"The Enemy Walks In"
Written by J.J. Abrams; directed by Ken Olin

After a replay of the last scene of “Almost Thirty Years,” Irina Derevko (Lena Olin) steps forward, telling Sydney that she must have known that this day would come. She asks who sent Sydney here; Sydney replies, “What? I’m grounded?” Irina shoots her in the shoulder as punishment. Back in L.A., Sydney meets with Dr. Barnett to give her the full story. Vaughn is still missing and Barnett notes that Sydney is frustrated that she can’t help look for him. She describes how she got out of the chair she was handcuffed to and fought a guard (even with a bullet in her shoulder). In a flashback, she uses the collar she’s wearing to contact Jack, who is waiting on a plane with Will. Sydney wants to go back for Vaughn and heads back to the lab against Jack’s wishes. “Who’s Vaughn?” Will asks. Sydney tells Barnett about Vaughn and their mission in Taipei, which ended in a watery manner. In a flashback, she goes back to the lab but is unable to find any sign of Vaughn. On the plane, Jack tends to Sydney and she tells him that Irina is the Man. Will has a hard time wrapping his mind around everything. A frantic Francie calls, having seen a news report about Will and his SD-6 story. On the plane, Jack demands to know what Will wrote about SD-6; Will wants more information himself. Sydney tells Barnett that they told Will what they could without going into details. His reaction is, “Seriously?”

Dixon goes to Sloane and tells him about Sydney using a different codename on their mission in Argentina (see “Time Will Tell”) and gaining access to an SD-6 facility in “Almost Thirty Years.” He announces that he thinks Sydney is a double agent. Fortunately, Jack has already considered this possibility and tells Sydney that he will take full responsibility. Will, however, will have a more difficult time. Sydney is taken into custody back in L.A. but Jack tells Sloane that he gave Sydney the codename Dixon overheard because he didn’t trust Sloane. Jack says that because of Sydney, Khasinau’s operation is in trouble, so now SD-6 has a good opportunity. He knows that the Alliance could have him killed but he came back to SD-6 because he’s loyal to Sloane. He assures Sloane that Will is unimportant and doesn’t know anything; he’ll make sure he can’t write another story. Dixon visits Sydney in custody and frees her, apologizing for questioning her loyalty. She heads to the self-storage facility and meets with Weiss instead of Vaughn; he tells her that a team searched the warehouse in Taipei but didn’t find Vaughn. She tells him that SD-6 is sending her to France to plant a bug in the house of one of Khasinau’s associates, Ravais. Marshall has made a bugged phone wire, so the CIA will give Sydney a delay transmitter so they can control what SD-6 gets to hear. Barnett notes that Sydney hasn’t said anything about Irina. Sydney says that she’s betrayed her country and family, so all that matters is that Irina is a bad guy.

Khasinau performs surgery in a lab and receives a call from Ravais. Vaughn is brought in and placed nearby. Sydney and Dixon head to France, where Sydney hooks up the bugged wire. Downstairs, she spots someone she recognizes from Taipei and follows him down to the lab where Vaughn is being kept. Just as Khasinau is about to perform surgery on him, another patient grabs Sydney. Khasinau hears the commotion and tries to knock her out. When he goes off to get backup, Sydney revives Vaughn and injects him with adrenaline so he can run. They make it out before the men return and she sends him back to L.A. on his own. He’s very pleased that Sydney saved his life. Back in L.A., Barnett notes that Sydney is pleased as well; Sydney tells her that their relationship is purely professional. Jack tells Will that the only way SD-6 will let him live is if he gives up the life he currently has. He informs Will that he’ll be taken to a drug house in South Central that will be raided an hour later. He then injects Will with something. Later, the drug house is raided and Will is found in a drug haze. He winds up at the police station, where Francie has been told that he had taken heroin. Will has to face the media and tells them that he’s been an addict for three years and most of his stories, including the one about SD-6, were fabrications. Sloane watches the news report and tells Sydney that things could have turned out much worse for Will. He then asks her to say something at Emily’s memorial service.

Will fights withdrawal at Sydney and Francie’s, then tells Sydney about how hard it was to leave his job at the newspaper. He’s happy to at least be alive, though. He asks if anyone is listening in on their conversation; she reveals that she has a lamp with a bug killer in it. Sydney gets a phone call and Will asks if it’s from good guys or bad guys. She tells him it’s good guys, then goes off to meet Vaughn, who tells her how he survived the water in Taipei - first, he’s a good swimmer, and second, he had a screwdriver with him and used it to open a panel. Before he could escape, however, he was captured and taken to France. Jack and Weiss arrive, having intercepted a call from one of Khasinau’s associates about something called the Bible, an operations manual Irina and Khasinau need to revive their operation. The book is now in Barcelona and the CIA will be heading there to get it. Sydney, Vaughn, and Weiss go to Spain, where Vaughn tells Sydney that if they could go out in public together, they could go to a restaurant. Weiss would like to be invited along. Khasinau arrives and prepares to receive the Bible from an associate. The CIA agents get ready for their ambush, unaware that Irina is lurking nearby. The agents ambush Khasinau but the car windows are shot out and Khasinau runs off with the book. Sydney goes after him as Vaughn tells Weiss that he’s going after the shooter and needs backup. Weiss doesn’t respond. Vaughn finds him behind the car, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck.

Sydney chases Khasinau as another CIA agent discovers that the shots fired were from a gun rigged to fire on its own. Sydney stops Khasinau in a building and gets him to drop the Bible. They fight and she gets the upper hand, holding a gun on him until Irina enters. After a tense face-off in which Irina trains her gun on Sydney, Irina fires, killing Khasinau. She makes Sydney get on the ground so she can grab the Bible. “Truth takes time,” she tells her, then runs off. Back in L.A., Sydney goes to see Barnett again. In a flashback, she gets ready for Emily’s funeral at home while Will tries to remind her that she’s eulogizing “the devil’s wife.” He can’t believe that she spends her whole life lying to people. Sydney is happy that she can talk to him about her real life now. Francie arrives and announces that she’s found a space where she can open up her restaurant. Sydney speaks at the funeral, talking about how thinking of Emily has always made her wonder what her own mother would be like if she were still alive. Said mother heads to the CIA and tells a secretary something that surprises her. After the funeral, Jack tells Sydney that Devlin called to tell him that the CIA had a walk-in - Irina has just surrendered and wants to cooperate. In Barnett’s office, Sydney cries and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m not sure this is a problem I know how to handle,” she admits. At the secretary’s desk, Irina tucks a strand of hair behind her ear as well.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Khasinau

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Um, excuse me, did you say you were shot by your mother?” - Will to Sydney

Sydney: “I’m going to shoot you with adrenaline. We have got to run.”
Vaughn: “Uh…don’t do that.”

Jack: “The only way SD-6 will let you live is if you destroy the life you’ve got.”
Will: “I understand that, but you can’t think of another way than this?”
Jack: “Yes, I can think of a number of other ways. But they all involve your burial.”
Will: “Is that your idea of a joke? You’re morbid, Jack.”

Vaughn: “If we could actually be seen in public together, we’d get the Bible and get a bite.”
Weiss: “Yeah, can the whole team come? ‘Cause I’m starving.”

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