"Color Blind"
Written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman; directed by Jack Bender

Just after finding Fisher’s body (see “Reckoning”), Sydney fights orderlies, steals a key, and tries to run. Unfortunately, she gets knocked out with a tranquilizer dart. At SD-6, Sloane tells Jack that Sydney and Kreshnik missed their scheduled contact. Jack wonders if someone else has infiltrated the institution. Sloane says that he believes in Sydney as if she were his own daughter. At the institution, Sydney is prepared for electroshock. Kreshnik tells her that he knows why she’s there but isn’t sure whether she’s succeeded yet. Sydney asks who he works for, then tells him that she doesn’t know anything. It’s too late and she gets shocked anyway. Jack goes to a Chinese restaurant and has a surprise encounter with Vaughn, whom he doesn’t know. Vaughn warns that there’s a K-Directorate operative in the institution Sydney is in and he wants to extract her. Jack is unimpressed with him and tells him that he would be risking Sydney’s life if Sloane found out. He reveals that he knows Vaughn pulled his file and asks if he was trying to impress Sydney. Vaughn tells him that Sydney thinks he’s a KGB operative and asks why Jack was checking up on him. In Bucharest, Kreshnik continues his interrogation of Sydney, who says that she’s figured out he works for K-Directorate. He agrees to let her live if she can get Shepard to tell her where Perkashov is buried.

Sydney finds Shepard and tells him that she’s there to help him. He replies that he doesn’t want her help, then says that he’s seen her somewhere before. He adds that he would rather die than leave the institution in the condition he’s in. Later, Sydney takes note of the fact that two keys are needed to leave the institution. She finds Shepard again and notes that his drawing includes interesting color choices. She tells him that she had nothing to do with whatever he’s starting to remember, then says that she’s figured out that he’s color blind. Sydney tells him that they need two keys to get out, but Shepard doesn’t want to leave. She tells him that people there want to find out what he knows, and if they don’t, they’ll kill both of them. Sydney explains that the things Shepard is remembering are real and tells him how his programming works. Shepard asks to be taken back to his room and Sydney tells an orderly to let Kreshnik know that she has the information he wants. At his office, Will learns that Eloise was shot and killed in a park. He shares the news with his boss, but she doesn’t want him to publish a conspiracy theory when they have nothing to back it up. At the institution, Shepard recovers a memory in his sleep - he recognizes Sydney from a photo of her in Danny’s apartment.

Sydney knocks out an orderly and grabs his key, then disguises herself as a janitor. Using a mop, she rigs up a way to open the door with both keys. Before she can escape, she’s caught by Kreshnik and an orderly. She bests both of them and shocks Kreshnik with the orderly’s shocking device. Shepard appears with his own set of lifted keys and, after some encouragement from Sydney, the two escape. At SD-6, Marshall offers Sloane a seat in some inflatable furniture and is told that the security leak was a drill. Sydney and Shepard hide out in a safehouse, where Sydney tries to call Vaughn and reaches Jack instead. He tells her that he’s arranged transportation for her in Tirana. Shepard and Sydney discuss Perkashov, crying together over how sad Shepard’s life has been. Sydney realizes that he knows her name and he reveals that he was the one who killed Danny. Devastated, Sydney runs off. Later, she returns and tells Shepard that he killed her fiancé. She thinks that McCullough was the one who programmed Shepard in the first place. She says that the only thing SD-6 ever told her that turned out to be true was what would happen if she ever told someone what she does. Shepard asks if finding Perkashov will help Sydney take down SD-6. When she says that it will, he reveals that the body is on the Louisiana/Texas border. Back in L.A., Sydney tells Sloane that she helped Shepard escape and then he committed suicide. She then goes to the self-storage facility and tells Vaughn that Shepard is alive.

Vaughn admits that he was worried about her and contacted Jack, who knows that he pulled his file. Sydney remembers that it’s Thanksgiving and runs home, where Francie has ruined the turkey (despite the fact that she’s supposed to be a good cook) and is upset that Sydney hasn’t returned her calls. The two share their Thanksgiving dinner with Charlie, Will, and Jenny, whom Sydney teases Will about. During dinner, Charlie proposes to Francie and Jenny kisses Will. Later, Jack comes over and announces without preamble that Shepard killed Danny. Sydney isn’t happy that he handled the announcement with little tact. He then shows her proof that he was cleared of any involvement with the KGB, but since the FBI was after him, he is still technically responsible for what happened to Laura. At SD-6, Sloane tells Sydney that Perkashov’s body led them to Tunisia, where a Rambaldi artifact was recovered and taken to Oxford, her next destination. At his office, Will tells his boss that he doesn’t want to pursue the story anymore, but she tells him he needs to. Sydney meets with Vaughn, who tells her to take photos of the recovered artifact. He warns that Anna (see “Parity” and “A Broken Heart”) is on her trail. He then reveals that he and his girlfriend broke up. At home, Sydney gets a thank you note from Shepard, who can now see colors again. At SD-6, as Sydney brings Jack Thanksgiving leftovers, Sloane assures an acquaintance named Alain that he’s taking care of the mole in the agency.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Kreshnik: “What I do not know is whether you have succeeded.”
Sydney: “Since we’re not playing games, which is refreshing, I’d like to know who's asking.”

“Mr. Vaughn, you’re young and you’re eager, and I understand that. But one thing you’re not - and this is something only time can provide, really - is wise.” - Jack

“Taking them down is what gets her up in the morning. Or…did you think it was those meetings she has with you?” - Jack to Vaughn

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