"The Prophecy"
Written by John Eisendrath; directed by Davis Guggenheim

At the White House, the Senate Select Committee of Intelligence meets to discuss Sydney and her connection to Rambaldi (see “Page 47”). As Sydney runs through a forest and parachutes off a cliff, the senators debate using their resources to look into the situation. In L.A., Sydney details her mission in Brazil in which she got surveillance photos of someone who may be the Man. Evans, a woman from the committee, shows up in Vaughn’s office and Devlin informs Vaughn that the Department of Special Research is investigating Sydney’s situation. Vaughn would like to know what the NSA knows, since he’s Sydney’s handler. Sydney meets with Vaughn at the self-storage facility and he tells her that the DSR is investigating her. He explains that the group generally focuses on parapsychology and fringe science, and they’re there to find out why Rambaldi has a picture of Sydney in his book. Sydney notes that the picture is 500 years old and isn’t necessarily of her; it could be of Irina. Vaughn says that the DSR has reason to believe that the woman in the picture is still alive; they’ve decoded some of the text from the page and it includes reference to future dates in which the woman is alive. The DSR is calling the text the prophecy. Sydney meets with the DSR for some tests but isn’t told what the prophecy says. Vaughn and Haladki observe, and after the psychological tests are done, the DSR asks Sydney to submit to some physical tests. She refuses and they have to let her leave.

At home, Sydney tells Will and Francie about a dream she had where a fortuneteller said he had a prophecy about her. She wonders if that sounds good or bad. Francie and Will agree that it sounds bad. At SD-6, Sloane tells Jack and Sydney that they’ve identified the Man as Alexander Khasinau. He knows that he’s a target and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Sloane asks Sydney to call or visit Emily to help buoy her spirits. After their meeting, Sloane and Jack go to Sloane’s office, where he announces that he wants Khasinau dead but the Alliance doesn’t know what it wants. They’ll be meeting in London to decide whether or not they want to put forth the effort to find and kill Khasinau. Jack notes that since 5 of the 12 Alliance members are from the old Soviet bloc, they’ll want a détente over a war. Sloane thinks that only four of the remaining seven will vote for aggressive action, so he’ll start with one of the three swing votes, Edward Poole, who heads up SD-9. He calls Poole (played by Roger Moore) and asks for his opinion. Poole says that Khasinau should have to pay for what he’s done. Sloane tells him that it’s up to them to take care of the other two swing votes. Poole tells him that he has important intel and will bring it to L.A. for him to see. Sydney visits Emily at home and is able to relate to the feelings of fear she’s had. Sydney winds up going to the DSR agents and telling them to run all of the tests they want.

Poole brings Sloane photos of Khasinau working with Jean Briault, a member of the Alliance. Sloane doesn’t think that they’re really allied, but Poole tries to convince him that Briault needs to be eliminated. The DSR and CIA agents meet and clash over who’s really in charge of the investigation. Devlin isn’t happy that they’re treating Sydney like a lab rat and doesn’t want her to be persecuted. Haladki says that he thinks the prophecy is accurate and they need to keep testing her to find out if there’s a connection. Later, Sydney meets with Jack and asks if he knows what the prophecy says. He doesn’t, and the DSR may not be using the correct code key to decipher the text on page 47. The agency won’t go after it, however, because it’s in the Vatican. Later, Jack tries to convince Devlin that since Sloane will be leaving the country soon, it’s the perfect time to organize a mission to the Vatican and prove the DSR wrong. At home, Sloane calls Poole and tells him that they can’t risk Briault and he’ll take care of things by himself. At the self-storage facility, Sydney fills Vaughn in on her plans to break into the Vatican and asks him to come with her. He’s pleased to be asked and agrees to go along. At home, Will asks Sydney if the prophecy from her dream came true. “Not yet,” she replies. In Rome, Sydney and Vaughn head to the Vatican dressed as repair guys. Vaughn mentions that his favorite restaurant is nearby and suggests that they go to it when they’re done. They blow something up, grab the code key, and head out.

At SD-6, Sloane asks Jack where Sydney is (Jack says she’s at school), since he’s learned that page 47 of the Rambaldi manuscript is a fake. He knows that the 47th page of Rambaldi documents is always important, so he really wants the real one. He complains that Sydney’s school is a liability and she needs to reexamine her priorities. Sloane meets up with Briault in a park in Montreal and kills him. He then heads to London for the Alliance meeting and observes the vote on whether or not to take action against Khasinau. To his surprise, the vote is six to five against aggressive action. Poole just smiles at Sloane. Afterwards, Sloane confronts Poole for doctoring photos and using him to get rid of Briault when he was the one meeting with Khasinau the whole time. He warns that he will repay the favor. Poole leaves and gets into a car with Khasinau (Derrick O’Connor). Back in L.A., Sydney and Vaughn meet up at a dock, agreeing to go to Vaughn’s favorite restaurant the next time they’re in Italy. Sydney winds up going to a club with Will and Francie, where she spots DSR doctors watching her. They chain her up in a van, where Evans tells her that she’s in the custody of the federal government. Vaughn tells her that the CIA had the same code key they got from the Vatican and broke the code correctly. The tests the DSR performed were looking for three anomalies Rambaldi mentioned, and Sydney has all three. Sydney finally learns what the prophecy says: “This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks. Signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works. Bind them with fury, a burning anger unless prevented at vulgar cost this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation.”


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “Are you really not going to tell me what this prophecy says?”
Evans: “I think we’ve been over that.”
Sydney: “Yes, we have. Just not to my satisfaction.”

Vaughn: “Hey, you said the explosion will trigger the alarm….”
Sydney: “Which is on a 15-second delay.”
Vaughn: “And you said you could disarm it under 20 seconds. How far under 20?”
Sydney: “I work better under pressure.”

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