"Breaking Point"
Written by Breen Frazier; directed by Daniel Attias

Sydney is taken to a remote NSC facility (see “Prelude”) and locked in a cell. At the ops center, Lindsey confirms with Lauren that they have access to everything they need. Dixon isn’t happy to removed from his position, but he’s even less happy that he’s being taken to a facility for questioning. Vaughn pulls Lauren aside and blasts her for turning Sydney in. He doesn’t think that Lindsey will follow the letter of the law in dealing with her. Lauren asks if Vaughn was the one who helped Sydney leave the country; she’s worried about what could happen if word gets out that he helped her become a fugitive. She wonders why Lindsey would have her go with him to question Sydney and write up a brief if he were planning to have her undergo surgery. She thinks that he has nothing to hide and that Vaughn is overreacting. Vaughn finds Jack and tells him that he wants to be “a part of it,” though Jack pretends not to know what he’s talking about. After realizing how serious Vaughn is about helping Sydney, Jack tells him to meet him in the parking lot. At the NSC facility, one of Sydney’s fellow prisoners, Campbell, strikes up a conversation with her. He seems a little slow, either from being that way naturally or from whatever he has endured already.

Jack and Vaughn meet up by the side of a road and Vaughn learns that Jack has called on Sloane for help, since he’ll be able to make it look like the Covenant broke Sydney out of custody. (This doesn’t mean Jack trusts him, of course.) When Sloane arrives, he tells Jack and Vaughn that Sydney is at Camp Williams, a Naval training facility that is also used by the NSC to interrogate terrorist suspects. They’ll need a team to help them get to her, and Sloane suggests a man named Brill. They’ll also have to get blueprints of the facility, which are held in the FEMA building downtown. As he’s leaving, Sloane says, “I told you, Jack…we’d work together again” (see “The Telling”). Lauren and Lindsey head to Camp Williams and he pressures her to write a detailed report of their “fair” treatment of Sydney. As Sydney is taken to a room containing medical equipment, Lauren reminds Lindsey that Sydney doesn’t remember anything about her lost years. He replies that they found a coded message taped under a desk in Rome, and if Sydney can decipher it, they might be able to take down the Covenant. If she even agrees to help, she won’t have to undergo surgery.

A doctor administers electroshock to Sydney and asks her about the code, but she’s not willing to cooperate. From outside the room, Lindsey tells the doctor to try a higher voltage. Later in the session, Sydney grabs a paper clip without the doctor noticing. Lauren catches Lindsey on his way out and he tells her that parts of Sydney’s interrogation will include classified material that she can’t know about. Lauren demands to see how Sydney is treated in every way. Lindsey makes it clear that he knows Vaughn helped Sydney leave the country. Lauren realizes that he asked her along so he can have a witness report that he’s doing everything legally. After her grueling session, Sydney is returned to her cell, where Campbell gives her a blanket. He tells her that the NSC is trying to find out about something that happened in Iran. Sydney doesn’t tell him what they want from her, but he encourages her not to say anything to them. Jack and Vaughn find Thomas Brill (Richard Roundtree) playing chess in the park; Vaughn is surprised that Brill knew his father. Jack presents their mission and Brill comments, “Well, look who’s putting the band back together.” Once the arrangements are made, Vaughn is surprised at how much money Jack is willing to pay for more freelancers in order to save Sydney. Jack takes Vaughn to a storage facility where he keeps a ton of weapons, adding to Vaughn’s surprises of the day.

At Camp Williams, Lauren tries to start her report but can’t bring herself to write it. Sydney is taken back for another session; the doctor tells her that Campbell was a journalist in the Middle East who is being interrogated about a source he’s protecting. Sydney uses the paper clip to get out of her restraints and attacks the doctor and a guard. Lauren spots other guards trying to subdue her and realizes that she’s being tortured. Jack, Vaughn, and Sloane head to the FEMA building, where Vaughn gives Jack something that will shut down the security system while he copies the blueprints for Camp Williams. Jack thinks that Brill has the team in order for the extraction that night. In addition, all calls to and from the building will be rerouted to Vaughn. Jack shuts down the security system and a guard calls for technical support, reaching Vaughn. Jack heads over, posing as the repairman, as Sloane tells Vaughn that he should have taken a camera in with him. Vaughn points out that the guards would find it when they searched him. While Jack starts his work, Sloane tells Vaughn that he’s lucky to be married to Lauren, though their current situation must be putting a strain on their marriage. Sloane calls the building, posing as a director, and blasts the guards for not being online.

Vaughn and Jack connect a camera in the van to a security camera in the building so Vaughn can take pictures of the blueprints. As Jack is leaving, a guard calls the director and figures out that Sloane wasn’t really him. He tries to go after Jack, shooting at him, but Sloane jumps in front of Jack and takes the bullet for him. The two of them and Vaughn head to Jack’s storage facility so that Jack can perform some impromptu surgery on Sloane. At Camp Williams, Campbell talks to Sydney about his son, which makes her sympathize with him. Once Sloane is out of the woods, Jack tells Vaughn to get in touch with Marshall to get security codes for Camp Williams. Lauren gives Lindsey a draft of her brief and blasts him for blackmailing her. He sends her off, telling her to be back in a few hours for the “results.” At the ops center, Vaughn asks Marshall to get the codes, which he’s happy to do, since he’s figured out what they’re for. At the storage facility, Jack tells Sloane that he can’t figure out why he saved his life, unless it was to be owed something. Sloane notes that both Jack and Sydney think he has a hidden agenda, but it would be easier for him to do that if they were both dead. Jack points out that he might want something only he and Sydney can provide. “You and Sydney are my absolution, my penance,” Sloane says. “You’re all I have left.”

Marshall tells Vaughn that it looks like all of the files about Camp Williams have been deleted. Lauren arrives and tells Vaughn that since he was right about Lindsey, she wants to help. At Camp Williams, some guards come to the cells and grab Campbell, threatening him with a knife. Lindsey tells Sydney that she can save him by telling them about the codes. The guards stab Campbell in the stomach and Sydney announces that the codes are coordinates, though she doesn’t know what’s at the location they indicate. Sydney is shocked to learn that Campbell, who is fine, was a plant placed in the cell next to hers in order to elicit a sympathetic response, since everyone knows Sydney is more likely to respond to that than torture. Of course, now that Lindsey has his information, Sydney will have to undergo neurostimulation. As she’s taken in for the procedure, Jack, Vaughn, Brill, and their new team arrive. Lauren returns to see Lindsey and winds up in a surveillance room, where she hooks up a device to override security. She meets the fake Campbell, and as the team moves in, he accuses her of doing something to the security system and knocks her out. Jack and Vaughn rescue Sydney before she can undergo the procedure and wind up being saved from “Campbell” when Lauren shoots him. Sydney is surprised that Sloane helped with her extraction. As the team gets onto a helicopter to leave, she informs Jack that she gave Lindsey the wrong coordinates.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Doctor: “Do you recognize your handwriting?”
Sydney: “No, I draw little hearts over my I's; smiley faces sometimes.”

Vaughn: “The fact that you’re letting me see this place means…it’s not your only one, is it?”
Jack: “You’re smarter than you look.”

Vaughn: “I didn’t know you wore glasses.”
Jack: “Only during surgery.”

Vaughn: “That’s gonna be a little tricky with all the NSC agents crawling everywhere.”
Jack: “Yes…if only Marshall had a well-trained CIA operative to assist him.”
Vaughn: “You’re starting to like me again.”

“You’re gonna bust her out, aren’t ya? Kick some NSC booty? Can I just say? Love….” - Marshall

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