down and advises her to get out. Shots are fired. At SD-6, Dreyer informs Sloane that he’s figured out who the mole is. In Argentina, Anna joins Sydney in the pit and they fight over the journal. Sydney attempts to escape but Anna pushes her off the ladder.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “How do I look?”
Dixon: “For the record, that’s a question you never have to ask.”

Sydney: “Six-mile trek and we should be there.”
Dixon: “There are easier jobs than this.”

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